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The Threat of ObamaScare is Leading to a BackLash from Americans from All Walks of Life — See the Comments Section

> Will it make you and your family safer and more secure in any way?
> Is there any Liberty or Freedom attached to this “Act” of any kind?
> It is clear that this “Act” is being forced upon Americans.
> There is absolutely ZERO credibility in saying this “Act” was voted on, and Americans are in favor of it.

The goose-stepping march of the “blue gloved ones” continues, erasing liberty and freedom everywhere under the neon spangled banner of “safety & security”.

The article below provides some insights into understanding the falsely titled “Affordable Care Act”, known as “ObamaCare”. The following information makes it plain that this “Act” will be forced upon every American, under penalties of severe fines, liens upon one’s home and/or assets, and even incarceration (This might help explain the FEMA camps built with American’s tax dollars).

So, essentially, ALL AMERICANS have 2 Choices — (1) Comply out of fear of punishment or ignorance about what you’re getting for your money, and (2) DO NOT Comply out of righteous indignation at the tyranny of it all.

If you look around and see blank stares, ask “What would our Forefathers have done?”. “What would your grandparents’ generation have done?”. Those who fought in WWI & WWIII — what would they do under this gun?

This is a well-designed polarizing event for ALL Americans. Hillary would have passed it if she could have. Get ready to take a stand — or bend over…

SHTFplan: Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare
Sunday, October 6, 2013 15:57

Editor’s Note: Millions of Americans are trying to figure out what to do following the launch of the Affordable Care Act and its broad implications for our economy, liberty, and our personal financial well being. Our friend Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper has an idea. It’s one that the majority of you will likely agree with it. What if we all decide NOT TO COMPLY? What if we simply refuse to participate? Daisy discusses why we should do this, how to go about it, and the threats we face from a government hell-bent on enforcing their mandates on the American people by way of the barrel of a gun. Not “no”, Mr. President – But, HELL NO.


I will not comply with Obamacare.

There. I said it.

I am unequivocally not going to be complying with Obamacare.

I also won’t be purchasing health insurance at 4 times the regular price, nor will I participate in the government-funded “exchange” for “affordable” healthcare.

Now, first, let me be clear – this isn’t because I’d be paying $20,000 per year for the crappiest coverage. In reality, Obamacare and the subsidies my family is eligible for would make the cost incredibly reasonable – but that is not the point.

The point is this: I am an American, and as such, I refuse to be forced to purchase anything else. I have already been forced to have car insurance, forced to purchase annually the “privilege” of driving via a license and having a (paid-for) car on the road via a license plate, and forced to pay taxes on my income and every purchase that I make.

When I moved back home to America after living in Canada, I never expected to be subjected to government coercion on this grand scale. I will not comply. The government is fond of saying that they will not negotiate with terrorists. Well, neither will I – and the US government under the reign of Barack Obama is the biggest terrorist organization around.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened gives the best explanation I’ve seen for why the government is so intent that everyone must participate in this program. They have run the country into the ground and want to force us all to pay as they vainly struggle to keep things afloat. This is a last ditch effort – the only alternative is economic collapse.

Obama’s utter refusal to compromise or delay Obamacare is more than mere political grandstanding. Obama has to prove he can continue to make the payments on the government debt. Now, based on reports we are getting form people who did sign up for Obamacare, they are being offered policies that cost about $500 a month, and have a deductible in the tens of thousands. That means that for the vast majority of Americans, they will be paying $500 month for insurance that will in fact pay none of their medical costs. So, $500 a month is $6000 a year times 200 million complying Americans equals $1.2 trillion a year pouring into the Health Insurance companies as pure profit, of which the US Government gets almost $200 billion in taxes (plus the IRS fines on those who refuse to sign up). And THAT is why Obama is demanding that Obamacare move forward now, despite a totally botched computer management system and despite 71% public opposition. Absent that new cash flow, the US Government will collapse, and the one year delay proposed by the House of Representatives is far to long to survive without some new source of loot from the public. (source)

It’s clear that our non-compliance in large numbers could stop this madness. We just have to say, “No. I will not comply.”

Why is this such a big deal?

There are numerous reasons for my planned non-compliance.

< Read the article at

Short Update on the “Government Shutdown”:

"This Wave is Mine!"

“This Wave is Mine!”

