Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 9, 2013

“September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor”






    [This new world has already enriched the lives of millions of Americans who are able to compete and win in it. But when most people are working harder for less, when others cannot work at all, when the cost of health care devastates families and threatens to bankrupt our enterprises great and small, when the fear of crime robs law-abiding citizens of their freedom, and when millions of poor children cannot even imagine the lives we are calling them to lead, we have not made change our friend. We know we have to face hard truths and take strong steps, but we have not done so. Instead, we have drifted, and that drifting has eroded our resources, fractured our economy and shaken our confidence.] -Bubba 1993

  2. incompetence? Pleeease. Greenland – Drones and forcing the Spring. Goodnight.

  3. The Next 9/11 Right Around the Corner?

  4. I meant to add this info for consideration. By the way, Dick Eastman is not a flake.

    Paul Craig Robertson on Obama Ceasar “Move”:

    Michael Snyder offers a long piece on how Obama can just sit back and wait for capitulation to his absolute demands:

    What about Americans REJECTING this entire administration as Extra-Constitutional, meaning Treasonous, and removing them for investigations by Citizen panels?

    Obamacare is one of the Government’s Trojan Horses for spying on citizens:

    Trucker’s Protest in Washington D.C. Appears to be a Probable Death Trap – Drivers, Please Think This Through? – by Dick Eastman

    Farfetched? Too Fantastic to Figure? 9/11 was not on anybody’s radar screen for the most part either. Why the FEMA Region III buildup with pre-knowledge for many, many months? The Readiness date was October.

    Thousands of Truckers, 1 Million Vets, and who knows how many others who decide to join in and attend? It is a “fish in the barrel” scenario when you think about it…

  5. Of Course! A “Game” played by “Cavemen” terrorists. Was the outcome ever in doubt? What were the Vegas odds, aye?

    • Cavemen indeed! what’s the secret jb, for preserving yr orange-hue in the cave…


    I hope you’re ‘preservating” yourselves and loved ones then.

    A SIGNAL weekend awaits US ALL. It should be very interesting. Either liberating or mandating.

    Found this little crumb, and its one of the best headlines I’ve read for awhile — so savor the flavor and smoke:

    “There is usually a lot of free cheese available in every mousetrap”.

    Kinda smooth, not SHARP like some cheese, but perhaps offering a savory aftertaste. And it does!

    Go ahead and try a thin slice…

    Now — Imagine 300 milliion pizzas of such substance being consumed by an entire nation in 1 weekend?

    Head for the stalls!

    • FInal Prep stage here. Roman Holiday. After final Obamacarey and Apothecary are completed. PENTAGON ready, DHS ready, UTAH/DENVER ready. ROUNDUP READY. 6 mo’s max.

      (The Vortex is completing in hours now 3-9-6 6-9-3 (4725))

      4. Financial Flag (october surprise)
      [government shutdown – transitional shift]
      7. EVENT? (staging)
      [911 (second wave)
      2. FIAT FLAG (Martial Law)
      [FEMA STASI roll out]
      5. WAR
      [Foreign / Domestic entry]

      The order is correct. What people may be missing is the opportunity in the SHUTDOWN. It’s transition. If the financial hammer does not occur in October, the shutdown will allow the committee criminals from private and Capitol scum to leave and arrange their departure. This is the reason that MSM and pundit scumbags are reinforcing the number of times that govt closure happened. This time it has purpose for the criminals.

      Obama will have full power until global transition take place. PENTAGON shifts indicate the NATO-OTAN transition to UN Governance under Security council and China and Russia will get their terms. Two faced exposed. Collaborators revealed, but alas too late.

      Night of the longknives will seem like a picnic. All the D.U.M.B.s and Denver/Atlanta will go into full operations.

      Follow the AMMO! (for those who cannot fully comprehend the MONEY)

      Expect the monetary fiat directive to come with the election of Yellen and inflation out of control. She’s a Khazar fake joo from the Yale Berkeley mind control Nazi division of Keynesian RothRock economy model.

