Posted by: boomerangcomesback | September 25, 2013

When Your “Salesmanship” Sinks at the Dock…


“Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama justified the NSA’s spying programs, arguing they have helped to stabilize the world in the five years since he took office.

“As a result of this work, and the cooperation of its allies and partners, the world is more stable than it was five years ago,” the president said on Tuesday morning”. HaHaHa! Because You’re the Peace President! HeeHeeHee. I wish he’d stop droning on. Rimshot!

Do we get a SuperSize Big Gulp & a Pink Slime “Ham” burger with this insight?

That was from —

I swear, humanity cannot stand to hear & see the absolute nonsense WE have been witness to for the last TOO MANY years. Or, just last week. Forgive me, but I can’t stop laughing when I contemplate the absolute ludicrousness of the following DoubleSpeak Swan Dive into an empty pool.

No Wait. His Lies get worse (if you can believe it). Even he doesn’t believe what just came out of his mouth. “Its those stupid teleprompters, I tells ya! They’ll make ya say ‘anything’. Its like I’m a ventriloquist’s dum, ah, duh, like a Puppet!”. Yep.

LOL, LOL, LOL, ROTFLMAO! The really funny part is, now he has to “defend” what he said, and justify it. An impossible feat!

Remember this? How swiftly the rug is lifted, and the dirt swept under foot:

If you were to read InfoWars headlines, scan the threads “briefly” and read some of the comments — on a regular basis — your brain would turn into that Pink Slime “Ham” burger mentioned above. Like these people here:

Nonsense & Utter Orwellian GoBabble Beer is what’s on tap. Like this one: No Really! Read it and weep. And nobody unseats the judge, the police, the school TSA wannabe agents, or anything?! This has Got 2B Pre-meditated claptrap to anger the peasants. I did mention the TSA above, so think of your privates and how they’re not so private anymore. IN FACT! Let’s call them “something” else. Some kind of DoubleSpeak is in order here.

They’re not your “Privates” anymore. They’re… your “Publics”! And frankly, if the TSA can grope your Publics under the ruse of “security” (Doesn’t that make your Publics “not secure”?), then why shouldn’t the whole public lineup at the airport just Whip Out Their Publics All-at-Once so the Blue Gloves can see the public’s not hiding anything. Or would they all get arrested for Public Nudity or some such B.S.? The Blue Gloves do the rude and lewd, and get away with it “publicly”, when a priest would go to jail. And WHO made this policy? Yes, you do know.

So, American’s got Publics Grabbers, and Gun Grabbers, and Money Grabbers, and just about any kind of Grabber you can describe! Consider the Gun Grabbers for just a quick moment. Check out this piece-of-the-day starring the Public’s favorite Dohdeedohdoh “Bonesman”, John “Pitchforked” Kerry. Wasn’t it just last week that he almost suffocated on his own foot following putting in there himself on the Syria thingy ma jiggy? It could have been the week before. Well, any week that he gets out and about we can surmise. So what’s this?

It wasn’t that long ago that Hillary, and Obama, then Biden, and now, TahDah! John Kerry is going to decide for ALL of America that the United Nations is going to “regulate” guns. The Reason is of course for “security” of US ALL. ’cause Mr. Scary and the other ilk tones “Know Better” what is good for US ALL. Thanks, but no thanks Bonesman. You can’t just SELL OUT the Law-of-the-Land and ALL AMERICANS to some luciferian-led Blue Helmeted Band of mercenaries. They probably wear Blue Gloves, too! And WE KNOW WHAT YOU CREATURES DO WITH THOSE!

Kerry Interlude: Just ran across this “Keeper”. You’ll remember it well. Here’s the background, “A Florida college student was tasered by police after asking John Kerry a series of questions about his failure to pursue voter fraud in the 2004 presidential elections. His closing question before being acosted by police was about Kerry & Bush’s membership in the Skull & Bones Society at Yale”.

Yes folks. Its the Famous “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!” happening. And YES — John Kerry was RIGHT THERE. Tazed for talking in a public forum. Maybe he should have just revealed his Publics, and the place would have felt “more secure”. By-the-way, “Thanks for standing up for the youngster, John”.

Hey Man! They’re “Peace Keepers”, right? NO, Mr. Scary. WE NO LONGER BELIEVE EVERYTHING WE’RE TOLD. Why? It just “happened” along the way to fascism We suppose.

