Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 9, 2013

Watch with Caution







Obama plans six TV interviews to talk Syria – ENTERTAINMENT (that’s all)

(SIX-VI-6 , 369 – Six talks on the sixth coup of Genesis 6) all that remains is the completion of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Then the focus will be on globalizing Venezuela, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) was formed in 2008 for Barry (Anti Independent Africa) Soetoro with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The  U.S. NATO capos for the elites have military bases in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti among others in Africa which they stay in cover  (Gladio style) by running the warlord civil wars like the ones we have seen in Iraq and Libya. 

Syria is no different. Benghazi was different. Americans were sacrificed for Syria. Syrians will be sacrificed but Assad won’t be one of them.

In Libya when Ghadafi said this wasn’t supposed to happen, he meant it. He thought he was not supposed to be sacrificed but they Saddam’d him anyway. Too much history and a desire to unite the African Continent (OUA) from the African Union currently ruled by the globalists.

The People of Syria need to throw them all out as we need to do here. For Americans to think the Spring isn’t upon us  they are due for an early fall.

In the final tally, the number will be 216 nations in the IMF – World Bank . So it is written, so it will be. We are at 196 and counting…..




    AFRICOM – “THE BASE” IN AL-CIADA (Djibouti and Yemen)

  2. Remember “when” the “good ole days” when military men and women were considered “honorable”? (sic) (Like war making is honorable? WTF!).

    The police were “public servants” protecting citizens?

    Probably, it has all been an illusion harbored by folks who needed to pretend they’re lives and livelihoods were “safe & secure”. Its all a delusion. When the last war was that was “honorable” I couldn’t tell you. Everybody is fooled and foolish, and paradigms and memes are being destroyed by the minute as people around the world are seeing how immoral and corrupt their “leaders” truly are, and have been.

    This Syria issue is shining the lights on the duplicity, corruption, and psychopathy of certain countries political and military hierarchies frothing for slaughter for any number of immoral reasons. It is self apparent that “humanitarian motives” are nowhere to be found, though mouthed to cover the real motives.

    So we get this now, from another “ally” of the Americans — .

    Not that armies throughout history haven’t used the absolute worst creatures to do their fighting, but this is now public, along with the funding of Al Queda fighters and mercenaries flooding into Syria — to help the People — yeah.

    We are not ignorant enough to see all of this turmoil as insanity squared.

    In what’s left of the former Republic of America, we have already seen the transformation of the Police and other agencies, like the TSA & FEMA, & other agencies into a militarized “force” serving Evil, not Freedom. Who can believe that meme anymore? Hell, now the freaking IRS is trained and weaponized. The freaking postal guys & gals. Horrific shit is being set up to go down. There may be no stopping it without a public bristling with their Zombie Guns. That it has been brought to this point is due to WHO?

    Yep. The Leaders, the Administrators, the Zionist Fascists behind them, and every other ilk that is sick and demented.

    Peace & Safety? It was only a propagandized Dream. Until the Beasts are put down and defanged, how can there be either peace or safety?

    • Did you hear Barry’s drifting mind control blather today?


      Hows that for truth? We are safer than we were minutes before the bombs went off. The key words being ‘just before’ ….as in just before we started our state sponsored, domestic terror, false flag, homegrown, DHS, cluster cell, Southern Poverty, MK-Ultra, fake american, lone wolf production company.

      • No, I don’t have a TV. Thank goodness.

      • The good part tho PD…no one is buying it 😉 I do have a tv and can’t bear to look or listen to that man

  3. This should also be grokked:

  4. It’s amazing how much we know. I realize it’s easier to get the intelligence. The fraud and the reality. Why? Because the sheeple just don’t give a shit anymore. ZOMBIFICATION and CALCIFICATION.

    Now this farce on turning in chemical weapons that don’t exist. Hows that going to happen??? Putin the cross dresser is all sorrowful that Barry his love called him an ass. Big Love among the committee triangles.

    We are having a Spring, American style and I just cannot organize it until we get to start naming the rebel groups.


    While the masses watch the staged Monday Night Football Game, the banks are being robbed, the planes-drones are flying, the data captured and the date being set for world financial collapse. It’s certainly deep in the 4th quarter.

