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2 Million Bikers Ride to D.C. on 9/11 Anniversary

ROAD WARRIORS!!! 2 Million Bikers Ride to DC on 9/11

2 Million Bikers Ride to D.C. for 9/11 Tribute

2 Million Bikers Ride to D.C. for 9/11 Tribute

“Executive Branch leaders have killed, wounded and made homeless well over 20 million human beings in the last 50 years, mostly civilians”. By Fred Branfman /
June 26, 2013

The following article is perhaps one of the Most Important descriptions of “American Deeds Done in the Dark” of state secrecy and official Lies as you will ever read. Do read it through to the end.

Beginning with the savagery of the Indian Wars and the “romantic” notions of Cowboys fighting Indians as written in novels and cinema — Mass Delusion has reigned. As a quick history of War-Making is recounted here for readers, the Mystery most miss will “Jump” out at You! The Truth & Reality will SLAP You in the face! If you have any soul whatsoever, you will understand why America is where it is this very day. Please read this, and share it…




    • Now that is one BIG pile of scooter-trash !

      • Even under two million sets of leather chaps, the stink aint as bad as 911 and the official story, eh? I hope to see more footage on this Boomerang. I’d like to get them to chase the local roaches out like the Wild Ones did. It’s nice to dream.

        • LOVE it! Nice post Boom. The Wild Ones, one of brando’s best films. Or maybe I just like those rebel types. Yea, that is a very nice dream PD.

      • I was there doing that in one of my past incarnations. My ride changed from two wheels to three and a set of wings but that was a day. That’ll clog things up good.

      • yes, Korny, trash is right. I was there. These are virulent ANTI-TRUTHERS. The only reason they decided to have a “memorial” ride was because they heard about a planned “Million Muslim March Against Fear”…they came with their tiny closed minds lookin for some rag heads to stomp, yee-ha!!

        The “march” was very poorly attended and the agitators easily outnumbered any muslims. I’d say there were about 8 or 9 Muslims, maybe 10 of us truthers about 20 wacked out “Christians”…….this was on the National Mall so not too many bikers but the ones I did offer literature to were knucle draggers of the worst kind. W. Tarpley spoke, Colonel West, it was hot as a bitch and I bailed before the march….its prob just wrapping up….hope the heat dont cause tensions to fry in those turned off pea brains.

        • Thanks for the eyewitness report CR. I didnt’ know anything of this until Boomer posted this and I thought they were riding for 9/11 truth. I just read up on this late last night. You’re right, they aren’t 9/11 truthers at all but muslim haters who think arabs were the perps that masterminded the plot. Knuckle draggers would fit their description.

  2. Little email I sent to the local rag. Don’t expect anything of it but what the hey.
    Thanks – here is a copy of the letter you submitted to Toronto Star:

    For shame that our representatives would even consider enjoining this criminal venture. The first victim of this is the truth that’s not being told.
    This has nothing to do with crossing any “RED LINES”. This is nothing more than a geopolitical ploy by the main players to maintain their position of power and control.
    On the grand chessboard, those that hold the reins would gamble it all. This is a time of Biblical proportions that we, the meek are left out of the arbitration for our very lives and livelihoods.
    Syria is a crossroads, both literally and figuratively in the fact that it’s a playoff to see who’ll put their proposed gas pipelines through to the Mediterranean.
    They have no regard that they’ll be offering up the sacrifice of millions to Moloch to satiate their thirst of greed.

    • Succinct V. Assad is a Molk in Levant. Obama a molk in Egypt and I heard Rand Paul (president 2016) and he’s a Khazar Turk Molk.
      They are all scabs on a festering gangrenous necrosis, that is government.

      The thought of Rand Paul as an answer to Bush or Obama makes my stomach sour as it would for Hillary. I’ll never make it here through 2016. The sickening swill of a speech from Soetoro is even less vomitous than the pundits talking “the pause.” What a flagrant left-right scam we are witnessing to boots on the ground versus an invasion wave of the next hoard of Saudi-Iraqi butchers they have in the wings.

