Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 16, 2013

Comedy-Tragedy: Farce Flag in D.C.

Laugh it up boys, your asses are in our sites.

Continually Updated: 7 Dead In Mass Shooting at Navy Yard; Doubts Over Additional Gunmen

Multiple victims shot in ‘gun free zone’

Paul Joseph Watson
September 16, 2013

AUGUST 26 2013

When truth is brought to light;

1. We will confirm chemical weapons to rebel alCIAda from Libya/Iraq via CIA in Benghazi-Gate

2. Michael Hastings – Whistleblower was going to expose Benghazi-gate weapons smuggling and Obama’s family in Muslim Brotherhood mafia.

4. False Flag will happen in USA involving chemical weapons, aircraft surface to air missile attacks or both.

5. Blamed on Iran and abetted by Homeland terror Iranian, Russian, Georgian and American terrorists.

7. Location of attacks are Minneapolis, Miami FL, Houston, Baltimore or DC.

8. ENMOD sites are Miami, FL and Los Angeles

I will take DC off the list and look to the remaining sites for more staged events. Baltimore, Minneapolis or Houston are the spots that correlate to ME antipodes hotspots.



  1. 12 dead at this time. Three people, perhaps FOUR were involved the police believe at this time.

    • Rollie Chance was falsely ID’d but this has Russia written over it. Tie in Syria Mediterranean US attack eminent. Ft. Hood MK-Ultra attackers. U.S. & Israel Paused but Ready to Strike Syrian Military Targets

      Turkey wants US to ready Syria “Plan B”

      • Russia is sending smart assed remarks this morning about the US and all our guns.

        They really want us disarmed because they know we will kill them all if they come over here.

        • Russian official blames Navy Yard shooting on ‘American exceptionalism’ _ Alexei Pushkov, head of the foreign affairs committee

          • That’s it. Sorry, didn’t have time to post it. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. lol

        • AP, how much do we bet on this event and it’s tie to Russian-Syrian matters. Time to thaw out the frozen psyops and wave the false flags of the old cold war. The American Exceptionalism will ultimately be the US Constitution, itself.

          • Not sure… I am holding comment for the moment on this. If this guy had a second helper, then it’s terrorism plain and simple, regardless of where it originated.

            But, given as much as Obama is under the microscope and how stupid Putin made him look… the Bear grabs every opportunity to come out on top over the Eagle to get the fish….

            The Russians are NOT the friendly nice guys they are made out to be. Putin is not some “World Leader” – he is a KGB Agent, trained to kill, be ruthless and ruin Capitalism….

            • The Great Milenko VS The Iron Sheikh

              That’s what I believe to be working here: Obama vs Putin may have the National Wrestling Alliance crowd thinking it’s a match but it’s a tag team by the NWO alliance. Putin’s happy to watch the US crater. He’s been waiting twenty years for this opportunity.

              Obama just want’s global meltdown and a depression and war will assure it. Financial experts agree now. BIS Banks see the Central moneychangers and FED preparing the final bubble. Only the military is safe from the collapse.

              I should qualify this by saying the NAVY and other armed forces are moving to their final destinations. You can take it as you will but the military movements will soon end and the positions will be permanent until the transition is over.

              • I do not entirely agree about the military. Obama has cut so many good men of late and instituted all kinds of bull crap on them that collapse might come sooner than we want to believe. Furthermore – unless each and every man and woman stands up to those giving illegal orders, then there is hardly a way out for them.

                • I agree there has to be some anarchy, revolution or revolt. Cui Bono? UN Peacekeepers, NATO drone and WMD in electromagnetic weapons. Anybody think the Pentagon wouldn’t use chemical weapons if we stormed over the moat? Catapults from TEAD would reign over the fruited plains.

  2. Staging Team – White House mass hypnosis press conference

    • Why don’t they just have a mannequin or ventriloquist dummy blurble out the canned and heartlessly insincere phrases d’lecto?

      Paraphrased for you all:
      “As this defecation moves forward…, we will do everything in our power to make sure ‘whoever’ , uhh, carried out this cowardly act, is held responsible. In the, in the meantime we send our thoughts (Nuke Syria!) and prayers to, all, at the Navy Yard who have been touched by this latest False Flag”….”We’ll be investigating thoroughly, and try to prevent them from happening”.

      They’re not very good at THAT are they?!

      Hey War Hawks! Go read all the comments on the threads at Infowars! Lots ‘o folks are PISSED for lots, and lots of really good reasons!