The piece below says this is 2 UN "Peace Keepers" helping warm up a child (sic)

The piece below says this is 2 UN “Peace Keepers” helping warm up a child (sic)

I dunno. Might be disinformation. Probably just more “horsing around”, do you think?

“Beasts in Blue Berets”, by William Norman Grigg

Coming to a Theatre near you?

Coming to a Theatre near you?

Just Blue Boys. BUT, they are spewed out of the Shark-Like MAW of a camo jet! You’d think they’d poop out of the rear end of the thing? Blue Peacekeeper poo. What does this pic say to us subjectively?

AMERICA (All of US) are going to have to think a little more on this subject of sacrificing any more “Freedoms” to the U.N., or to Anybody for that matter. We’ve notice that OUR FREEDOMS have gotten a little thin as of late. Darn near anorexic. Skinny, puny, minute, microscopic! So, YOU CAN”T HAVE ANY MORE OF OUR FREEDOMS! In Fact, WE’RE JUST GOING TO TAKE BACK ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS AND GO HOME! So there, Mr. Scary and your band of Scary Friends! Halloween to you back!

I’m gonna have to stop here, ’cause its late, but you can imagine I, and You, could go on endlessly with supportive facts and highly substantiating substance on such suckletrash as touched on here.

Wait for it. Waaaaiittt forrrr IT! YES! A Commercial interlude brought to you by your sponsors — Finky & Spill:

“Reunited Obama, Bill Clinton tout health care law”. Yes boys — TOUT THAT TRASH! Right on out to the dumpster, wood ya?!

President Barack Obama, right, on stage with former President Bill Clinton, left, after speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Basghetti Western Stars Serve Up Their Meat Balls & Special Sauce

Basghetti Western Stars Serve Up Their Meat Balls & Special Sauce

That’s Right! Let’s end this Puff Piece with some alternative fare. When you think of the lowest, the absolute lowest maggot on the planet, you might consider the despotic assholes that attack and kill musicians & art, and supplant it with nastiness. Killing the Rasta Reggae Man Bob Marley, and replacing The Movement, The Revolution with — rap music. That’s a cold bitch mutha to mutter.

In ending — is the mission of “any” of these politicians, agencies, “security” clubs, like the U.N. to “Uplift Humanity”? How do you rate their performance? I’ll take the Rasta Reggae Revolution over anything these other mutha’s are trying to peddle. They sell junk that kills the body & de soul, mon.



  1. Thanks for posting the Obomer vids Boomer but I can’t bear to look at his face let alone listen to the vocal vomit that comes out of his mouth. Sure, the NSA is a good thing people! You don’t deserve any privacy, even in your own home because you are slaves of the state. You do not deserve to be secure in your person and papers because you are slaves of the state. You can be strip searched without due cause because you are slaves of the state. That’s how it is and should be, right? NO, that is not how it is supposed to be. Don’t allow them to radiate or sexually abuse you in those airport lines. Do you not have any human pride left at all? Or are you all truly sheep that just follow the rest of the flock without ever wondering why?

    Those Mark Dice man on the street vids are disturbing. Those people start signing their names to his little paper before they even know what he’s representing. Then when he tells them, in their stupor, they say “cool.” I was happy to see at least one lady flat out refuse. One. Out of how many? Was nice to at least see the other black lady freeze after contemplating what he was saying.

    Yea, it’s a mad world alright.

  2. “Failing to Follow-Up At the U.N.”, By Jim Kirwan 9-24-13

    A breakdown by Mr. Kirwan:

    Evidently, “Character” counts for Zero according to Americans, when it comes to Corporate, Political, and Military words & deeds. They say that our leaders are “elected” but WE all know this to be a Great Lie. But, here WE ARE, relying (sic) on extraordinary Liars to guide OUR futures. Isn’t allowing known Liars to make Policy one of the most idiotic things you’ve ever considered? How do you suppose that turns out for the populace? Look around you. There it is in stark living color, or black and white, whatever you prefer. Its not gray, that’s for sure.

    Here’s another breakdown of Obama’s U.N. speech by David Swanson — “Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at UN”

    Humanity cannot live, it cannot flourish among the brambles of a forest of Liars, corrupting everything they look at through their lying beady eyes. If these were your children, if these were your day job “bosses”, if these were your pastors, if these creatures were Your Leaders, how would you rectify the situation? How long could you tolerate it before “The Group” of humanity had to address “The Lying Liars” problem? What is the remedy for such grotesque hubris and deception?

