Posted by: boomerangcomesback | September 7, 2013

COTO is a “Coalition” of the Obvious.

“Coalition” means WE work together to discover the common good & The Truth in a time of Deception and Lies.

With Minds aligned on the Purpose of Living and Being in this Maelstrom of malcontent — WE should embody the noble traits of understanding our brothers and sisters. That takes work. That takes forgiveness. That takes telling it like “it is”, yet understanding that each of us sees things from our own window frame of reference. If we are not individuals, then we are drones.

COTO — Drones WE are NOT!

COTO has been, since its inception, a venue of “insight” and “personal growth” bar none. In this common goal we are united. I’m the first to admit “I’m not so smart”. But COTO has made me smarter by the mental and emotional “exercise” required to keep apace of this complex and craven world we live in.

Yeah, this is a “Touch Stone” tossed into the Pool-of-the-Wishing-Well — wishing for a re-uniting of the minds that make COTO what it has metamorphosed into over the years. Those Voices, Those Intellects, Those Beating Hearts that pump the life-giving blood into the Heart Searching for Truth that is COTO, should feel that they are missed, they are valued, and without Them We are Less than WE aspire to be.

I’ll leave it at that.

If you’ve got a tune to share — DO IT!



  1. Gosh …. sniffle … that, that was beautiful. I’ve never been so proud to be part of anything in all my life.

    Kidding aside, from way back when I’ve always sensed a kinship and a brother, and sister-ship of the soul with all those of COTO. Sort of like the “Fight Club” kind of thing. Only we battle with our minds.

    Often I’m in awe with many of our posts, and for a man that always seems to have something to say, find myself at want for words.

    But this sort of sounds a post-mortem. Say it aint so. Let’s hope we all stick around to keep sticking it to the man, and hopefully help to COTO colonize the world.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to one day have nothing to bitch about. 😉

    • Oh, hey, a little plug from a shameless capitalist.

      I’ve got my designs on Zazzle if anyone wants to get a Tee-shirt. I’ve got a few never before seen designs, so check them out.

      I really could use some help promoting this site, so if you would spread this around it would be great.

    • Michael, nothing to bitch about?you? me? LOL. Will never happen! You ARE coto. You are it’s founder and the one that gave us our name. Patrick and Rady worked hard to give us our comfy home away from home. Patrick’s headers are priceless and he works tirelessly to keep this ship sailing. I ❤ my coto soulmates that have stuck it out for these past several years. Wow.

      M, glad you have been coming around a bit more lately. As you know, I was a big fan of yours back in the oen days and we've been kindred spirits since. Still waiting to share that wine in or out of a bunker!

      I will be checking out that link of yours and doing some shopping.. I love the one that I already own 🙂

      • And you are COTO’s Grand Dame. Queen of all that is COTO.

        • Ahhhh thank u M…. and a kiss and a hug for you being so sweet XO . Don’t consider myself a queen by any means. I don’t like royal titles. But accept it in the spirit that you gave it:) But expanding on that…… I just happen to be the only regular female contributor here these days. So if this were a kingdom and I’m one of the original contributors I could be queen by default!… and yea, I’m definitely an old dame 😀

          • “Old?” I never said old. How could I? Every time I see my reflection I think, who the fuck is that old guy?

            You’re a young women too me.

    • Glad to hear it Michael. Me and Deb were just discussing how much we have missed your regularity. Among others from OPED who have come and gone, we miss them as well.

      I will drop the links and graphics on the M toons page.

  2. Hey Michael! I certainly wasn’t trying to be trite here. You should know, that the first title I had going on this post, had “Thanks to ‘M’ after the words you see. But I was directing this as a wider plea for cohesiveness to others who have been major contributors. This post is a fig leaf for all to smoke, and consider that we best begin to peaceably work together. For everything ’round about us is at war with each other and all others in a freak greedfest of fraud and gluttony. That ain’t US. If it was…we’d be silent. There is no post-mortem for the freely thinking. The SPIRIT of FREEDOM cannot die. It always rises in humanity, especially when it is tested.

    The Sun shines every day. You just have to look for it. Its there…above the chemtrails.

    Hats off to YOU, Sir! For you embody the spirit of COTO, and walk the walk and talk the talk daily.

    You don’t know it M, but I was in Jackson, MS for about a month, and had designs to come and meet you. I’m sorry I got pulled out of that locale, and could not look you up and swing down. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person!

    Yes — the battle is for our minds. So we be mindfull. COTO is full of beautiful minds. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, yet we are savvy to the psyops played upon us.


    • Ah, hell man, I know you weren’t being trite. You don’t have a trite born in your body. I thought your comment extremely heart felt.

      • Thanks Brother!

