Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 2, 2013

“Scam-o-nomics” — The Science of Screwing People Using Paper Screwdrivers

No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax

Hmmm…You don’t say, aye? Rather — they “didn’t say”, or They “left that important piece out” of the paper puzzle. Fascinating screwdriver there.

There’s lotsa talk ’round about regarding the “government shutdown”,

Jim Rodgers says, “Its a Scam!”

and Obamascare (disinfo “suspect” Mike Adams offers some comedic observations —, and other egregious nonsense flitting across American’s radar screens.

What are WE to make of it? Apparently, Americans are watching another segment of “Fraud & Corruption” in the “Homeland”. A cartoonish reality show put on by a troupe of megalomaniac monkeys, heretofore Unimagined in the lengths they will go to obtain Power & Wealth over The People.

Its like a twisted upside down reversal of reality — a veritable PLANET OF THE APES PANTOMIME.

Apes need Scripts Too!

Apes need Scripts Too!

We're ALL "In their Movie"

We’re ALL “In their Movie”

Liberty r-Aped

Liberty r-Aped

With “What We’ve Seen So Far” of Their funk & Wagon “El SHOW”; Americans’ minds can Run Wild with speculations upon What-Might-Be-Found should the illegal & unconstitutional Surveillance Apparatus be turned around on the monkey bums aping Us All?! My guess is this corrupt troupe of Bad Actors are so horrifyingly deep into their “Monkey Business” of “Play Acting” as rulers, leaders, administrators, power brokers, cops, and such, that Americans truly would make a run on pitch forks at their local Home Depot store, should they begin to understand the corruption, fraud, and depravity of THE STAGINGS!

Its hard to keep up anymore. With the ongoing Federal Reserve fiat money “caper”, the blood lust for illegal wars, the Big Ag / Big Pharma cesspool, chemtrails, Monsanto, Corporate Crime of astronomical proportions, on and on the list grows…

Like 9/11, enough evidence has come out into the open, enough dots connected, that the likelihood of any of these actors being on the side of serving their fellow man is so astronomically small as to be unbelievable. It truly rates investigations and “Disclosure” to prove THEY Are Not exactly what they seem to be with their clothes off!

And then...The Entire Nation of Americans Donned Their OWN Blue Gloves and Searched the Real Perps

And then…The Entire Nation of Americans Donned Their OWN Blue Gloves and Searched the Perps

Spot any real “Terrorists” lately? I do daily.



  1. I admit to not having the cajones to stop paying income taxes, for the penalties that the IRS can rain down. //

  2. Yes, that is a fair observation, Senor. Doesn’t it sound a lot like a poor shopkeeper paying off the Mob because he’s afraid of what might happen if he “doesn’t” cow tow to the “shakedowns”? The comparison is apt.

    Yet, should WE ALL grow a pair rather rapidly and simultaneously, and “Call Their Bluff”, imagine how the Freedom Bells might ring?

    Speculation & Analysis on FEMA Region III Psy-op —

  3. I hear ya Senor. I also hear Boomer. If only we could get most americans to go along with being non-compliant, it would work. Otherwise, they’ll just come gunnin’ (literally) for us.

    The only thing worse than the govt shutting down is keeping it open.

    Hey, have they brought all the troops home cause they can’t afford the wars now? Oh no? How about those tsa agents? They still on the job today? Cops still giving tickets out in D.C. ? What? You mean they are just shutting down things that benefit taxpayers? Well, that just don’t seem right now does it?

    • That’s a damned good point JG!

  4. Bro Nathaniel addresses the sham of the Fed Res, and points out some things you probably didn’t know about Ron Paul:

  5. No law requires fed payments for your labor. No IRS official will say it at your trial. No one will produce the law because it does not exist. Yet the truth is some have won while others are in jail. The difference is where the money revenue was derived.

    You can beat it but I know someone who did but it was a torturous ordeal. They can spend all your taxes to go after you for not paying taxes. The best option is cheat. Then when you go to court you have plenty of congressional and executive precedence.

  6. HaHaHa! Your last remark is one to consider.

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