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The New World Order – Doing God’s Work by Killing the Bad Seed

Introduction: I recall the author of this piece from the OEN daze. She is a fine writer, and is as passionate as any COTO folks for the Truth. Here, she delivers some of it for you all. This IS how it is, is it not? There is madness in the minds of many, and they are fulfilling their destiny in The Great Play by seeking to end the lives of others with their own brand of pious, malicious intent. They are the Deceived and the Damned, and They know it not.

They represent the Enemy of God & Man — all the while thinking they serve the interests of both.

WOW! Sociopathic Psychopath Reptilians wearing human skin. Devoid of empathy.

This is what We’ve got — Spiders & Snakes everywhere, doing their damnedest to “make the world a better place”. This is what We’re dealing with all around us. The insanity around you, the machinations of the elite, this insane “push” of the current regime to “help” the people of Syria.

(You might read “The Lords Of The Flies Take Over”, Jim Kirwan’s post of today. Or read his other recent posts at because he’s been watching and writing about this stuff for many years now).

But, don’t get distracted. Read Ms. Barbara’s piece below first.

Consider the FEMA camps, TSA, DHS, Rogue CIA & FBI, and other alphabet Agencies, the Police State mobilization & repeated drills, Endless Wars, GMO, chemtrails, Mass Surveillance, shitty fast food and shitty education options, and on and on…

It starts to come into focus when you read a piece like the one below. If you don’t like what is ‘prepared for you’ you better start saying something and doing something! The spiders are weaving their webs 24/7. They’re awake through the dark night, ever vigilant and nocturnally seeking more ways to “help” their kind and this world.

Can you Imagine what would happen if you were totally disarmed as a populace? This is how it has been in the past with the great Purges. Note the Mindset, COTO! You know what you need to do…

Have a nice Sunday!

See if you can spot the insanity?!


“These things have I spoken to you, that ye should not be offended (upset). They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God Service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me”. Jesus speaking, as recorded in St. John 16:1-3 KJV


{This article found on, and mirrored from the site link below}

By Barbara H. Peterson / Farm Wars /

We are being deluged on all sides with poisons in the air, food, water, soil, and through big Pharma drugs and vaccines. We are told that all of these things are good for us while we can read the test results and independent studies saying they are not. In fact, these independent studies and test results clearly indicate that we are being poisoned and that the doses are increasing on a daily basis. Why is this happening? Could there really be a group of people who are intent on our destruction? Yes. And they believe that they are doing God’s work. In fact, they have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner, and the only ones qualified to determine just who deserves to live and who deserves to die. These are the eugenicists. These are people who believe they are God’s elect, and feel that they are chosen for Godhood and have the responsibility to rule. And they have names.

Wonder why the IMF and biotech agribusiness have full reign to destroy economies and ecosystems in order to enslave and starve whole populations? Wonder why the vaccines Bill Gates promotes sterilize and kill the populations they are supposed to help? It is all according to plan. A eugenics plan, that is. And it’s called the destruction of the bad seed. And who determines just who that bad seed is? Why they do, of course! Who are they? Let’s take a look.

Have you heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard?

She has written five books, delivered more than 80 keynote speeches and given more than 75 interviews. She is currently President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which she co-founded in 1990 with Sidney Lanier. Hubbard was featured in the 2006 film Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within, a documentary about rediscovering an enchanted cosmos in the modern world. She was also featured in the 2011 film Thrive.

She also wrote the book “The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth (The Book of Co-Creation) Foundation for Conscious Evolution, 1993. ISBN 0-9631032-0-2”

Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of The Book of Co-Creation, claims in her curricula vitae to be “establishing Evolutionary Circles throughout the world to support small groups in their emergence as universal humans, founders of a global civilization.”

As a psychologist with Task Force Delta, an army think tank of futurists, strategists, and psychology and parapsychology researchers, Hubbard is credited with the idea of “bombarding” the Soviets with “psychic love,” and formation of the First Earth Battalion (FEB). The credo of the FEB “guerilla gurus” states: “I take personal responsibility for generating evolutionary conspiracies as a part of my work. I will select and create conspiratorial mechanisms … that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions on behalf of people and planet. One people, one planet.”

But evidently, not all of the people will benefit from this “psychic love.” According to this New Age philosophy that she espouses, there are too many people on the planet, and the bad seeds need to be eliminated. This is what she writes:

Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend …. One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’ … Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers — the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body …. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.

If you aren’t one of the ones chosen to “ascend” then you are a defective seed and are destined for extermination. Here is some more about Barbara’s theosophical beliefs:

Barbara Marx Hubbard, a New Age futurist, says that the goal of her newest book, Conscious Evolution, “is that it serve the fulfillment of the plan.’May Light and Love and Power restore the plan on Earth.’ That is my prayer.” She doesn’t mention the source of this prayer; it is the final verse of “The Great Invocation,” a Theosophical prayer provided by the Lucis Trust with each of Alice Bailey’s books.

