Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 7, 2013

Miriam Carey and the Windtalkers

When the committee and the nine developed the plan for global governance under the the single order concept, the nine developed a floor-plan of organizations to handle the details.  Of the elite core was Moriah the Conquering Wind and the nine unknown men.

Miriam Carey was a recent event that warrants  discussion in my effort of posting these 775 previous focused postings that all directly highlight the New World Order. Not a new world order in time but one in concept. “Clever people are always the best conversations lexicon. 

Bill Clinton in his inaugural speech said, “This ceremony is held in the depth of winter. But, by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring.” Clinton repeated the words ‘we force the spring’ later in the speech.” 


This plan was formed so long ago and  contains so much detail and diversion that we fail to remember all that we have read, exposed and discussed over the time we have spent.  The vortex, symbolism and clues in the lexicon are how they [committee/300] are able, having to distribute the information, program and code for what is and is not going to happen.  In the monopoly game there are financial movements that all elite members must receive. There are events that administrators and the capos must distribute. There are messages that have to be transmitted to enablers and other personnel. This cannot be handled by phone, email, fedex or any specific commercial medium or in military code or encryption.

We have posted many focusing on MK-Ultra, the Hollywood mind-controllers and targeted individuals. We have covered most of the events (hoaxes) and other ridiculous diversions of MSM.  It’s what I focus on and for more than the diversions that makes it important to discuss.

The English name Mary is the transliteration of the Greek name Maria or Mariam, which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew name Miriam.

There are two Miriams mentioned in the OT. The most famous one is the prophetess and older sister of Moses and Aaron. Another Miriam (most probably a male!) is mentioned in the genealogy of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:17). The English name Mary is the transliteration of the Greek name Maria or Mariam, which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew name Miriam.  read this

I have a tendency to jump from the Genesis to Exodus and follow the Egyptian and Hebrew meanings when investigating the committee nine and inner circles due to the relationship of the house of Windsor, the crown, the Vatican and the Egyptian links. It is also my belief that the core committee operate centrally in London and it’s there all real movements are conducted.  This includes the Masonic Celtic meanings as they are represented by the Egyptian Masonic beginnings in ancient Satanic papyri inscriptions known as the Book of the Dead.

{The Mumma Group}

efb0c3dcb0c7db2ef8a596c6ad47347d gabby-giffords-hospital

I am ever amazed at the posts and comments from COTO and how they (at least in my twisted mind) are always in an order or rhythm that seems almost uncanny. It is my thinking that nothing happens by coincidence. From Boomers recent posts on Obamacare to the links to Kirwan, to Patricia’s comments on Geography to Michael’s view on the bullet from JFK to Affordable Health (aka Agenda 21) they all trigger a rodin vortex 396693 series of clues and cues.

Then there was Debs posting of this gem. I had not looked at it until Sunday. BANG!

Maria, Mariah, Moriah, the Conquering Wind.

[1. A district in Palestine containing several mountains, on one of which Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac (Gen. xxii. 2). 2. A mountain at Jerusalem on which Ornan the Jebusite had a thrashing-floor and on which Solomon later built the Temple (II Chron. iii. 1). It is very likely that the Chronicler identified the mountain of the Temple with that of the sacrifice of Isaac, as he points out that Solomon built the Temple on a mountain of a highly sacred character, since Abraham had several centuries previously built there an altar on which the ‘Aḳedah took place. Shortly before the erection of Solomon’s Temple an altar had been built there by David (comp. II Sam. xxiv. 25). The Rabbis positively identified these two places as the same, naming Jerusalem “land of Moriah” (Gen. l.c.) on account of the Mount Moriah situated therein.]

On Carey Street – Euphemism for being bankrupt or in debt.

[In ancient Tyre about 1000 BC, King Hiram was requested by Solomon to help build the temple. Tyre supposedly had many fine stone masons. (Hence the term freemasons). Tyre means  rock. (not Chris Rock)  Why is the word rock associated with Tyre? Tyre is also the source of the term tryanny. Tyre was also famous for the production of purple die, the colour most desired by royalty. But ask yourself, why is purple most desired by royalty?]

