Posted by: ChristianP | October 17, 2013

A hidden symbol in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Nuketown video game and it’s relation to the Newtown massacre.

On November the 13th, 2012 Activision released the much-anticipated video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ for the Xbox 360 entertainment system. Those that pre-ordered the game received with it the ability to download a special map,”Nuketown 2025”. According to the Call of Duty wiki “The map is a remake of Nuketown, a fan favorite map, which first appeared in Call of Duty:Black Ops. While the original Nuketown went for more of a traditional 1950s vibe, the new map is now in a 1960s retro-futuristic Mid-Century modern style meant to represent the “Home of the Future” for 2025.”

 For those unfamiliar, Call of Duty (COD) is an extremely popular first person shooter video game. The Nuketown map is essentially a 1960’s American neighborhood with houses that the players can explore and use strategically for combat purposes in shoot-outs between teams of players. It is not the game play that I will be dealing with here but instead the very unusual artwork inside one of the houses, and one symbol in particular. 
On December the 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza purportedly went on a killing spree leaving 28 people dead (including himself) in Newtown, Connecticut. NEWTOWN. NUKETOWN. Got it? Ok good.
There are more than a few strange anomalies in this particular Nuketown 2025 map, and Youtube video creator Blake Egan (who discovered these anomalies to begin with) has done a great job documenting them here:
The most striking of these and the hardest to dismiss as a coincidence is the “starburst” wall mural shown here:

The outside purple dots represent the adult female victims, 7 in all including Adam’s mother Nancy. The orange dots represent the boys including Adam. And lastly the inside blue (or purple) dots represent the female children, 12 in all.

The chances of a mural in a map called Nuketown, showing an arrangement of the exact number of victims of the murders (a full month later)in Newtown by gender and age is in the billions. It is impossible that this is a coincidence.

On top of that the “sunburst” is a well-known esoteric symbol with a hidden meaning of its own. The external meaning is that it represents the sun or illumination, but the hidden meaning is that it is a representation of the anus. High level Satanists believe that the opening of the third eye occurs during ritual sodomy. What are the colors that they often use to “signal” sodomy in symbols? Well purple and orange don’t ya know! Even if you find that preposterous, the fact remains that the mathematical chances of a symbol like this occurring are astronomical.

Was this a planned event? A staged event? Is this symbol an example of supernatural divination or an example of, as Michael A. Hoffman II puts it, the “Revelation of the Method”?

You decide.

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    Thanks CP for breaking the ice here. It’s a special operation we witness in these stagings, hoaxes or false flags. There are well over ahundred schemes in 3-9-6 and it constantly comes to battle when we deliver our info.

    Like the latest Moriah (conquering wind) event, we have to decide. We could spend three lifetimes on anyone of them and never get the facts let alone the conclusion. [ie. 911] And you see how that in itself has divided the movement.

    The supposed carnage of a Sandy Hook, a 911, or any of them does more collateral damage to the masses than could ever be done by the event. In the PSYWAR which is the Rockefeller Silent War to transition to a One World Order, it relies on the ability to move us to points on a Cartesian graph

    where they can readily sight us in for some final purpose or agenda. I believe in all cases they are planned. Of course they are. Tsarnev planned the Boston Bombings right? No he just aided in the execution of the plan.
    The plan was advanced by the gamers, handlers, IT and the spectrum.

    So we know that Hastings was assassinated? We know that Tom Clancy was assassinated? No. We know that the reality says they died. What might Michael and Tom have discovered about Call of Duty and the Pentagon (45) team. Hasting was on Patreaus and Clancy was an insider as well.

    CALL OF DUTY and all gamers are subject to the assault of the network as we are watching LED,LCDor Plasma generated MonarK transmissions. Revelation of the Method, Psyop trauma and beta programming is easy to accept at this point and offers us the deepest part of the Tavistock craft.
    It’s a dispensation of all their technology in a transition to a final solution.

    I appreciate your info and participation and this was a good one to revisit after recent deaths and the Pentagon shift. Sandy Hook- Benghazi, Aurora-Libor, DC-Obamacare. What’s the connection to trauma-event and agenda?
    Timing is the only real clue. To me that is how it works.

    Want a war? – False Flag
    Want to kill a movement? – Stage an event.
    Want to create a movement – Have a hoax.