A bit about Alice Bailey and her New Age views:

From the start of World War II until her death in 1949, Alice Bailey wrote that the war was necessary for the New Age to come. She believed that the New Age would be preceded by a “destructive cycle, wherein the old order passes away” and “human civilization with its accompanying institutions – is destroyed.” She gives credit to the “Hierarchy” of ascended spiritual masters for “their decision, taken early in this century, which precipitated … that major destructive agency, the world war (1914-1945).” In April 1943, Bailey said, “One of the purposes lying behind the present holocaust (World War II) has been the necessity for the destruction of inadequate forms. … the Law of destruction was permitted to work through humanity itself, and men are now destroying the forms through which many masses of men are functioning.” (“Destroying forms” does not mean shredding IRS paperwork; it is the Theosophist code word for death.) After the war, Bailey wrote that “the Custodians of God’s Plan” viewed World War II as a “major surgical operation” that had been “largely successful” in removing “a violent streptococcic germ” that had “menaced the life of humanity.” She warned that this would be only the beginning of sorrows: “The germ, to be sure, is not eradicated and makes its presence felt in infected areas of the body of humanity. Another surgical operation may be necessary.”

The Lucis Trust:

The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. The title page of Alice Bailey’s book, ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’ was originally printed in 1922, and clearly shows the publishing house as ‘Lucifer Publishing CoIn 1923.’

Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust.

Lucis Trust sponsors among others are the following organizations:

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace USA
Amnesty International

Here is a partial list of the executioners who attended “We, The World and Partners of 11 Days of Global Unity in 2004,” of which Barbara Marx Hubbard was an Honorary Co-Chair:

The Origin of 11 Days of Global Unity

The U.N. International Day of Peace was started in 1981 as a day to announce and celebrate ceasefires in conflict areas around the world. It began as a moveable date taking place on the opening day of each new Session of the U.N. General Assembly in September. In 2001 the opening day of the new U.N. Session was scheduled for September 11th. So the International Day of Peace actually coincided with the tragedy of 9/11. A U.N. resolution permanently fixed the International Day of Peace on September 21st.

In 2004 We, The World launched 11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21 symbolically marking the transformative global journey from fear to hope. Supporters of the launch included Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and 11 Days Honorary Co-Chairs Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Irene Khan (Secretary General of Amnesty International), Marianne Williamson, John McConnell (one of the original Founders of Earth Day), Hazel Henderson, Ervin Laszlo, Jonathan Granoff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Thurman, Sally Fisher, Riane Eisler, Lynne Twist, Paul Winter, Nina Meyerhof, and New York City Councilman Alan J. Gerson.

She also plays a part in the “State of the World Forum:”

Another of Gorbachev’s organizations, the San Francisco-based State of the World Forum, draws funding from a galaxy of Establishment corporations and foundations, ranging from Archer Daniels Midland, CNN, Hewlett-Packard, and Occidental Petroleum to the Carnegie Corporation, the Kellogg Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The first State of the World Forum gathering took place in San Francisco, September 27-October 1, 1995. Convened by Mikhail Gorbachev, more than 400 innovative leaders and thinkers from 50 countries came together. The central question Mr. Gorbachev challenged this gathering to take up was what principles, priorities and values should guide humanity as it moves beyond the strictures of the Cold War into the next phase of development. This was debated and discussed from the vantage points of science, economics, global security, religion and the arts.

During the 1996 and 1997 Forums, this conversation was continued. The inclusion of youth and the emphasis on gender parity, combined with people coming from all over the world and representing all manner of constituencies and disciplines, engendered discussions which were both catalytic and transformative. Issues addressed ranged across the entire spectrum of human interest in the late twentieth century. All perspectives were welcome, every point of view was heard, and everyone was invited to honor diversity as the key to creativity.

Some of the leading thinkers and leaders participating in past Forums include:

Oscar Arias Sanchez, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, James Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Bush, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Walter Cronkite, Sonia Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dee Hock, Jose Ramos-Horta, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Thabo Mbeki, David Packard, John Naisbitt, Lew Platt, Jehan Sadat, George Shultz, Ted Turner, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Wheatley, Marianne Williamson, Marian Wright Edelman and Muhammad Yunus.