      1) Disarming military men and women on ‘military’ bases is now seen to be a seriously stupid and insane move! In case any policy-making crack heads have considered the scenario.
      2) Lots of folks “actually” consider drone bombings, the military’s use of Nuclear Bombs, DU, White Phosphorous, Agent Orange, etc. to be Illegal chemical weapons! You and your War-Hawk buddies latest hard-on to attack Syria (then Iran) is viewed by most “normal” people as a would-be Mass Terrorism Event.
      3) Quite a gigantic number of U.S. citizens and military foresee the “blowback”, the “Powder Keg” you would be lighting by starting another War on a sovereign nation. The insanity and inhumanity of it all is completely legible to most folks who can read and process. What’s you and yours problem?
      4) An AR-15 huh? Wasn’t that the gun all the gun-gomers like Feinstein, Bloomberg, yourself, Graham, and the rest of your ilk were all trying to ban just early this year? Yeah. We thought so.

      How “convenient”, as you’re setting their with egg on your face and your pants down from the recent “setbacks” on Syria. BenGhazi to you!

      I watched the “Bourne Legacy” last night. Just in that recent movie we see the idea, which has been a reality since the mid-1900’s possibly before, of mind-controlled slaves who perform their “programming” when set “off”.

      It is of course noted that Manchurian Candidates are in fact legitimate entities. Sheesh, Telefon, with Charles Bronson is probably 50 years old by now, so attempting to fool people by pretending they don’t exist — like Chemtrails! — just isn’t going to fly anymore!

      Awww, shoot! I hadn’t even read Puddy’s comment below, and he’s bringing up Telefon, and MK. SEE! The MK is out of the closet you queens!

  3. Hey Barry, you little runt, you armed this guy, just like you and your Bush Clinton syndicate armed every ‘Mind Controlled trigger happy stooge.

    Initial assessment: Pending the ID of this Delta-Theta trigger, it’s my guess that unlike Aurora and Sandy Hook, the Domestic Mind controllers may not have handled this one and it may be the Russian group. It’s Telefon and one of Putins triggers like Boston. If VA tech was Asian Monarck assassin, this one has KGB fingerprints. We will see.

  4. Navy Yard shooting: NBC, CBS quickly retract ID of suspect

    Rem Rieder, USA TODAY

    Once again, major news organizations have blundered on a huge crime story.

    NBC News and CBS News today identified a suspect in the carnage at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., then rapidly retracted the story.

    READ MORE: At least a dozen dead, more injured

    The embarrassing episode was reminiscent of similar overzealous reporting during the Boston Marathon massacre, when a number of news outlets prematurely reported that an arrest had been made.

    CBS and NBC reported what they said was the name of the suspect in today’s D.C. shooting. But very quickly they basically said, “Never mind.”

    At 12:58 p.m ET, Charlie Kaye of CBS took to Twitter to tweet, “BREAKING. @johnmillercbs advises the initial reports identifying the suspected shooter as Rollie Chance are wrong.”

    Seven minutes later, Chuck Todd, NBC’s chief White House correspondent, tweeted, “NBC News: we are now NOT reporting name of shooter; retracting that report. deleting those tweets.”

    Covering a complex and fast-moving story like the DC Navy Yard shooting, in which at least six people died, is always challenging and filled with misinformation. But that’s all the more reason to be extra careful not to ID someone as a mass murdered until the information is totally nailed down.


  5. Live updates: Alleged Navy Yard shooter identified as 34-year-old man,0,6137381.story

    WASHINGTON — Federal officials have identified the shooter allegedly responsible for killing 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard Monday as a 34-year-old man from Ft. Worth, Texas.

  6. UN inspectors, who visited the sites of chemical weapons attacks carried out near Damascus in August this year, came to the conclusion that warheads of these missiles could be either made at factory or handicraft.
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received UN inspectors’ report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and presented it to the UN Security Council.
    According to the report, the experts didn’t find warheads allegedly filled with nerve gas sarin.
    The UN experts believe that the way missiles’ remainders are scattered suggests that they could be launched from a multiple rocket launcher (MRL).
    The report says the experts don’t exclude the possibility of transporting material evidence of the chemical weapons attack to another place either immediately after the firing or before UN inspectors’ arrival.
    Voice of Russia, RIA
    Read more:

  7. Law Enforcement ID Suspect as Aaron Alexis | via @WGRZ


  8. Puddy, You might want to put this on the thread below, right under that photo of Kerry?

    • Stunning that he would admit it knowing that it would take months if not years to rig the bldg for demolition in order to pancake in the heart of lower Manhattan.

