Posted by: jerseyg | September 23, 2013

Kenyan Mall Shooting (Hoax?)

Max Malone is on the case again. He analyzes the pictures from the shooting and to my mind, it looks a helluva lot like the Boston Marathon Bombing staged event. I guess after complaints that there were so few pictures at Sandy Hook, they decided to go and stage events like Boston and Kenya with lots of fake blood, injuries and not so terrified looking bystanders. Max points out in this video how the cameraman is everywhere. Taking shots(photo) that surely would expose him to death by the shooter that shoots to kill.

These pix sure do look suspicious to me…right down to the smiling policeman wheeling a “terrified victim” through the street in a shopping cart. Why are so many people involved in these shootings so happy and smiling? I’m sure they will come up with a name for that particular disorder and a pill to go with it

This video originally had thousands of views before youtube took it down. It may suddenly disappear again.. So watch it asap ~jg

The directors of the “stage play”?  Very interesting…




  1. What utterly fascinates me about these photos is how these terrified people managed to hold on so tightly to their cellphones. Wonder if any of them took any videos or pix of their own with their prized possessions. I’m guessing…no.

  2. Interesting about the cell phones. I think they have become a kind of security blanket for many people. Just my observation as an electrosensitive, who has to keep an eye on those things or pay the price in health effects. If the power goes out, the first thing people seem to want is a recharge. They go crazy trying to get new batteries for their flashlights too (past 311 observations). Given the clutter in their houses, candles are a disaster in the making. I’m convinced the cell phone will be the last luxury people will give up, and when they have to give that up, many will die clutching their phones.

    In other words, I would expect that behavior in a real crisis, and the smiles are actually normal too, but I will look at the evidence overall.

    Off topic, but we’ve got the upper atmospheric booming going on today, really loud. There is a typhoon to the south, but last week’s typhoon did not bring the booming. Something is disturbing the atmospheric boundaries (stratosphere/ionosphere if I recall correctly).

    • You are right about the cellphones. I am so sick of people walking with heads down texting. I have one but it’s not smart and it’s rarely used. I have it strictly for emergency use while driving to and from wherever. As for the smiles? I will never for the life of me understand that. They don’t look like nervous smiles at all to me.

      The booming is probably haarp produced. But I have to say, they have fooled with mother nature so long, I think much of what is happening with our weather may not always be their direct manipulation but the after affect of the harm they have already done.

      Stay safe.

    • coronal hole incoming winds, a short while ago the speeds up and something like 16+protons a second hitting the atmosphere,
      thats why the series of storms n savage weather for us in the sth hemisphere tropics as the sun equinox moves our way.


        Magnitude 7.4 (unnatural)
        Date-Time 24 Sep 2013 11:29:49 UTC
        24 Sep 2013 16:29:49 near epicenter
        24 Sep 2013 05:29:49 standard time in your timezone

        Location 27.026N 65.521E
        Depth 22 km

        Pakistan (5): An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck southwest Pakistan on 24 September 2013. The quake occurred at 1629 local time (1129 UTC) at a depth of approximately 9 mi/15 km. It was centered approximately 40 mi/70 km north-northeast of Awaran, in a remote, mountainous area of Balochistan province. The quake and subsequent aftershocks were felt throughout Balochistan and in the neighboring Sindh province. The tremors also prompted residents in Karachi, as well as in New Delhi, India, to run into the streets, though there were no reports of damage in either city. Early reports indicate that several people in Awaran were killed in the quake and that buildings in the city have been damaged. However, due to the remoteness of the area, few details are currently available. Reports of casualties and damage in the region are likely to continue to emerge in the coming hours. Aftershocks in the region have the potential to cause additional damage.

        • I’ve got to figure out what the time difference is between Japan and Pakistan. We started hearing the booming at about 10:00, so I figure a few hours before the earthquake.

          • OK, it looks like about 10~12 hours beforehand.

  3. The very first time I saw this story headlined on Yahoo and CNN I thought, “Kenya? Why are they featuring this story?” Then it became obvious.

    Of course this is staged. This is designed to get us ready for our little series of attacks. Just in time for the Fall Christmas shopping.

    It’s getting to the point if I can’t walk up and smack it, I can’t promise you it’s

    I blow-up today at my Obamabot/liberal/socialists landloards when they started in on how Republicans are against Obamacare, and blah, blah, blah … I screamed “How in the hell can you trust Obamacare when it’s been shown that Obama is aiding and abetting alQeada? Do you really think someone that is funding terrorists has your fucking health as his priority!?!”

    People want so hard to believe. And I really can’t blame them. But I can fault them.

