Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 11, 2013

Is there a Mercenary “CONspiracy” Occurring Right in Front of US?

Apparently there is! I was talking to someone today, and discussing the Nat’l Park “programming” Psyop occurring around the former Republic of the USA, when the question was asked, “Do you think these Park Rangers are real Park Rangers?” It was suggested that they may not even be Americans, but foreigners hired to bully the American People and enforce the communistic diktats emanating from the mouthpiece of D.C.

Notice anything strange about a “guv shutdown” due to indebtedness, and the sudden deployment of paid hired goons across the land?

I figured I’d look around a little bit into the possibilities. Something is certainly Not Right about any of what’s going down.

When I think of a Park Ranger, I think of a guy like this —

A Park Ranger Who Loves People & Nature

A Park Ranger Who Loves People & Nature


Read this piece linked to below. It provides a good description:

For the uninitiated, it is difficult to believe that American’s TAX DOLLARS are being used to hire and pay for the boots, badges, and guns of this new crew to screw with the American People under the guise of abusive “Federal” authority justified by a psyop “government shutdown”. But this has been a “process” of change for a long time. Legislation has been passed, the Constitution’s been trashed, FEMA CAMPS have been built nationwide using Tax Payer dollars, the economy has been gutted, Bankers have been bailed, the police and ALL FED Agencies have been militarized, and equipped.

What’s it look like to you?

Fascinating account from tour group that visited Yellowstone:

“There is a series of operations which were deliberately laid, to attack geezer Veterans, recreationists of "national shrines" and the families of dead Soldiers, and that operation was termed FADED GLORY. This Obama regime was attempting to gain enough resistance from Americans, so that it would then declare a "national emergency" due to "extremists" and thereby invoke Patriot Laws in order to nationalize the police, and usher in a federal control and crackdown as the Kennedy administration did in taking over the National Guard in civil rights staged protests”.


Blue Ridge Parkway (Asheville, NC) Innkeeper “Shutdown” by Park Rangers

“Federal Government sending Armed Goons to Close Private Businesses who don’t comply with Shutdown OrdersThe Pisgah Inn, a privately run hotel that happens to be located on federal land, was warned by the National Park service that their hotel would not be allowed to open during the shutdown. After refusing to close, the National Park service sent armed rangers to block the hotels entrance and has since gated and stationed 24/7 armed guards at the gates. Here is the owner’s story that he shared earlier this week”.

You can see where all this is leading, right? COTO has been highlighting the Direction, the Trend for years now. We’ve almost reached Their “End Game”.

COTO has linked to this interview recently on other threads, but I’ll put it back up here for those who are not familiar with Dr. Garrow —



  1. “Apparently there is! I was talking to someone today, and discussing the Nat’l Park “programming” Psyop occurring around the former Republic of the USA, when the question was asked, “Do you think these Park Rangers are real Park Rangers?” It was suggested that they may not even be Americans, but foreigners hired to bully the American People and enforce the communistic diktats emanating from the mouthpiece of D.C.”

    Think about the bankruptcy in 1933 and the long chapter 7. Assume that foreign governments are taking possession of swaths of real estate. Remember Hillary’s deal with China in 2008? The five years are up and default on the horizon.

    So while the other guys are working on the Obama baby scandal and DC Navy Yard ala Rogue/Senor 911 DEWvsPoo, the Silent War with quiet transactions is taking place.

    The Monopoly bank is empty, you cannot sell a house, the queen and rook are moving for a checkmate, the king is dead. Th Risk game will continue in AFRiCON under the afrosheen of Barry Goldwaters Soetoro and team committee will leave us to the warlords of the private FED and Private Defense forces.

    Remember your reading on the third reich and how it fell apart at the end. That’s when the insanity and massacres really came to the forefront.

    I/m glad you posted this Boomer. Why the big focus on the Parks and Pavillions on MSM 24/7? Follow the Ammo. SS, IRS, FORESTRY, DOT, and wonder how Ms. Beet Jones learned how to use a 9mm?

    Rogue called me on Foreign troops years ago and I provided some links. Haiti Quake Haarping. The Dominican, Mexico, Haiti, and Canadian ports provide some invisibility for reinforcement. Silently and Slowly for twenty years of NAFTA have funded the SA, Mexican and Chinese armies. Our boys and girls are scattered among the 800 Mil Bases overseas. I cannot vouch for the troops here and who follows orders but I will not concede they won’t.