The Earth Charter is founded on the principles Barbara Marx Hubbard espouses:


The Earth Charter is the brainchild of Gorbachev acting as chairman of Green Cross International and Maurice Strong, a wealthy proponent of world government, a leader at UN environmental meetings, and an adviser to the World Bank. Ted Turner is also involved, as a member of the Green Cross International board. Gorbachev views the proposed Earth Charter as “a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond.” Maurice Strong says, “The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Strong, Chairman of the Earth Council, is on the board of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the WEF, is a member of the Earth Council. The WEF, which meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, describes itself as “the most significant global business summit bringing together close to 2,000 business and political leaders, experts, academics, and members of the media, to set the global agenda for the coming year.” Top executives of billion-dollar companies pay fees and travel costs of $30,000 to $250,000 each year for the privilege of schmoozing with presidents of many countries and of the world’s largest corporations – including President Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General), John Smith (CEO of General Motors), Peter Sutherland (Chairman of Goldman-Sachs), Kim Woo-Choong (Chairman of Daewoo Corporation), Jürgen Schrempp (Chairman of Daimler-Benz), and George Soros.

So, when Bill Gates philanthropically kills off African children with poisonous vaccines and supports Monsanto et. al.’s use of poisonous chemicals and genetically engineered seeds in our food supply, he is doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. When planes spray poisonous chemicals from the sky they are doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. When hydrofluosilisic acid is added to our drinking water straight from Cargill’s hazardous waste stacks, those instigating the policy are doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. Every single poison we are being inflicted with is part of a grand eugenics scheme aimed at killing off the bad seed and elevating the “chosen ones” to “ascended” status.

And just what is ascension? For some it is completely “spiritual,” and for others, it is transhumanism. In fact, for the transhumanist “chosen ones” who seek immortality, it is their job to bring about that immortality through the melding of man and machine, and finally, a holographic being. And the religions of the world are following right along. The illusion is great. It is touted as peace and love and spirituality. What they don’t tell you is that in order to gain this spirituality that they seek, most of us must die. According to them, we are the bad seeds, and it is apparent, from reading through the mountains of propaganda put forth by these New Age organizations promoting “peace and sustainability’ that a lot of people will be fooled by this benign and peaceful sounding rhetoric.

What is WE?

WE is a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world.
WE Consciousness: WE promotes making a shift from “I” to “WE” in our individual actions and attitudes and in our societal priorities and policies.
WE Campaign: WE is an ongoing Awareness and Action Campaign; four WE Action Campaigns per year with culminating Global Public Events every 3 months. WE will Inspire, Inform and Involve millions of people through in solutions to:
Ensure basic human needs and well being worldwide
Restore healthy eco-systems and environmental stewardship
Create a culture of peace and nonviolence – from individuals to nation-states.
WE Collaboration – The WE Network,, provides a vehicle for connection, interaction and opportunity for unprecedented cooperation between people, organizations and movements. Utilizing advanced technology and intuitive web design, Partners of WE consisting of thousands of organizations and a mass movement of people create an ever-expanding social change network essential for a world that works for all.

A world that works for all? How about a world that works for all of the “chosen.” After all, that is what is meant by all of this flowery and deceptive rhetoric. We only assume that they mean us too. It doesn’t occur to most that the only “all” that is considered here is all those that they deem the “good seed.”

Let’s see what Barbara Marx Hubbard, supporter, key promoter and inspiration for Global Unity has to say again:

Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend …. One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’ … Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers — the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body …. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.

Now let’s see what Scripture has to say about those who would place themselves above the rest of us, declare themselves judge, jury and executioner of the bad seeds, and deign to be in charge of “God’s selection process for planet Earth,” and for those that say “Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High:”

Isa 14:19 But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.

Isa 14:20 Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

Methinks these New World Order/New Age globalists have bitten off a bit more than they can chew. In fact, they just might end up in the very same predicament that they are putting us in. The hunter shall be the hunted and the meek shall inherit the earth. No justification, no pompous ego will change the fact that the only one in charge of “God’s selection process for planet Earth” is the Creator Himself, and I would not want to be in anyone’s shoes who places him/herself in the position of attempting to oust Him from His position. We just aren’t that smart.

Yes, they who rule over the earth deciding who is to live and who is to die, they who plot evil in their hearts – it is they who are the bad seeds, the evildoers. And their seed shall never be renowned.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson



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  2. Aye, what’s on Your Radar?

    The Kenyan Mall Event should be.

    Wow — All the Israelis got out unscathed. The Lucky Chosen We should be supposin? (sic)

    I’ve heard/read folks speak “reverently” of the “new” Jesuit Pope. Don’t be breathing the “pope smoke”.

  3. Reality is harsh.

    I liken the situation to corporate lay-off’s, of which I’ve been through a few. I admit to feeling relief on occasion when it was others who were escorted out the door, but that relief was short-lived. The subsequent staff meetings made clear dire financial situations and the extra burdens put on survivors, and things completely out of our control. Being a survivor wasn’t always joyous.

