Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 11, 2013

NeoCons Laugh at The People’s Plight at Cheney “Roast”


“While traveling through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Matt Miller heard a security announcement repeatedly aired on the airport intercom that left him disturbed.

“You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” the loudspeaker message states.

These new loudspeaker warnings remind us that the TSA continues to excel at indoctrinating Americans to be well-behaved prisoners via obedience training – reminding them that they can be disappeared if they dare speak out of turn, even in a humorous way.

This is a totally unlawful and illegitimate violation of the First Amendment and is obviously designed to intimidate travelers and stop them from complaining about aggressive grope downs which in some cases involve TSA workers touching travelers’ genitals.

The message is clear – grovel and enjoy your genitals being groped or face arrest”.

My point here is to highlight the “Programming” that has been, and is being done upon this American Imprisoned Population. Then notice that the “Programmers” think its all a Big Joke:

So — What are you going to do with this realization?

Cheney Gets Roasted

Cheney Gets Roasted

The cover of the program at the Oct. 7 “Roast of Dick Cheney.”

Great Timing for the comedy NEOCONS!

“Bring It” — Will YOU?!

Americans ARE bringing it in fact — this weekend. I urge you to read Jim Kirwan’s piece linked to below, “Ending the Motherlode”, which highlights the horrific hypocrisy being heaped upon The People:

You might also read his piece for today, “The Truth Beneath, The Lies We Still Tell Ourselves Today”:




  2. SHutdown timing. The opportunities never end. It’s a fountainhead.

  3. “Obamacare is the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery. And, it is slavery in a way because it’s making us subservient to the government. And, it was never about health care; it’s about control.” – Ben Carson

    See more at:

    • Dr. Ben Carson is bright and shining Star; a Hero in many senses of the word.

      Let me put it this way — Ben Carson, the Physician Knows the Medical Industry, Big Pharma, and all the King’s Men’s plots.

      Obama doesn’t know shit, except what he is told by his handlers. Obama — the Teleprompter Snake Oil Salesman for the Globalist Bankers.

  4. First we must know that Obamacare is AO macabre and DOA for America. The shutdown was to curb the forces who are going to destroy the country before it ever takes wings. There’s no more mystery left here. It will usher in Agenda 21 and Gore & Blood team HAARP.

    You cannot hope to compete, less survive under the one two three. The big three were
    AOMacabre (ACA) and
    Agenda 21 (WOT)

    Start thinking about teepee living.

  5. Spell out what you’re calling AOMacabre (ACA), ’cause I don’t know what you’re referring to there.

    Yeah, teepee living or cave living might be the next step for those who hope to hide from the pestilence coming. Divine Guidance is needed.

    • OBAMACARE=AO MACABRE (Affordable Care Act)
      Everything else OWT

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