    ON YOUR OWN. Time to know your neighbors again. Whose on the gov dole and who’s under their thumb vs who’s under the gun.

    • Puddy did you hear San Antone mayor Julian Castro is giving the Alamo to the UN ?

      • I did not but I wholly support my reference to Russia and China and the coming FIRE SALE. If we see the writing on the wall we know there is no exit from the reality of the economy.

        The vortex and the evidence is only what we are told so we can only accept it it in limited hangout. But if you glean the wasteland of MSM and Alternative “truth” operations they are telling you what is going to happen.

        Large portions of America are being leveraged in the derivative ponzi. If Wallstreet survives then the inflation/depression will not go into crazy. If the hypertrophic effect of Obamacare and Fed QE continue, we will have some time left.

        Russia/US scam regarding Syria confirms that it was merely a negotiation bargaining chip for the continuation of the EU /US treasury propping. Russia has agreed for the settlement on petrodollar pipelines. Obama did appease them and as he said in his OPEN MIC to Medvedev, he’d have more flexibility after the 2012 election.

        The derivatives have been squarely placed on the USA ledger in red INC. Including the banker bailout for EU and other central banks to keep the inflation and printing from excess. Default now becomes a global event. Like having a eggs in one basket, the FED has been autonomous to the US Government and Greengerg Paulson and Bernanke have been working under IMF-BIS-PRIVATE interests and the power they wield. This includes Bundesbank. Where the property lines are located is a mystery but whats not a mystery is who owns it.

        “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth programme, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.” – Gary Allen

        Since the charter in 1913 the “rulemakers” have devised a playing field to govern the game of risk. The very word ‘monopoly’ is stricken as is ‘conflict of interest.’ Those are for us. They have ^Too big to Fail^ and ^Too Big to Jail^ to replace them. When the transition occurs the Federal Reserve and other CB’s will dissolve into the leviathan and derivative abyss.

        Obamacare – Agenda21 are mere carbon derivative schemes to create the CO2 Central Bank (known as the World Bank-IMF-BIS-UNesco)

        Carbon is the currency. Real Estate/Assets, Stock and Credit the tender, Human life the make-up of the financial statement by globalist bank governors and elites. We are chattel (assets or liabilities) Carbon creation of future assets will have a liability that will either perform or not. Like the derivatives themselves some are packaged better than others and trading will take some losses.

        SPECIFICALLY to your point buddy, what a better way to begin the Shootdown than a stand at the Alamo. I did not pick SA for an event but Houston. It is a perfect segue to the transformation and a bitter pill for those who are just awakening to the reality. For us, it’s almost predictable.

        • Wow! One of your more scintillating comments to date, Puddy! Chock full of wisdom, dot connections, and behind-the-scenes insights. I hope folks are following this thread.

  2. Take your pick on the 2 following links to news that Obama (the Fearful, not the Feared) and his coterie of scoundrels have went “underground” until At Least October 17th.

    I was not aware of this defensive maneuver from the offensive one.

    15 Second Commercial Call Out to the Hired “Help”: Hey D.C. and environs Park Strangers and all the rest of you Obama-affiliated “fluff”! It appears YOU don’t have a Golden Ticket, and are therefore considered “Expendable” by your Idols? I hope REALITY hits you square in the face! You’re Cannon Fodder.

    O.K. then, back to the grist.

    Dr. Garrow’s revelations are nothing new to COTO members who have been paying attention over the last too many years. Yet, the SCENARIO continues to take more clear shape as the Great Caper moves closer to the Great Rape they intend. Well. We’ve seen it coming. You’re either prepared or just a turtle trying to cross the freeway at rush hour. Good Luck with that!

    You know, i’ve considered the “Will you shoot (KILL) Americans” question and what that portends. But, I’ve also envisioned the truly surreal scenario of a father, or mother shooting their own child unawares as the child had been snapped up into the maw of the “services”, and was “just doing his/her job” following orders and such to quell dissent. What a sick reality play is being played upon the population, pitting normal people against twisted ideology “young-uns”. No jobs out there for them. So they “join up”, or “higher out” for some meager burger feed, while selling their soul to the Obama Bunker Inhabitor.