    My focus has been lately to determine that these are also messages that contain info and meta of a lot more than we see. Financial data, preparedness, next event timelines, etc.

    Stanley Kubrick was the Master of putting messages into his movies about future events, his future movies and his exposure of the method. I have been revisiting all the films over the summer and hope to have another good bit of material on the Method and the Messages.

    Miriam Carey (moriah) was a good one. I am working forward to back.



    Watch the Corbett report EMP. They will perpetrate the same HAARP assaults as they did in Haiti, Katrina, Iraq, India and Sandy coast. This one will be higher gamma range and they will fake the dirty bomb scenario and reap the rewards of multiple benefits. This will include but may not be limited to North Korea, Iran, through American channels.

    The major thefts through Banking, derivative, libor and Fast & Furious will be lost in the attack. That’s the opportunities along with declaration of martial law and full spectrum takeover when the citizens immediately reject the official story.

    Edit Comment
    By: Puddy Dunne on January 20, 2013
    at 8:38 pm

    So what do you think about the Atlantic nuke drop for South Carolinians?
    Did the missile tranfers happen? What’s the deal? Real or MemoreX?

    When I predicted the nuke hoax/staging in January, I never thought Infowars or Drudge would break the news

  4. Wife happened to have NPR on the radio when I borrowed her car. Listened to this interesting report about video addictions before tuning something else in.

    Thought it was somewhat appropriate to the topic. I have my own internet addictions that I’m trying to curb.

    Just my humble opinion, but I think the insertion of “symbols” in movies and gaming is more out of laziness and “branding” than it is out of meaningfulness and relevance. It is done because they can, not because it is needed. It is done because it is easy to do and almost an expected part of the scenery (an Easter Egg), despite playing no role, giving no deeper significance, not even contemplated by the protagonists.

    Numerology is also something rather silly. Probably because we have ten fingers, we developed base-ten mathematics. Every one of those ten digits is sacred, odd numbers, even numbers, prime numbers.

    One is a point, center of a cirlce. Takes two points to make a line. Three points not on the same line define a triangle and plane. Four points on the same plane make up a trapezoid, but when its sides are parallel and the corners at 90%, it becomes a rectangle.

    Circles, triangles, rectangles… fundamental parts of geometry and nature.


    • I prefer using vortex math and stay as far away from ten. My old secretary has a 48 year old addicted husband. He lost his job and works P/T doing deliveries and TEN hours a day in the basement with kids from the neighborhood playing Call of Duty-Grand theft auto.

      He ignores his two pre-teen kids. They just ignore him now. He’s a renter. I believe in project bluebeam, that animation, pixar, bluRay are doing serious flicker damage to cortex via EMR IR and audio. Also tons of subliminals ‘in the game.’

    • I would say the insertion of symbols in SOME movies and games is more out of laziness…..
      A more than cursory viewing of just about anything Stanley Kubrick has done will convince you that symbols play a huge part in his work and many other directors as well.

      Eyes Wide Shut for instance:

      If your head doesn’t hurt after that one,

    • Mr. Dunne may have to explain (or provide links) to his vortex math so that I and others can get onto the same page in learning about it at least.

      As for Project Bluebeam, I don’t know enough and am on the fence.

      As for “flicker damage to cortex [of our eyes] via EMR IR [electro magnetic radiation infrared] and audio,” it is thrown out there without specifics. It probably has things run together, like the correlation between “audio flicker” and “cortex” damage. These statements of skepticism aren’t meant to inflame, but to lead to understanding.

      Pixar? Now there’s something scripted and refined right on down to individual pixels. The messages have many levels even before looking for Easter Eggs or speculating about hypnotic frequencies of flicker in the video & audio.

      BluRay? In the context that it was brought up, one could get the mistaken impression that this is a light spectrum emitted from the television. My understanding is that it is simply a technique using a blue-violet laser to burn/retrieve more information off of the same size medium as the red laser of conventional CD/DVD players.

      Quentin Tarantino and George Lucas (if my memory serves) have both stated that they didn’t invent what they did; they stole it. They were paying homage to the great directors of the past in their works that they say in many regards are derivative.

      As for the symbols that the “industry” likes to insert, it comes across as one part homage to the past, one part Hollywood tradition, one part laziness, and then an unknown number of parts meaningfulness and relevance to either the story itself or the view audience.

