Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 4, 2013

Miriam Carey murdered by DC Nazis


Official: Miriam Carey, killed in DC chase, was delusional

[WASHINGTON (AP) — A Connecticut woman shot to death by police after she tried to drive through barricades outside the White House held the delusional belief that the president was communicating with her, a federal law enforcement official said Friday.

The official had been briefed on the investigation but spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation….]

Another Murder by Police

[Carey, who has a history of mental instability,  was driving her Lexus in a threatening way, hitting a barrier at one point. But Capitol Hill  is set up to protect the people who work there. There are blockades everywhere, which prevent a car from doing any damage. The Secret service reported that she’d only gone near an “outer perimeter,” suggesting that she hadn’t really endangered people on Capitol Hill.
The woman did not fire any shots. She wasn’t carrying a weapon. Yet she was shot dead. …]

Let us be sure that WE are not delusional. This is OBAMACARE. This is the FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER POLICE STATE.

Obamacare is death panels and the DC police were the prescription.  Here is where the DSM V and Bluebeam intersect.   In this case a MK-Ultra victim or a Targeted Individual is set up to begin an event, narrative that precedes every Draconian movement towards the final solution.

Regardless of the fact that she was from CT and found her way to DC is still a mystery but let’s assume her handler is the very “Official” who remains anonymous but carries the weight to have every media SPEAK follow the narrative.

Find the fact that they crafted this event to indicate to the masses that the one year old child was also in the mix as a possible OBAMACARE postpartum abortion and that any human being is a potential risk to the safety of the criminals that infest the DC state.

In a session, the coward Steny Hoyer brought the home scumbags to applause in the sacrificial murder of the 34 year old woman.  It’s for a higher purpose, I’m sure.  I am waiting to see if Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al will want to ring in on this profile crime. I doubt it though as they, as scumbags themselves were likely given the memo.




  1. I wonder if she had a Free Bluebeam Obamaphone? In that case Barry was communicating with her. The only question is was she really killed or is it another Sandy Hook Aurora.


  2. Wow, this guy made an awesome catch on that cop plowing through the barricades…! woohoo… to me, this nails. it! There is no way to explain why that happened unless it was all part of the “plan.”

    Also, maybe I’ve watched too many cop shows in my past but why the hell didn’t they shoot her tires out when she was backing up if she was such a threat??! My god, she was right in front of them! Are DC cops really such horrible shots that they couldn’t shoot out at least one freakin’ tire? This is bullshit!

    What utter bullshit. ANOTHER hoax. I doubt she was killed or that there was a baby in that car. It was another setup. Just another day at the famous theme park known as Orwell’s World.

    • They could have easily shot tires and slowed the car to crawl. Road strips, etc. That’s if any of it was not fabricated. Little Ms. Mockingbird, Anderson Cooper is interviewing her sisters tonight on CIANN spews.

  3. Look at all the reptilians applauding shooting to death an unarmed woman with a baby in the car. (though I don’t believe that’s what happened at all)

    • Strike one up for the “Good Cops” campaign.

  4. Another staging: Tripoli Mob Attacks Russian Embassy #libya via @allafrica

  5. Geat work guys.. Love this guy ^^^^ : )

  6. Two people in front seat? Car headrests just don’t move like that….

  7. As in the Sandy Hook Hoax presentation, the family was not allowed to view their sister’s body and instead was shown a photo. They also were not permitted to see her daughter that was taken into “protective custody” (yea right) Wow, this gets more foul smelling as the days go on…

    • Hey JG. You took some serious flak and put up with a lot of ad hominem before “editing” the Rogue1. He immediately ran over to Scott Creighton’s site for refuge or some kind of place where he believed a blogger could say anything they wanted with zero accountability, and no chance of being “edited out” of the conversation. I see he’s no longer posting there.

      Compare your tolerance to what you’ll find in the “comments section” of this thread — .

