Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 5, 2013

“Trick or Treat?” Its Never Sweet, from TPTB




Or Treat?

Here’s some accounting of the costs and waste accrued by the NWO creatures and all of their cronies and enablers by James Kirwan. You may be surprised at the horrific waste that has gone on!

What kind of tally to you come up with after reading this accounting of Kirwan’s linked to below?

Mr. Kirwan begins at WWII, but I suggest WE ALL consider going back further to the decimation of the Native Indian population of this continent. In fact, as we recall, the European “explorers” started much earlier on the South American continent. So WE SEE — there’s a continually running Theme or Thread neatly Tying up all the Lying murderous rampages staged over the recent centuries.

Underneath all of the murderous bloodshed WE FIND the same motives wrapped up in a word — GREED. TPTB of their times wanted “things” that in one way or another were someone else’s property. So they took it by any means possible. Its what we see today, as psychopaths don’t change their stripes, only their stories.

Quote at end of Pg. 1; “Throughout the centuries of conflict, both sides had taken the wars to the enemy populace, and the conflicts had exacted a heavy toll among noncombatants. Whites had been particularly effective in exploiting tribal rivalries; indeed, Indian scouts and auxiliaries were often essential in defeating tribes deemed hostile by white governments. In the end, however, military force alone had not destroyed Indian resistance. Only in conjunction with railroad expansion, the destruction of the buffalo, increased numbers of non-Indian settlers, and the determination of successive governments to crush any challenge to their sovereignty had white armies overwhelmed the tribes”.

Quote at top of Pg.2; “Native American and Non-Indian Relations Indian-white relations in the period following the arrival of Columbus can be seen variously as the continuation of a normal process of migration by humans from one part of the world to another, as a genocidal assault by more powerful intruders upon weaker, more “primitive” peoples, or as the process by which Western civilization and Christianity were transferred from the Old World to the New. Whichever perception is adopted will be in accordance with one’s cultural, epistemological, and emotional preconceptions”.

Update: There is a video “Treat” in the comments section if you look for it. Don’t prejudge it based on the title, or preconceived ideas. Just see what you can learn, and at least watch the last part for some ideas on helping our world, starting at home and in our own communities. Check it out!



  1. Kirwans points in article one are staggering when we look at the R.O.W of the triad. It’s merely linen fiat currency but what people see as wealth. The committee sees it as ‘energy to force’ as they do legislation which is similarly elite sanction.

    If the reserve notes had been energy to force for the good, the world would never see a hungry or neglected life again. But it’s counterfeit none the less.
    We have to begin to think outside the box and confines of the currencies and start creating the energy of reality economics which cannot intersect with the system in place at all or at least infrequently.

    In the triad there always exists the ponzi,redistribution as in the same vein as the common pyramid scheme. I every one of the great wars, great events and great discoveries a massive amount of the counterfeit moved through the system. But the real dynamics of energy to force has been labor. Blood and bodily fluids spent. Treasure! (to them)

    Time to bring the ponzi down. It only requires a planned national boycott and refusal to opt in. It requires exposing our own enabling of the system as an individual and facts laid out in Kirwins piece as well as hundreds of others.

    Then comes the hard part. That is convincing the iPad shopper that the purchase of that unit will be the death of three people somewhere on the other side of the world. That cell phone purchase will kill a hundred bees needed to grow food to feed the hungry. Watching that football game and seeing the PhRMA commercial for Paxil and Abilify will fund Obamacares effort to drug and brain damage children in the US. Buying on credit makes the Markets strong and the people weak. etc, etc. This system could never survive. They knew it, we didn’t.

    Japan is totally screwed and I suspect they will wipe it off the map before the word of this comes to light. The Powers that Be are invisible in all reality. Buried beneath accountants, lawyers and foreign corporations on paper in Delaware. Much like the mortgage backed derivative spectrum, they are intrinsic value to no one except in the force they command. Why do we wish to continue to be mortgage by these slave-traders any longer?