    And this is only the stuff humanity is privy too. WE CANNOT IMAGINE what is done behind the veil of State “Secrets”, or just plain behind the doors and walls of these corrupt Liars. How shall we instruct our children? (rhetorical question). And the really, really weird part is — these creatures “want” US to “love their lies”. As in be obedient to their diktats. Do you see the problem facing US all?

  3. This Chemtrail vid was new to me. You cannot “sell” these USAF tankers as “leaving contrails”. Plus, they are doing this “Off Radar” above and below, and in commercial plane air space. Any questions?! As we’ve known all along this “program” is sanctioned by the elite creatures, and the planes probably flown by drone stick or American Sons & Daughters who are told they’re “helping” in some way. WTF?!

    • Wow, nice catch B. If that doesn’t make it clear to all the dumb deniers out there than maybe this will. Listen to this NASA guy lie through his teeth…especially at the end, around 6:28.. LMAFO. I’m thinking one of us should do an updated rept on all this new evidence. After all, chemtrails and HAARP have everthing to do with the horrendous weather we’re experiencing.

        • Lithium, Fluorines, Hallides, dumbdowns. As it is known Lithium is the least beneficial radar chaff or electronic countermeasure (ECM). That’s the smoking gun that says this is a human Skinner experiment and program to sedate/slow kill the population.

          In Boomers report we understand that WAR ON TERROR has many OPPORTUNITIES in Triad. One of the most important is SAFETY. Their safety only. Why the surveillance at airports, testing grounds, water reservoirs, etc. is to cover their programs.

          When you hear stories about possible terror reports at a water facility, it generally is the fact that someone has likely breeched their security and may become a whisteblower or “SNOWDEN”
          Containment of their Agenda(21) is top priority.

          I eluded to the 93 WTC as the pretext to cover the demolition efforts and EMR test facilitation for 2001. The Gelatin/ B-thing being a glaring example.

          You can see this in every detail of their operations. 3-9-6/6-9-3
          Cleverly, the masses cannot see the flip. The committee have managed to be the terrorists while making the masses the terrorists. As the people begin to awaken from their stupor, the need for more and more draconian measures.

    • Metals spraying global slow kill via VitD Sunblock. The campaign =spf15.

      Are you having pain in your bones and joints, weakness, sluggish, tired after 8 hours sleep, difficulty exercising, teeth pain, gum disease, bleeding, flu like symptoms, frequent infections? Don’t worry, you are just dying.

  4. Thanks for posting JG. I hope this info is “new” to folks, and gets them looking at their skies, and “thinking”.

  5. Outstanding Boomerang. It comes back like the plague doth history. Theres so much third Reich in Obamacare. Thanks for connecting the Big Blue Omnibus from blue gloves to the blue berets. This blue tongue Barry, has deliberately stretched his power to maximum and we see the results in polls.

    He’s fading fast yet he holds the magical spell over many still. A genius move by the committee to select the Obamacare city of Nairobi and his so-called birthplace for beta-bluebeam theatre. If the awakened cannot at this time see the vectors of Climategate, Agenda 21, Obamacare, FS Surveillance and the clever inversion of the war on terror, I have to conclude the airstreams and chemdreams are working.

    Everyday I think about my ludicrous lamenting on GENESIS 6 [NWO] and the destruction of mans world by seven heads of transformation. Inheritance, Family, Religion, Private Property, National Patriotism and Sovereign Government.

    Obama in his monumental ego declared five years (referring to his time on the strings and swings) but he might have said twelve years ago and solidified his case except that would have insulted his supporters from the Bush clan of the committee. Barry is loyal to his massa and he knows his place.

    HAM and CUSH in Kenya, a well financed team of Shit-kabobs in AFRICOM to deliver another decade of false flag, covert killing teams and Invasion, Occupation and Fiat rule. Civil war? Hell no, invasion funded by US reserve notes and drug trade sales.

    When he said ‘safer’ we understand who needed safety. The corporate raiders, eugenicists, covert drug paid, drug consuming assassination teams, moneywashers and paedophile child traffickers. And of course he is CORRECT! The Hastings sacrificial rite in one of hundreds of human pyres to fuel the omnibus.

    Not in the six point plan are guns, social security, safety by surveillance, medicare, vote, GMO food stamps, internet, or other safety nets cons, just everything else that they do not want you to have access to. Nothing upward or too mobile but a level of containment. They are currently killing wild horses to make a point and shooting baby deer as a point. We have seen it. It’s mind control for acceptance.