      • Well…Let’s just note that he brainfarted on this one, like some other Liars, media, DOD (Rumsfeld — “It was a missile…”), politicians.

        • How’d you like the Senate lockdown while the DC sites were open. Could those pussies be any more fearless?

          • Yeah, but Feinstein is probably concealed carrying, so she’s not “fearfu”. LOL!

  9. This is Classic too, about McCain. Note however, that you can’t access the Youtube video now because its been “terminated”. HaHaHa!!!

    They try really, really hard to “terminate” their lies and schemes when they’re caught out, but they can’t erase them all! Nope.

    We’ll just take it on “faith” that ALL, especially ALL of these politicians are LIARS to the nth degree. WE SEE YOU!

    • I hear that Twit Erin Burnett say “twelve innocent people” and I think how do they know they were innocent? One could have been a felon or guilty of something. Maybe something they did to this poor sap.
      They can’t give you anything but alpha linguistic trauma programming on CNN, nothing else. Constant droning, repetition and disinformation. I heard a hundred times it was three miles from the White House. Who gives a shit?

  10. Sorry to post so many in a row. But, I keep running across interesting stuff.

    Check this out! Again, this latest “shooting” was posted “ahead” of time?!

    “AP Reported Navy Attack Day Before It Happened!”

    If this is so, then theses cretins screw up the same way about every time.

  11. They can post a blank and edit it later but you never know if witnesses saw the entire real time post and not the Cache. Here’s the real news

    White House Firecrackers Incident Leads To Arrest

    WASHINGTON — The Secret Service has arrested a man for tossing firecrackers over a fence at the White House.

    [A federal law enforcement official says the shoeless man was immediately arrested Monday. An Associated Press photographer heard what sounded like two gunshots outside the White House. Three uniformed Secret Service officers arrested a middle-aged man. The man was white, with dark hair, a blue shirt and white shorts. His white shoes lay on the ground near where the officer tackled him.]

    Finally, some REAL NEWS!!! ….hey, Isn’t that Dick Morris?

  12. I have mentioned several times that I believe WWIII will focus on Pakistan India and China as a theater for western intervention. I still believe Pakistan is the most volitile nation. Even more than Iran or North korea. This is where we should be concerned.

    India tests nuclear capable missile with range as far as Beijing

  13. VIDEO: Syria CW attack scene may have been manipulated, UN report says [UN inspectors who investigated the August 21 chemical weapons attack in Syria say that suspicious individuals have traveled to the attack sites before the UN team. ]

    Good Report from PressTV

  14. Check out this video interview of the gunman/patsy’s roommate. Of course, everybody’s STUNNED, and the guy has zero history of being a possible threat to anyone. These MK “victims” are never some prison material with a rap sheet a mile long. I wonder why they select them this way? So they “could be anybody” as a lone wolf, or individual that just “snaps”? Its quite unbelievable after the string of “snappers” they’ve foisted on the public in the last few years. Starting with the Batman “shooter”…

    The “interviewer” always sounds the same. Mildly surprised, same platitudes. Rather like Mr. Obama’s milquetoast snews conference on the subject linked to upthread. I expect Willy Loman / Scott Creighton will tear this one apart as he is wont to do. He’s pretty good at it. Must have the time for it.

    • Others said he was gentle and quiet as a waiter at a Thai restaurant where he worked. No doubt they got him into the ‘program’

      • Early on, about 10am, I heard some talk on radio about possible multiple shooters. Went online and google news brought up a headline talking about “3 shooters”. As any good Cotolander would, I had a sneaking suspicion this would soon be soon be reduced to our good ol’ “lone gunman” so I copied the page. Within 15 minutes same search brought up almost identical headline except now it was “2 shooters”. Copied that as well. We all know how they use “confusion of the moment” to retroactively retract what they want cleansed from the record.

        There was plenty of talk about a white guy in khaki military dress with a beret and a black guy “with white sideburns” in olive military dress. Never heard of Rollie Chance as I quit paying attention before noon. Did hear some guy on radio who fled building talk about running past his bosses office and seeing her (dead) on the floor.