[Carey is an Anglicized form of the old Gaelic O’ Ciardha, the Gaelic prefix “O” indicating “male descendant of”, plus the personal byname Ciardha from “ciar” dark or black. The Careys were lords of Carbury (Co. Kildare), up to the mid 12th Century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hamo de Kan, which was dated 1205 “Pleas before the King or his Justices”, Somerset, during the reign of King John, known as “Lackland”, 1199 – 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. ]

[The narrative concerning Araunah appears at both 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21. The Samuel version is the final member of a non-chronologically ordered group of narratives, which together constitute the “appendix” of the Books of Samuel. In the Samuel narrative, God incites David to punish the Israelites by imposing a census upon them, an order which Joab reluctantly carries out. (In the version of the narrative presented by the Book of Chronicles, it is Satan, not God, that incites David to make the census). Yahweh regarded David’s action as a sin, and so punished him, sending Gad the prophet to offer David the choice of punishment. Gad gave David three options:

David, according to both versions, chose the three days of plague, and so an angel was sent to spread the plague through the land. However, when the angel reached Jerusalem, God ordered the angel to stop; at this point the angel was at Araunah’s threshing floor, which David noticed. Gad instructed David to build an altar at Araunah’s threshing floor, so David purchased the location from Araunah, even though Araunah offered it to him freely. According to the Books of Samuel, David paid 50 silver shekels for the location; Chronicles states that David paid 600 gold shekels. However, some[who?] explain this by saying that the book of Samuel only talks about the price of the floor and oxen; Chronicles adds in all of the materials for the sacrifice.]

As we have seen the NSA, Census and Data Mining going on for years and the Agenda 21 documentation, the plans for a silent war with quiet weapons, Bluebeam and ENMOD, the Committee has managed to find ways to communicate these messages much like I find the scriptures chronology. It’s not just things like the Weather Channel being a General Electric  Blackstone Group and Bain Capital venture that tells me HAARP and weather wars are upon us but it certainly cannot be ignored. Nor can the Obamacare Census, Death Panel and Taxation scheme be anything but Agenda 21. Whether it’s right from Genesis 22:2, the symbology, numerology, lexicon and timeline seems to be consistent from JFK to Gabby Giffords to Miriam Carey. Why do these events happen at times when Fast & Furious, Fukushima, Benghazi and other major events from the powers that be are orchestrated?  They are messages and not just mere deflections though they have multiple benefits. Are they sacrifices? Okay, Yes. Are they OCCU-Pi’ers? Likely, if not most certainly .  Are they messages?  

What was the purpose of the Prophetess Miriam Carey in driving to DC? What was the message and why is it not important to know whether it was staged or a real sacrifice?  Why does the video report claim that the hero men and women will not be paid for murdering the prophet 34 (thirty-four) year old woman due to the Government shutdown? Why is the this message so important to get 24/7 action on what would by all normal standards be a sideline story? I mean what about the guy that set fire to himself yesterday in front of the joint? Others who have scaled the fence, or fired shots?  Why does Carey come from [ciar] which means Black or Dark? She was a black woman driving a black car. There’s a darker meaning here and likely others we have posted as deflection, hoaxes or strange that may be MESSAGES to the bigger picture. They have been “Forcing the Spring” If you understand the threshing floor and separating wheat from chaff and the story of Issac you know sacrifice. It may be us the useless eaters going to Moriah. The Conquering Wind commands it.

I hope we keep our eye on the ball. The big blue one of Agenda 21 and find the meaning of these messages in the lunatic psychopathic lords of chaos.  Welcome to Marmarn who came over from Willy Loman’s blog.  Thanks to everyone who comes here to see COTO and share.



  1. Yes, Patrick, I agree. There are no coincidences. This is ultimately true where the monsters are concerned. It’s obvious this event was staged. That goes without saying. The evidence that points to that is overwhelming.Was she sacrificed or not in the car at all ?

    But as you point out there is the symbolic evidence to be picked apart as well. A black woman driving a black car ..brand name “infinity”? That in itself tells a tale doesn’t it?

    And their playing with names and dates has always fascinated me and you illustrate it very well here.

    I found this bit of information on her very interesting:

    CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former FBI assistant director, reported on “CBS This Morning” Friday that the people who worked with Carey said she was upbeat, happy and normal, but in April 2012 she fell on some stairs and injured her head.

    When Carey was receiving treatment for the injury in the hospital, she learned that she was pregnant.

    Carey received a handicapped parking permit because of the injury, Miller reports. Then doctors from the medical suite where she worked complained that she was tying up parking in front of the building and asked her to move her car back. This became a big dispute that led to her being fired.

    From then on, police interviewing people in and around her life say that she was suffering from other emotional issues that came to the attention of the police in Stamford, Miller reports.

