Posted by: Mr. M | October 3, 2013



In the next day or two I will have my Info-Wagon on Indiegogo up for funding. I need your help to flood the Net with making people aware so I can get this thing funded.



  1. Very Cool. Wouldn’t a moped help you out?

    • I suppose it would if I knew what a “moped” is.

  2. It’s a Vespa Honda before Honda 🙂

    What’s the tow package weight limit for Dibari? You better carb up Michael. Looks like high tech and heavy weight kiosk. FANTASTIC.

    Is this on the drawing board or in production?

    • This will be a dream to tow compared to what I’m pulling around now. Besides it will have an electric-wheel.

      All told, it shouldn’t weigh more then 200 to 250lbs. I’m pulling 300+lbs. now with no motor.

      And yes, it’s in production.

      • The bike even has “ape hangers”.

      • Give us the funding details and website Michael.

        • Hopefully by the end of the day.

      • You say the trailer is in production?

        [Humor] Well, I hope that the missing rear axles, as not depicted in the rendering, are noticed before production is complete.[/Humor]

        Although your tricycle is nice, I have to say that my present bicycle is the best I’ve ever owned, despite having the drawbacks that (1) it is longer than a normal bike, (2) I can’t lift it over my head by myself and even have to be creative to get it into the back of a pickup by myself. It’s a Yuba Mundo cargo bike. I often haul my kids as cargo, never have to worry about “did I pack rain gear or tools” because I never unpack them, and can make big purchases (e.g., couple cases of beer, bags of ice, pop) and get them home without breaking a sweat.


        • Nice bike. If I can get the funding I’ll get one. Thanks.

  3. I admire your creativity, and look forward to learning more. If for nothing else, that would be an extremely nice item to have as energy prices rise–and whatever you make of Peak Oil, when the dollar goes kaput, prices will rise.

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