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Rabbit Trails, Wacky Attacks, and Logical Conclusions

I See You Eagle

Stratfor has been cited by media such as CNN, Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times and the BBC as an authority on strategic and tactical intelligence issues.[3] Barron’s once referred to it as “The Shadow CIA”.[4]

Yeah, sure. And, Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize by an elite Club. For reasons.

Strategic Forecasting, Inc., more commonly known as Stratfor, is a global intelligence company founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, by George Friedman {Zionist perhaps?} who is the chief intelligence officer, and CEO of the company. Fred Burton is Stratfor’s Vice President of Intelligence.

What’s Stratfor saying lately about important issues and events? Since they’ve been proclaimed by MSM spinsters as an “authority on strategic intelligence and tactical issues”, WE wanna know?

Well, in this piece — — they utter this Obvious absurdity, “Obama is an outstanding politician and he knows he is in quicksand”.

Obama, the teleprompter reading nincompoop is an outstanding politician? These “intelligence and tactical “authorities” sure know how to pick their timing don’t they? The part about the quicksand is not so absurd.

This Stratfor piece was gleaned from Prison Planet at

I smell an agenda at Stratfor, and perhaps at Prison Planet for hoisting this “authority” hokum.

We should counter the Stratfor mumblegum with at least somebody else’s thoughts on the subject, who IS an authority on these matters, as an insider, as a thoughtful writer, and as a soul with a soul and a sense of smell to smell stink when its stinking up the place. Try him —

Any number of writers have been commenting on these issues of our days/daze on the alt-net media platform. Recently, Mr. PCR began addressing the current pResident with a new nom de’guerre — “Why is the obama Regime so desperate to commit a war crime despite the warnings delivered to the White House Fool two days ago by the most important countries in the world at the G20 Summit?” From his post —

Anyways, nobody’s “All That”, but some tell it “more like it IS” in comparison to the familiar group that continues to “tell us like it ISN’T”, exactly opposite like it “IS”. Yep. we’ve devolved to what the meaning of “is” is. That’s where they want to take us all. The idiot room.

Perhaps you readers out there would like to offer up some of the weird and wacky stuff you come across? Maybe there’s some country somebody wants to bomb because they’ve been using the wrong kind of perfume? Its our job to point this out. Satire sits on irony all day long. Let’s ride it!

“Are The Real Enemies In Syria Or Washington?” — Brandon Smith / Alt-Market /

Another Prison Planet offering, by another writer. Its best WE read around to form our opinions.



  1. Stratfor.. What is the name of the girl from Stratfor that now works for AJ? Wonder if she is still working there? PCR’s articles are always dead on.

    This one caught my eye:

    I especially like these paragraphs:

    AIPAC looks like it will also take a beating as their looking out for Israel’s interest above America’s is becoming more widely understood for what it is…treason. We may see the next round of Congressional elections where being funded by AIPAC will actually taint a candidate, and it should. They don’t give their money out without a contract that the candidate is giving their vote to the Lobby on their key issues, a shame on Congress as an institution, and on the country as a whole.

    New Congressional candidates could make demands for a new investigation of AIPAC and why American law enforcement never breaks up Israeli espionage networks a major campaign issue. Maybe the voters will wise up and make it one themselves.

    Israeli espionage is now a major concern among the military people. Their new interest is due to what they have been able to learn on the internet and through the declassified archives that are getting passed around more.

    Our Intelligence community has also taken a big hit here, not only among the people but fellow retired professionals. America’s teaming up with the Saudi and Qatari funded terror brigades does not go down well with them. They see no real national security issue to justify this outrage.

    Some of the public thinks that damaging the country may be their goal, to create another generation of terrorists who will keep the counter Intel people regularly employed until their old age checks kick in. I have never seen this discussed so openly before.

    For the first time I can honestly say I really do see light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is, is it too late ? I say no… NO!!

    • Israel the whore, waits in luxury for Magog. The people wait for something else.

      The next wave of Saudi-Iranian and other khazar butchers will moot boots on the ground for a little while longer. Must we have another Pearl?

      Biblical: Beast from the earth. Putin will talk, so will Soetoro, the two horns. Gematria for jews. Time of the trumpets and the The fifth seal is exposed. The we get those strange sounds from the night sky.
      Comet passes and then the big quake.


  2. It was Ms. Molly Moroney Deb ;

    Another issue is who this Leann McAdoo is, as well. AJ – Infowars – Stratfor – In-Q-Tel (what a profit haven)

    In my final analysis the tag team of Putin-Obama (the lovers) will be exposed. Unfortunately it will after they have rung the final death knell for America. So be it. I like Teepee living.

    How this cointel and the event works is like I have discussed and coined “Approaching Midnight the 180th degree”

    This was only a snippet of the three hundred page manifesto I was working on in 2004.