      • Thanks for the link Boomer. Wow. Well, Scott hasn’t changed a bit. Were you here at the very first days of Coto? He was. He created a lot of dissension here because a nasty character by the name of Cinderfella was banned for his constant misogynistic and racist remarks. Creighton argued that free speech was free speech and no one should be kicked out for any reason.. LOL. My, my… look at that. He is berating people that simply dare question the official story. He’s deleting their comments or at least threatening to and telling them to get off his blog. He’s a nasty character when he’s not bowed down to and adored for his pearls of wisdom. So reminiscent of rogue and the narcissistic disorder they both suffer from. Their mantra is… there is no opinion worth considering but MY opinion. And Scott’s idea about the reason for the chase and killing? That Obama is Miriam’s baby daddy! lmfao. Where is HIS proof of THAT? And everyone should agree with that theory w/o evidence? BS. Guess he doesn’t know that the deceased’s family were not allowed to see their sister. They were shown a photo..just like sandy hook…… If she was really killed, why were they forbidden to identify the body? This shit is getting very old. EVERYONE should question if anyone died unless they are given some god damn proof! A simple start would be letting the family view the body!

        Btw, good job on calling him out.

        • I missed out on the birthing of COTO. Somehow I found it through someone else talking about it. So, I’m not familiar with Creighton’s reputation. Actually, this is one of the first times I’ve seen where he’s really “gone off” on people. But, my point being, his site is guided with a very heavy hand at times. But then, its his site, he’s the editor, so he can do whatever he chooses.

          And its interesting that I noted Rogue1’s lack of presence there commenting since he immediately ran over there following the COTO deletion. He disparaged ALL of COTO in his usual vulgar manner, and Loman welcomed him to the bar stool.

          Funny, as I was saying, ’cause BLING! Rogue1 just put up a comment on that thread at the end.

          I guess Rogue1 feels its fine for other commenters to be deleted and banned, just not him. Whatever. Scott & he will cross swords eventually I can imagine.

          • Yea, the wizard of whitten is such a hypocrite and a true snake. Guess it’s ok for creighton to throw people out as long as they are people the wiz thinks are deserving of such treatment. As long as he and creighton agree on everything… all will be well. Though, I can’t imagine two narcissists getting along that well for very long.

            • So, we are expected to believe that they took the baby out of the car and Boomer had an excellent point about how it’s not a quick procedure to take a baby out of a car seat. Only parents know this. THEN after taking the time to do that.. THEN they shot her 17 times? Why did they shoot her, an unarmed woman, instead of arresting her? Why? Same reason they dumped Osama at sea! It wasn’t her ! They probably offed her somewhere else or sold her off to sex slavery. Her family was forbidden to view her body! The whole thing was an obvious set up and LIE on drill day.

              Who believes any of their nonsense? Then the news guy makes the point that those brave DC policemen won’t be paid for their services!

              Here are two vids… one w/another smiling witness and another tongue in cheek video…. those names… how they play on the names.. like.. Barack Hussein Obama !…

              • See comment below Deb. TRIAD Mariah Carey

        • It may just be wild speculation on my part…but it may be possible that the baby named “Erica” Carey, might have a baby-daddy who was M. Carey’s boyfriend, at the time she became pregnant. It seems so, and may be a coincidence that his name seems to be “Eric” Francis. It appears that’s the case…instead of say, someone like, the President of the US.
          Call me crazy (but I don’t think BO is the baby-daddy)!
          That’s what Scott did & more… his disgusting, expletive-laden rant, “calling me out” as some sort of agent…..working for BO.
          Yes, the guy who I have railed against for years as a being a path. liar, among other things….I must work for him.
          They are patting themselves on the back @AE! What a big coup!!
          They banned a freelance artist who advocates occasionally for 9/11 truth issues. “She’s just like Morgan Reynolds”!!!!
          Where, anywhere, did I say anything about “tv fakery”????
          I spent a long time countering anyone on that site who said there were “no victims” in the Boston bombings!!! But, don’t mention that, because it kind of blows your “agent” theory to hell.
          I was banned from the site because I had the audacity to question Scott’s POTUS-as-baby-daddy theory. (If “theory” is not the proper term to use, according to the nonsense of drogue1, then, my apologies, but that’s what it’s commonly called).