        IMHO something big went down along the lines of White Hat vs. Black Hat. This was inter agency warfare. Maybe some heroes just put the kabosh on a nuke false flag….we will never know. If we cant get all the real facts about Boston, SHook or Auroura…this bitch will be spun so bad and cleaned up to the bastards liking so completely in a week it may never have happened at all.

  15. it kinda reminds me of a shootout in the congressional parking lot a few years back. buried quick and deep.

  16. Gee, what is it about being a part of a mass shooting that makes everyone so happy? Oh and yea, it seems there was another drill a few days prior to this one. Notice in the first take, the guy on the right has no tag around his neck, in the second..tag. That’s interesting.

  17. Cue the “Gun Grabbers”. Which only goes to show their screwed up logic. Every FF, and this one at a Navy Yard (we naturally think “high security”, but now know to think, Gun Free Zone), reveals that when NOBODY ELSE HAS GUNS, EVERYBODY IS AT RISK! As the saying goes, “it takes a good guy with a gun to take down a bad guy with a gun”.

    So this “event” again proves that no matter how many billions and trillions are spent on “security”, and disarming the sheeple, NOBODY is really safe and secure. At least they have a chance when they are armed.

    Defenseless is for the dead.

  18. I ain’t worried about the Russians, the Iranians, or even Muslim Extremists. Am I worried about Al Queda? Only to the degree that they are funded, trained, organized, and inspired by manipulating “Western” and Israeli powers.

    I am most worried about the traitorous enemy who is already in our midst within our gates and in leadership positions. Their status quo in cash flow and prestige is dependent on them being very hawkish and paranoid (against targeted foreigners). Their pockets get lined by those industries that profit from such heightened states of security.


    • I concur yet I would add american sheeple who readily partake of Big Pharma candy stores and play hours of video games and have had some military time. Al-CIAda and American LoneWolves.

  19. So True. I hope people everywhere are starting to realize how this mafia rolls. It is rather Obvious now, to those who have been watching. We can practically predict the rhetoric, the ploys and gambits, the corporations and agencies getting funded and fueled to bloat some more on profits of murder and wretchedness. This is an ugly, ugly game these creatures are operating, and it will most likely require a cynical and focused response by humanity to cleanse itself of this cancer.

  20. Ozwaldworld

    One Gunman – 9
    Second Shooter – 0

  21. They can’t sew a False Flag back together again once it falls apart…

    • So there is (another?) gun control love fest on cspan, “press conference” where an endless stream of family members of the shot down parade forth with tears and determined pleas…many (at least 3 were from Colorado… was carried live, wed, 9/18….barely 48 hours after navy yard……………………….just reporting….u make inferences……………CR out

  22. Nothing was so blatantly planned than Pator Conman Rick Warren going on Piers MI6 Morgan and trashing the supposed supplier of the gun that killed their son. Funny as he supposedly committed suicide. I think he was whacked and the gun was a CIA special serial scratchout. If their son truly committed cide, then he probably did because he knew his daddy was an agent for the NWO and is fleecing his flocks with talk of disarming, kowtowing to the authorities and taking our meds like gods good little children. I always pegged him for an administrator. And Morgan, well he’s as advertised.
    Rumors are his young new wife is ready to dump his ass. Better put him on suicide watch.

  23. Saw some interesting looking traffic here @00:45 09/17/2013
    Can I post images here?

    ( )

    I also find it interesting that a defense contractor complained of microwave harassment just over a month prior to a mass murder event…

    Sure, he just could have been crazy, but one would have to be a bit unbalanced (or horribly uninformed) to believe such a thing is impossible…

  24. Hi buck. I think the poor man really was being attacked by microwave weapons. He was hearing voices but they didn’t come from within. As PD says, he was in the “program.” Duff lays out quite well on the Mike Harris show how ludicrous the “official” story is same as 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing and all the other ff that have preceded it..

    Scroll down to the 9/17/13 show w/Duff and start listening at 25:45.(a little less than halfway through the show)

    PS: thanks for the printscreen of the visitors. What are your thoughts on the repeat visitors?

  25. Farce Update:

  26. Puddy, you said you’d look to other sites for antipodes, “staged” events. Here’s one now:

    “More than 24 hours after Qaida-linked attack || Gunfire erupts at beseiged Kenya mall as more security personnel enter”.

    “An Israeli source in Nairobi said all Israelis who were in the mall at the time of the attack had made it out safely, with the last three rescued overnight”.

    I guess they’re just “lucky”, aye?

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