  5. You just gotta love those two assholes. If they both had cancer, they’d buy the Mayo Clinic before seeing their doctors.

    Koch Brothers Spend $7.2 Billion To Acquire Conglomerate/Drone Parts Manufacturer

  6. I like it when wrtiers/thinkers come at things from odd angles. A different perspective can be helpful, and interesting even — try this —

    Then, “Do they Lie & Deceive Much?”:

    “But Clapper’s name was not on the final document issued by the White House, and the document is nowhere to be found on the ODNI website. All previous intelligence community assessments were posted on that site.

    The issuance of the document by the White House rather than by Clapper, as had been apparently planned, points to a refusal by Clapper to put his name on the document as revised by the White House.

    Clapper’s refusal to endorse it – presumably because it was too obviously an exercise in “cherry picking” intelligence to support a decision for war – would explain why the document had to be issued by the White House.”

    “Remember, Clapper is the guy who blatantly lied to Congress and the American people about NSA spying. And even he wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10-foot pole.

    In addition, Daily Caller noted recently:

    The Obama administration has selectively used intelligence to justify military strikes on Syria, former military officers with access to the original intelligence reports say, in a manner that goes far beyond what critics charged the Bush administration of doing in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war.

    According to these officers, who served in top positions in the United States, Britain, France, Israel, and Jordan, a Syrian military communication intercepted by Israel’s famed Unit 8200 electronic intelligence outfit has been doctored so that it leads a reader to just the opposite conclusion reached by the original report”.

    And I sit in wonderment, how FUBAR administration creatures can PLAN PREMEDITATED MURDER & possibly starting WWIII (now publicly outed), using Obvious Lies and Deception — and They’re not dragged off the World Stage to thorough investigations and multiple colonoscopies for a look see into their twisted inner workings, then publicly tried, and receiving their just punishment?

    How is this twisted reality still ongoing?!

    Americans and the World have learned NOTHING?! Bush, Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Colin Powell, Rove, Hillary, Giuliani, Chertoff, that PNAC founder fucker, and the rest are all still walking free, getting paid BIG consulting fees, and even now getting interviews in on this Syria Reichstad fire in the works. WTF Folks!

    I hope its a freaking “Sting” by someone that has the Right Stuff to arrest the “LYING KINGS”. Instead, this sick drama just keeps droning on & on, as the Perpetraitors get MORE face time and opportunities to LIE even fucking MORE! Is there no end? No penalty, no law, no cajones in the home of the free and the brave?

    Its FUBAR Orwellian in the extreme.

    I’m actually tiring of it. Maybe that’s their plan. Wear everybody down with such egregious, continuous, illogical lying, that people will just “lose interest” in the entire charade, and turn the channel. I mean, how much insanity can you stand? Because most of America has at least one TV, and watches it A LOT, they are being forced into witnessing insanity on a massive scale. The latest Psyop methodology — “The Lying Blitzkrieg, or LIEBOMB by Obombya and crew”. Its certainly documented well, and right there on center stage.

    I believe it is past time for America’s Military to “take away the keys” because these lying assholes are definitely “under the influence” of something that has made them DANGEROUS to everybody living in a Big Way!

    This is making the Military look beyond stupid and impotent to allow megalomaniac villains and their cadre of henchmen this kind of playtime with the Very Expensive, Dangerous, and Highly Trained Sons & Daughters of Working Americans.

    Make the connection Military Brass! It is the same thing to allow some crazed citizen with a “Mayor for a Day” medal to sit in the Con of one of your Destroyers, and play with the buttons and toggles, and bark orders to be followed to the midshipmen. Listen to McCain, Kerry, Graham, the Zionistas, Hillary, blundering Biden, and Captain Krunch Obama?! They want to play with your battleships (American’s Defenses), planes, and bombs. They want to aim em, and order you to shoot them and kill more innocent people in a country you know nothing about.

    Please take away their keys? Please remove them from the cockpit? If nobody does anything, and let’s this things escalate, you all are responsible because you didn’t act. You will be complicit and in fact enablers of their crimes against humanity.