          • Scott can put up these far-fetched theories all he wants, but should someone merely “pose a question”, asking why there appears to be no video, no picture of this woman….her body being taken away, for example, or her exiting the car, and you’re on the receiving end of a vicious tirade. Is that disrespectful to someone, if we ask???…..(shades of 9/11).
            I already admitted that I didn’t KNOW what was the truth about the matter. But, I forgot I was dealing on Scott’s site, with people who already know the answers.
            For anyone else posting there, they would do well to never say anything that Scott’s old lady friend ‘Jan10’ might not like. She’s just nasty in her remarks to others & myself, but asking her to pls “tone it down” was too much for her. She obviously ran to Scott for comfort, insisting something be done.

            If anyone had bothered to read my comment before the one which was apparently so offensive, they would see that I spoke of MC being murdered . And I also thought the sisters “did” show outrage. I thought the lady was murdered…..and then Jody P. posted a video link, & I questioned whether she was murdered, for a few reasons…..especially because of the lack of a photo/video, even getting out of the car, or her body being taken away. It doesn’t mean there isn’t one…..I just asked where they are.
            Just like there was no video evidence or photo of the Boston bombers planting the bombs, though we were told they exist. Just like we never saw even a photo of a dead OBL.
            But, it’s not ok to ask such things over @ AE…….

            • I was laughably “called out” (good on ya, guys) and banned. Such people capable of spewing such hateful language…..I wouldn’t want to contribute there. Only 2 guys were sharp and courageous enough to say something was very wrong in his behaviour….Jason & Mike.
              I only have one question…….when will I receive my money back, for what I gave out of my pocket, to support Scott’s site, now that I’m banned??
              He doesn’t want to take $ from an agent, right????
              He just doesn’t know how wrong he is on this. (But then, he probably does…..but never would admit it).

              • First off, welcome marmarn. We welcome all points of view here and like to suss out all the evidence. Yes, people are even entitled to their own opinion! We like to respect each others thoughts even when we disagree with them. So breathe easier here. You may have noticed, Rogue 1’s comments have and will be deleted only because he carries on in the same way that Scott does. Everyone here has their own thoughts about what has happened in the various false flags we’ve been subject to in numbers now too big to ignore and we are all entitled to express them without being cursed at and defamed. No one else here puts people down for their take on things even when we vehemently disagree.

                My personal thoughts on Obama being that child’s “baby daddy” is that it is not a very well thought out theory. Does anyone really think she would have gotten as far as she did, if he was? We all know the capabilities the PTB have at their disposal. Would they want that particular car chase scene to go down? While I can’t rule it out because, again, there is NO evidence, I have to think they would have taken care of that problem waaaaaay before now. Was she blown away in that car after they got the baby out? I don’t know but I think not. Again, where is the proof? The entire story makes no sense same as Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora…and on and on. That cop car racing through those barriers, totaling the car, and her car? Very little damage at all! None of it makes sense and it’s another ploy and distraction to keep the fear ramped up on the still sleeping sheeple.

                All I know is that we have to keep exposing these incidents and discussing them amongst ourselves. No one has all the answers since there is very little evidence to go on. No matter how much we think we may have figured it out, we are all just THEORIZING. I hope you will contribute here in the future. There is no fee required.

                Btw, if I were you, I’d ask for a refund from that place.

                • Thanks, I can breathe a bit, and say what comes to mind, and not need to read a long chain of expletives, all over nothing, but someone’s wild paranoid imaginings. Either that or he was just feeling utterly miserable that eve, & decided to let loose. Still, scary. ~ Martha

                • Was going to ask if I missed anything special on the comment that was deleted here by R 1….but he reposted it, so I did see what he was saying:

                  “No one was banned or deleted on Scott’s site you assholes.”

                  So…..After I said the ‘lady driver’ seemed to be more like a stunt driver(or drivers)….this is what followed.
                  And I just have to ask, what does the word “banned” mean then??