Tyranny of another kind…

“Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown” by Mike Flynn



  1. My wife is a legal immigrant , will she be deported for the crime of not complying ?

  2. Puddy that header reminds Me of “two girls and a cup” only more gross.

    • Two girls and a cup? Still waiting for an explanation of that header and caption@! It looks like a tweet but who in the world is cece mcqueen?

  3. That header is sure getting a lot of attention at creighton’s site. Somehow they are assuming either I am the creator of it or it somehow refers to me. Nasty people over there.

  4. The “Revolution” is picking up steam at a maddening pace!

    You’ve heard of the Truckers heading to D.C. to Blockade the area, make a statement, and arrest Congress members who have violated their Oaths of Office?

    You’ve heard of the Veterans who will also be heading to D.C. to protest the corruption and perpetual violation of the U.S. Constitution by the Administrators?

    Now, add to this —

    And this!

    I believe this is going to be one helluva Weekend in America!

    • Can you just picture 3,000 monster trucks REALLY storming the white house barricades? The truckers will be protected by the armor of their steel beasts. Holy crap. Would love to really see a million vets descend on D.C. Damn, I can see those cowardly congressmen and women heading for the hills now. May the force be with them and I don’t mean the congress cretins.

      • I don’t think they’ll be driving through the black house’s fences or anything unless the hired mercenary “forces” get all freaky (O.K., we already know this answer). The truckers intend to be peaceful, but they’re not going to put up with too much “oppressive tyranny” as they stated. They’ll just circle the “wagons”, and stop up the turnpikes, etc. What comes next?

        It sounds like the Vets will be using the trucks as tanks leading the way. You know how troops walk behind tanks on the battlefields for cover? This is bound to get interesting. We can imagine all manner of interesting American folks and groups are going to join in, ’cause THIS NATION IS PISSED! And rightly so.

        We should note the lack of attention or disinfo the MSM will be turning in on this “event”. There’s much to contemplate with the upcoming passion play in D.C.

        • I was being facetious and alluding to the Carey case when I mentioned the barricades. Also, I was imagining how scary a sight that would be…..I wouldn’t want those monster trucks heading angrily in my direction, that’s for damned sure.

          • Sorry JG.

  5. ‘Health Insurance’ Doesn’t even make any fukn sense especially in the world we live in. I’ve never had insurance for anything in my life, people think i’m mad because I don’t want to pay a corporation to take care of me IF something might happen.. LOL Seems taking responsibility for your own actions is a thing of the past.

    • It’s not even health insurance.. it’s more like “we’ll keep u sick and broke insurance”. Big Pharma and Big Insurance have taken over. They want us radiated, medicated and dedicated to handing over our hard earned cash to THEM.

  6. As for what this woman is saying, Non compliance is not going to change anything unless we all do it in numbers too big to ignore. How many people do you know that have the courage to join with her? I know the number of my friends that would do it.. ZERO.

  7. Really? Zero? I don’t think much about ObamaScare. In fact, I put this up because it was rather easy to grasp in a shorthand kinda way. On the face of it, Obamacaresnot is blatantly unconstitutional, and tyranny force majeure. Frankly, I don’t know many folks that would have the money to pay for it, and certainly would not have the money to pay the fines for it!

    So — its going to come up against the proverbial “trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip”, and the American Turnips have already been bled dry. This is and has been the “plan”. So it is absolutely despicable tyranny to try and force this upon the public at this time (with significant penalties for non-compliance). To me, its like the mafia trying to stick up a bunch of out-of-work, poor people, for their last 2 cents. Saying, “We’ll let you ‘live’ if you’re lucky, losers!”. It is exactly like THAT!

    • Yea zero. I’m talking about taking on the IRS and the govt. I know of no one personally that would do it… Do you?

  8. Yeah, I’ve known a couple. Now we know why the IRS reps need hollow points, and black rifles, aye?

  9. The saga continues, and presented here is some background on the “why” and “what for” that’s going on with the “shutdown”:

  10. Sorry Boomer. I missed this and Michaels Post. Too busy trying to build this database. Too much BS too. I will not comply on Religious grounds and prepared to fight the Governor over garnishments as unconstitutional taxation.

  11. “Will Obama Face Fraud Charges For $634M Website Scandal?”

    WOW! $634 MILLION for the ObamaScare website (whether it works or not) — WTF?!

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