      We are being played like a cheap fiddle with a bow strung by the guts of kids. The only foaming of the mouth in the last two years are the khazar butcher psychopaths who have infiltrated every viable position of reason and honor.

      • True Observations Puddy. Go look at the “Breakfast in America” album cover posted near the top and right at That goes a long way back, but appears to be quite obvious that someone went out of their way back then to make a 9/11 out of it.

        Bunch of articles there too, including a PCR piece.

        • I saw the Rense Supertramp post. Thanks.

          I think it’s very important for people to understand the Vortex. 3-9-6 is no joke or passing fancy. It’s going to eventually explain it all from ET to the Bible Code. It is where Tesla met GOD and everything changed. (for him)

          When he died penniless, he was richer than 99% of the people that have come after him. We will know this soon Boomer, my friend.

          Now to my other friend, Rogue, Don’t let the Maxitwat get the best of you, lest you end up with a large maxipad to sop up the infection. Let’s let the healing happen and not fall into Cinderfella’s syndrome.

          We know like, the vortex, the truth on JFK and 911 are scattered from Alpha to Omega and their are a thousand ways to die under WMD. On the Anniversary, it would be something if we can all KNOW what it was not and agree on that tonight.

          • You’re confusing the readers. Use the SEO alias that I use here or a variation thereof. For you to be bantering about a derogatory variation of something else reflects double poorly for allowing the confusion and the unsupportable derision.

            And as much as I know you don’t like thinking about me, for the little bit that you have, ask yourself if you got your impression about me from explicitly what **I** wrote here (or in other places where you’ve chanced upon me)? Or did you get it from many uncharacteristicly unhinged dire warning from an otherwise stalwart & “wise” COTO regular who may have tainted the waters?

            Look on the right-hand side to find my articles and my comments underneath. Make your true impression from the source. I’m a one-trick 9/11 pony rider for sure, but that doesn’t make me all bad or worthy of the persistent PR campaign that slaps the COTO ROE in the face.


            • You will have to follow him elsewhere. I’ll be glad to see you go Maximus pain in the Assus.

              • Dear Mr. Dunne,

                Other than addressing you with “dear”, what have I ever done or said to you that would give you such an impression? Specific URLs, please.

                Now if it turns out that you are referencing the ruckus stirred up by Mr. Rogue over my activity here, put that into perspective with regards to who manufactured what, who hyped what, who was setting off back-channel alarms, who led the charge to have me moderated and contained (at the onset) for the dastardly things I was expected to say: all of which upon inspection was not exhibited by me. But if you disagree, specific URLs, please.

                That way I will know what I should reflect upon and possibly make public apologies for.

                And if there is more to your side of the story for me giving you aches in your glutious maximus (e.g., hot-and-heavy off-list COTO committee meetings), please share the details so that I can publicly apologize for that hardship, too.


  3. Good letter V. Hope you get some responses from the readers. You may have to explain to them about Moloch though 😉

    • Anyone that starts conversation with”DUH” don’t read letters to the editor. The rest can find it online readily enough.

  4. That’s funny V — chuckle at the “duh” lead in.

    “WWIII is on the horizon and your friends at JoyCamp have the scoop on what we can expect to go down.” Don’t miss it!! Total hoot! – Zen Gardner

  5. Is Assad Being Tricked Into Sacrificing Syria?


    Played like fiddles. This has nowhere to go but breaking bad. ‘The Pause’ will be only the time it takes to rally the hope for this scam. In reality this is the same scam played on the Soviets during Cold war-Afghanistan. We will go belly up soon enough. The Soviets were stretched beyond the means to hold it together. We are even worse off than they were. It’s going to be easy from this point on with the complexity of this trust. The New World Order rises from the burned ashes of the Phoenix. After all the empire building a great fire. Putin gets his revenge and the committee is the Phoenix. They intend on setting fire to themselves. That you can take to the bank in lieu of money.

