Posted by: Mr. M | October 7, 2013

Don’t break your necks lining-up to contribute, now.

Up And Running!!!

You guys do know that I plan on running my blog off this site. So whatever you can do to promote this project benefits us all.

Below is the link to the Indiegogo site with the name Roving Info-Wagon.

Please spread this far and wide on every social-media site, email friends, tell your neighbors, put signs in your front your, tattoo it on your forehead.

And give generously.




  1. Ooops.. can you post that link again M.. It’s not showing up

  2. The design above seems good, but seeing the version from 9/2012 (?) in the video, that version could stand some improvements. As noted in the video, the wheels were too small. However, it is top-heavy and too dependent on the bicycle remaining upright. A stiff cross-wind would send everyone over. I didn’t see how things were secured and can just imagine sensitive electronics falling over, or being destroyed by shock waves traveling up the stiff legs.

    The newer design has a lower center of gravity (particularly if the bottom area is used for storage of distribution materials, etc.


    • What you’re seeing in the video is the prototype. It has since changed.

      The one on design is being done by professionals.

      Don’t worry, I’ll put your money to good use. But thanks for the advice. It’s not like I don’t get enough of that and not enough of the other.

      So far I’ve raised $5. Just $38,995 to go!

      Anyone out there?

  3. Thank you Deb, and Patrick.

    Love ya both.

    • Love you too roving infowarrior 😉

    • I hope the link at top gets some more Michael. This is a franchise just waiting to be born. I hope your local efforts will be fruitful also.
      Keep up the work you do and let us know. If you have time post a piece on the design and what you have been doing. We can hash tag it (News). twitter it and get more eyes on it. You are a local newsworthy hero. Anyone there to get you local news coverage? Some PR?

      • Patrick,

        Yeah, thanks for the tag.

        Once I get this thing going I would love to see others in other cities.

        As far as local news, I have done about 5-local shows, but nothing of late. I probably needed to do more as in the way of publicizing this, but hindsight is always better vision, isn’t it.

        I posted on all the local activist sites, but frankly I wasn’t expecting much from them. Most of them are as broke as church

        Almost got to speak to Alex Jones yesterday, but as he is want to do, I was on hold for over an hour, and he ended the show before getting me on. One 2-minute spot on there and I’d be funded. I just have to keep on trying.

        If anybody can help in that regard, and tune him into my promotion, that would be great.

        One way or the other I’m going to make this thing happen.

        P.S.: email your shirt size and address.

        • Don’t give up on infowars. I think you might consider the toons and your local activist activities on post/ We here can email Infowars as individuals and if you were to consider letting INFOWARS/PRISON PLANET get the ad-space it might be worth AJ’s PR to get you on. Use that great brain to storm some ideas. We will help all we can.

          There is a will and a way about you buddy. Makes me want to play the lottery to fund this.

          • I’m not giving-up on anything. But of course the past few days Jones hasn’t even been taking calls. I have also been sending over-sized postcards to him.

            I’ve been pounding Facebook with some results in that I have a meeting Tuesday with some potential backers, but I’m leery that they want to use my idea for purely commercial gain.

            I traded messages with Drew Brees’s wife. But still no contributions. Just a lot of empty promises so far.

            • Pop in updates on posts when you get a chance before this one gets buried. Sell the T -shirt and get another twenty in your bank. I’ll try to scrape some more if I ever see another paycheck.

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