      Bare with this diversion for a moment. Ever notice how some of the nicest houses (or neighborhoods) are most of the time under-occupied (e.g., nobody home) and under-utilized? I can think of several examples along a daily commute for years where the premiere “big house on the hill” or “big house on the lake” never had signs of life: e.g., random combinations of lights from different rooms and people visible. Destination towns (e.g., near ski areas or beaches) have a lot of this certainly in the off-seasons, but when the houses aren’t used or aren’t rented even in the high seasons, or when the houses aren’t in a resort area, then we’re talking about a different mentality of the owner who would control such an under-utilized asset.

      Particularly in resort areas, I would think to myself that “if” I could afford such a place (or even one much smaller), by golly I would use it. I’d probably sell my other holdings, quit my job, and move there permanently. Even if I were to become a couch potato in front of the internet, cable television, and video game console in the basement, the house would have enough signs of life to let others know it was occupied. I would enjoy the asset and its location to the fullest.

      But this isn’t what is being done. It is a clue, maybe, to the gap in our mentalities. One would think that the owner of such fine real estate could also afford top-of-the-line video and gaming equipment. [And they probably have this, too, albeit they probably hired someone else to acquire the components, install, and configure them.] Still, the point is, even with all of these fine toys at their disposal, are we hearing about them binging on Netflix, binging on video game playing, or otherwise obsessively consuming their time in the pursuit of pleasure, which just about any regular Joe would succumb to were they to suddenly find themselves “in the land of plenty”? [Ignore the ignorant offspring.] This is therefore, maybe, another clue.

      Movies and video games aren’t made for “the have’s” to obsess about and watch/play repeatedly to find hidden meaning. They are made for the masses to consume.

      Although it is rather obvious, it still needs to be stated: the masses are the intended audience. What overt and covert messages are being sent to the masses?

      You probably missed me talking about being a Mason in another forum. Therefore, theoretically, I am somewhat versed up on the Masonic symbolism depicted. With ample room for exceptions, I consider most of it in the media a false-flag, a con, a making of patsies, a convenient scape-goat, in addition to other statements about tradition & laziness. How so? Well, no one can really say that all of this insertion of Masonic symbolism into popular culture has resulted into a storming of the Masonic Temples by a multitude of new candidates for the craft, now can we?

      Christian P writes:

      A more than cursory viewing of just about anything Stanley Kubrick has done will convince you that symbols play a huge part in his work and many other directors as well.

      To what end? Aimed at what audience? If you don’t know what symbols mean, they’re dressing. If you do know what each means, how do they agree or support the overall message of the work (or how do they disagree or undermine it)?

      A trend I see in the movies is an acceptance and tolerance for aliens and those with other abilities. I’ve read the rumors of alien factions, some beneficient and some not. One version of the fable goes that an evil faction (reptilian) was banished & quaranteed to Earth, never to be able to leave. So they mixed their DNA with humans. I do not know, but strive to keep an open-mind.

      When I read the Bible, it only really comes to life as a true account (but understood little) of meddling superior aliens.

      What I do know is that the whole atomic arms race and faux Cold War were not a human agenda, but an alien one. What I do know is that much about our economy (debt = money) and poisoning the planet with plastics are alien agendas. Our throw-away culture, our addiction to amusements, distractions, and diversions,… It is so sad that individuals can become aware, but can’t pursuade group-think; and in the defeat, they resume their place among the ranks using plastic products and then throwing them away.

      It is as if we’re slaves to set up the infrastructure, and then we will be massively culled so another can move in.

      // P.S. No harm or major disagreement was intended by this piece of confusion.

      • Aliens in charge of all this death and destruction? I agree. Nothing else makes sense to me. Dawnatilla was the only other person on here that also agreed with that assessment. Saying that psychopaths are destroying the very planet they have to inhabit too just doesn’t cut it with me. Transforming the atmosphere (radiation/chemtrails/gmo) to suit their specific physical needs makes all the sense in the world. The hybrids(those that rule) are the frontmen for them and yes, I do believe they enjoy working for their masters and do place their symbolic messages in the entertainment media as their way of enjoying a laugh at the expense of the silly humans for not picking up on their centuries old plot and gloating at the savvy ones that do.

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