  3. Speaking of the Obvious…

    “CONTRASTS: Obama appointed an Monsanto exec as food czar, while Assad protects people’s health by banning GMOs in food”

    “Early life
    In 1988, Bashar Assad graduated from medical school and began working as an army doctor in the biggest military hospital, “Tishrin”, on the outskirts of Damascus. Four years later, he went to the United Kingdom to begin postgraduate training in ophthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital, part of the St Mary’s group of teaching hospitals in London…

    Personal life
    Assad speaks fluent English and basic conversational French, having studied at the Franco-Arab al-Hurriyah school in Damascus…”

    Really? Let’s have a LIVE Televised Test of current world leaders, and see if they stand up to scrutiny based upon criteria that Humanity requires as Values Leaders MUST possess.

    Perhaps, there could be a an old-fashioned REAL exam of the actual “Leadership Qualities” of Heads of State and Congress? A “Fitness” exam by the populations? Morality would be high on the list, and psychopathy and sociopathy would plummet the testes to the bottom of the pit.

    I’m sure there could be some kind of Scorecard or Rating that “Leaders” should have to pass to actually represent the Peoples they are supposed to represent? I’m guessing most of the USA “team” would fumble the ball and fail the “Test”?

    We can call it the Scumball Test.

  4. Beautifully said Boomer and I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone here has something to say and says it quite well. Our writing styles are as different as our personalities.

    While we are all very like minded, we do not share the same opinions about every issue. It’s important to disagree at those times without resorting to derogatory comments and vicious name calling.

    While I consider everyone that has contributed here quite brilliant, no one has all the answers. No one. What we need to continue to do is hash out our ideas and remember we are all in this together. ‘

    Divide and conquer has always worked. We’ve seen it in the 9/11 truth movement. Formerly it was comprised of people uniting over a common cause…rejecting the big lie. Now it’s fractured and broken because so many are hung up debating ad infinitum how the buildings came down. Instead of focusing on the WHO and WHY they are focusing on the HOW.

    The 12th anniversary of 9//11 is just 4 days away. It’s time we brought the movement back together by focusing on the perpetrators. What’s more important to know at this stage of the game?…how the match was lit or who lit it? Coto knows.

    (PS: Patrick posted an audio Corbett report on another thread and I’m reposting the video here. Corbett feels as I do. He focuses on the WHO.)

  5. HERE’S A SONG FOR YOUR POST BOOMER: “so let’s leave it alone, cause we can’t see eye to eye, there ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy, there’s only you and me and we just disagree” One of my all time favorite songs that applies to more than “breakups”. short as it

    • Thanks for all you are and do Ms. JG!

      • Right back atcha Boomer. I have always liked your style Mr B! With all the talk of nukes in S Carolina, I’ve been concerned for you. However, it could all be a ploy and instead of an east coast ff, it could very well be a west coast hit. I hope it’s neither. The monsters have been exposed to the light. Let’s hope the people keep the heat on.

        Kerry’s human facade is disintegrating right before our very eyes as his demonic reptilian nature shows through…

        • Charleston is far from my locale. In fact, I’m not in SC presently.

          • That’s good to hear Boomer.

  6. I love reading all the coto articles, but the replies are where the meat seems to be. All of the brilliant people here that still have the courage and intelligence to question everything and discuss it without judgement. Great group of people here!

    • That’s the best observation MsD. What we know is not the truth. In my conception there is no truth except that within yourself. Everything else is hearsay seesay. Let’s see you more Darlene.

      Well I’m afraid
      I’ve fallen in this deep abyss again

      I’m so sick
      Pretending this is another game

      I’ve been busy watching the sky
      Instead of seeing what is right before my eyes

      I can barely watch my own step
      Tripping over the same stone all over again
      I want to go back to the moment I left
      To believe I wasn’t guilty of my own end

      Is it my heart beating what I hear?
      Im getting out of breath again
      What will be of me?
      Is this a caprice, or an unsatisfied need?

      I’ve been deceiving myself with what I’ve always known
      I can’t complain because no one knows
      And surely, they don’t want to be told
      And surely, they don’t want to be told

      Please tell me when I’m supposed to catch the train
      I don’t want to miss it with all this rain

      I’ve been busy asking to the stars
      When I know I’m not going to depart
      Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh
      Oh Whoah Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh

    • Thank you MsD and we’re glad you are part of this group 🙂

  7. Kudo’s Boomer. Your timing is impeccable with this posting on something that needed to be brought out here. I don’t follow many blogs, I live a very active life but COTO’s been something special for me and has been a major force in shaping my world view. As JG suggests, we just have to learn to agree to disagree from tome to time. Nothing personal.

    • So glad you are sticking around V. I look forward to your postings and comments. I have a very busy life as well and this is the only blog I have the time or the desire to contribute to. I consider every one of you a friend and fellow rebel with a cause 🙂

      • Thank you JG. I don’t always agree with everything posted or commented but I try to keep an open mind. I haven’t always been kind in my retorts and I apologize to any one I’ve dis’d here. As with everything, upon venturing onto unfamiliar terrain. One tends to commit errors until we find good footing. I see a brilliance here. In stepping outside the matrix and holding it as far at bay as one can do in this life. It really helps to be connected to people such as yourself and the fine people here. I hope Willy stays as I’m sure many others do also, his intelligence and powers of perception will be sorely missed. I guess we just have to learn how to agree to disagree on a more sophisticated level. Love you guys.

