Posted by: jerseyg | October 7, 2013

Proof of a Passenger in the Front Seat of Miriam Carey’s Car

Thanks to tatoott1009 and Max Malone for following up on this.  As with WTC 7 being shown falling just as it happened on tv and never being shown or reported on again, so it goes with this mysterious passenger in “Miriam’s car”. Max is right.  This passenger will never be mentioned again.

Who you gonna believe ?  Your own lyin’ eyes or those that choose to deceive you over and over again? ~jg



  1. Thanks for putting this up. I just put it up on that other friendly site’s latest thread. Just let it sit there, and see how they breakdown things. There is no point in posting, because it just gets abusive. Let em do their thing. We’ll do our thing here. Anyways, they’ve got more time on their hands to investigate and all the rest. Its not a competition for Truth. When it finally pops out into the open, everybody should applaud, because it is a revolutionary birthing these days.

    About all we can say is, lets hope more info comes out. Whatever.

    In the thread 2 down, I’ve updated it in the comments section, as well as the title. The Protest Events that are going to go down in D.C. this coming weekend should really be what we all start focusing on. THAT is what is going to generate some first rate pyrotechnics!

  2. Well, anyone that still insists that is a headrest haven’t even looked at the video or closeup still shot. The news report says it all. THere is always another person/suspect/accomplice/shooter in these events that are reported on at first and then “poof” they disappear like a “ship’s smoke on the horizon”. You didn’t really hear/see that did you? Oh, you were just delusional…. are u taking your meds?

    Maybe that guy that set himself on fire was the other passenger?

    • Hi Jersey,
      yeah its like the reports that said there were two or three shooters in the Navy Yard event
      and one was reported as shot n down, from [olice info they stated.
      soo? was one down or was it some poor bugger the cops killed?
      all so UN believable.

      • Multiple individuals in every case from DC shooters in 2008 to this. Tuscon, Aurora, Sandy Hook, everyone. Handlers, directors, troubleshooters. We have no idea how many “extras” they may invoke.

        The only real mystery is the identities of the “Officials” who “say” That is where the true mystery lies.

      • Hi Oz…yep, it’s the same script over and over. Seems they figure it doesn’t matter because the majority of Amerikans don’t even notice the discrepancies and inconsistencies. They react to the event but aren’t really paying attention.

  3. It certainly looks like 2 people. It will probably become Obvious pretty soon as more info dribbles out. You may have saw in the thread downstream with Martha, that I asked about audio files from people listening to police scanners in the area. There’s gotta be stuff on their that would be additive, unless that base is “covered” now by the shadow perps. Usually, they forget some stuff, and it comes out…like this video which now has to be “dealt with”.

  4. But I digress. Even the guy in the video says these “events” are distractions, you know what I mean. The shit that’s going to go down this coming weekend in D.C. with REAL PEOPLE, who are pissed, is what will get real interesting for us all.

    • It’s the basis for my post Boomer. That’s the real question. Purpose and opportunities.

  5. Actually I posted a reply to your that comment about the radios Boom. I totally agree people had to be picking up on the transmissions unless they were blocked somehow for the drill like they do with cellphones during drills or haha real life emergencies.

    I also posted a comment about the strikes the end of the week in D.C… go team america!

  6. All I get from Scott and R1 is abusiveness. They immediately dismissed this video with the needless belittling and abusive ad hominem they’ve become known for. Like a wife-beater or woman-hater, they cannot change, and are better left to stew in their own bitterness and hubris.

    It is the same pattern seen here with R1. “Beat the fuck out it” if it doesn’t jive with their analysis or opinions. I’m done.

    • Good Boomer. Stay away from both of them. Talk about toxic people. Will won’t show his face here again. If he does, every word he writes will continue to be flushed. We have his number. We have both their numbers. Leave them to wallow in the slime of their big egos. It’s all they have.

      • I gathered some nasties were happening..gumwall weirdness etc
        can I say Im not surprised?
        and that RADY is now well vindicated.she was waaay ahead of us in assessment on that subject:-)

        • Yes Oz, Rady AND Barbara Peterson were exactly right. They would not tolerate such behavior. This is the last comment I will make on this issue but let’s just clear up what really happened way back when.

          Do you remember the blowup about Cinderfella? Babara and Rady wanted him gone and said so in no uncertain terms. I totally agreed with them because he was another misogynistic, foul mouthed cretin. Who defended him and his behavior? None other than that other other pompous ass, Scott Creighton/Willy Loman. Free speech was his battle cry. You can see our exchanges on that gum wall. Barbara and Rady wanted all their comments and articles erased from coto because of that incident which is why it looks like I am the only one there arguing for that creep being shown the door. That man, same as R1 were like cancers that continually eat away at the body of a website until there is nothing left but a shell. Attacking members (mostly women) just for the sake of being rude and offensive and pushing one’s own point of view over others. As Rady says on the gum wall (the gum wall she put up) when she commented after they both were gone “gee it smells so much nicer in here”. Yep, and stench like that will never be allowed to permeate this house again.