  6. Wow… a long way from EASY RIDER to this spectacle!!

    These guys coulda run all the red necks outta Georgia!

    I’d like to see them run all the psycho politicians out of DC.



  7. Russia submits proof of use of chemical weapons by militants in Syria to UN Security Council

    NSA regularly shares US intelligence data with Israel – new Snowden leak

    US insists on resignation of Bashar al-Assad – State Department

  8. What will make or break the United States of America is the truth about 9/11, not its monetary policy, fiscal irresponsibility, lack of transparency, crony capitalistic economy, its inability to protect its citizenry, or even its brutal foreign policy. The truth about what transpired on 11 September 2001 will decide the fate of the United States of America. Everything else is secondary.

    I. Truth and Lies of 9/11

    On 9/11 the world changed. Not because the attacks on the United States were unique, since there have been many documented cases of false flag operations throughout history. The world changed because we forfeited the freedom of generations to come to obtain a delusional sense of security from an institution, an institution that has begun multiple wars of aggression, incurring trillions of dollars of debt and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in the process.

    This same institution was then allowed to investigate itself for its inability to protect its citizens from an attack that has been the catalyst for a tremendous amount of misery across the globe.

    This investigation, which cost only a fraction of what some of the most insignificant government investigations have previously cost, resulted in a report that did not even conclusively link Osama Bin Laden to the terror attacks, let alone answer the questions posed by the families of its victims. So why was such an inadequate document as the 9/11 Commission Report ever produced?

    The reason that corporations like the United States of America even bother to release “official” documents so full of holes that you could fly a plane through them, is because by doing so every branch of government must regurgitate this “official” story. This means that our schools become indoctrination centers established for the proliferation of war. The 9/11 Commission was established, and its report published, to protect those in power and to maintain the status quo.


    • Please put “quote” marks around the quotes for us HR1. I went to the link, and see what you copied here. We appreciate your insights, so I wish to have you highlight what’s Yours & Theirs that you have shared with us.

      There’s been quite a bit of educated and thoughtful commentary on the OBVIOUS 9/11 Reichstag conflaration. The evidence is far more than enough to BURN the perpetraitors Bush, Jr./Snr. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Feith, Giuliani, Chertoff, Dov Zacheim, Silverstien, and all the other Franken “Steins” behind the “BURNING MAN!” which was 9/11. CUE THE Obomya Adminstration!Dog Poet’s missives, to Dave Hodges missives, to Paul Craig Robert’s missives, and on & on through the Alt-Net Blogosphere WE see ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT ALL THE ADMINISTRATIVE FUCKERS, Dual Citizens, and CONgress Creatures with Blood on their Hands and Black in their Bank Balances!


      Cue the 9/11 Moto-Riders! FREEDOM RIDES WITH THE WIND IN ITS FACE — and you have no part in it…

    • It’s the 1984 Orwellian signatures that make it so clear. It’s like beyond Thunderdome that a million Bikers can travel across the country yet they cannot see. Virtual reality creeps in

      • Great song, great album. 🙂



  11. So now the question of context arises…

    What are the two million bikers in DC for?

    9/11 Truth? Uhhh…why do I doubt this?

    Because they don’t want war with Syria?

    OR__ because IT’S PATRIOT DAY!! And they are there to sing Gawd Bless Merkah!!

    Seriously. Does anyone know the answer? Or is there a Door #4?


    • Are you kvetching at their motive for riding? They’re “Protesting” in the form they prefer. An assumption of course.

      It seems like a good idea to ride? Does it matter? If we all decide to have a National “SICK” Day, as in “I’m sick of this shit, and I’m going to stay home and talk to my family about the sick shit that the bastards are working on us?”, and THEN — nobody feeds the beast for a day? Maybe it starts to extend out? Fuck Em?! Maybe WE don’t ride? Maybe WE just STAY AT HOME? Turn off the TV, and get on the computer, and get EDUCATED? I see all kinds of avenues…Anything is an improvement on the Committee Programming!