    Interesting… a fall down the stairs, a trip to the hospital followed by a change in personality and a pregnancy. Hmmmm… just a thought I had when reading this…but was this where her induction into the “program” began?

    Oh and btw, this little bit of not so subliminal propaganda was tucked into the article as a link…. we’re not surprised at this of course. This is a big part of why these events are staged…Untreated mental illness an imminent danger?

    Gotta love the doc calling out these shooters. eh? All mind controlled, not mind diseased..

    For example, five weeks before the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, the gunman, Aaron Alexis, told police that he was hearing voices and being bombarded by strangers with a microwave machine. If he had been transported to a psych ward, the shootings might never have happened.

    In 2007, Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho was behaving so irrationally that a court ordered him to seek mental health care. The order was never carried out. Cho killed himself and 32 others.

    And before James Holmes dressed up as the Joker and shot 70 people in a movie theater, campus police at the University of Colorado had been warned that he was potentially violent. Holmes had been a brilliant graduate student there studying the inner workings of the brain, until something suddenly went wrong with his. Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who is president of the American Psychiatric Association, says it’s not that unusual.

    All the more reason for them to put lithium in the water and pass out anti psych drugs to kindergartners…

  2. Great comments Deb. Yes I definitely hang my hat on MK-Ultra. Back years ago, I could not keep friends over my beliefs. Not even with the Church Committee evidence and the fact that all documents were [destroyed]

    Can you imagine what anyone thought of Alexis [AA]- when he told them of the voices? Well, just dig up the Mormon CIA documents on the Utah State Prison experiments and look for the lawsuits by inmates. Look to the Canadian experiments by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron and others. See the targeted invidiuals [TI] sites around the web.

    Patricia made comment to the situation in Japan with mass hypnosis entrainment. Lithium rockets? Brain Games right from the war room. NEVER WASTE AN OPPORTUNITY is never so evident as it is in the case of these stagings. I just failed to take in account that they are time markers/messages and not just simply to steer society, make a case for force and the fact that psychpathic elite love to play games. One might picture them out on their lawns in summer dresses and bow ties playing croquet, but the games of monopoly, chess and risk in 3D is where they really enjoy a sporting event. The dogs and fox game for their administrators and provocateurs are where the sociopaths like to compete.

    I developed the TRIAD theory for Hegelian Dialectic using need, warrant and opportunity. Maybe we should come up with a term for the opportunity section where the benefits may include things beyond the Redistribution of Wealth and the main objective ie. Disarming America/2nd Amendment to include message on Obamacare.

    So what if any was a message delivered in Miriam Carey?
    Was Aaron Alexis a warning from Pentagon regarding Syria. Was it another Russian warning? Telefon!

    Was Aurora a warning to whistleblowers in Libor?
    Was Sandy Hook a message to the same?

    Miriam Carey a warning to Congress about Govt Shootdown? “We wear these little pins. They told us to remove them as we might be targets” Or something deeper regarding the MANHATTEN financial district.

    There is a sinister connection from 911 WTC to the rebuilding of Solomons Temple. Deb, the 2012 XXX Olympiad show had the symbolism for Mount Moriah, you Remember it don’t you? Vigilant Citizen, along with you and other went into detail on it.

    Think back and remember Obamacare-FEMA camp-Slave Labor and a brave new world under the techno-age. It is of biblical significance this year and 2014. Before May Day next year we are guaranteed a whopper. (with lots of that shitty whopper sauce)

    I believe the time has come for you to start reposting some of your articles. Maybe we might have to revise some small details but not many. We have covered the Pineal Wars from 2008. Five years ago. Chemtrail as a vaccination, Fluoride, HAARP ELF mind control (ie. Iraq/slam dunk) and strange sounds. Is this beginning to tangle up like a tumblewwed blowing in the conquering wind? Only in this chaos do they understand the order. We have to get better at it..

    • RE:
      Was Aurora a warning to whistleblowers in Libor?
      Was Sandy Hook a message to the same?

      Miriam Carey a warning to Congress about Govt Shootdown? “We wear these little pins. They told us to remove them as we might be targets” Or something deeper regarding the MANHATTEN financial district.

      P.S. Think about 911 (well planned, maybe seven years or eight [infiniti)

      But notice when these events are warning or messages they have been sloppier, less well planned or executed. On the fly if you will. Hurried and full of holes with MSM filling in the holes rapidly and obviously with bullshit and a trowel. This really hilights the Game of Thrones, and how their rules have nothing to do with the laws we are supposed to live by.