    • Yea, Kenya… who comes from Kenya.. hmmmm.. PD has been on the africom story for a long time. It’s finally been blasted into msm for public consumption. Of course, manipulated to suit their purpose.

      As for obamacare, how anyone can’t see through that hoax is beyond me. Even when you tell them the insurance companies wrote the bill behind closed doors, they still don’t get it.

      There are times I wished I were blissfully ignorant but when I’m confronted with someone telling me things I find hard to believe, I have to find out for myself by researching them. As all of us here have done in the past and are still doing.

      The reason I say I’d like to be blissfully ignorant is the helplessness I feel in knowing. Yes, we know what’s going on. Now what do we intend to do about it besides trying to wake up the rest?


      • just fell over this..reckon it MAY explain why Kenya!!

        WATER! lots of water.

        • YES oz… in fact, that second video up there that was deleted by youtube mentions the water connection in an inadvertent way. I’m so pissed that one was taken down.

    • Self-Preservation will rule the masses(6). Agenda 21 will rule the environment (3). The techno-politico grid(9) designs the specific perception of the narrative, landscape and properties down to a micro one to one peer network.

      What this is creating is the improved Orwellian model and the big blue omnibus which encompasses Obamacare, the war on terror (safety) and Agenda 21 environment sustainability that we know to be 100% bullshit. It will be the psychological egoism that separates the awakening into a battle for self survival and the willingness to let the state end the family, independence and replace it with the Apotheosis of the Global Governmental Demi-Gods.

    • In fact, Mr. M, until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize it actually was Kenya. A mall? In Kenya?? I thought they meant New York or something. A pretend ethnic boutique alley.

      Things are getting funnier by the minute.

  4. How did the mainland handle it Pat? I did not have time to see what the 150mph winds did.

    Mad Max said it all Deb, Another farce flag, but Africom is behind schedule and the the world has got to disarm. Africa as much as America. It’s easier to rob a nation of the birthright and abundance when they are naked and unarmed. Meanwhile the AlCIAda propped rebels are killing in areas outside of Kenya which is the most corrupt nation in Africa and the US’s best ally in the region. What Sudan, Mali and Congo can attest to is much more realism from the committee.

    Kudos to Max for spending time on photo’s as I can no longer even entertain the photo/digital hoaxes. It’s just BAU anymore and farce flag is a better term for these terror drills than false flag. Low camp hits an altime low here, but Kenya is not as sophisticated as Holyrood.

    In the words of Gene Siskel, “What do you know for sure?”

    ~ I know bullshit. ~

    • The winds were pretty impressive in Honshu, but not extreme. The minute it stopped phooning at us, we did what we always do, which is to run out and frantically repair the greenhouse. The rains, however, were extreme, and not merely on the track where we were. Kyoto out west, which wasn’t anticipating much, got hit so hard half the city had to evacuate. They’re just starting to dig out now.


  6. Hey thanks for posting this Jg. yeah I rekon this stinks too. Old Max cracked me up.. Oh cameraman ~ !! Lol The pic which was taken above the lady and her 2 daughters lying on the ground really needs some explanation. It actually made me laugh.. Just that one photo tells the ‘story’ for me.
    Either way whether it was all staged, or the attacks actually took place, we all know who funds and orchestrates it.

    • Yea jay.. .I love max’s sense of humor as he tells the tale. Then he gets pissed at himself for laughing at it all considering what the criminals are getting away with. My kinda guy;)

      • You just inspired me to watch it again.. oh my.. so funny @ 11:00 – 12:05
        “Gunmen armed with automatic weapons on a RAMPAGE!!!” while the cameraman can~~~ ! ahhaha.. 🙂

  7. BTW.. the pic u see in the utube clip, the cover shot ( arabic/muslim woman, asian “shot up” woman and the Kenyan man.. Nice cover shot for the NWO don’t u think? OH we should all unite as one.!! :O

  8. Can you hear the choir singing? ” We are the world … we are the children” lol

  9. LOL.. nice one Jg : ) Oh where’s the white man in the photo shoot..??? Oh yeah, Africa… I forgot.. there all dead.

  10. lol jay… if we don’t laugh at this shit, we’ll cry.

  11. yep for sure Jg.. I do both all the time so im qualified to make whatever ass comments i like.. haha
    Seriously tho this is all getting beyond crazy and i’m thankful I have you folk around, has mad a world of difference to me so I thank you ALL COTO members.

  12. Btw where’s Dawn? haven’t seen her for a bit.. Hope she’s good.

    • jay.. that’s what coto is all about..glad you’re here with us.