    Subjectively the blue boys say; I must exist in the blue to make my world.
    They will build their army by succumbing to the state for sustainability.
    NINJAS [No Income No Job And Skills] Just allow Obamacare/agenda 21 to get it’s grip on you in one sector and then learn what is like to have the blue shark tearing your flesh away. His relentless grip true until such time as you surrender or perish. Either way is okay for them. Either adorn the blue beret or become one of the homeless, insurgents and viral carbon units to be disposed of. Those “bad seeds”, brain damaged, human liabilities to Ishtar and Nimrod’s gatekeepers for an underworld of freemasonic fancy.

    Sterilization of humans and the sterilization of our environment. Either will kill us. The Sterile kids are dead grownups walking. Unfruitful, sick, unmotivated, uninspired by anything more than Gagas and Goons. A steady diet of GMO aerial and hypo vaccinations and blue frequencies transforming their life forces to Obamatronic captivates.

    We see now the Bush-Clinton support team coming in at a time where the transition is meeting with opposing forces. The rhetoric is getting ridiculous, the goals are transparent and the committee is asking for the full monty from the celebrity cult and occultists to drive the narrative.

    The reality is they are making us sick in a dozen ways and going to achieve the goals of a new world and agenda 21 by Genesis 6. No one needs insurance if we ended the eugenics and soft kill.

    I can only point to posts I have been delivering here for five years as I feel I have already said it all. Jerseys 911 piece and your points of the obvious and absurd connect a dot graphic that we can paint by color. It’s all blue.

    OBAMACARE – Does this say it all?

  6. Your in-depth comment is appreciated by all Puddy!

    Tom Heneghan notes the following at the end of his recent thread (folks should read it, as there are a number of good points, and he uncovers an Israeli/Mossad “Connection” to the Kenyan False Flag right at the beginning of his piece —

    ” In the words of Patrick Henry “We live free or die”.

    In the past I have been criticized by some for advocating civil unrest and a revolution.

    When you have NO First Amendment rights, NO 2nd Amendment rights, NO 4th Amendment rights, NO 5th Amendment rights what are the American People suppose to do!

    We will refer to the words of Thomas Jefferson, the greatest American of all time:

    “When injustice becomes Law resistance becomes Duty”
    Thomas Jefferson / Founding Father, 3rd U.S. President”

    It makes one wonder about Mr. Heneghan’s Intelligence persona when he advocates Rand Paul, however. COTO has posted a pic of Mr. Rand at the Wailing Wall wearing his yarmulke being “obedient” to his Masters. And, Ron Paul folded under interesting circumstances in his Presidential Run as COTO also noted.

    So…there’s some points to weigh here, and some things that dismay. As it always is. You can BET though that there are some golden threads tying Kenya to Israel and USI, and certainly as a “timely” event to “move the Agenda” along.

  7. I know now from where TH get’s his intelligence. IMO: Yes I have eluded to the French Saudi connection (US) versus the EU-Gladio (UK) MI6 oversees Israeli Mossad and CIA ops. But Hennighan can’t break through the next layer.

    Gary Best, another operative like dozens of others going back to Reagan-Mitterand Contra Band. Like aka Stew Web, aka Hennighan does not provide , but a limited hangout. 36963 players eventually reveal or are revealed. The wealth and debt are played out in a series of chess moves and monopoly scams where the risk board is possession. The global triad is a represented star of David with the opposing triads. MI6 and the Chatham fellows carefully craft this paradigm. It is exampled in the US in Presidential-VP opposers.

    Eisenhauer-Nixon JFK-LBJ Nixon-Ford Reagan-Bush Clinton-Gore Obama-Biden. If you think there was any love here, oh well.

    Nairobi was pure Zion and the perps were MI6 Blue team. Mossad very likely as a counter to Red team MI6 CIA DC Navy Yard. Kenya was directed antipodal message to Obama as DC was a direct hit for Turkey (Benghazi/Syria) play. This was castle move parralell and a bishops move is coming.

    I keep the Minneapolis site here as a target and Houston (castle moves 6-9-3). I am coordinating AFRICOM and the CENTCOM sites now.

    PACOM and SOUTHCOM just exchanged HAARPINGS last week. Nasty stuff there with weather in Mexico and Phillipines. Quakes in Peru and Indonesia (antipode move)

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