                  1. Thank you Morgan Reynolds, now get off my site.
                  2. F you. Get off my site. I don’t want you on my site.
                  (his lovely old lady friend had started it off: “Why don’t you go pis on your self sweetie.”)
                  3. Who the F do you serve bitch? Get the F off my site, you disinfo mf.
                  4. How bout this….go F yourself.
                  Show your little videos with some jackass narrating to the crowd at ATS or Disinfo Planet.
                  5. Don’t come back here. Don’t leave a comment. Your little marketing ass won’t like the outcome.
                  6. Leave Jan alone. She’s right to call you out, as everyone can see now…..

                  Haa…..I stopped counting after 6.

                  And this final gem:

                  “Did you ever stop to think that the family of this woman & this child may well find this site & these writings at some point, and be absolutely mortified by the F assholes leaving bs like this here?”

                  Yes, Scott, I’m sure at least once in every person’s life, they will ‘find a way’ to your site……whether it’s through grief, or sheer boredom.
                  And yes, they would be mortified to read those things…..
                  but they would be grateful to you, Scott, for telling the world that their deceased sister screwed around with the Prez, & had his baby. What a sensitive man you are. (Subject to vicious rants, but sometimes revealing this remarkable sensitivity).

                  Ha……Ok, enough said on this matter. I rest my case.

                  Oh, & by the way…..the jackass that Scott refers to is anything but that. He was referring to Graeme MacQueen, highly respected speaker/writer in the 9/11 community. I made a video of a talk when he came to Harvard. I guess Scott found something wrong with that. Go figure.

                  • Wow! Holy crap. No wonder rogue feels such a kinship w/Scott. They are exactly as I called it.. two narcissists made for each other until rogue says something Scott disagrees with ! Scott really thinks one of her family members will find their way to his blog and be aghast at people saying that maybe it wsan’t even her in the car? REally? You don’t think they are wondering why they were banned from viewing the body and just shown a picture? And your point is a good one. Will they be happy to see that Scott is inferring she was crashing the white house gates to get to Obama because her child was his baby? ReallY? The arrogance of some people amazes…

                    • Exactly…..what is this, the 4th day now, and does anyone know if they have seen her ‘body’? I listened to the witness, who smiles a lot, and yes, you can see her on FB, smiling a lot there too. It’s just strange how see does it while at the same time talking about ‘bullets flying’.
                      This is the only witness to the lady getting out of the car??
                      I listened closely, and she said “it APPEARED that someone got out” …..of the car. And she didn’t know if more suspects were involved. Huh? You’re supposedly looking right at this scene, and can CLEARLY say that they pulled the baby out! And in the next breath, you’re saying that it APPEARED that someone got out of the car…..and it’s tough to say if there were others involved or not.
                      Come on.
                      Where is this mystery woman??
                      There are photos of the 2 injured officers on stretchers, but not a single one of the lady, in the car, getting out of the car, running away from the car, or laying on the ground. It kind of makes you wonder just who was in the car.
                      This place, just like the Pentagon (9/11) is covered with cameras.
                      Why is there an overhead shot of the now empty car, door open debris on the grass, after everyone is gone, but none that would SHOW us who was there, in the minutes before???
                      What are they hiding?
                      It could be nothing….but after 4 days of them not being allowed to see her body, it makes you question, that’s all.
                      I’m reminded of the potential patsy(?) in the Boston bombings……supposedly they were going to pin it on this student from Brown University….remember him…..something like Sunil…..well, not that, sounded like an Indian name…..anyway, the Chechen bros ended up as the pasties, and then this kid was found dead in some body of water, in RI or MA…..after being linked to the bombings early on.
                      This woman is obviously missing/dead….who knows what..

                      These strange happenings are occurring it seems every other week now, which only indicates that it’s slowly building to something rather large in the near future, unfortunately…..
                      First, they want to cause a little more pain with the shutdown, I guess….& squeeze everyone a little more.

                    • So glad you got banned from scott’s site and ended up here! Your questions are my questions. WHERE IS THE BODY? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? and Yes, especially… WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS? For god sake, this is the capital we’re talking about. That witness? Why are these people that witness such horrifying events always smiling during interviews? I mean, I understand nerves, but they don’t appear nervous at all… just smiley. Why? Same with the SH parents and family members. All smiles.. wtf? Is she the only witness they have?