      If you have facebook, she posts there under the same name. She mentioned something about getting a job a week or so ago. She may be busy with that.

      • Wow gotta get on at 3:46am more often when replys are instant!! 😀 Yeah me & facebook are not compatible JG.
        Hope she’s going well with the new job, funny I’ve just started another! job aswell lol, as a pinspotter tech.. Acually the older folk here may be familiar with the “Magic Triangle”.. (10 pin bowling) ?

  13. Yeah, that cameraman was “allowed” to run around inside and outside the mall, while “it all was gong down”. He had “fantastic” access wouldn’t you say?! For all of his privileged “access” he recorded Zero pics of the expected gore from a “shooting”, where supposedly many, many people died. How did he not come upon any of that? Inside the Mall, there were zero depictions of blood on walls, floors, dead bodies, gunfights between “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys”. Certainly has a Boston Bombing type of feel to it. I saw Nobody’s guns actually firing throughout the pics. It adds up to Crisis Actor Drill in Kenya. SOLD via the MSM in USI with very interesting “timing”.

    Verdict = False Flag Waving at us all.

    • Spot on Boomer!!!

      Now. cause the cameraman can..(lol) have we to see ANY pictures of the alleged attacking gunmen?

    • Yes sir Boomer… all we see are close ups of very fake looking wounds and blood . DRILL!

  14. Love how max was singing the camerman can… hahaha ..still laughing.

  15. UPDATE: I will have to alter my views on this Kenyan “event”, as I just received news regarding a very close friend (from Kenya), who reports that one of his relatives there was “killed” in this event. This would changes my concept of the scenario.

  16. Sorry to hear that Boomer. Do you have any details? Was his relative shot inside the mall?

  17. No Details, I haven’t spoken with him directly. I won’t ask him for details though. Very Believable however. Family has had a trying time last couple of years with another close family loss in Kenya. Thanks for your comment.

  18. excuse my incredulity, boomerang. You say “I haven’t spoken with him directly, I won’t ask him for details. Very believable however”.

    Believeable to whom?

     photo RT_Abdul_Haji_ml_130927_16x9_992.jpg

    Kenyan Hero’s Harrowing Tale of Rescues in Mall Massacre
    ABC NewsBy Alexander Marquardt | ABC News – 22 hours ago

    In one of the most memorable images to emerge from inside the Nairobi mall attacked last weekend by Islamic extremists, a 4-year-old girl is seen running toward a man who is reaching out a hand to pull her to safety.

    The man was Abdul Haji, a 39-year-old real estate executive who rushed to the mall as the attack got underway. He managed to evacuate scores of people to safety, including that young American girl, Portia Walker, and is being hailed in Kenya as a hero.


    As the gunmen began their rampage in Nairobi’s upscale Westgate Mall early Saturday afternoon, Haji got a short text from his brother who was at the mall. “I’m stuck at the Westgate. It’s probably a terrorist attack. Pray for me.” Haji’s immediate thought was that militants had gone to assassinate his brother.

    Until just a few weeks ago, his brother was an undercover counterterrorism official battling organizations like al Shabab, the al Qaeda-linked group that has claimed responsibility for the four-day siege that left almost 70 people dead. But a local media outlet had recently revealed Haji’s brother’s identity and the family – including their father, a former defense minister – had started receiving death threats.

    Haji says he grew up around guns and lately had been carrying his pistol with him. “I left where I was and I headed straight to the Westgate,” Haji told ABC News. “Luckily on that particular day I had actually carried my licensed gun with me so I didn’t have to go back home to waste time and pick up a gun, I went straight to the mall.”


    When he arrived he quickly figured out his brother was not the target. Haji joined up with a group of around 15 men outside, including some security officers, most of them armed and some wearing body armor, and headed into the mall with workers from the Red Cross. “It was like a war zone,” he said. “I’ve never seen such a massacre. I’ve never come across such a thing. It was shocking. There were young girls, there were ladies, elderly people, some children. We were shocked.”

    The group had taken a ramp up to the mall’s top floor which they started clearing, going store to store and yelling at people to get out, many of whom didn’t know which side the men were on. “Most of them were really petrified, they could not move. They were lying down on the ground as if they were dead but they were not dead,” said Haji. “We kept shouting that we’re police officers, ‘get up, get up, open the door, we’re police officers.'”

    As they arrived on the mall’s ground floor, the attackers opened fire on the group, shooting one of the men Haji was with in the stomach. It was then that Haji came face to face with one of the attackers, whom he described as “of dark complexion, he had a black bandanna tied on his head.”

    “When his eyes and my eyes met, he started taunting me and telling come closer,” Haji recalled. “Telling me in Swahili, ‘come, come.’ As if it was a joke to him. This whole thing was a joke to him.”

