Posted by: jerseyg | October 13, 2013

Upcoming Drills & Possible False Flags – Heads Up Amerika !

This was posted by my friend, Chris. It’s concise and to the point about what ” they” have planned for the next few weeks. ~jg

by Chris VanWyck  


Ten False Flag “Type” Drills In Six Weeks One false flag type drill down and nine to go. In a six week period, ranging from September 25-November 13, FEMA and DHS will have conducted ten false flag drills. My insider sources and my subsequent research reveals that in prior years, FEMA and DHS were not able to launch one of these drills more than six months apart. But now, we are seeing 10 false flag type of drills in a six week period? This  should be raising a lot of eyebrows especially given the fact that it was these kinds of drills which allowed previous false flag attacks to occur in such notable events as 9/11, 7/7 bombings and the Boston Marathon Bombings. Here is a list of drills and a few operational notes:

Dirty Bomb Drill in the Port of Houston on September 25th Already took place without incident

1. FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st. Distribution in Progress If a prolonged blackout is in effect these supplies would be needed.

2. FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to Region III by October 1st. Distribution In Progress This speaks to a poisoning of the water supply which could follow a pandemic release or a nuclear detonation making ground water unfit to drink.


3. FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin, TX. by October 1st. Distribution in Progress The above speaks to the widespread nature of the attacks and is highly suggestive of multiple attacks.

4. $11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC. Distribution in Progress This clearly speaks to a pandemic release.

5, Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning late July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st. Where did these troops go? There is no evidence that they have left the country. Meet your new martial law troops.

6. Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Set Oct. 17 Choose a fault line in the United States, any fault line. Mix in a little HAARP and you add another piece to the multiple planned attacks.

7. More Than 1,000 Banks Plan National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24 This is more of post-apocalyptic in nature in which the banking system will be taken down within a planned blackout. This ushers in a new global currency following the domestic collapse of the dollar.

8. Quantum Dawn’ Is a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill Same analysis as #7.

9. GridEx2 Nov. 13-14, Power Blackout Drill This simulated terrorist attack upon the power grid could prove to be the most promising for embedding a false flag attack.

Nobody in the media is asking why the unprecedented onslaught of disaster drills by DHS and FEMA. In the present climate, somebody should be asking questions.



  1. A little side note to this post. Something interesting happened yesterday. People that wanted to buy groceries with their food stamp debit card were unable to do so due to a “glitch” in the system. Xerox blamed it on a system failure…Service was finally restored hours later.

    Could be another “drill” for when they intend to purposefully shut them down for much longer than a few hours…….


    • For reference FEMA 3 – 9 – 6

      It would surely be a coup to stage three. DC, Houston and LosAngeles
      Maybe not all a terror event but include a dutch treat Quakes.

      Boomer posted that video on previous post and we commented on it there. This info is good fact compilation. When the EBT goes down and the bank go the other events would be best near the coasts. That would follow military strategies from Sun Tsu to the Two War Strategy.


      1. Missing nukes report
      2. Govt. shutdown
      3. ObamaCare
      4. Pentagon Reshuffle
      5. Million Vet March in DC
      6 JFK 50
      7 Real Debt Exposed (17 Trill …. add a 0)
      8 Fukushima forever

      What will put these items on the back shelf. We can only imagine but we know the dam has got to break in some shape.

      My deepest source gave me November 11 date for a game changer. Said it was the point of no return. What is happening here, none of us are aware of. There’s a showdown here I suspect that we have no clue of right now. Congress is clueless as well.

      I think Benghazi was the only chance of knowing until we find out the hard way. Funny how Bay of Pigs and Northwoods were the same. It shows that we really just swim in cointel and diversions.

      • Oops didn’t know Boomer posted the Dutchsinse thing. Yea, probably what they have up their sleeves we don’t have a clue about. I still think there are those behind the scenes pretending to play along and trying to sabotage their actions along the way.

        Then again maybe everyone behind the scenes is a reptilian.. Then we are in big trouble 😉 I’m sticking with the former.

        • Must be sweet to have an unlimitied Taxpayers expense account to play these little games.

          Also I have been told to be aware that the chemtrail rains are loaded with isotopes radionuclides from Fukushima and elswhere.

          I contended the dumping of old spent waste has been used for years in chemtrail distribution as well as dumped in Arctic and Antarctic regions.

          But I concurred that radioiso -nuc. carbon chemtrial was necessary to push the ENMOD climate change. With this I have begun to instruct him to understand the purpose of carbon 13-14 in the scam.

          We are radiating ourselves to death. The simple clue to the grift is Irans pending nuclear disaster coming soon and the diversion of the missing nukes.

          Everything is already in place for nuclear winter at the push of a switch. First under agenda 21 we must have a Spring a nuclear Fall. And with that Obamacare and Climatechange must be linked to population-depop death panels.

          A death Panel can be a governing body or a simple Pap Smear.