    [The rumor is that American intelligence never really had a grasp on the Soviet Financial Situation until a few years before the collapse. Thanks to the black markets and X factors that allow private ventures and financing to fly under the radar. It’s a murky undertaking and requires serious forensic accounting. But the Nixon, Carter and Reagan admins must have known the economic climate in Russia was drought. Sure, they had connections with Gorbechev, Yeltsin and Perestroika and Glasnost aided the effort to realize the true situation emerging in Russia. Years of failed policies in trade, limited manufacturing for trade and focus on arms race and the Vietnam and Afghan war costs. These factors forced cutbacks in aid to other communist countries such as Cuba, Poland and Hungary. Maybe it was all Charlie Wilson’s doing that broke the camels back.

    Nonetheless, the fall of the Soviet Union solidified the start of the chain of events that could have been foreseen by a talented eighth grader. The collapse of communism opened the door for a rush of Zionist Mafia based crime figures to move in and disect the state run operations, fully form the largest black market drug and weapon trade and promote the largest human trafficking business in history. Of all the moral blight we see universally nothing is more disturbing to me than the huge child sex slave business. The numbers in Russia alone may be 5-6 million enslaved and that doesn’t include the trafficking to other countries. It is estimated that five thousand Russian Mafia live in the US and Canada.

    It is somewhat reminiscent of American progress from slavery, to crime bosses, corruption and government failure. And yet we find ourselves heading for financial ruin, depression and the likelihood of another administration that will sell us out further in a war state scenario and welfare dependent country while we continue to pay out aid to democratic or sympathetic governments like Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Colombia.

    Watch closely we are almost at the midnight hour. ]

    This snippet was only a few pages at the end of the manuscript that disappeared from my home in Florida in 2005.

    This scam has Obama taking the leadership role competing with Putin. American Exceptionalism in the throes of disclosure. Who’s kidding who. The Khazars, AIPAC and DVD are watching empire crumble on the limited hangouts of a syphilitic winki-leak. The NSA, SNOWDEN, FOIA, bleeding added to the sick dick that is American Exceptionalism. By the time we have our fall, like the Soviet Iron Curtain, this American Plastic shower curtain will fall and Norman Bates will be wielding a long knife. They’d like to suck more out of us but this train has a schedule.

    Assad’s Syria “IS” America. This is the plot exposed. The uh-huh moment when the game is all but over. This scheme was exposed for me just after the Soviet Fall. It was not confirmed until the fifth estate in 2008 and the Barry Phenomenon began to unveil itself. After all the springs and mounting evidence of collusion, then comes Syria like the sixth game of Spasky-Fischer the Queens Gambit is the Levant Gambit. Not like Putin wasn’t waiting in the wings for this move. From Kosovo to Libya, Russia’s KBG prince Putin has waited to rise to the occasion of our fall. Payback to the Reagan – Wanta team that ended his career and his beloved Mafia.

    He’ll provide plenty of gamesmanship for the committee and aid in bankrupting our bankruptcy. He’s happy to be in the committee working with Soetoro and the team. The Twelvers Midnight in Syria, then on to Lebanon and off to Africa. After Levant though, we will be a post-exceptional has-been and begging for new world order charity. The 180.

    I am happy to be an exceptional critic of American Exceptionalism for most of my life. I understand Risk, Monopoly and played quite a bit of Chess. The games within the game. Brzezinski, you fucker, the (five seas war) will do us in.

    “Satire sits on irony all day long. Let’s ride it!” good one Boomer. Get that foot better and let’s grab a few pony’s and ride off.

  3. Pulled the trigger I see, JG. Some experiments belong in the toilet, and get flushed. I hope there’s no bad feelings. Just a waste of my time and brain cells. Perhaps there’s an “alternate reality” thread where stuff can play out for all its worth, and those who stroll into the bar can drink up or walk out?

    Perhaps. I think I’ll just drive on by that joint.

    • Exactly, Boomer. His little experiment was a big fail. Free speech is one thing. Verbal abuse is another. I don’t think anyone here would stand for a friend or relative behaving that way in their home. We’re not just any blog. We’re a group of friends that meet to share our thoughts. Coto is our home on the internet. Was removing that post censorship? no. It was done to preserve the integrity of coto. Verbal abuse as witnessed yesterday will no longer be tolerated. It shouldn’t be…not by any of us. Not in our home.

  4. WTF people ? Veritable and boomers posts are only error messages. Fill Me in.


    • It wasn’t me !!!

  5. Israel’s Chemical Weapons Stockpile Highlights Western Hypocrisy -Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    Kerry: Without progress in talks Israel will be boycotted

    Iran suspected of giving Libya shells for chemical weapons in 2011

    Stinks. getting your ducks in a row makes for a great shooting arcade though. Israel setup. Save Obama’s facebook. Putin knock out.

    Snowden leaks U.S. official (the official photo)

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