    On other occasions (sometimes with the same company that had me surviving the first 2 or 3 rounds), I was one of those escorted out the door. I have to admit here that after the shock smacked me and subsided, I became very joyous, even more joyous than before. The tune from The Who rang through my head over and over with the chorus “I’m free! I am FREE-ee-eee!” My options were many, some that I couldn’t even fathom at the moment, but I knew opportunity had many doors. [Grad school, study abroad, employment abroad…]

    Yes, well, when the culling comes, I have no illusions that I should be spared. Survivors won’t be having no picnics. Faith in a spiritual God and my true spiritual essence has me believe (whether or not naively) that passing beyond the boundaries of this limited life form will be a blessing, one that all must eventually succumb. Albeit when done so pre-maturely and massively leaves one to wonder about when and how eternal justice can be served on those orchestrating it.


    • SEO, I don’t fear death like I did when I was younger. What I do fear is the pain and suffering that my family may be subjected to in this great culling. That is why I say we can’t give up our power to them. By proclaiming that they are unbeatable we give up our spiritual energy to them.

      Eternal Justice? The luciferians will be greeted by their master and ushered into the pit of hell to suffer for all eternity at the hands of the “great deceiver”.

      Well, that would be my wish. However no one really knows what will happen to them. I’m not even sure what will happen to me though I am a firm believer in reincarnation. When all my lessons are learned than I will be at peace and living within the light of the creator.

  4. Nice post Boomer! I miss Barbara. She was one of the women chased from this blog in it’s infancy due to the behavior of that other misogynist Cinderfella. I kept in touch for a while after she left coto but have since lost touch. I’ll be checking into Farm Wars now to see what she’s been up to.

    As for the new pope? Oh hell no. He is not to be trusted. The catholic church was also taken over by satanists. Some of the most disturbing interviews I’ve ever heard were those between Father Malachi Martin and Art Bell where he revealed what was going on behind the scenes at the Vatican. If you can, go to youtube and check them out… Fascinating..

    That last paragraph in Barbara’s article sums it up for me:

    Methinks these New World Order/New Age globalists have bitten off a bit more than they can chew. In fact, they just might end up in the very same predicament that they are putting us in. The hunter shall be the hunted and the meek shall inherit the earth. No justification, no pompous ego will change the fact that the only one in charge of “God’s selection process for planet Earth” is the Creator Himself, and I would not want to be in anyone’s shoes who places him/herself in the position of attempting to oust Him from His position. We just aren’t that smart.


  5. I am familiar with Malachi Martin and “The Keys of this Blood”. The Vatican is the Seat of “The Beast Power” as I understand. The city on the 7 hills. The 666 on the Pope’s mitre testify. The mass murderers of 10’s of millions through the Dark Ages. They say “They Never Change”, so do not expect them to.

    The Usurpers of the Divine Power of the Creator God, passing themselves off as a “Christian” church, while changing God’s 10 Commandments (changing God’s “Law”), and taking credit for the changing of The Seal of God’s Law in the 4th Commandment, changing the solemnity of the 7th day “Sabbath” to Sunday. Placing the Pople as “The Vicar” of Christ as a “replacement” and voice for Jesus Christ, establishing a spying core of sycophants called “priests” to be given the “power” to “forgive” sins, of which only Jesus Christ has earned the right. On and on, the picture unfolds. Indulgences? Nice ruse to enrich said church and pauperize the peasants. A model for what is being done on a grand scale today with TPTB, no?

  6. Yea Boomer, as you know I was raised Catholic…12 years of Catholic school. I never thought that “sins” should be confessed to a mere man(priest). I used to argue in religion class with the nuns. If God sees all and knows everything why must we confess to a priest? God knows what we have done and if we are sorry. My questions always pissed them

    I don’t like any of the big organized religions/churches. They are simply there to make money for the hierarchy and keep the flock in fear of God. I believe in a supreme being but not the God of the bible because, like the catechism, that was also written and interpreted by man.

    However, if someone gets comfort from reading bible passages and it makes them a better person, than more power to them. To each his own. No one has all the answers until we cross over. My personal opinion is that it’s best to keep an open mind and heart..

    • lol … as a young Alter-boy I was never really convinced about all that was being said and done. To this day I’ve tried to read the Bible and still can’t get through it very far before I start thinking how much it sounds like bad science-fiction.

      As to this article, you’re right Boom, it gets a big 10 on the COTO scale. It hits all the relevant points, is well researched and presented, with victory as the finale.

      She’s right. We know their names. Do we even need marching orders?

  7. you’ve been told many times before
    Messiahs pointed to the door
    And no one had the guts to leave the temple!

    i went to Mass EVERY MF’in sunday of my life until i was working (15)…what a bunch of whack jobs…but hey, they seem to be paving the way for UFO/alien disclosure, Leave no pedophile behind i guess.