      • Other than the known tea-party plans to shutdown the government, I suspect that they are doing it to pull a fast one. Bomb-sniffing dogs at the WTC took several days of holidays just prior to 9/11/2013.

        Here in 2013, USDA health inspectors and food production surveillance programs are among those “non-essential” government functions shut-down.

        We know that the PTB need to have control of the food supply. What better opportunity to inject something into the process that could literally bring us to our knees. Factoring farming and the “scientific process” has added all sorts of weak links, like common vitamins from foreign sources inserted into “scientific feeding mixtures” at feed lots at part of the fattening process.

        This being said, it is okay if this is chalked up to paranoid unfounded speculation. My apologies and hopes that it is wrong.

        On a completely different topic but relating to the discussion, I’ve come up with a new bat-shit crazy theory on chemtrails.

        I noticed that the government shutdown did not include those flights that line our skies and make us feel like insects on a farmer’s field.

        Control of the weather has been a military objective since WWII, as if we’ve never heard of cloud seeding. Pay attention to the sky. Why do we see short contrails after aircraft on some days, yet on equivalent weather other days do we see long chemtrails not just stretching across the sky, but lingering and spreading?

        They have schedules, it appears. I’ve noticed that most Sundays are “on” days. Just two Sunday’s ago (but not last Sunday due to being overcast), the skies in my area were blue blue blue for as far as the eye could see in every direction as I arrived at a friend’s garden party in the early afternoon. Then the “spraying” started. First one path was laid all the way across the sky (East-West), then another from the opposite direction, then another. What was special about this day was that some aircraft left the expected short contrails, while others left long lingering chemtrails. The weather pattern was such that the chemtrails were drifting South or South-East where these misty spreading clouds were building into something bigger.

        The point here is that chemtrails over my area may not effect ~my~ weather, but that of areas (generally) to the East of me. Therefore, as weather goes, the chemtrails that might affect me are laid elsewhere.

        I think I might have connected another piece to this puzzle with HAARP. HAARP sends essentially massive levels of electromagnetic energy into the upper atmosphere (allegedly for “communication”). Rumor has it that many of these chemtrails contain metals. HAARP energy therefore bouncing off the ionosphere and into these freshly laid chemtrails could be part of weather manipulation. How? The tiny metal particles in the chemtrails would heat up due to the effects of EM energy on the metals. This in turn would keep the surrounding air warmer to the point where evaporated water vapor in the air would stay as such and not condense (cool) into clouds full of moisture that then bring rain/snow. The technique would be to keep pulsing energy in until it was determined time to release, at which point you turn off the energy. The water vapor condenses into clouds. Eventually the clouds release. Precipitation.

        If you know which was the “weather” is blowing, you could steal water vapor moisture from one area, pulse in energy to keep it in the air as vapor while it drifts, and eventually move it to where you want to dump it.

        I observed time-lapse infrared images of the storms that brought floods to Colorado. It was a bit unusual in that those storms came from the South. The MSM was saying the moisture came from the Gulf of California. Maybe true, but all of the cloud formation started over land, though, Nevada and Utah. Presto, all of a sudden over deserty land, water vapor condensed into clouds in an unusual weather pattern that stalled them somewhat and they released their moisture.

        Chemtrails may have other purposes. Vaccination. UV protection. Etc.

        Sorry to be such a duped useful idiot on this, but I reserve the right for new information and/or analysis to convince me otherwise.


        • Oops! should have been:

          Bomb-sniffing dogs at the WTC took several days of holidays just prior to 9/11/2001

        • Yeah ELS, that bat shit crazy theory is the one I have been spreading here for years. Focusing on the jet streams and using Microwave scaled assaults. Endothermic – Exo. The metals are useful in heating but not necessary, more for weather tracking infrared imaging spectrometer. Steering existing weather, creating vortexes, derecho and fluxuating jet stream vectors.

          Scalar tag: Col. Tom Bearden, Nick Begich

          What the geo-engineering program in it’s entirety is focused on is soft kill. Reducing suns radiation on earth effecting farming ocean health, deforestation, dumping nuclear waste, human aerial vaccination and HAARP ENMOD chaff.

          I suspect a variety of aerosols, maybe dozens of compounds and cocktails. They can steer them as they do nay weather system and then drop the black rain over the target.

          There were a hundred satellites and classified payloads thaken to space ISS on the shuttle missions and the surveillance systems in place for space research. In this theory of mine they were all (or mostly) earth based radio, infrared and laser(star wars) projects.Those can pass through the atmospheres to reach earth. All microwave ENMOD done here from heater/scatter facilities (eiscat)

          ELF-VLF mind control and earthquake assaults can be handled from terra or space.

  3. Nano kill switch…

  4. The revolution against MonSATAN…will not be televised

  5. I cannot shake it but there is weather, mood, tone , temper and frequency and it is everything in our environment. It is the psyche of people that rules the climate of our world. We create it because they control our thinking.

    If the truth is revealed, which is not likely, I believe it would indicate the matrix to be quite accurate. If we could vaccinate for that we’d move mountains.

