Posted by: Mr. M | September 25, 2013

A Little Up-Lifting …

A Little Up-Lifting ...

So there I was peddling my ass through the French Quarter … ohm, wait … that doesn’t sound right … anyway, I’m on my bike going to get some ObamaScare fliers printed when I come across this beauty parked on Royal St..

The fliers are urging everyone not to comply. That they should tell whomever tries to sign them up that any penalty is better then complying with a bad law. Not to give your name, nothing. That it would be the purest form of civil disobedience.



  1. Very nice photo indeed, M. 🙂 Evidence that not all are dumbed down.

    • As posted in Craigslist Corpus Christi by yours truly Operation Bass & Butt
      If we take the “Jetty Boat” we come to the uninhabited St. Jo Island which only looks uninhabited for deep underwater on the St. Jo beach is the entrance to the Bass Bros. secret submarine pens. The entrance is a giant big mouth bass head that opens its mouth to allow entrance to the sub pens. A sign over the entrance reads “Bass Pro Shops” but that is only a clever disguise. The submarines coming from communist red china bring the 55 gallon cardboard barrels of the tainted infant formula (see Dennis M. Bushnell, “Changing strategies,future wars) to the sub pens where they are offloaded by scantilly clad teenage women wearing white bikinis with orange stripes and toting automatic weapons. These teenage women are chosen from the hottest of all the H.E.B. bag-girls,the HEB connection will be explained toot-sweet (I can just smell them now) For lying deep beneath the Lydia Ann Channel is a tunnel leading from the sub pens to the H.E. Butt lighthouse. (H.E. Butt he’s one of the Butt brothers)the lighthouse in reality being a long range “ICBM” missile silo disguised as a mere lighthouse. The scantilly clad teenage women shuttle the tainted baby formula in mining cars under Lydia Ann pass to the lighthouse where they will be taken by boat to offload at the Naval base (this is a public\private partnership as stated by daddy Bush) then loaded onto trucks and taken to the Butt warehouse where the formula will be distributed to mothers that dont have enough sense to read NASA documents on population reduction. The “ICBM” will only be used by the Butt brothers if Wal-mart gets too much market share then its “good night nurse” for the Waltons. The chinese subs also bring an attache case full of orders for Obamy. This attache case is taken by trained dolphin around Florida and right up to the Potomac where Bamy takes them from the dolphin and he then shoots the dolphin to cover up his evil deeds.
      Your mission Jane , should You decide to accept it will be to assist Johnny Reb in the construction of a giant “magnetometer” coil made from baling wire and duck tape that we will towed behind a “bass boat” disguised as a Russian trawler. With said coil Jane You and Johnny will locate the big mouth bass entrance,insert using “SCUBA” rebreathing apparatus penetrating the bass mouth then knocking the scantilly clad teenagers unconcious and after giving them a quick squeeze to check for firmness of glandular structure You will proceed to dump all the tainted baby formula into the Gulf turning it into one giant bowl of clam chowder and then You will burn Bamy’s attache case.

      As allways, if You happen to be caught or killed Johnny Reb will disavow any knowledge of Your pregnancy. This message will self destruct after 30 seconds, good luck Jane.


      • lol.. sounds like a Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 episode ………..would you believe….

        • I struck a big nerve somewhere, FLAGGED and removed from Craigslist,haha Had to been obamabots or militant womens group. The same assholes sending their spread eagle junk over the net cant take a joke. Damn I’m good

        • JG do You think My spy novel is tacky ? I thought it had danger,intrigue,gratuitous sex and violence,just what Merkuns want right ?

          • Yes, Korny, has all the makings of the greatest spy novels.. pick a James Bond novel any novel, Tom Clancy, Hell, I even detected “day of the dolphin” in there! Very nice. Unfortunately, many Merkuns can’t read and the ones that can? Well they just can’t comprehend anything more complicated than Dr Seuss.

            It’s not you, it’s them. It’s the fluoride and chemtrails. Now if you can make it into a half hour cartoon tv show…………..

  2. As can be seen, politicians can, have, and do write and sign any kind of legislation that their controllers tell them to invoke. Yet, it is ALL meaningless when viewed as illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, etc.