      • The banter was just getting silly.
        And who’s Humphrey or something like that….he/she has a really long strange screed on there. Talk about going off on tangents.
        But my main point is that someone should (if they dare) REMIND them on AE that the whole thing that started the rant against a few, was something to do with NO comment ever being allowed again, from this day forth, that EVER calls into question the fact that there were victims, and that you will never, ever get away with casting doubt in that respect, whether it’s Boston, or Miriam!!!!!!
        It won’t see the light of day…it will be swiftly/immediately pulled, erased!!!!!
        What was the topic, leisurely discussed tonight?
        Doubting the victims in Boston.

        Oh, geez….haha……..I’m laughing because that was what all the hollering was supposedly about, yet….apparently…..
        not really!!!!

        (By the way, I know probably many here question the Bos victims, and I for one won’t screech at you….but will just say that there definitely were people who died and had real injuries. One of my relatives has a friend who was injured. You won’t get hundreds of Drs to lie about stuff like that either. (I’m from the Boston area).
        Yeah, I know…Jeff Bauman is a strange case…..but I very much doubt he was an amputee before. Do you not think no one would speak up about that. I mean he doesn’t live in a bubble…..people would notice. It just hurts the real case – showing that the patsies were set-up. Really bothersome to hear the people who knew Dzhokar the best, his wrestling buddies say, ‘that wasn’t him in court’!!!!! Shades of aurora, maybe…..I mean, so much trickery involved in these schemes….where to begin. But focusing on the victims who did suffer is a guaranteed losing hand. Just also prevents those who you are trying to get to see the big picture of the false flag to immediately shut/tune you out. I tried to let my family members in Boston know it was a false flag (and I wasn’t denying there were victims ) but they didn’t want to hear any of that. ‘Bring on the tanks’ was more like it…..Yay…….keep this city of millions safe, while one unarmed teenager is on the loose!).

        • Mar…. what’s AE?

          As for victims of false flags. I’m sure there are some real victims though I doubt that many. After viewing those close up photos of the Boston bombing right after it happened, I was pretty convinced that there was pure fakery and acting going on there. Leg blown off guy was left lying on the ground with that bloody stump visible for all to see while a person, totally conscious and seemingly in good health (no visible injury or blood) was taken away on a stretcher. Wtf? To say nothing of the fact that putting a person with that sort of injury, sitting straight up in a wheelchair, defies all manner of common sense. The guy kept his head high for his photo op with cowboy guy w/flag. It’s not likely that a person with that kind injury/shock and trauma would be able to manage that as he’s wheeled down the street in time for his closeup with his hero. And isn’t it odd too that it was leg blown off guy that was the one that said he saw the bomb placed? Another strange coinky dink if I do say so myself. Too many coinky dinks. Too many weird anomalies in all these events.

          You ask how they could keep something like this under wraps. How did they do it with 9/11 ? There are never any real investigations on these incidents. It’s all accepted as fact by the sheeple that are fed their news by the msm and fall for the hype of pretend crying families of “victims” and the POTUS as well wiping away a fake tear. I’m not saying no one could have been injured but the leg blown off guy and cowboy are very suspicious characters and acted strangely along with others immediately following the blast.

          Look at Sandy Hook… NO evidence whatsoever that a crime had been committed. Why should I believe anything the msm reports or the govt tells us when they change their story several times and blame all their misinfo/disinfo due to a “fog of war” situation. I WANT PROOF DAMMIT! Where is it? Show me proof!! My mind will easily be changed when I see rock hard evidence. Family members, again as in the Carey case, were barred from identifying their own children/spouses… wtf? Instead, as with Carey, they were shown a picture.. Really? Since when is that sop? Then smiley mom of one of the kids decided to decorate her daughter’s pristine white coffin with magic makers.not really knowing for sure if it really was her own daughter in that white box.. huh? . Who writes this bullshit? WHo buys it? Not me. I want to see evidence. Not have it locked away from inquiring press people as it’s been and always is after these “incidents.” Now they are going to build a new school for the SH kids. They are planning on tearing the other one down. Hmmm sounds familiar.. What’s that remind me of? Oh yea, right… 9/11 when the evidence was immediately scooped up and shipped to China! Destruction of crime scene evidence. Yea that’s the ticket and the one that gets them a free pass to pull more wool over the movie goers eyes.

          • AE is American Everyman Deb. Makeup and prosthetic will cover the identities of actors. Speaking of Actors, I will comment that AE aka WL aka SC, like Cinderfella represent the totalitarian divide and conquer.