    Nearby, a woman was trapped behind a table. Haji yelled at her to run to them but the woman, 39 year-old Katherine Walker, said she couldn’t because she had three young children with her. Haji told her to send the eldest, 4-year-old Portia, who ran across. “[A] very brave girl,” said Haji affectionately. “She’s running toward a man with a gun and she was very brave.”

    “I don’t know how she knew to do it but she did,” Katherine Walker later told The Telegraph newspaper, “she did what she was told and she went.”

    Walker and another woman followed close behind with the other two children who then re-united outside with the family’s two teenage sons who had been shopping elsewhere in the mall. “I was worried about family in America seeing [the photo] because we haven’t really shared the whole story with them yet,” Walker told the newspaper. “For me, I know the story behind it and that it ends well. I think I owe Mr. Haji a hug or two.”

    As Haji arrived at a Nairobi hotel for the interview, he was instantly recognized by hotel staff who asked for photos with him. But Haji dismisses all the talk of him being a hero, saying he was just going to the mall to save his brother. “I think anybody in the situation would have probably done the same thing,” he said. “[If] he was armed and thinking the worst about his family he would have probably done the same thing.”

    Haji claims he’s coping well in the aftermath of the ordeal. He says he doesn’t remember any nightmares but his wife has told him that he has been crying in his sleep. “I never saw anything like that,” said Haji. “It’ll probably stick with me for a long time. And I just hope I don’t have to go through the same thing again

  20. Once again we are left to wonder… where are all the bodies? Who or what really caused the mall to collapse? Why are there always more questions than answers to these events? Are we to believe the military blew up the mall to save the hostages and yet they are saying they fear the perps may have escaped?

  21. This photo is staged. The tell tale sign is the man’s crouch, which we saw also at Sandy Hook.

  22. Hello Telfer… yea, i agree. A staged photo op. Amazing how with all that mayhem the photogs were able to capture so many moments like these….they always manage to get the “hero shot”, eh?

  23. MI5 was informed of plan to attack shopping centre FOUR years ago after British terror suspect was arrested in Kenya

    Translation: MI5 was informed by MI6 that they were going to stage Nairobi Massacre with Mossad crisis actors and with Kenyan internet fraud team.

  24. MI5 was informed of plan to attack shopping centre FOUR years ago after British terror suspect was arrested in Kenya

    Translation: MI5 was informed by MI6 that they were going to stage Nairobi Massacre with Mossad crisis actors and with Kenyan internet fraud team.

    Meanwhile while you drown in CARE and foreclosure the IMComplex will be cashing checks.

    But they will throw a party for us in the twin cities. This is what I was looking for to connect my theory that the numbers say Minneapolis is our next terror event.. …. Appears the plan is to drive civil war and SOCOM-AFRICA operations to Somalia and then east to Chad, Mali. Sudan is a hell hole. Egypt’s screwed to the max as well. Got to be gas and water treasure. Maybe the ethiopia water project. Let’s fuck up the Nile.

    October Surprise followed by a Thanksgiving Day Financial blessing?

    Why not the Mall of America?

  25. To create maximum terror, they’d have to attack places where people enjoy congregating in large numbers such as shopping malls. Yep, Mall of America would be a big target OR instead, attacking a number of malls or supermarkets all over the country so that no one feels safe anywhere. People tend to think, if it doesn’t happen near them, they’re ok. Same as with financial issues. If they still have a job, they think the world is still spinning away normally.

    They’ve already done it with schools, movie theaters and the Boston marathon. They could also go for a sporting event. But that seems so cliche’……….

    The best way to enforce martial law and create chaos (and order to follow?) was to take down the grid. We’ve also seen blackouts in cities which I believe were trial runs… It’s happened all along.the northeast including NYC and we all know about Cali’s blackouts thanks to Enron. We know they obviously have the “power” to do it.

    Yea, we could know by the end of November if 2013 is the year of the grande finale. The thing is, we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop for years now and nada. I hope we’re wrong again but things do not seem to be lining up in our favor.(to be wrong that is) I think that 33 min superbowl blackout may have been their warning about the grid shutdown. As we know from 9/11, it’s part of their ritual to leave us “clues” prior to a big “event”,

  26. PD, what is that creepy moving warning symbol about stealing bandwidth attached to your comment? I’ve never seen that before.

  27. Check this out….

  28. JG, I wanted to see your post on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, but it appears to have been taken down. I was too busy to see it when you first put it up.

  29. Pat, I never actually posted the 9/11 article so you didn’t miss anything!:)

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