    Senor i should prob apologize for treating you like shit earlier just because a cyber brother had a beef……now u r here asking deep ?’s and he is……??? who knows, maybe getting kinky w/a Ouija Board. Im w/ Deb on reincarnation being the only thing that makes any sense, so tread lightly and spread as much love as you can, just not old mother hubbard NWO love.

    Great piece Boom, as always.

    A week or 2 ago was some interesting stuff on tobacco here. Was too busy then to post this then, but I suggest you turn it up to “make the neighbors call the cops” on your dial:

    • Dear Mr. CamusRebel,

      Apology accepted. Although one COTO cyber brother on hiatus seems to take issue that you could be so forgiving to me and concludes that his experiment (involving this forum) failed.


      • Ok Coto, SEO has posted the link to rogue1’s blog. Yes, this is what he thinks of, not only me, but all of you. Check it out and understand who the disruptive force on Coto has been. It isn’t and never was Senor.

        Here’s just one and the latest posting from his rantings of a mad man. If you have the stomach for it, go read the rest at the link that SEO has posted. The only way this will end is exposing the creep because he will go on smearing all of us until his words are brought into the light of Coto.

        “Senor i should prob apologize for treating you like shit earlier just because a cyber brother had a beef……now u r here asking deep ?’s and he is……??? who knows, maybe getting kinky w/a Ouija Board.” ~camusrebel on September 22, 2013
        at 4:58 pm

        Hahahaha…Hows that for instantaneous head-snapping-change-omatic group-think? Another twatsnif. I love it…these sniveling pussyboys stab you in the back the second you leave the room….how much one learns as a fly on the wall. Aye?

        You are right, they have no ‘self-identity’ they are in deep Mob-think.
        Something neither of us could countenance even while in the influence mix.
        That ability to remain true to yourself is what makes the cut between mice and men.

        I am learning more in the aftermath than I ever expected.

        No, I’ll never make another comment there. But I will sure be writing about it on my own blog. And these stupid fucks have no idea that it is right there on WordPress open to the eyes of any Internet surfer. I’d bet people looking up Milgram are pretty liable to come across that thread, and some just might be interested in the “little experiment that failed”…Lol

        Coto is a circle jerk of gladhanding self-congratulations.

        So coto, how do you like him now? BTW, I have no idea who he is supposedly speaking to when he says “you are right” but I’m guessing the voices in his head.

        • Well, the Rogue apparently did us one good thing before leaving–he brought us Senor El Once over on a rampage, who turns out to be pretty likable.

          So he goes and has a hissy fit because we were unanimous in condemning his behavior here. I think he has left a trail of offended people just about wherever he has been. I wouldn’t worry about him. A shame though.

          If I get fed up with a website, I normally just leave and let the people enjoying it continue to enjoy it. If you’ve really been through the wringer, though, like many of us were at OEN, you’ll talk. The Net is a new phenomenon. I’m hesitant to judge people based on their Net behavior. Letter writing was slow and thoughtful, but carried the disadvantage that you could not see the reaction of the recipient, and had to wonder if their subsequent silence was offence or laziness. On the Net you shoot from your hip. In person, you would craft your reply to suit the slightly raised eyebrow, the tiny narrowing of the pupils. (Japanese is wonderful for putting the negations and verbal modifications at the end of the sentence, but the inevitable result is that it is much easier to please others, so that is what they do.)

          So what we see in each other on the Net would be concealed in person. I’m not entirely sure how I come across myself, but some have said super-polite. The first time I joined an Internet discussion group, I was accused of being a pedophile based on a misinterpretation of a statement out of context, because Yahoo groups posted the conversation in reverse order. But I am digressing. The mod had real problems. I heard she deleted the entire forum in a spasm of God-knows-what.

          • Pat, I agree with your assessment of Senor. I find him intelligent and not at all what HR painted him to be.

            As far as how you come across? Very knowledgeable and respectful. Polite? Of course but not to the point of being saccharine. In summation… you come across as very sincere and down to earth. You calls ’em like you sees ’em 😉

            I had to laugh when you said someone accused you of being a pedophile.. Geez. Things can be so misconstrued online. Especially when the order of your words are flip flopped.

          • Great post Pat! I won’t say too much about HR but I will say I’m disappointed with his display. Amoungst the folk here there is absolutely no excuse IMO and just asking for trouble. Just couldn’t let it go? I just don’t get it at all. ?!?

            ” On the Net you shoot from your hip. In person, you would craft your reply to suit the slightly raised eyebrow, the tiny narrowing of the pupils.”

            Perfectly put, the exact reason I don’t facebook, tweet or any shit like that.. Only post here my ‘real’ self apart from some random youtube comments. Yeah i’m pretty simple in my posts, my mind races a million miles an hour tho and I do find it hard to articulate my thoughts into words. I’m sure I come across as a child sometimes, lol, but I speak my mind without riddles.

            • but I speak my mind without riddles.

              Yes you do. That is an excellent trait Jay!