    • The Japanese are so softened by close to 70 years of prosperity, that they are a joke rivaling most of the American public. The latter at least has some street savvy. Most of the Japanese live off in Peter Rabbit land–a children’s fantasy where nothing negative ever happens. In collapse, I think most of them will simply commit suicide, if they can.
      These days, they are benefiting from being next door to China, and their leadership is aware enough to know they have to toady like mad to America. If America fails, falls, withdraws, China will waste no time invading. In the 1860s, the Meiji Emperor, to his everlasting credit, assessed the situation accurately: Japan needed to modernize post-haste or be run over. They’ve gone out on a god-awful limb with that, but compared to the basket cases around them, they’ve done fine.
      The future will be unkind to everyone. We can only hope that chaos will bring more justice than is currently happening.

      • I miss the War Lords and Samurai.

  2. I did not read the second link but what I wanted to communicate was that as we at COTO get harsh on Israel over their manifest destiny, it should only be a sore reminder of what we did accomplished by the decimation of the native america palestinians and mexican shiites here at home. A long line of this heritage going back to the first slave-traders.

    It was not going to work in the Fabian-Pilgrim plan to arrive here and be greeted with friendship and goodwill, so they created the first of many false flags using those ‘extremist savages’ to spread the same old tired fear bullshit among the ignorant dumbed downed cavalries where Calvaries are best conducted. The US continues to live in the Calvary and the COMMITTEE is fully equipped to provide the chemistry and chimera to keep the idiots at hand and in tow.

    Dissociative Genocide (i never understood)

  3. It was the west where greed was set loose upon the world, colonizing it like a cancerous growth, planting the seeds of Armageddon. But why not China or India? They were also technologically and culturally advanced, factors that I think make it harder to oppose the rule of power grabbers, i.e., easier for them to put down rebellions. Where did the west go wrong? Or more importantly, where did the east go right? I’ve made a lot out of Confucianism in the past, but the west had its own humanistic philosophers, most notably Jesus Christ. But Christianity did not turn out to be what he had intended.

    Mongolia had an empire, but then it faded, and after a while, everybody just sort of shrugged and went back to pastoralism. Was it that Buddhism, the secondary, missionary religion that supplemented rather than supplanted the native religions, that rejected this world as hopelessly corrupt (as did Judeo-Christianity) on account of power being accrued by the wrong people, was more difficult to craft into a tool for domination? I’ve seen people try to abuse Buddhism (Aum Shinrikyo, Soka Gakkai), but they do not achieve spectacular results. Could it be that the absolute nature of monotheism makes it more susceptible to absolute domination?

    I’m reading Jared Diamond (Guns, Steel and Germs, or some other ordering of the words), who posits a theory that geography underlies the development of societies (presence or absence of contact with others, environment encouraging competition or cooperation, presence or absence of useful minerals, draft animals, etc.) He might have a decent explanation later on–I’ll see.

    • The Mongolian Empire, was the last vestige of formal Khazarian empires?
      I figured they like the earlier, scattered to Judaism, Christianity and other havens and they destroyed the Bible and Torah and likely Buddhism and Hinduism but I am not up on that research.

      It was a diaspora of the original tribes that led them to seek them out and destroy them. The largest assassination sanction ever undertaken. History does note these slaughters, they just don’t take it down to it’s core elements. At least that is my summation on the reading I have done.

      China is a great example of how to isolate, segregate and weed out the cancer. That was until the Boxer Rebellion and Opium wars, the coups that East India Co. and the Khazar-Fake Joos managed to finally destroy. Japan as well eventually succumbed to the lure of the western arms dealers, snake charmers and false security of western finance.

      • In that case, it may indeed be Confucianism that is the key. This was not merely the work of one man, but a body of knowledge that none of the authors ever wanted to consider the last word. In some areas of China Confucius is worshiped as a god–well who can blame them if he managed to improve their lives? The knowledge he recorded leaned strongly toward how to order a harmonious society where psychopathy is hindered.

        Japan succumbed when Perry came blasting his way in with black ships. It produced or precipitated a revolution, in which the Meiji Emperor was given power by Confucian idealists–and immediately surrounded by power-seekers. He coined a new term “shizen” which meant “nature” in the sense we know it, i.e., separate from “artificial.” He paved the way for Japan to become exploitative and to industrialize.