      So in my commentary on the trannsition I often say “you are on your own” which means be inconsistent, unpredictable, always suspicious, pay attention to detail, and think like they do. I add this as well. THEIR RULES ARE MY RULES. And add a dash of ridicule and insult to these B actors, clowns & Jugglers..

  3. Did you see this? Just scan down in the piece to get to the discussion of Biden and his CODEWORD showing:

    Rather a minor thing, but made Obvious for some reason.

    • Nothing is minor Boomer. Details are evidence (the body of)

      Duplicate comment (from previous post)

      I picked DC-Baltimotre, Houston and Minneapolis. I can focus on Camelot for awhile. Let’s throw this out there.

      When in the case of Martial Law does it become necessary to make the DC, Freemason zone the target. Check your Civil War Richmond and DC connection. When you try to piece together war false flag, covert ops and assassinations we can see how each of the tools can work in the operation.

      Forgive me tooting the horn here but I predicted Three zones for staging and two others for HAARP in the FELLOW SYRIANS Posting. This was a month before the DC Navy Yard Alexis Event.

      9-6-3 THE SINKER

      When truth is brought to light;

      1. We will confirm chemical weapons to rebel alCIAda from Libya/Iraq via CIA in Benghazi-Gate

      2. Michael Hastings – Whistleblower was going to expose Benghazi-gate weapons smuggling and Obama’s family in Muslim Brotherhood mafia.

      4. False Flag will happen in USA involving chemical weapons, aircraft surface to air missile attacks or both.

      5. Blamed on Iran and abetted by Homeland terror Iranian, Russian, Georgian and American terrorists.

      7. Location of attacks are Minneapolis, Miami FL, Houston, Baltimore or DC.

      8. ENMOD sites are Miami, FL and Los Angeles

      Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and defense. She was born from the godhead of Jupiter with weapons.[1] From the 2nd century BC onwards, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.[2] She was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic.[3] She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva”,[4] which symbolizes that she is connected to wisdom.

      CHEMICAL WEAPONS – ASSAULT – DC – MARTIAL LAW – Is this the big event before May Day 2014?

  4. Thanks for that info breakdown.

    Do tell on the hidden meaning behind the cat-cum-canary conundrum?

    The only thing relevant I found searching for ceceMcQueen was a stripper in a red dress dancing on a stage…?

    • We’re all focused on cece but what is that code in the background?

  5. The Header was fist posted in August 2012. It was when I was pitching the Data-Mining before the Snowden Affair. It just represented my claim that the DHS and CIA were collecting all our Data. That was back when John Kusumi and I were going around on that claim. I told him he was targeted for his China position and he had better be careful which he shrugged off and then left COTO.

    I wish he would come back.

    So the CAT is NSA and the Canary is Twitter (facebook, et al) and just represents the Government buying or coopting all social media in the database. (now in Utah and other places unkown [mirror sites])

    The quote was to indicate that these tweets may be more than a TWERK from some loser jerk.

    Let’s take Miley Cyrus for example. This one is easy COTO. Who want’s to win the OC-Cu-Pi doll?

    Shitty song by a tag team Fake Christian Billy Ray Cyrus (handler) He’s a piece of work like his little Twerk. She is made herself into a boy to show Obama (the homosexual) that she want him (like CC McQueen-tweet)

    1. The two loops
    2. World (WBall) the concatenate (Chain)
    3. Seeing eye (tat)
    4. count the dings in the hammer (9)
    5. The Hammer itself (symbol)
    6 The MK signature black and white
    7. The anchor – heraldry for HOPE, Satanic cross (often with rose) OBAMA over Christ cross (MK sign of devotion)

  6. Thanks for the angle on the anchor and catcumcanary.

  7. Never heard of this guy, but that’s because he has been a “spook” until recently. His allegations would seem to harmonize with everything we’ve been watching —

    • Mark 6 nuclear bomb similar to the one the United States Air Force inadvertently dropped on the Gregg family’s garden in Mars Bluff, South Carolina.

      The Department of Defense List of 32 “Accidents Involving Nuclear Weapons”

    • CIA Operative, and Says Breitbart And Tom Clancy Were Murdered By Obama Administration…..

      add Sen Murtha, Stevens and Inouye. Obama killed at three Senators over the birther issue and AfriCON which Breitbart was spearheading.

      pro tempore, Inoye made the mistake of going to Walter Reed Assassination Center like Bathesda MD
      Stevens was going to blow the lid on HAARP (mil secrets) and Obama
      Murtha the same.