      Damn! I’m SICK of the Committee programming! Screw McCain, Obama, Kerry, and every other dual citizen MFker that appears on MFKr-owned MSM channels. Turn THAT ZIONSKY PLANET’S channel OFF!

  12. What’s clear is that were not granted a permit to assemble. They must have a strong truth contingent but the MSM will say they are racist lone wolves with terror on their agenda. That’s the story.

  13. Camus said it all. Just racist showboaters wasting gas and taxpayer money. Go to South Dakota boys, whoo hoo!

  14. Global Cooling or Global Warming, Which is it?

    Answer: Neither, it’s global fraud and the next bank ponzi scheme.

    • Patrick…do me a favor? Check your email. I’ve sent you two. Thanks.

  15. Congressman Promises to Hold Chemtrail Hearing

    (DailySheeple) – Representative Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) has recently promised to hold a hearing to investigate whether or not there is a secret program to spray a chemical soup of heavy metals and other toxins — better known as ‘chemtrails’ — into the skies above America without disclosure to the American people.

    While an airplane contrail fades and disappears behind the plane after just a few minutes, chemtrails do not disappear like the typical vapor trails do. Instead, chemtrails, typically found to contain heavy metals such as barium and aluminum, spread out and hang in the air for hours before settling as a murky haze on the horizon. Many people have attributed illnesses, including everything from asthma to Morgellons disease, to the chemtrail phenomenon.

    While fellow Republicans have dubbed Rep. Bentivolio ‘Krazy Kerry’ for telling his constituents he will call meetings such as this one, Bentivolio made the promise at an Aug. 21 town hall:

    “We’ll bring in some Air Force folks right here in our district. We can have an oversight reform committee hearing right here and we’ll investigate,” said Bentivolio in response to an audience question. “I’d like to find out about it too.”

    According to the online publication Deadline Detroit, “Chemtrails, like FEMA is building concentration camps, vaccines cause autism, juice boxes make you gay, and 9/11 was a government plot, is one of those paranoid claims that can be believed only if you’re an idiot”. Deadline Detroit writer Jeff Wattrick expounds on his astute observations:

    The chemtrail theory, for those of you who don’t speak crazy, asserts that some nefarious force (the government, the Trilaterial Commission, the Bildeberger Group, the communists, the bankers, corporate interests, or possibly all of them together) have spiked jet plane contrails — airplane exhaust, in lay terms — with chemicals designed to do, well, something. And it’s bad. Scientists have thoroughly and repeatedly debunked this theory, but it persists because maybe all the scientists are part of the conspiracy. Of course, they are.

    Opinions aside, scientists all across the globe have openly and repeatedly called for aerosols to be sprayed in the air under the guise of geoengineering — a supposed plan to save the Earth from anthropogenic global warming.

    According to Reuters, “Geo-engineering options include adding sun-reflecting chemicals to the upper atmosphere to mimic the effect of big volcanic eruptions that mask the sun.” A study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters last year found, “The development of new, specialized aircraft appeared to be the cheapest option” to deliver a million tonnes of sunlight-dimming sulfates into the upper atmosphere for roughly $5 billion a year. Billionaire Bill Gates is even financially backing his own geoengineering initiatives and lobbying for wide-scale geoengineering projects.

    Further, a 2008 KSLA news investigation revealed heavy metals detected in high altitude chemtrails included lead, barium and arsenic among other potentially toxic substances; KSLA found test samples included more than six times the toxic level of Barium than what has been set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    In other words, the idea of using planes to spray heavy metals and chemicals into the air to manipulate the weather is not fiction or a conspiracy theory. In fact, the U.S. government has been working on weather manipulation with cloud seeding since at least the early ’60s with Project Stormfury. More recently, the Central Intelligence Agency signed to the tune of $630,000 for a geoengineering study that would include, “solar radiation management — a fancy term for pumping particles into the stratosphere to reflect incoming sunlight away from the planet.”