    This nation has been sold out, sliced and diced, and twisted into a Devil’s Knot.

    People comment on inforwars threads and such like, expressing their “hope” that the Military will uphold their Oaths to the Constitution and Protection of The People, and STAND with the People… Folks — YOU are the militia. YOU are who is supposed to Protect your families, your ideals, your God-Given inalienable Rights! Should Americans take this responsibility upon themselves seriously and resolutely — AMERICA WILL BE UNCONQUERABLE. This is what James Kirwan keeps trying to beat into people’s heads. WE ARE “THE SLEEPING GIANT” Collectively.

    The Bunker Inhabitors may never resurface again should The People decide to Defend Themselves NOW wisely, effectively, and righteously.

    • Kirwin fails to know SELECTIVE telos. Purpose driven individuals from non-sequitur sheeple. Waste no time on them brother for they know not what they are.

      Remember the journey in is the journey out. You are paroled but others will remain. So it is written. The telos vs the techne is way beyond the 3D prison complex and they have to go their way.

      • For the definition of “Telos”, Rob, er, I’ll take the corner pocket 3 square, and for the win of 3-6-9 across the Hollywood squares.

        • I think back to your pic of Barry riding the wave. Imagine those swept in the undertow. You have to feel a bit like a minnow these days in the wake of the Hawaiian Body Smurfer.

          But , hey…we got r guns and if anyone gets hit grandma will slap hot iron to it. LOL to myself.

  3. Did You hear about the upcoming “open carry” march planned for oct, 19th in San Antone ? The police chief has stated any open carriers will be arrested. Jones is bringing down the reporters and supporters from Austin. This will be a real interesting march.

    • Is “open carry” legal in San Antonio? If it is, then why would people be threatened with arrest?

      It is very interesting, the the ethereal “figment” of “laws” or regs or whatever is used effectively to keep groups of people, or more to the point, an entire population kowtowed, and “in line”.

      It seems, should The People decide they OWN the Constitution and Inalienable Rights, that The People will be the ones doing the arresting! I see this coming to a head.

      I heard earlier the Truckers folded under “threat” of arrest. They’d be jailed, have their licenses revoked or suspended, and be arrested. Again, we see this “Threat” by the “authorities” that ALL AMERICANS supposedly employ (sic) to once again “protect” the elites in their ivory castles and underground bunkers.

      I think this worm is going to turn.

  4. Power of the wills here. Yes I heard and like the DC event that was planned it will be the catalyst for the Houston Event. I predict that our Jay7Sun brother was correct to see the ISON comet as a playing card in the illuminati deck of royals and scams and we can see the comet in NASA time for some other fireworks.

    I remind everyone that I am not predicting Armageddon nor the end of civilization, just transformation and the loss of civil society. Please take note that the events of the US STASI STATE are efforts to placate the masses to Orwellian norms.

  5. Greece Haarping – The Golden Dawn.

    It appears just after the NATO sec. General left: Seems the negotiations did not go well. Shallow HAARP

    Magnitude 6.4 mb ± 0.03
    Location 35.487°N, 23.261°E Not Specified
    Depth 36.2 km ± 5.8 km
    Number of Stations U

  6. Keeping our eye on the ball and off the all-seeing twits of twitterland. This little chick/dude is as creepy as they come. Move over gaga.

  7. It is getting closer to Halloween, and the ghouls, goblins, and pumpkin headed horses asses are flaunting their associations for all to see. Trying too hard?

    The following piece by Dave Hodges is an important read for what it is attempting portend and describe for Americans, to be able to recognize the Trend and fast approaching blitzkrieg upon All Americans. This does not appear to be “unbelievable” fiction any longer for those watchful ones who have been taking notes:

    The Three Stages of US Martial Law

    BUT WAIT! Zen Gardner provides Truth and Workable Solutions for Humanity here:

    And one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists, to put you in a peaceful frame of mind — Enjoy!

    • Mine too Love the Z.


  8. What does the vector 46664 mean, and why is Z showing it?

    • It was a South African Housing Project he did spearheaded by Nelson Mandela. 64 homes I think.

  9. The vets dismantled the barricades in D.C. and took them home as souvenirs.. good for them!

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