      This made Committee power broker Pat Leahy pro tempore and the replacements were all Khazar banking stooges and Obama cover men.

      Of course Obama didn’t order their deaths, the Secret Service does that on orders from Committee. They are there to protect the PResident or kill him if ordered. All Mind-controlled agents out of Alabama Birmingham. The rest are under the private Federal Reserve and are based in the Vatican and City of London to protect the Bankers and Electronic Crimes Task Force to protect their money. The 357 SIG is their weapon of choice for it’s power and special ammo.

      Pure MK-Killers.

  8. Much seems soon to develop…about all we can do is wait and see. I suppose it is time to stop worrying, because we can’t cover everything in any meaningful way. Live Well while you can.

    It ain’t the flu — blame it on the bots:

    • I posted several on nano particulate and the carbon-fube design which allows any elements or compunds to reside. Chemtrails and vaccines are the best delivery. I could believe water or food but it has no tracking feature or less tracking.

      I have advised my local folks to avoid the massive anti-biotics campaigns for what they think is a viral-infection and notice the fever results from the body purging the nano-contam.

      Noticing urine or stool changes without flu symptoms is a good thing as the body is purging it. If there are viral or bacterial riders in the blood cells they are using in adjuvant or trails, you need to consider raising your blood )2 levels and pumping your immune system with massive C and D and raw foods with high Selenium, Zinc and Copper. Silver therapy is something I’m still not convinced of.

  9. Well, that’s depressing above. Like “Logan’s Run” or something. More like smallpox blankets handed to the Native Indians.

  10. The time necessary to cool and freeze the CO’s HC and water vapor. Absolutely obvious and we know the experimental fuels they are testing for twenty years.

    GREAT VIDEO and Report. Like I said those cameras have got to go. KODACHROME CONSPIRACY.

  11. I said this was coming. Globalists do own the sun.

    • Did you listen to the Dr. video above?

      About the cell-tower or other frequency-activated nano-sized killer bots seeded into 97% of the population that cause flu-like symptoms? He’s not feeling well during the recording, but he picks it up pretty soon. I just wanted to see what kind of stock you put into That “disclosure”. Disinfo, or info?

  12. Who cares? have you ever met one? do you really think they care what ‘useless eaters’ like us say or do? Last I heard Kissinger was fretting that their smoke-and-mirrors tap dance would lose its charm. Bingo!

    • laudy ms claudie ! So good to see you after all this time.. How are you?

  13. DOG POOP yea – CONGRESS nay

    • YEOW! Good on Grayson! Poopoo on the stodgy anal-retentiveness of proceedings of such an “esteemed” institution.

      It is a wonder they don’t have a guillotine, gallows, or supply black powder pistols in the hallway so “members” can stop their personal pain of having to participate in such ridiculous charades as this “legislation-making” body.

      Poor Alan Grayson. He’s a good guy hanging around with the hated losers.

      • Agree on that.

        Theres a handful of them that seem to be subtly angry. He has been one for sometime.

  14. Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown

    [Apparently, according to an anonymous Park Service ranger, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”]

    • I guess you haven’t visited my previous post about 3 days back re: ObamaScare? Check the body-surfing Obama Shark pic I added. In the comments section, I believe, I added the link to the losers trying to “shutdown” some 1100 sq. miles of ocean. What hubris!

      • I missed it. Too damned busy. I went back to read it. Obamacare will end it, one way or another. Yes there will be blood over it, and on that I have no doubts.

  15. The Sandy Hook School Massacre: School Building is Now Slated for Demolition. Why? By James F. Tracy

  16. You’ll like this folks — a virus called FUXNET is taking down Obamacare sites! Reported on by Lamecherry (Sweet!)

    • I’ll dream about it tonight. It’s not like they can’t screw the site up all by themselves but we can use all the help we can. – my line in the sand has arrived with this agenda. Next step in Belize.

  17. Former policeman shoots up Fed Bldg in Wheeling. Then killed.

    • Read that. It seems legit. I suspect no coverage.

  18. Do you mean, you like the idea of Belize & a boat, or Belize is a target? Wanted to grok the inference. Belize is a drug hub. The excellent southern writer Joe Bageant, spent many of his last days down there with the native indian people. It sounded wonderful.

    • To live. I may start diving again. Korny got me thinking about it again.

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