        There had always been militarists who wanted to conquer Korea. They did not come to the foreground until later, but everyone knew the international game was to get out and colonize “backward” people. The problem in Japan then was the same as the problem in America now: one military success put the militarists in power. The question is how can you defeat the militarists without having someone bigger come along and bomb the bejeezus out of you? And I suppose the answer is look to the Soviet Union. Corruption finally caused collapse. Looks a lot like America right now. So,in the ensuing chaos, how do you keep the scoundrels from regrouping, which is what happened in Russia. Putin, to his credit, is doing a lot more than Yeltsin or Gorbachev (who is soundly hated in his homeland) to stamp out the ‘garchs, or at least the other ‘garchs.

        Every Russian I met seemed pretty happy with the collapse, except a few who continued to try to live by the familiar old way–they were miserable.

        I’ve got to take time to see the videos–really busy here and will be out for five days.

  4. Great Comments Captain! You highlighted the critical integer for folks to focus on — “The Opportunity Cost” for the “R.O.W., i.e. Return On War” as you’ve coined it. This is what should bring humanity’s righteous indignation to a boil, when they collectively understand what has been “Done to Them”.

    It is what Bush, Sr. intimated in his infamous quote, “if they knew what we had done, they would chase us down the streets and hang us from the lightposts”.

    What has been done to mankind and this world fits the word Sinful to an “S”.

    I brought up the Native American Indians because I’d talked recently with someone about that very subject and how it ties into all of the Wars currently going on, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and still ongoing in South America.

    You can go back through your memory banks and tick off the wars, and see the parallels between how native, indigenous peoples of a region are decimated and plundered for whatever “treasure” the parasites decide to harvest. Fill in the blank…______________. Iraqis, Africans, Guatemalans, Afghanis, Vietnamese, Croats, whomever’s names came up on the spinning Wheel of Greed.

    What Americans need to realize is — They’re the New Natives to be eradicated. This is a generational farming and slaughterhouse endeavor by the soulless ones.

    Thank you for your insights and comment as well, Ms. Patricia. That’s what WE need — Perspectives from all angles!

    • It’s too bad that we have under the influence of committee. It’s sad that we cannot take the simple rules of what we have seen and re-educate people on the history of the vortex and triad. It’s been used for a thousand years and more. Pat offers great info from the east and we can piece together the west. The War on Terror followed the War on Drugs which followed the War on Sovereignty and from the Age of Enlightenment to date we are understanding the simple War on Truth.

      Now is the time to (at least) discard the mind-control and propaganda and refute, ridicule and reject any who carry the water for this nonsense. Imperium in Rome was less authoritarian than what we are witnessing now. They just filter it through a bureaucracy so huge that you cannot pinpoint it. Somewhere under the layers is the watermark and it just needs to be brought into the light.

      • Good points Puddy. I suggest you watch that last part of the video I suggested as a treat. I provided the time to start it here in the comments section. There are ideas that are pregnant and ripe as solutions to where we all are residing in this maelstrom of deceit and depravity.

        Truly, a paradigm shift needs to be made by humanity, away from the all this Obvious garbage which has proven itself to be inhuman at its core. I am particularly pissed to see that the fake “leaders” consult the banking hierarchy of mafioso criminals for “assistance” and direction. The same goes for ghouls like Kerry going to Kissinger for “chops” that WE KNOW will be policies of scorched earth and death for millions. Repudiate and light up these demonic creatures as the “death dealers” they are! No sane person of responsibility would seek out the absolute top fraudulent murderous criminals for their “guidance”. People need to understand who these people ARE!

        The facts are available.

  5. Here’s a TREAT for those looking for some bright ideas. Humanity needs positivity to combat the dark negativity we’ve been mired in for far too many generations. I found this video presentation interesting, though I hold different views regarding origins and earth’s history. No matter. I keep an open mind, and the realities of what he is showing and discussing through the first half of the video are fascinating.

    If you just want to listen to Mr. Tellinger’s ideas for breaking out of our collective doldrums and persecution, start watching at 1:19:34. You will readily see as garbage what we’re presented and surrounded with, when compared to pursuing individual and collective human “potential” (Thanks for that note above Puddy). Minus the materialism and “Money” factor.