            They exhibit the hypocrisy openly but it i a form of psychopathy where they are possibly truly unable to grasp their illness. It is a short circuit in the wiring where the loopback just does not happen. I have seen this before as we all have. Dismiss the disorder and you miss the key to the elite. Investigate Mama’s boy psychopathy and failed marriages and you may see this anomaly. It shows the real importance of a father in raising kids and goes a long way in explaining the elite scum male figures who permeate the sicko government and higher institutions.

          • Ok, so you agree that some definitely were injured….that’s what I’m saying. And we both know these are all false flags, and that’s the thread throughout them all. But I was specifically mentioning Boston, as that is my ‘soft spot'(?) or whatever you wanna call it…Since I’ve walked that very street about 1,000 times in my life.
            (I lived in NYC, but got out in the 90’s, knowing that something was going to happen again there after the first WTC false flag in ’93).
            Anyhoo…..So, it’s different, when you can say, “I know someone who was really & truly injured”. It’s different than just analysing photos and saying….Oh, fake blood. I’m very well aware of the cottage industry that is exploding around these drill scenarios…actors used in terror drills, spill over into “live” events.
            But, I can’t understand the concept of a smokescreen going up, and then in an “instant”, you have, clothes ripped to shreds, and all manner of what we can see, and bottles of fake blood thrown, and lacerations in places….what the hell?? It can’t work that way, immediately after a few seconds of smoke…..makes no sense. What, did they go through the back of the restaurant, and get all the gory make-up on, and someone yells action, and they all exit through the front of the restaurant out on to the sidewalk into ‘position’??
            That just ain’t logical.
            Whatever….just disagree on that aspect. But, hey…we agree…all of ’em are false flags, grand deceptions…we’re just differing on the degree of the deception. It’s still high crimes…..treasonous stuff.
            Yes, I can’t & won’t try to explain Bauman…..he’s a mysterious & key figure, essential to their story.

            • I’ve always stated that for me, Bauman is like Barbara Olsen.
              We only got the false story of the “box cutters” because of her statement. And so, conveniently, there is Jeff, who immediately recalls, after such a traumatic injury, and apparently non-drugged out state sitting in his hosp. bed., that it was Tamerlan, blah blah ….sunglasses, blah-blah. (How can you even look into someone’s eyes with sunglasses on??). How can he put it down, and it exploded….when that’s not even what the flippin’ investigators said is what happened. They said they had “video” of them placing them in the trash cans!!!! So, that’s a lie right there.
              It’s a lie again, because I mostly doubted they had video showing that, since it was never produced. Maybe they’re still working on doctoring it, a la the Pentagon video, years after the fact.
              They doctored the photo of Dzhokar (sp?) walking away.
              I bet there is the same (video) of T walking away, probably with bag in tow. Either way, they are just clear patsies, working for the gov’t. The bags don’t even match, of course….and I think maybe they came from the inside of the stores perhaps (windows blown outward…..there was a drill that day, as we all know, with devices planted all over) as many witnesses said that day, but you never heard again. There was one other point that why Jeff placing T
              at the finish line doesn’t make sense…can’t recall at the moment, been a while since analyzing the Boston one.

    • Dear Mr. Boomer,

      The revisionist-history framing on R1’s blog will be that **I** caused this rift. Well, my presence here might have indeed been like X-lax to R1’s system, but I didn’t generate what was expelled or where (or for this long). These were always inside R1, and he chose to remove his Depends and not to control how he released his inner essence, splattering others.

      His problem today is that he doesn’t fully check where he should expell (polluting his own otherwise worthy threads on his blog) and when he should flush (that which is less than worthy.)

      FTR, though, R1 was kept to relatively clean, if overly frequent, bowel movements on T&S and could more or less keep his focus on what was worthy. But whenever his ire was tweaked, he was using his rarely-subscribed-to articles on COTO (instead of his blog) as his splattering sphinxter dump site.

      Although he makes hay out of the supposed censorship, the reality is that the R1 COTO article(s) and then certainly his comments were designed to be flushed one day. Towards the end, he was testing his limits of influence and power, but essentially begging for the flushing.

      Were it otherwise and given R1’s experience with prior censorship on “the internets”, R1 would have expended a lot more energy on his blog to preserve and re-purpose those words of his from COTO meriting such.

      He still can, but probably won’t. Why? Because there is a big difference between “writing from the onset for posterity [and archiving when you get around to it]” and “writing in & for the moment hoping something worth preserving even exists, let alone can be easily found and preserved in a fitting legacy later.”

      I tried to teach him many lessons to help him improve his game, and even opened my playbook and telegraphed plays well before he stepped “into them” and got run over “by them” — repeatedly.