              • Haha yeah I do alittle, but there easy to work out or i’m riddling my own brain out.. lol

          • Dear Ms. Ormsby,

            Thank you for your nice words. Alas, according to hearsay through you-know-whom [2013-09-24], I may still have a “spookish” perception problem here to overcome.

            If I am a spook, then “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” As long as I remain respectful and make reasoned arguments, I ought to be tolerated. Trashing my arguments could be a very good thing, eh? This is exactly what I was saying to Mr. McKee (of Truth & Shadows) when, fresh on the heels of Mr. Albury Smith’s banishment and the first tour of Mr. A.Wright, “the exiled” [2012-01-25] parked his ass sideways not only in that forum but on top of my hobby-horse-du-jour (Dr. Wood). Once his ad hominem was castrated, he did manage to step up to the plate with well-written and (seemingly) reasonable arguments.

            If you want to call me “bat-shit crazy,” well, I guess I’ll cut right to the chase and cop my guilty plea right now. When deriding most of the focus of Truth & Shadows for being stuck in that 9/11 rut, damn if Ms. JerseyG didn’t peg me! To be fair, Truth & Shadows isn’t exclusively 9/11, and it is discussed fairly and objectively. The reason 9/11 comes up so much is that still to this day twelve years past, the lie of 9/11 is used to justify all sorts of heinous policies and is the root to so much evil. I mean, simple-minded me, if the veil of the 9/11 lies could be torn asunder, why we’d have reason to (a) get our military presence out of so many countries and invest in ourselves, (b) wear shoes while carrying box-cutters on planes without being groped, (c)_ oust the elected officials, the unelected bureaucracy, and the institutions that propagate evil in the world, and (d) maybe vote into place, say, the breaking up of a 50 state union into, say, five or more multi-state regions (COUNTRIES) of independence that come closer to the more perfect unions that human kind has been striving for. Imagine that! With the stroke of a vote, the CIA, FBI, DOD, Federal Reserve, Corporations as Individuals, etc. would be history!

            But I digress. The issue isn’t my (in)sanity but my alleged government associations.

            I’ve already explained why my IP addresses vary. If I post from work, it goes through whatever corporate IP address that my company’s IT algorithm choose. If I post from home, those IPs can change whenever I re-boot my modem (which happens a lot, because crazy paranoid me thinks “they” are messing with me, and spotty DSP is easy to accomplish.) Seems to me the first 3 (of 4) octets of work/home would remain somewhat consistent. Also, visits to Abuela can leave foreign IP addresses.

            Well, if I’m a spook, then I’m a bad one. My promotion of 9/11 neutron nuclear DEW is not something that reflects well on the government. I change my opinions and views when convincing evidence and arguments based on sound math and science prove the errors in my beliefs. Worst of all, my words and “feed my sheep” efforts [highlighting important things from news] are collected and go pretty far back [2003] when I first got the “mission from God” edict. It is a pretty deep rabbit hole that I DO ~NOT~ RECOMMEND anyone reading cover-to-cover, because it is repetitive, monotonous, and other negative adjectives that my detractors can provide. [I do not promote it or link to it (often), because (a) I want cyber-sleuths to get an “ah-ah” moment and think they have dirt on me when they stumble upon it and (b) I had a bad outing experience against an unethical and immoral agent who exploited knowledge thereof.] Although seemingly deep today, take any week long sampling and you’ll find (a) I generally only participated in one forum at a time, (b) I was practically never hit-and-run, (c) my posting length was excessive indicating thought and effort, and (d) my posting frequency was pretty pathetic, particularly if I were a spook paid-to-post.

            Spooks do ~not~ want their words preserved long-term. Because they support stilted positions with dubious tactics, this can cause future issues if googled upon later. [Might also prove them treasonous.] Off-hand personal details can be the most damning, when a cyber-sleuth discovers that their “credentials” got inexplicitly “upgraded” between forums over time indicating, if nothing else, a fondness to lie-just-a-little-wee-bit. Being paid-to-post, one could expect spooks to (a) be active in multiple forums at the same time, (b) make lots [and lots] of short postings [ka-ching, ka-ching]. It does not always serve a spook well to consistently use the same alias, or to openly associate aliases together, but Albury and Brian Good have.

            Granted, beliefs can be hard to change in any one. Outside the realm of spirituality or politics and inside the realm of science or events, however, (new) evidence and proper analysis ought to lead rational people to shift their understanding and beliefs. The spook, however, can’t. They are paid to defend a line. When each of their arguments is either thrashed or at least placed in doubt, instead of putting their “belief” into limbo, their new fallback arguments become weaker and weaker (if not lamer and lamer). When up against the ropes, they lash out with (sometimes overwhelming) vitriol and sometimes with immoral and unethical actions, which obviously doesn’t help their case but ~does~ possibly move towards the goal of unpreserving their words to help clear the slate for their next endeavors. As we see from the exiled, it affords an opportunity for revisionist-history.