                      I don’t understand people not questioning these things. Especially people that immediately jump to the conclusion that Obama is the baby daddy going on the fact that the father has not been brought forward? Maybe because it’s all a setup and they can’t?

              • Yes, welcome Marmarn. As you will find out here, any and all theory is appreciated and it becomes painfully obvious when you become aware of ‘pure cointel’ from agents who are US tax paid with your sweat and blood.

                You’ll find no ridicule or censoring here until such time as you violate ad-hom. We will not ban trolls, agents or handlers here. We welcome their carbon footprints and W-2’s. We like to know how our money is being spent. We usually see it’s like the rest. Squandered.

                Any site with advertising or asking for donations is Bullshit. Immediately it is a conflict of interest and suspect at least. Yes we have a website too. You will never find sales ads or donation begging. Let the cointel like Rense and Infowars spread the disinfo. We need them as a barometer against the MSM outlets as they work triangularly to the truth. Steering the dialectic in a half truth disclosure or limited hangout. We need them as much as MSM because the first rule of COTO is follow the money.

                RE: Barry Soetoro baby Eric(a), I think it’s BS as well for your reasons and the fact that Obama is gay like GHWB and GWB were. Only Billy boy Bubba C was heteronormative, though sociopathic like the rest.

                • Yep, PD. How many gay men sneak around to have an affair (or simply sex) with a woman? Lest of all the president with so much to lose !

                  • What’s happened to the formatting of the comments here? Can you fix it JG?

                    Anyway, I asked a question on Scott’s site, and nobody’s said anything about it. That’s fine. But, you’re asking about “where’s the videos from all the cameras?”. Yeah, for sure. But, I know that in every town and city of America people sit around with Police Scanners on 24/7, just for kicks. When interesting stuff pops up, they start recording it. These recordings became evident around the Batman theater “event”, and I believe Sandy Hook.

                    So…somebody out there has some interesting audio files on the cross talk of the police scanners. Unless the Capitol Police use some bandwidth frequency that the Police Scanner crowd can’t access, there should be many, many recordings of the radio cross talk. Where are they?

                    Anyways, that’s one of my questions, and I believe these audio files may add some helpful evidence to the “event” should they surface.

                    • I don’t know Boomer. I’ll have to defer to the tech captain on that one. I have no idea how to spread the margins back out.

                      As for those scanners.. yes, of course there had to be plenty of people picking up the transmission. Then again, we know how they block cell phone use during these drills. Maybe that’s what happened? They surely are capable of doing so.

                • Thanks…..Yes, I mentioned, before banishment, that BO seemed to be gay, & therefore not interested in Miriam, but no one seemed to get that angle….it kind of kills the big theory which it turns out was the whole point of that particular posting. It’s not about the missing/dead lady……”It’s about the baby, not her.” Yes, that’s what the guy who accused us of “distraction” & ” disinfo” said.
                  This whole story/event/drill…….is about a baby.

                  • He actually said that about the baby? I guess he never read Wayne Madsen’s report on Obama and Emanuel in the bath houses? Or I guess he considers Madsen disinfo as well. Martha..were you actually banned from the site over there? Rogue insists no one was.

                    • Haa…..I just finished writing a reply to his comment….before I saw your question…..synchronicity!

                    • Yes, he most definitely said that……It’s a quote.
                      That’s the whole point of the article…So someone saying he’s too gay for that to be the case, kinda puts a damper on things…..

                    • Hey marmarn. It was after reading Scott go off on you and others, and stating he was banning commenters, that I thought “How odd and out-of-character?” I sometimes have gone to his site, but have never encountered that vicious response. So, I thought of R1, and how he probably wouldn’t dig that scene, considering his trauma here. But, I was wrong. He hadn’t been posting anything there for awhile, and BAM! There he is. So, he’s shit all over me, JG, and COTO with his every comment, which is pathetic yet predictable. That’s how he rolls anymore.