      Today, I must say, I am blessed with a more reasonable R1 on T&S. He doesn’t act like the Wal-Mart greeter in responding to all comments by others; he isn’t overwhelming the forum; and more importantly, he is ignoring my comments. I thank the Will Loman blog and his own blog for becoming appropriate outlets for his talents.


      • Your explanation is duly noted Snr. El Once. Yes, R1 pushed the envelope to test the limits. He found them. The “process” of his own ego trip is not one that everybody else wants to participate in as is obvious. The “flagrantly foul” filth and ad hominem is seriously unnecessary. So he tested how much and how long he could let fly. O.K. There was a limit, and he reached it. No big deal in the “big scheme” of things. I tired of it, but that’s just me. I appreciate the fresh breezes of conversation when I can get em. So much of everything these days is virulent and violent. That is a toxic stew I would rather not chew.

    • Was wondering why you kept trying…It’s not going to change it seems.
      There’s a lot of anger underneath, and as jg noted, it tends to come out @ the females especially.
      Can’t say I’ve ever been referred to as a ‘heifer’…I’m not even sure how to spell it. (I’m not fat …and by the way, pls don’t use butter….I’m a vegan!) A vegan heifer…..but I guess all of them are, come to think of it.

      • Mar…who was referred to as a heifer? and by whom?

        • R1 said buttering me up like a heifer…..So, I just ask that you use a dairy-free brand pls, like Earth Balance…haha…..

          • lol Mar

  7. I picked DC-Baltimotre, Houston and Minneapolis. I can focus on Camelot for awhile. Let’s throw this out there.

    When in the case of Martial Law does it become necessary to make the DC, Freemason zone the target. Check your Civil War Richmond and DC connection. When you try to piece together war false flag, covert ops and assassinations we can see how each of the tools can work in the operation.

    Forgive me tooting the horn here but I predicted Three zones for staging and two others for HAARP in the FELLOW SYRIANS Posting. This was a month before the DC Navy Yard Alexis Event.

    9-6-3 THE SINKER

    When truth is brought to light;

    1. We will confirm chemical weapons to rebel alCIAda from Libya/Iraq via CIA in Benghazi-Gate

    2. Michael Hastings – Whistleblower was going to expose Benghazi-gate weapons smuggling and Obama’s family in Muslim Brotherhood mafia.

    4. False Flag will happen in USA involving chemical weapons, aircraft surface to air missile attacks or both.

    5. Blamed on Iran and abetted by Homeland terror Iranian, Russian, Georgian and American terrorists.

    7. Location of attacks are Minneapolis, Miami FL, Houston, Baltimore or DC.

    8. ENMOD sites are Miami, FL and Los Angeles

    Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and defense. She was born from the godhead of Jupiter with weapons.[1] From the 2nd century BC onwards, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.[2] She was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic.[3] She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva”,[4] which symbolizes that she is connected to wisdom.

    CHEMICAL WEAPONS – ASSAULT – DC – MARTIAL LAW – Is this the big event before May Day 2014?


    Hit the target and Win. When does WIND = Death?

  9. Carey decided that a jazz standard would contribute to the album’s soulful/R&B-influenced feel, and she contacted Russell Freeman. With his permission she began to write new lyrics for his new song “The Wind”, and she had been inspired to write it after the death of a friend in a car accident. Sony/Columbia executives felt “The Wind” carried a universal theme that could be applied to the album, and it was considered as the album’s title. They also thought it would be fitting as Carey’s first name originated from the song “They Call the Wind Mariah”. Because its first single was “Emotions”, the album was titled Emotions.

    The wind has taken you
    You’re free finally at peace
    So still you lie
    Leaving your cares behind

    The pain is gone
    Gone with the spirit in your eyes
    Now you’re wandering around
    Above us
    Looking downyard
    As we cry

    You’ve flown into the wind
    Escaping all the hurt within
    Took to the sky
    Leaving the world behind

    So young to die
    How could you let it all pass you by

    And to the wind go so many dreams
    That you held inside
    Now you’re just a memory
    Burning in my mind

    So young to die
    How could you let life pass you by
    And now you’ll never know I loved you
    And now you’ll never know I cared

    I really loved you
    And now you’ll never know

    You’ll only fade
    Into the wind

    They call the Wind Moriah – Paint you wagon Red, COTO!

  10. 3-9-6 HAARP

    The name Fitow has been used to name three tropical cyclones in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The name was contributed by the Federated States of Micronesia and is the name of a flower in the Yapese language.
    2001’s Tropical Storm Fitow (T0114, 18W) – struck Hainan island and mainland China, killing 4.
    2007’s Typhoon Fitow (T0709, 10W) – struck Japan, killing at least 2.
    2013’s Typhoon Fitow (T1323, 22W, Quedan) – currently active storm.

    More than half a million evacuated as Typhoon Fitow slams southeastern China

    2001(3) – 2007 (9) 2013 (6)

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