Posted by: jerseyg | September 24, 2013

UK Man Wins Court Battle With BBC Over WTC7 Coverup

Meet Tony Rooke, a man that knows that 9/11 was an inside job and refused to pay the BBC TV license fee and wound up in court over it.  Why did he take on this battle?  Because on the day of 9/11,  BBC reported that the  WTC 7 building fell 20 minutes before it actually happened.

Due to this incriminating evidence, Mr Rooke said the BBC was complicit in the 9/11 attacks and on those grounds, refused to pay his license fee to the BBC “terrorists”.  Rooke presented the BBC video in court along with other evidence.  The judge then ruled that he had reason to protest the fee.  He was found not guilty and not liable for the fine.    A small but far from insignificant victory for 9/11 truth.  Best line…”You can successfully contradict The BBC. You can’t contradict Sir Isaac Newton.”

May I add, Tony has exquisite taste in ties. ~jg

Read his entire story here. 



  1. COMING IN 2014

  2. PD.. nice header… you said “nimrod” 😉

    • 🙂 You know Nimrod, the CUSH? The guy that orchestrated the Babels? If the crisis terrorists were asking Mohammed mothers name in their identification process, it’s likely the Muslims under thirty did not know but I would have said I know the name of Mohammed Christian wife followed by the N word.

      🙂 Then I would have took his little gun away and thrashed him soundly.

  3. From a piece at:

  4. Agree with Josh…”they” are the paranoid conspiracy theorists. I’ll have to find and listen to his radio show. Thanks for posting Boom.

      • Tony’s Tie.. love it ! 🙂

        • This is what I want to hear about 9/11. Efforts to reveal the criminality and the criminals. Not how the buildings fell. THIS is good news. We need more like it and more focus on those doing the work on it.

  5. Everything just ties in so nicely. All your entree’s and Boomers. Safe is in the knowing of tomorrows events. Even twenty minutes is twenty years in thier scheme. 911 was the millennial revelation of full spectrum domination.

    The MI6 CIA and MOSSAD have created a world wide Saudi-French terror network that has recruited for years in contract slave labor, child trafficking, MK-Ultra through the Emirates. Somethink Obama runs Al-qaeda, but the “base” is run out of London.

    The dancing joos were contractors, the arabs were pawns, the perps were committee, it’s core, a faceless, unknown few of names we have never heard.
    They are not represented by religion, club, party, nation or race. Hard to fight them when they are invisible. Even their capos are so shadowy they are invisible.

    I had a dream about some grandfather sitting somewhere like Hyman the Godfather. His house a modest three bedroom in Little Havana. He’s eating a tuna sandwich with an ice tea and picks up the phone and Bldg 7 comes down.

  6. Since Bridges already clued coto as to this blog, here is the latest page:


    On the outpost between ‘civil society’ where political correctness reins despotic, and a neo-anarchist state of the free mind. To quote Jim Morrison, “out here on the perimeter we are stoned immaculate.”

    Here there is no interest in “transhumanism” – just in the idea of remaining human, remaining sane, and retaining individuality. Here it is understood that we control our own emotions; that to be insulted one must allow a cutting remark to have it’s effect. The insult ‘taken’ is how you make your own pain of it.

    Here there is no belief in lasting consensus – community is an ever shifting and morphing myth based on false notions of stasis.

    Here there is no prophesy, just a continuum of a timeless state of wonder. [1≡∞]


    “Everything is under control. When you finally understand magic you will see that there is only White Magic. Everything else is a trick; ‘stage magic’. There is no devil, other than a stage hand.”~ Magus Maverik

  7. Dear Mr. Rogue,

    Well done, sir! Your best effort yet! This is the thinker and inspiration-giver that we’ve all been waiting for. Where have you been hiding?

    I sincerely hope for more of the same. Do carry on in this manner, both in terms of further comments under this thread but also further worthwhile top-level postings. It is most becoming of you. Something worth emulating and repeating! Not a bit of snark in the lot! No attacks on others! Something worthy to be preserved, promoted, and considered! Keep it up!

    Gee, one could even say that this “brutal Frank” gem of yours is even worthy of being subscribed to! Of course, I wouldn’t want to spoil your party needlessly and have you come unhinged and ruin the ambiance if you saw a “Subscribing so delete me” posting coming from me, so I’ll refrain.

    One can only assume that further top-level entries to your blog will be of the style and caliber of brutal Frank, which is truly desirous of your intellect, talents, and wit. Therefore, you ought maybe look into the “Follow” feature for your blog, so your loyal fans can know immediately when new savory fair becomes available without delay!

    And as long as I’m passing along unrequested advice, pay attention to the difference between this stellar effort on your blog and… others not in the same league. As you produce more wonders of brutal Frank’s nature, it’ll be clear that some earlier “proof of concept” efforts served their purpose, but could stand some of brutal Frank’s editing in order to remain worthy of this grand project that will be HybridRogue1’s blog, the new “Seth Godin” of seeing the world how it really is.

    More power and success I wish you in this endeavor, and you’ll nary hear a complaint from me about “comment flooding” or “too high of a commenting frequency.” Quite the contrary! I’m already so hungry for more of the same, let me be the first to say that your “commenting frequency on your blog is already too low.” Crank it up! More, more, more! Take the puppy out for a ride and see what it can really do! This is your time! This is the start of your legacy! Go, go, go!


  8. Reblogged this on Patriot News Release | RTR Truth Media and commented:
    This is a good start. We must not fear anything when standing up for the truth. They have the media under control, but they are a Corporation, and they have liability for the lies they tell, at least the reasonable expectation of such. We pay for these services and as such we should have say. My commendations to this man. – T.R.L-Stewart

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