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MKUltra’ed by a Microwave Beam?


A man in Rhode Island reported being the victim of microwave auditory technology.

This man was so distressed from the sounds that he filed a harassment report with the police, saying “that three people were sending vibrations through the ceiling to keep him from sleeping.”  As NBC News reported:

Police in Newport, R.I., said that Alexis called them to a Marriott hotel there on the morning of Aug. 7 and reported that he was being followed and was worried that the people were going to hurt him.  Alexis told police that the three talked to him through the walls, floor or ceiling at three hotels — two commercial hotels in Rhode Island and one on a naval base there. He told them that they used a microwave machine to send vibrations and keep him awake.

What an odd thing to allege.  The man had Department of Defense clearance, and did contract work at the Washington Naval Yard.  He told police that he “had never felt anything like this” and feared for his safety.

Aaron Alexis’ Aug. 7 police report. (Source: Newport Police Department)

The man was Aaron Alexis, who went on a killing rampage weeks after his report to the police about microwave auditory messages.

In the wake of his destruction, investigators found 2 inscriptions in the wooden stock of his shotgun.   One was “(Better Off This Way)” and the other was “(My ELF)”.  The meaning of these cryptic messages remains unclear, but some have speculated that one may have been related his documented claims of being harassed by radio-frequency manipulation.

As the Los Angeles Times wrote:

The second one, (My ELF), may have been a reference to “extremely low frequency,” and could refer to his belief that someone was penetrating his brain with microwave messages, which he had described to police in Newport, R.I., six weeks ago. 

It is certainly possible, if not likely, that Aaron Alexis was simply a run-of-the-mill violent schizophrenic that preyed on a bunch of disarmed people in a gun free zone.   But the government’s expenditure of billions of dollars on secret weapons research is at least enough reason to pause to ask whether Alexis’ claims of secret manipulation were possible.  It would appear that “possible” is a fair statement to make.


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  2. The video of him sneaking around in the building looks more like a guy performing a drill than on a rampage. Of course, he was not schizophrenic. However, like the guy that made this video, I think it’s obviously staged but what is the point? They are making a big deal about the ELF angle. It’s as if they want the public to be aware of it.. but why? Is it a not so subtle warning to stay in line or suffer the same harassment?

    • That is a very good point, JG. It is likely that his harassment was real, but information about that leaking out is probably deliberate. (I didn’t even realize that this was the Navy yard shooting! I’m glad I posted this here. Weirder by the minute. Government down, or have they fired that sucker back up again?)

      I have a friend in Ireland who received her Ph.D. in literature and was a human rights campaigner in California. She was targeted for EMF harassment, and this was about 15 or 20 years ago. She saw odd heavy equipment being brought into the apartment next to hers and then suffered extreme distress that night. She says it felt like electric shock torture. Since then she has been extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

      She made the mistake of telling a psychiatrist in Ireland about her experience. Never ever ever do that! You wind up with a diagnosis that dogs you the rest of your life. She says if she uses a metaphor, people think she’s being delusional. Hospitalization is bad enough, but you can toady up to the bastards and get out. On the mere suspicion of mental illness, you lose all your human rights.

    • I normally don’t watch videos, but made an exception here. The first one anyway, I’ll look at the second one later. My friend who was targeted fits the pattern exactly. She hasn’t talked about “voices” in her head, but she might be wary of that, given that everyone associates it with mental illness. She lives in rural Ireland now, and I don’t know whether they are continuing follow-up harassment on her. They were for a while. She’s severely electrosensitive and diagnosed “paranoid schizophrenic” either of which put you outside “normal” society and cause loss of credibility.

      I have seen other electrosensitive people attack her and try to shut her up, because they cannot believe a government would do that. It’s too SF for them. The NSA revelations should be giving just about every skeptic right now a clue as to how far the US government will go (and other countries’ governments who are involved) to control and manipulate people.

      Thank you for the videos. When were these published?

  3.  photo Digest-R.jpg

  4. he went from the 4th floor, where he killed first victim…..then to 3rd…..(who did he shoot there?) then to the first….same ???…then back to 3rd….ibid……….ok…….what about the other shooters. I mentioned that day I copied google news headlines claiming 3 shooters within the first hour….still have em…..(do u like all my dots?)

  5. at one point the story was he killed all “victims” shooting down from 4th? to cafeteria on first……………………………………………………… looks WAY fake… when i was a kid playing cowboys and indians….he never fires a shot… video of that???????????? not one other person……..was it filmed on the weekend…………….shut it all down, forever

  6. I love how you connect all your dots. The video is rather odd isn’t it. It reminds me a bit of the war games the ROTC kids played. No emotion beyond simple glee. And it doesn’t really look like he fired his weapon.

    Maybe in a couple of weeks the US will default. Then the real war will start, the one they’ve been buying all those bullets and building all those camps for. We’ll see then whose side the military is actually on.


    • Thank you for that link, Patrick! Long pdf, but I managed to read through most of it right away. In the past, the targeted individuals were living alone, but as the technology improves *sigh* it looks like they are experimenting with families and individuals living with other people. But I am also heartened to see this man fighting back. I’ve got to read through the last quarter more carefully. I guess the advantage to us of lots more people being harassed is that there are lots more people to band together with if and when we get our own asses targeted.

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