  6. Yea PD. It sure feels as if we are in some sort of “matrix”. Our minds and the thoughts we project create our reality, right? Which is why I refuse to think of these creatures as all powerful. If everyone would see this and treat them as what they are, simple parasites feeding off of us, we’d have the power to eliminate them.

    You’re right, there is definitely something in the air. I’ve been suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck w/pins and needles in my arms for almost two weeks. It’s getting better now. But the weird thing is 2 people in my office had the same problem. Then yesterday while my son was visiting, he told me he had the same problem. I’ve also felt lightheaded off and on this past week. I feel perfectly fine otherwise. I think it’s the vibrational frequency in the very heavy air.

    • I never remember having such effects on rain days, season changes. It’s not summer and it’s not fall. It’s twilight zone.

  7. At approximately 1900 local time on 13 October 2013(0200 on 14 October UTC) a small explosion occurred in a restroom in Terminal 2 of Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX/LAX). Security authorities stated that the blast was a result of a dry ice bomb and the restroom where the explosion occurred was not accessible to the public. As a result of the blast, flights out of Terminal 2 were delayed for nearly four hours and security screening was halted for approximately one hour; however, normal operations have since resumed. No injuries were reported.


    ALL patriot Americans MUST know, with sources inside

    American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
    reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled,
    fascist, extortion-friendly propaganda U.S. media’s massive deceptions

    Sunday October 13, 2013

    What is the Endgame Now?

    by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the alleged government shut down crisis remains a bipartisan financial game, which is designed to disguise a much more severe forthcoming financial crisis.

    Note: A scripted staged U.S. default would leave a downgrade of U.S. government debt with a massive sell off of U.S. stocks and bond.

    This financial scenario has already been scripted by the Nazi Paperclip NSA and the crooked big banks that would let the banks ‘BAIL IN’ using ass backwards derivatives and algorithms on U.S. money market funds as well as the alleged federally insured U.S. savings deposits.

    Let me make this crystal clear!

    The Dodd-Frank banking reform act makes the entire FDIC insurance a counter party.

    At this hour massive bank asset deleveraging continues while the FDIC has completed a secret audit of JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and Mellon Bank of New York using the old fashioned single entry accounting model.

    The FDIC has discovered that all of these aforementioned banks face immediate re-capitalization aka another ‘BAIL OUT’ or forced liquidation.

    Message to the American People:

    Maybe it is time to take your money out of these U.S. banks and put them in a more safe Canadian institution.

    As the pending Financial Armageddon beckons, the Nazi Paperclip NSA and the U.S. Military are near a final show down.


    We can now divulge that U.S. Major General Michael Carey and Vice-Admiral Tim Giardina were fired by alleged pResident Barack Obama when they failed to commit treason and failed to stage a FALSE FLAG nuclear terrorist attack off the coast of South Carolina.

    The treasonous event of such magnitude would trigger an immediate war with both Iran and Syria simultaneously.

    We can now report that the nuclear weapons B-611 were illegally transferred from Texas to South Carolina on the direct orders of former U.S. President, extremist Nazi George Herbert Walker Bush, Nazi Paperclip Senator, extortion friendly Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina.

    The objectives of this TREASONOUS PLOT:

    1. Declaration of Martial Law

    2. Suspension of the U.S. Constitution

    3. Last but not least using emergency conditions to ‘BAIL OUT’ the crooked worldwide banks while LOOTING all U.S. savings deposits and money market funds.

    Reference: At this hour the Japanese currency is facing collapse with major European banks as counter parties.

    We can also report that the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff are preparing to use whatever means necessary, including STU XNET to decapitate the TREASONOUS Nazi Paperclip NSA and end the ‘animal farm’ occupation of the United States.

    The highest levels of the U.S. Military have now discovered that the NSA has been stonering iPhones and smart phones of targeted U.S. citizens.

    This program utilizes ultra sound with a direct attack on brain cells.

    It has also been discovered that the NSA has a secret plan “Operation DARPA”, which is a plan to attack the American People with nano devices, which would kill off 80% of the U.S. population with a deadly flu virus.

    P.S. Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, including the billions of dollars of profits from insider trading during this alleged government shut down with almost all of the U.S. Congress and the vast majority of the extortion-friendly corporate fascist NSA controlled media raking in the profits.


    John Boehner, Republican of Ohio
    Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California
    Wolf Blitzer of CNN
    Chris Matthews of MSNBC
    George Stephanopoulos of ABC News

    • Dear Mr. Dunne,

      Thank you for posting Mr. Tom Heneghan’s work. Certainly thought-provoking concepts he puts forth, like both the shut-down being a disguise for a severe forthcoming financial crisis AND the supposition regarding staging a FALSE FLAG nuclear terrorist attack off the coast of South Carolina not taking off.

      When Sen. Lindsey Graham is involved in spinning it,… well, it gets some legs, I’d say.


  9. he’s saying the joint chiefs r working against these monsters? OR did I read that wrong???

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