                      You can expect him to respond to this short missive. As I just left him a short note. I’m at the “whatever” point. ciao.

                    • Boomer, he’s always been vicious. Remember the thing with Rady? He’s especially nasty when it comes to women.

                    • How come he showed up at that very time….I don’t get it…..he likes the viciousness I guess. I thought my comments were pretty tame/mild…like jerseyg says, we’re all just askin’ questions.
                      Ok to speculate if it’s BO’s babe, according to Scott, yet at the same time says, “if the family members read that shit” (what we write I guess he means) “and I don’t react to it, I might as well be insulting them myself.” Hellllloooooo. You already are!

                      Yes, whatever……people need to tone it down….especially, at least to be able to focus & act on what’s coming, whatever they have planned next.

                    • The next big thing may or may not be the Grid Ex shutdown and the coming of Ison. What’s with the prep for fema region 3? THere is all sort of speculation that the comet will cause a tsunami that will hit the east coast . It’s weird. I think that is a distinct possibility. Edgar Cayce predicted that is exactly what would happen. I have had a recurring dream since childhood of a tidal wave approaching and sweeping me away. I just had that dream again a few months ago…weird since I lived right outside Philly as a kid and was nowhere near the ocean.

                    • Tsunami on the east coast….Ok, I’m on the west coast….we get to worry about Nuk-u-shima blowing. Can’t even take a dip anymore.
                      Heard about the Grid drill….what’s fema 3.
                      (Edgar Cayce….was going to go to that massage school once).
                      Left the Bos. area last year…..knew cities were not the place to be in the future. Gee, was I right…..never imagined the tanks would move in that soon, and that they’d be so welcome there!!
                      Didn’t recognize my home state….

                    • re Fema 3 .. have you seen this before? The guy specifically mentions the Watertown lockdown.

                      Re: Ison’s approach

                      Didn’t know about the Edgar Cayce massage school.. Is it anything like reiki? My sister is a reiki master.

                    • Oh, so many drills….So little time….
                      I got to get caught up on the big drill coming to Cali…maybe SF in I think.
                      It is curious, how all of the “events”/false flags are limited to the East coast. (Gulp…maybe I shouldn’t say that though….!)
                      Is it cuz they need them closer to their home base of power, to keep tighter control on them? Maybe out here there are too many loose cannons…..I dunno….at this point, close to everyone seems to be anesthetized.

  8. Awww, JG, you posted the 2 People in the car video already. I just ran across it at the end of the comments section of Creighton’s discussion on the subject — .

    You note above the “no view” dictum (again we see it…er, don’t see IT). Don’t forget Osama bin laden’s convenient disappearing body into the depths of the sea, oh me oh my. So, WE the People are continuously presented with fallacious arguments, cockamamie “stories”, blasts of gas, omissions, and disinformation extraordinaire on EVERY DAMN ONE OF THESE EVENTS! Recall 9/11, then work backwards.

    I should think Americans are sick and tired of the LIES they’re always told. Quite some time ago I stopped believing ANYTHING that came out the asshole/pie hole of the “ordained” MSM mouthpieces and the politician actors, their paid off judges, agency spokespersons, coroner Klowns (remember the Sandy Hook jerkoff? He reminds me of “The Mandarin” Klown in the latest Iron Man 3 entertrainment sequel). I’m just going to refer to all these assholes as “FuckerButts” from now on. There’s nothing clean about em.

  9. By the way, who IS this Matt Sampson character on the Weather Channel? Why does he have to do the intro for every freaking piece? He’s bugging me Bigtime! A completely superfluous gay intro. The way he talks reminds me of Jim Carrey in “The Mask”. Way too overcooked.

    Does it have anything to do with the new Monsanto “relationship”

  10. RE: TRIAD Mariah Carey.

    Time for post. New information and old information.

  11. There is apostrophe in Nazis unless they are possessing something… or having a contraction.

    • NO apostrophe… there is NO… dam this is getting to us all!…

      • That’s easy for you to say Waldo !

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