    They write something and claim it is now law. Oh, it breaks laws already on the books. They re-write a new law supposedly revoking the standing law. Bingo Change-O, they can solve any “problem” with “The Pen”.

    We saw it yesterday, with Kerry signing the UN ATT paperwork. Legally, he has zero standing to cede American’s rights under a global body like the U.N. Even if not ratified by the Senate, they’ll keep at it, until they paper over the Rights of Americans and sell US all out. Yet, it is a “figment”, an illusion.

    Nobody has the authority to cede and sell off any other human’s inalienable Rights. Don’t believe the “paper”. Don’t believe the “posture”. Do believe the treason, and do believe the force that will come to enforce the State’s belief that IT “has the power” to do anything it chooses. Yes, the Ideals and Freedoms established in America have been turned upside down. This always happens through-out history.

    “Should” the State be “all powerful”? is the question. And when we look at the line-up of corrupt administrators, cronies, and corporations, WE can only admit that NOTHING GOOD can come from such a sewer. So…I have my answer. What’s yours?

    M, they want us to see it as “civil disobedience” to ignore or flaunt any of the “laws” they proclaim. But, this is not the case. The very nature of Their immoral, unjust, and unlawful laws are “disobedient” to the Higher Laws as established by Humanity, which are inviolable. Just as a soldier is held responsible (Nuremburg Trials) for “obeying” unlawful and inhumane “orders”, it is even more incumbent upon “leaders” to be held responsible for creating, invoking, and seeking to enforce unlawful, inhumane, and fraudulent “laws”.

    This really isn’t that tricky. The State ALWAYS does what is in it’s own best interests. As witnessed by US ALL, almost everything done (or not done, as in prosecuting criminals of all ilks for fraud, murder, treason, etc.) has been counter to the “Best Interests” of the U.S. population, and those innocents abroad, and in fact, entire countries invaded by the Cabal.

    People must do the same, which is stand up and enforce that which is in their own interests. Individually, and Familial, and as a society, and civilization. Non-compliance, or ignoring of unlawfully, and illegally contrived and instituted statutes, would be exercising FREEDOM at the personal level. Should this be understood widely, and exercised, TPTB’s perceived “power” will be neutered.

  3. Obama and the State have already violated the ATT several times. They wil circumvent Congress because Congress isn’t interested in until the IMC issues their orders. I’m not sure if that is coming but it will be leverage for the domestic agenda. The contract is meaningless other than to apply pressure like the central banks to have other countries from supplying an equal force against the established NATO power Security council to arm their AL-Q-TEL private operations. The good of the goose does not apply to the ganders.

    The surveillance and gatekeepers can ‘Benghazi’ their way around the intent but puts on some bogus face to Kerry’s agenda of making skulls and bones of the ME and AFRICOM operators.

    Will it gather steam with the current non-signers? I doubt it, but the banksters will apply equal pressure to this as they have climategate. They have too much treasure at stake to lose in the conquest and plunder of these territories. The terror or rogue designations are written by the UN and they are as fiat as the document itself. Another paper chase in a constitution burning.

  4. It is just another clown show.

    • So true yet WRP is blind in his left eye. He needs LASIK.

      ” Think the world needs an alternative to corporate media? Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to Truthout and keep independent journalism strong.”

      Independent? Ha! 🙂 Soros knows.

      • meh. aint no media lie any of us kin buy watt aint got some gobbilionaire’s fingers in da pie. more people are noticing the puppets… a few of us can even see the strings.
        but it’s the CONTENT you know.

        What’s out there at the end of them strings aint human. It is the great dancing Manitou… appearing with the changing state of animal and machine. “This spirit is seen as a contactable person as well as an idea. Everything has its own manitou—every plant, every stone, even machines.”

        Paddy lad… have ye deigned this site exclusively for desktops?

        • Do you want something else? Paper or Pad, my dear Waldo?

  5. Lovely article on Aquino. Of course, he is a wonderful human being who has been falsely accused of horrific things. He says so himself and the vapid questioner thinks so too because he was kind enough to speak with her. So, I must believe him as well. You are getting sleeeeeeeepy…………..

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