    Many, Many Americans Have been paying attention to this debauched and drunken Lie-Fest. You KNOW the American People do not support and would never support crackheads operating the machinery of State, and using your sophisticated equipment for Joy Rides at night to run over people on the sidewalks. People who “got in the way”.

    We the People urge you to think of it in this way.

    • Yea, Boomer. I agree. It’s obvious many of the troops are on our side. They see their buddies that served are committing suicide at alarming rates. They know what war is and many are awakening to the real reason they are fighting and they know it ain’t for anybody’s freedom. THere are certainly enough retired military brass that know the score and have spoken out. Is that happening with those still inside as well? I have to believe there are but then we have to ask the question…what the hell are they waiting for then? So, yea, it’s hard to stay positive when you see how quickly things are disintegrating and what the future may hold as far as the monsters in control.

      At least the people are against a war with Syria but then that too is small comfort because the majority were against the Iraq invasion as well. I was one of the millions world wide that got out into the streets that protested that big lie. We all know how THAT turned out.

      The monsters that rule don’t give a shit.. They aren’t worry about the voters anymore because they have that whole election process thing wrapped up too… Sigh… what shall we do?

  7. I have to add this link to a Jim Kirwan piece today. His recount of the previous U.S. “no boots on the ground” air bombings of civilians in foreign countries is sobering and shocking history. He ties it in with the uselessness of the neutered CONgress, highlights John McCain, and points out NOW is the TIME to change the face of America’s depraved and corrupt political system.

    If nothing is done at this pivot point, WE ALL are complicit to a large degree. We are alive during this time of the Walking, Talking, Lying Dead Zombies. No one else will do it for us.

  8. I am heading back to the coast to do the things I have been wanting to do for years. I figure maybe we got 2 or 3 months before the noose tightens. Mom just applied for a new job at the local school for minimum wage. She has to pay a contractor $41.00 to do her background check and laser fingerprinting. from now on the politically incorrect or belligerent will not be able to buy or sell. Bad credit check,no job. The mini state owners are very vindictive. The school turned the jobs over to contractors to avoid liability and obamacare. Its a very ugly USA from what I remember. Ugly.

  9. How ridiculous is that? She has to pay for a background check that they feel they need so she can acquire a minimum wage job? Is it because it’s a charter school? Goes to show ya our taxes don’t go anywhere but to pad the pockets of the greedy reptiles that rule. THEN we have to pay contractors for things our taxes should cover?! Omg. What a racket. Talk about tightening of the noose. It becomes more and more apparent every friggin day.

    • Cops pay for their guns, Congress pays for their entertainment and we pay taxes for our own funerals. These are the marks of biblical suicides.

      • Love your latest header….ever hear this little “children’s” rhyme? We used to jump rope to it as little kids.. “3-6-9 the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line, the line broke, the monkey got choked and they all went to heaven in a little rowboat”..lovely lyrics for youngster’s to repeat. Hey, at least they went to heaven. Amazing how as an adult, you can see how vile some of the songs and fairytales really are. I didn’t know until fully grown what we were singing about to “ring around the rosey”. Just goes to show, we never stop learning. Today we have the likes of Miley Cyrus, Gaga & Rhianna to name a few that the teeny boppers sing along to.. god help us.

        • I was not a ropejumper but I seem to recall several Grimm raps for fear and loathing from our era. I do remember singing Go tell aunt rhody

          Go Tell Aunt Rhody (3 times)
          The old grey goose is dead.

          The one that she’s been savin’ (3 times)
          To make a feather bed.

          She died in the millpond (3 times)
          From standin’ on her head.

          The goslins are crying (3 times)
          Because their mammy’s dead.

          The gander is weeping (3 times)
          Because his wife is dead.

          Go Tell Aunt Rhody (3 times)
          The old grey goose is dead.


          I think Lady Gaga Maggot could do it justice.

          • That’s a new one to me Patrick. Brothers Grimm ..quite a fitting name for the writers of children’s books filled with witches, giants and beasts and conditioning kids to know fear at a very young age. Then along comes Disney and well, we know that story all too well.

  10. Coming up to the year mark. The continuing saga of Barrett Brown, cointelpro for INFO wars Statfor

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