    TPTB have shown that their administrative capabilities are grotesquely destructive to humanity and the planet itself. They are failures on every level that counts. They only count power and money as their dearest coveted possessions, and they obtain them by force and fraud. I can honestly say that I would detest and eschew every one of the personages that WE SEE on TV, or read about in print “snews”. In a revolutionized society and world as described by Mr. Tellinger, these creatures would be outkasts and vermin to be despised. It is only through the trickery and fraud of media and the cult of personality that dregs like these would be viewed as “authorities” or “leaders”. They would not be welcome on my property, near my family, or anywhere else within earshot. How is it that the people of the world do not cast them out into the outer darkness, off the stages of our twisted civilizations? Perhaps, WE move a little closer to that goal, and real freedom by contemplating concepts directly contrary to the authoritarian control grid these bastards sell as necessary.

    Consider this video as a bit of “homework”.

    This is the kind of thinking WE need to pursue collectively as humanity. Somewhat earlier on, Mr. Tellinger describes how he is a hairs breadth away from defeating and bringing down the Banking System in South Africa. How? Because they, like all banks, are built upon a foundation of “Fraud”. Aye, this rings true ’round the globe! Enjoy — I did!

    • Thank you for posting this!. I just watched the first 4 mins and am already hooked on watching the entire video. Fascinating stuff.

      • Well then, I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the concepts presented.

        • I watched about 10 mins and it kept freezing and telling me there was an error try again later. I tried again after 10 mins and again it froze. I see from other vids listed that he talks about the Annunaki. I’ll keep trying !

          • I had no such problems last night. You can search youtube for the video if problems persist. Keep me apprised.

            • It’s working today Boomer! I have periodic problems with youtube vids. I think it has to do with comcast running too slow since my computer runs as speedy as ever during these “slowdowns.”

              I will have to watch it in increments now since it’s Monday and I’m back to work.. blah. Will let you know what I think.

  6. James Kirwan hits another ball back, back, back, and over the fence with another recent piece — .

    Consistent with Puddy’s Header of the shitty diabolical NWO “Play” still cavorting on the World Stage, — It is my wish that this corrupt “institutionalized” system-of-control and extortion DISSOLVE and NEVER COME BACK! Investigate and put em all in jail, and on chain gangs. They’re familiar with how gangs work, but not familiar with how “real” people have had to work to survive under their corruption and austerity.

    Are you aware that the pResident has met with the most corrupt banking leaders of our day — seeking some kind of mafiaized backroom loan from the sharks? . Instead of imprisoning the “Too Big to Fail” bullies, the People’s “Representatives” (sic) are crawling on their knees to these most detestable creatures.

    The U.S. fake “leadership” is totally compromised 10,000 different ways, and it is getting worse, if that’s even possible. Who do you suppose would Lose Out, or be Sold Out with illegal backroom deals like what must be going on here? Right. All Americans. You can bet these politicians will make sure they personally suffer nothing, while the bankers get richer, and The People and the capital assets of this country are SOLD at pistol-whipping prices for a pittance on the piece-of-shit Fed Res “dollar”.

    Bankers, Big Corpse, and Politicians BE GONE! Remove the parasites, and humanity will breathe and prosper once again.

  7. JG, lets keep this thread positive if possible. Perhaps post and link to the threads we’ve got just a few days ago on this latest balderdash. As you realize, this Capitol thing is going to be another long-running WTF?! like Boston and Sandy Hook.

    I don’t know if my questions were apt, or what. Creighton went off initially, but then he was indignant, believing the woman was executed, and people were posting trying to say it was a figment. We don’t know much, except that it reeks on many levels.

    I only ask this, because there is and are going to be many more WTF? events for distraction. The UBUNTU concepts are resonating on such a higher level than this crap, that I’d like to somehow keep it separate, at least thread-wise.

    We can bash on some threads, and on others seek to be uplifted. My opinion only.

    • Actually, I meant to post the videos on Patrick’s post, not here. Mea culpa boomer! Will move them to the proper article.

  8. I don’t understand that Header, Puddy?

    Here’s a short piece highlighting the fact that Americans are now standing up for themselves in ever greater numbers, and at State levels as well:

  9. Nor do l. PD?

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