      Worst case scenario

      • I thought that Utah was seriously delayed…..New equipment set off fires, or if not outright fires, they malfunctioned and it was ‘smoky’! Serious damage, I thought the opening is delayed ‘ til next year. One small snag in the plan, but it isn’t to say that the rest won’t go ahead as usual.

        • Don’t be lulled by the SNOWJOB mamarn. The facility was already built. Below Ground. The mirror sites are UTAH center, Colorado and Atlanta. Where the outside sites are could be London, China, Tel Aviv and ISS for all we know.

          The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Center is a mere trinket of the grid and enterprise system and a drop in the cloud.

          • Well, I was speaking about just the Utah location…heard there were glitches/delays, that’s all…not enough to stall the whole monster, I suppose.

            • The Mormon Facility. I posted several posits regarding the social media and CIA Panoptic surveillance. One I did was regarding the Mormon, and the similar sites that promote actually sending your DNA swab to the NSA.


              Mormons, Scientologists, Vatican Assassins, all of them running with the committee preparing for the big event. Utah facility may be the financial credit card chip center. If you wish to continue to buy and sell with a barcode.

              Snowjob Snowden was a fart, psyop so obvious and the goons at your old site don’t have a clue. Willy Loman is a disinfo agent as indicated by his name, he’s just another salesman waiting to die.

    • Yes, self preservation on the mind…
      What’s all the cheese pizza talk?
      (Save a substantial vegan slice pls).

      Is this the period that all those billions of bullets were being hoarded (by DHS) for, during this manufactured ‘crisis’, aimed at squeezing the peeps, until they will lash out???
      Head for the hills? Hunker down, or Strike Back @ the empire….with what….hurling cheese balls??

      • Government Cheese? Ammo distributed to Social Security, IRS, Department of Agriculture, The Department of Education, USDA Forestry Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement, FBI and DHS.

        Think you may be able to live off the land? I think if you look at the distribution, fish & Wildlife and Gardening are off the table. Will we have to resort to calling Dominos?

        You may want to start frying nightcrawlers and eating pine nuts.

  7. Are you plugged in to the “Conspiracy” from the Top Down Crowd?

    Will your sons and daughters fire upon other Americans and even their family members if it comes down to an “order”? We should ask this question.

    Imagine Veterans facing their very children ordered to stamp down insurrection occurring in America? Too far out? Not in this upside down fascist battleground.

    • 29 Palms = 29=11 (the Phoenix)
      Government Shootdown.

  8. Folks — Dr. Garrow’s interview seen in the above linked video may very well go down as one of the seminal expose’s of the “Obama Deception” coup that has infected the USA. Watch IT and consider the implications of the discussion and accusations.

  9. The case for “Chicago” being the next False Flag. This is a detailed presentation by Dave Hodges —

    • I predict Houston or Minneapolis for reasons of the vortex and biblical coordinates. Chicago is to big a part of the financial apparatus. I think Chicago will be in the top ten Martial law ditribution points though.

      It fits with the early drills done as far back as 2001 and they have continued thru today. I do suspect multiple venues though and there are opportunities in both Minneapolis and Houston for the committee agenda 21 with both locations.

      Mall of America (MOA) has allegedly been the target of numerous terror plots since 9/11, and is constantly featured as a lucrative terror target due to its name, size, and attractions. The Israeli security firm Rozin Security Consulting, LLC has been in charge of MOA security since 2005, and they perform “lockdown drills” on a monthly basis. If and when a bio-terror attack occurs, the MOA lockdown will trap shoppers inside the mall which will allow for the elimination of potential witnesses and enable the bio-terrorists to kill indiscriminately with no interference from the outside. Without a lockdown, shoppers would panic and flee. Israeli Michael Rozin, owner of Rozin, recently stated that, “I think that the threat of terrorism in the United States is going to become an unfortunate part of American life.” Based on history of terrorism conducted by the state of Israel, there is no doubt who will be blamed if MOA suffers a terror attack.

  10. JAN 2013

  11. Even a broken clock is right a few times a day.

  12. Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the worst thing since Slavery.

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