            Personal experience, I’ve seen whole discussions crippled when an offending participant wasn’t just banned, but had all instances of their participation purged; couldn’t follow a damn thing any of the remainder was saying. I’ve seen spooks change on-site Google results so that their offending posts wouldn’t be listed. I’ve seen whole databases chock full of excellent 9/11 discussions get deleted under the guise of a database upgrade.

            Thankfully, I learned my lesson when I observed the first removal of a comment (and it wasn’t mine, either): “don’t trust the databases of others to preserve your words.” After my first carousel ride over the same territory, I learned that having a response already written wasn’t enough: “a GOTO link to start of the cycle” was more powerful than re-posting that response. Accurately quoting my opponents helped clarify what I was addressing, gave context even out-of-context (or when one-side was purged), and reduced the wiggle-room for lame denials “I never said that!”

            I can only hope that my lengthy exposition above (a) proves my level of “bat-shit craziness” while (b) disproving the charge of my “spookishness” [made by he-who-must-not-be-named in exile.]

            Full disclosure #1: I champion the nuggets of Truth from Dr. Wood (and maybe other disinfo sources), and not the whole looney basket. Dr. Wood’s book, aside from being a disinformation vehicle but with copious amounts of nuggets of Truth, has been an excellent test of the objectivity of 9/11 Truthers. Spooks can’t go there in detail, and certainly can’t rescue nuggets of Truth. Spooks be way way too eager to push the whole nugget cart back down the mine shaft and dynamite the rabbit hole entrance.

            Full disclosure #2: During my many moons of games on T&S with the “exiled”, he’d slink back to his hardly-subscribed-to thread on COTO and craft insults, lies, and malframed arguments that were so weak, he wouldn’t tolerate counter-arguments. I originally followed his links to set the record straight and be a voice to truth. Given his tainting of the waters against me, I didn’t expect to survive long here [but I knew I had other publishing venues, so the effort to write the words wasn’t wasted.] I have to admit feeling rather “gloating assholish” for his self-imposed exile [a step or two ahead of banishment] and for his vindictive stupidity that led to the purging of his hardly-subscribed-to COTO thread. Be that as it may, the venue may change, but not the MO: the new carousel that spins you all.


            • SEO…glad you had the opportunity to clear your name here. If you are an agent, than you did one helluva job of bringing all the coto members out in force and in total unity. Even Rady showed up and we haven’t heard from her in ages. Way to go Agent Senor El Once !

              Now that the truth be known about “he who will now remain nameless”, let’s let this thing die. He can write all the obscenities on his blog about each and every one of us (as he has done) for all eternity but Coto has held strong. He was the weakest link. Good riddance.

              Btw, only one person was ever banned from this blog and that was at the start up.

            • Hi all,
              Yes, good job SEO. I’ve been ‘there’ since the ‘beginning’ so I am well aware of how ‘his story’ has panned out. Nuggets? Ive always wondered, among other things how those hotspots were maintained with just a Sol Gel/ thermite cocktail.

              On a competely different COTO topic; I found this very interesting but very long but never boring ….. Mark Passio “What on earth is happening”


              • Hi Al… thanks for the video. Started watching this morning and as he already mentioned David Icke and Michael Tsarion as two of his “mentors” I’m sure I will enjoy listening to all 4 parts 🙂

                Will check out the rest after work.

  8. Thanks for the tune CR.. love it! That’s good old school rock that makes you wanna dance and jump around! And written by one of my all time favorite Jersey boys Bon Jovi 🙂

    As for mass.. how I hated going. I stopped sometime in high school too.. One sunday I got dragged back to mass. A very devout catholic friend stayed over my house. WHen we woke she insisted we go to mass. We rushed out of the door so fast because we got up late and by god she couldn’t miss mass or if she died, she’d go directly to hell! Well, we didn’t eat or drink anything, just rushed off to church. It was a sweltering, hot summer day and I passed out right there in the pew for the first and last time in my life. I was humiliated because they stuck me outside the church in the shade in a wooden chair. I never went back…………

  9. Classic Stories. Fodder for a George Carlin moment. Keep your minds open, options open, and watchawatchawatcha what’s going down all around US!

