Posted by: veritytwo | September 9, 2013

Upon Removing The Madmen At The Helm

This is a time for those of us that have been looking to step up to the plate in this very dangerous time. This is from “Storm Clouds Gathering and is as clear and concise as it gets on this dark eve


  1. Everything ties together.

    Video below posted at

    Check out what 1 lb of thermite does in the middle of the video.

  2. I tried to play the Stormcloudsgathering video, but it gave me that message that it wasn’t available to try later.
    So I guess I will try later!

    I cannot guess what is going to come down with this Syrian vote in Congerasss this week…but I still have the feeling that taking out Syria is essential to the NWO agenda, and come hell or high water they are going to keep fragmenting Syria and the Middle East…and keep on going until the whole world is Balkanized.


  3. News ▻ Top News
    Obama-backed rebels dismember live Christian girl (Video) Comment7 ShareShare
    See alsoTop News Syria Barack Obama Human Rights
    Obama-backed rebels are creating atrocities and increasing chaos in Syria so the U.S, president can gain support to topple Syrian leader Assad, another major psychological operation (PSYOP) in violation of human rights.Play
    Obama-backed rebels are creating atrocities and increasing chaos in Syria so the U.S, president can gain support to topple Syrian leader Assad, another major psychological operation (PSYOP) in violation of human rights. (Russia Today)

    Deborah DupreHuman Rights Examiner
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    Obama-backed Syrian Rebels commit atrocities on Syrians for Obama to gain support to intervene with "humanitarian" bombs
    Getty Images

    September 8, 2013
    Barack Obama-backed Syrian rebel terrorists this week have dismembered a girl while she was alive along with other similar atrocities in a Christian village in Syria, according to Russia Today.

    Hit-and-run attacks on the ancient village of Maaloula, one of the few places in the world where residents still speak “the original language of Christ,” Aramaic, has intensified fears among Syria’s religious minorities about the growing role of U.S.-backed rebel extremists among those fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime..

    President Barack Obama has aimed to topple Assad with support from Congress and the public, first using US-backed rebels to create atrocities and chaos, blame Assad, and then target assassinate Assad with air strikes, according to news reports.

    [See West committing terrorist atrocities, not Syria, says Chossudovsky]

    Obama has used the CIA to kickstart atrocities in Syria, as 12 former military and intelligence officers revealed on Saturday. This is how Obama wormed his way into Libya and started an illegal war of aggression there, without Congressional approval or even debate.

    [See: WARNING: CIA Behind Syrian Chemical Attack For Israel, Terrorist Strikes In US Inevitable If Obama Strikes]

    In the latest widely circulated news, Obama-backed rebels decapitated and committed other atrocities on Christians in hit and run attacks in Maaloula.

    A video widely published has depicted Syrians injured and killed by chemicals that Obama unjustifiably claims was the work of Assad and his army.

    Over 100,000 people have been killed, with nearly 7 million uprooted from their homes.

    U.N. officials estimate 5 million Syrians have been displaced and another 2 million have fled to neighboring countries. The total amounts to almost a third of Syria’s population, that was 23 million before fighting began.

    U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos met with Syrian government officials, lobbying for access to civilians trapped in areas where fighting has raged. After that meeting with the president of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Amos told the Associated Press that she is “extremely concerned that the situation on the ground is becoming worse.”

    Rather than offering real humanitarian aid, Obama is offering to bomb the country, his brand of “humanitarianism.”

    Mother Agnes, a catholic nun living in Syria 20 years and reporting on the war-ravaged country, has carefully studied the video featuring alleged victims of chemical weapons attack in the Syrian village of Guta in August. She questions its authenticity.

    Rather than blaming Syrian’s government for terrorist atrocities across Syria, Mother Agnes blames the United States and Obama-backed Syrian Rebels.

    [Watch the video on this page with Mother Agnes interviewed by Russia Today]

    Atrocities and other human rights violations being carried out by the rebels, including dismembering a live young Syrian girl, far outweight any type of actions by Assad-backed Syrian government forces, according to Mother Agnes.

    This reflects exactly what happened in Libya where US abuses were far worse than what Gadhafi allegedly did.

    [See: US-led Libyan abuses worse than Gadhafi]

    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic,” best-selling author and television writer Dresden James has said.

    Teresa Stover’s words are also poignant today, as Obama-backed rebels attack innocent Syrians in the worse ways to gain support for him to take over Syria and the gas pipeline there for Israel:

    Understand that all battles are waged on an unconscious level before they are begun on the conscious one, and this battle is no different. The power structure wishes us to believe that the only options available are those which they present to us, we know this is simply not true, and therefore we must redefine the terrain of this conflict, and clearly, it is a conflict of worldviews and agendas.

  4. As Puddy has pointed out, and We have figured out, False Flags, and suspect “events” are used for multiple reasons. The real ones never given. Deception ALWAYS used in heavy doses, often linked hand-in-hand with some BS “secrecy” blank cover so only the insiders are “in” on the spin.