    It looks like ‘Krazy Kerry’ isn’t so crazy after all.

    To say geoengineering is a conspiracy theory is just silly at this point considering the overwhelming evidence this is already going on over our heads as we speak. None of us are being told where and when it is happening, nor are the full health risks of tinkering with our environment and the air we breathe being divulged to us even though we have every right to know.

    Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media. Wake the flock up!

  16. “BOOM!”


    “Living On Borrowed Time”, Kirwan gets into past confrontations with Diane Feinstein, and current Events — READ IT!

  17. Lab grown brain to open doors for disease research -Reuters

    Quick call Weiner, Kerry and Congress. Tell them there is hope.

  18. Camus Rebel 9/11/13 ~ “yes, Korny, trash is right. I was there. These are virulent ANTI-TRUTHERS. The only reason they decided to have a “memorial” ride was because they heard about a planned “Million Muslim March Against Fear”…they came with their tiny closed minds lookin for some rag heads to stomp, yee-ha!!

    The “march” was very poorly attended and the agitators easily outnumbered any muslims. I’d say there were about 8 or 9 Muslims, maybe 10 of us truthers about 20 wacked out “Christians”…….this was on the National Mall so not too many bikers but the ones I did offer literature to were knucle draggers of the worst kind. W. Tarpley spoke, Colonel West, it was hot as a bitch and I bailed before the march….its prob just wrapping up….hope the heat dont cause tensions to fry in those turned off pea brains”.

    This take puts a different “spin” on the motor biking gang does it not? Motives are always paramount. Does anybody have any youtube interview evidence of these bikers stating why they’re riding? It would be helpful to get a general idea of what they think “they’re idea” is of “why” they’re riding…

    But then of course, as Obvious with Mr. Obama & his spinmeisters; what they “say” is not what they “mean”. We’re savvy on that point.

    • Boomer, if you read the comments under the video they are all …yaaay America.. kill the muslims that did 9/11. I tend to think CR’s take on that crowd is the right one. Right wingnuts…love it or leave…muslim hatin’ mush brained dirtbags. But I wasn’t there. I’m just using the comments as a gauge.

  19. I think it significant that RT did that piece.

    I spent the day handing out fliers with some six other activists.

    Had the occasion to get into it with a 20-something punk that thought is was a good idea for us to be arming al-Qeada.

    I asked him, given his stance what would stop me from killing him right now?

    He bows-up, takes off his backpack and starts coming at me.

    I take out my maze and he stops abruptly and says indigently, “You’d Maze me?!”

    To which I answered, “Yeah. Then I’d beat you to a pulp with this rod (I have an steel extension-rod) and cut you like a cucumber with my knife. What did you think war was? Or do you only like it when you have a 40-odd year age advantage, or it’s thousands of miles away from your clean hands?”

    He says, “You’re crazy.”

    He was the one that wanted war, and I’m crazy.

    Ran into three Special-Ops and asked them what they’d do if ordered to fight for al-Qeada in Syria? They laughed and said they thought I was going to ask a hard question. They said they wouldn’t deploy.

    I told them I was glad to hear that, otherwise I would have had to kicked their asses.

    They laughed harder.

    But the high point of the day is I got to meet and talked to the son of one of the architects featured in A&E’s Explosive Evidence 9/11, McCoy was his name. He’s a structural engineer here.

    I told him I premiered his dad’s film in New Orleans 2-years ago that every day. I sure wish I knew he was here then. If I ever do another showing he said he’d speak.

    • I love the kickin ass and takin names episodes Michael. I put the tab on the site for the truth tees. I am trying to make a link on the sidebar as well. I hope some will see it.

  20. lol M. Your encounters always crack me up. Poor 20 year old. Too dumb to get your point or too programmed.

    Was happy to see the special ops response to your question. Frankly, I thought their answer was gonna go the other way…

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