  10. Awesome article Boomer, beautifully presented. Pity Barb is not hanging around these days. Some great comments here… hehe CR thanks for the track..! Cool song, I did pump it LOUD the second time.. lol

    I was raised catholic too btw, roman. Argghh Luckily my mum refused to get me snipped.. lol Thx Mum!!! I think alot of my intuition comes from my mothers “mystical” side I’ll just say. As far as I can remember I always rejected any religious teachings, really felt like I was the only one in class who could see through the BS, same with politics, always rejected it and paid no attention because somehow deep inside I knew it was all theater and manipulation. These days I look to what I ignored for the same reasons. lol

  11. Ok dang you CR.. listened to that song about 15 times now while i’m sitting here in the middle of the day drinking shit loads of beer and smoking my ass off. Haha

  12. We are in the middle of harvest, so I just started wondering about Barbara and thinking I ought to check up on her blog. So she was COTO too! I arrived rather late at the party. Missed a lot of good people.

    I know next to nothing about New Age, but what little I hear strikes me as pompous bullshit. It should come of no surprise that the psychopaths will scramble to be the “chosen ones” in the culling; they sure do believe in their own superiority. They are the only ones that would enjoy survivorship, but I would not hold out much hope for them. They are parasites, dependent on the rest of us. They periodically get top heavy, and then come crashing down. A shame they always manage to leave plenty of “seed” for the next merry-go-round.

    Anyway, Ambrose Bierce (who was at Shiloh along with just about anyone else of note in that age, and later was either killed by Pancho Villa or fell into the Grand Canyon–no one will ever know) said that there was once a pessimist up in Heaven talking to God, lamenting that the optimists seemed to have all the luck. God replied,. “Take comfort, son, the optimist dies too.”

  13. Africom can be described as a “MALLing.” Unlike the Middle East, it will not be split and pounded with as much care. As the 3-9-6 continues to revolve in cycles of eight, the EM world amps up with each solar day.

    If time seems to be passing at an accelerated rate, do not be surprised. Thanks for putting my NASCO graph in there Boomer. There cannot be a transition to One World Order without the NAU. There are a few considerations in determining when our homeland event will occur.

    The Awakening, Occu-Pi, Disclosure, Limited Hangouts are in play like Camus mentions. All frequencies converging and we have tapped into each one from Vatican, DC, Tel-Aviv, NASA, NATO-OTAN and the United Nation of Lucis Trust.

    I posted the artwork from the UN in Orwellian style on the sides of big brother

    I had intended for big brother to seen as Maurice Strong. Do not forget that name COTO. Agenda 21 encompasses all of frequencies from A-Z, Alpha to Omega, Bluebeam to Zion.

    This a Barb Petersen at her best. She and Claudia are surely missed by me but their blogs remain in the CotoRoll.

    What this thread says to me is that we do not have to agree, fear or punish each other and we all have a view on the Holy Bible. It is not historical to me but entirely a revelation of a prophesy in revolution and we are evolving in it.

    Boomer, the Kenyan event was predicted and it obviously is a staged event. Africom, is no different from AmerCIA , in Oceania, EUropa, EURasia or the WOT zones of perpetual war which will provide the depopulation (1984=2022) Obama ushers in the Antichrist which is not for Xtians but for XXtians in a triple cross. That’s the kicker to how the enablers, agnostics and sheeple will come to know their realities. There will no longer be a need for armies and troops, it will be gladiator games in the Africom and ME theatre of the perpetual wars.

    Remember this?

    3-9-6 Drones are surveillance and kill, but more for entertainment for the reality of INGOC and the masses who worship the video gaming killing fields.
    The poor stooge that may have been erased in the raid, provided a preview of the neighbors you live with who will provide sons and daughters to play the games of of the Trust.

    As I posted in Question 47 Africom, Orwell was on target. And when GW Bush screamed ‘a Park in Botswana’ …. well, it was the trumpet for the ushering in of the antichrist.

    COTO does not have to believe, but know that they do? That’s why you should read 1984 and at least read the books of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelations. If not, you’ll have more difficulty for determining what happens next.

    Eyes on Nxai Pan Botswana, Ethiopia and Egypt

    A sword shall come upon Egypt, and anguish shall be in Cush, when the slain fall in Egypt, and her wealth is carried away, and her foundations are torn down. Cush, and Put, and Lud, and all Arabia, and Libya, and the people of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword. “Thus says the Lord: Those who support Egypt shall fall, and her proud might shall come down; from Migdol to Syene they shall fall within her by the sword, declares the Lord God. And they shall be desolated in the midst of desolated countries, and their cities shall be in the midst of cities that are laid waste. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I have set fire to Egypt, and all her helpers are broken. …

    Oh Odinga!

    Ezekiel 39:1-29 ESV

    “And you, son of man, prophesy against Gog and say, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. And I will turn you about and drive you forward, and bring you up from the uttermost parts of the north, and lead you against the mountains of Israel. Then I will strike your bow from your left hand, and will make your arrows drop out of your right hand. You shall fall on the mountains of Israel, you and all your hordes and the peoples who are with you. I will give you to birds of prey of every sort and to the beasts of the field to be devoured. You shall fall in the open field, for I have spoken, declares the Lord God. …

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