    Therefore, WE should conclude that recent events in the U.S. (multiple string of Obvious False Flags), coupled with the financial corruption and economic wasteland, and the Foreign False Flags (read Benghazi, Ghadaffi, Saddam, and others offed, plus Fukushima, etc.) did what?

    Focus was Here in the U.S. Then, the Middle East. Then the U.S., again, then the Middle East. Now, its Syria, with a bizarre focus there, but emanating from the Whitehouse. All economic problems set aside. The threatenings of MadMen to DO SOMETHING horrific “over there”. You follow the drift.

    Focused Misdirection — For some Heinous Reason no doubt. Cue Lindsey Graham’s bizarre public admission of a “secret” nuclear device to the coast of SC. Wouldn’t that be treason, in dropping that bombshell of an admission publicly? He is a war monger 100%.

    My point being — When THEY SAY “Look Over There”, they’re working Right Here in the U.S. on something BIG that plays off of the focus “over there”.

    Sure to be a multi-pronged clusterfuck brought to the world by World Class Criminals.

    This piece discusses some of the possible fallout. It seems some version is probably in-the-works because the malAdministration’s illogical march to war “over there” is also being done with a Psyop War Here in the U.S., coupled with massive ill-Agency ramping up for stuff on the order of Martial Law.

    • They want you mad enough to kill someone. The someone is your brothers or sisters. This Christian kill is only meant to infuriate and force. The want you to want to kill your rep and potus which are made to be running sores and pus postules.

      If the Black Hat Committee al_CIAda team would wikileak the kill list of Americans and free foreign journalists and whistleblowers they could really jumpstart the process.

  5. White House Insists It Can Bomb Syria Without Congressional Approval

    The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet
    Justin Sink -The Hill – September 9, 2013

    “The White House insisted Monday that it was legally able to launch a strike on Syria without congressional approval even as it intensified its courting of lawmakers to support military action.

    White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler told the New York Times that a strike would be lawful under both domestic and international law. She told the paper that the president could strike because of the “important national interests” surrounding the use of chemical weapons, even without Congress or United Nations approval.

    Ruemmler contended that while the Syria situation “may not fit under a traditionally recognized legal basis under international law,” it would nevertheless be “justified and legitimate.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    So, The White House drops all pretense and openly claims dictatorial power.

    And of course this is not shocking anymore, just par for the course for all the TVZombies that have no effective historical memory. You think these merkans ain’t NAZICHOW?….they are little crunchy biscuits one and all.


    • I’ll bet you are not surprised Rogue. From Posse Comitatus to EO and NDAA signing statements from FISA-911 to date, the incremental stones have laid the road to this point. Martial Law was never officially ended since Lincoln.

      Those links to Kennedy-Lincoln could really recapture some force without a need for too much casus fortuitus or false flag. Seems they have multiple options now. I’m betting on a psyop and black swan majeure for market depression, followed by false flag for engagement. Then a real Cyber war and hackfest.

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  6. I watched the Clark intewrview a while back and the first thing I noted was the laughter after he quoted “I don’t know” in regard to the Iraq war which is reported to have killed 400K or more women and children.

    I put the IRAN FALSE MEDIA CHECK to the right column >>>>>>
    in 2011 because the south par gas fields and oil reserves. We are going to lose our fuel source in Venezuela at some point in the future and the US wildcatting and frakking will be shut down soon. The idea is to get any fuel through the CORP COMMITTEE Eurasian bloc, controlled under the OPEC DVD.

    We get 25% of our fuel from Africa now and CHINA is winning that chess game. Russia will win the Caucases game board. We the people are going to take the fall to third world status. All independence will end under the UN Global Governance.

    Africa will never see air-conditioning and we will follow the same course of CHINA. We will be forced into the eugenics model of large slum areas, slave wages and death panels. In order to have middle class status, you will have to enforce or aid the police state and global governance system (and kill for money)

    1984? No, 2014, when the simple matrix of Russian-Sino, Indy-Pak and Israel-Saud conflicts shut down the remaining trade routes under false flag and phony intel. This is operation takedown (second term Obama) whose job is to ruin US relations globally. Expose the MIC complex crimes and force us into regional conflict worldwide. Sinology and Social Engineering will be rampant in the real war. Hacking, is not only in the mix but a Snowden Con game where the UKUSA group gets hacked and millions are seen on the death/Fema enemy list. That tips the pot and boils over.Then all hell breaks loose and martial law, which is still in effect can be legally declared and enforced.

    The arts of war and deception finally all under the global governance team committee hands. By the time the full awakening of the 90% is realized, it will be over. All the black hats, white hats, red flags and blue flags will be known as crafted by the architects of the fifth estate and the fifth column of administrators. A beautiful shade of gray purple will emerge.

    This is just history repeating itself from past 1776 to date. The global conflicts the same, the triggers and technologies have changed but not the ability to reason and learn for the masses, thanks to a very well crafted troposphere campaign, which in greek means “Changing Globe”

  7. Happy Trails COTO!


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