    • lol … someone made the remark to me today; “You just like to argue.”

      I couldn’t argue with that.

      Otherwise it would have turned into a Monty Python skit.

      My encounters with authoritarian figures, covert and otherwise are becoming more vigorous. I’m filming what I can, but still have no back-up.

      This one hell of a way to fight a war.

      • But M, you are so bloody good at it 😉

        • I’m not so sure of that, as I am that I have one hell of a Guardian Angel working overtime.

          That’s why I believe in a God, no one as stupid as me could possibly get away with what I do without divine help.

  8. I support Boomer’s sentiments to a degree. But I don’t think all acts are forgivable. I don’t think all opinions are equal; although we are all endowed with an inalienable right to our own opinion, that doesn’t mean an opinion held by ignorance is right.

    I can put up with some degree of hypocrisy, as it is simply human folly. I cannot however agree to the PC Cops, here or anywhere.

    Nor to nanny-nagging and driving a ‘politically correct’ point home without stepping back and accepting real critical reasoning when the push comes to shove; to arrogantly charge others with arrogance while making self contradictory statements while doing so.

    And while this group hug here is all very touching, I still remain self sufficient and not much inclined to join in the festivities beyond these few remarks.

    As you were.


    • Reminds me of this; “Ignorance can be cured, but the Gods have no power against stupidity.”

      I truly believe that the dream that was supposed to be America, is COTO.

      Us Jackasses are America.

  9. So you know Mr. HybridRogue1 — this post was “Thinking of YOU” to a fairly large degree. Thus, the Van Morrison tunes. With as large a command of language and expression as you possess, it is your choice as to how you wield it. There are limits that anyone will not tolerate, nor needs to tolerate. It is each of our own personal choices to decide if we want to “win friends and influence people” or bludgeon people into the “right” or “correct” mindset or understanding. Everybody here is self-sufficient, so we don’t worry about that aspect. Watch the movie “Killing Season” with Travolta & De Niro. In the end, we all decide if we want to wage war, or move beyond it.

    • Good points my friend Boomer,

      As to the last, it is my choice rather than to wage war, to simply walk off of the battle field.


      • I’ll add more when I have the time later. At ease our friend.

        We need all the intellects and insights we can gather at this point in time. Nobody else is You, and You are more than that which you post, as we all are. Decide who you want to be here and elsewhere; and you will find support for your good-naturedness towards humanity. Particularly, your value to all is in your observations as processed through the “Rogue Mind”. There’s only 1 of those available, and it should be shared.

      • And if the way is blocked?

        • That’s a personal problem isn’t it.


  11. Well I rode a while, for a mile or so
    Down the road to the eighteenth avenue
    And the people I saw were the people I know
    And they all came down to take a view
    Oh the path was dark and borderless
    Down the road to the eighteenth avenue
    And it stung my tongue to repeat the words
    That I used to use only yesterday
    Meanings just dropped to the ground
    I tried to remember what I thought
    And what I used to say
    “don’t let me go down” no don’t let me go
    Oh my hands were tied as I struggled inside
    The empty waste of another day
    Memories were blank to my eyes
    The fire and the glory of that night
    Seemed safely locked away
    Too hungry to rise. too hungry to

    Well I rode a while, for a mile or so
    Down the road to the eighteenth avenue
    And the people I saw were the people I know
    And they all came down to take a view
    Oh the path was dark and borderless
    Down the road to the eighteenth avenue
    But my head felt better as I turned the car
    And the airport slowly came to view
    One mile said the sign
    Checked my bags and made it straight to end gate 22
    Made it just in time, boy you’ve made it just in time

  12. Great post Boomer, agreed 100%. Coto is the only real place I comment regarding the issues we deal with and the reason is the people here, no bullshit, just concerned intellegent people. We all have our “truths” but surely, well i figure anyway, that if we got this far we should have learned to listen and respect differences in opinions when we share a greater comman goal. I’ve learned a great deal here, great people, thank you all. 🙂

    • I often warn people that if they visit this site not to come half-cocked, or the people here will tear you apart.

  13. “Leaves are fallin’ all around it’s time I was on my way
    But still I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay
    Now it’s time for me to go
    The Autumn moon lights my way…”
    ~Led Zeppelin


  14. And you laugh at me getting melancholy at times! HaHaHa!

    You’ve heard that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

    Ride where the wind takes you, but don’t forget you helped build this town. When you’re not bustin our balls, its quite a nice ride with you, and the view gets better the higher we go…

  15. This Vatic piece points out the chicanery, corruption, and insanity being “sold” to involve America in Israel’s war dreams:

    “WARNING: CIA Behind Syrian Chemical Attack For Israel, Terrorist Strikes In US Inevitable If Obama Strike”

    AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria action
    Pro-Israel lobby says 250 activists will meet with their senators and representatives in Washington in a bid to win support Congressional support for military action in Syria.

    How is it the millions and millions of Americans who emphatically say “NO!” to “Obama’s War” against Syria, don’t carry any weight at the policy-making level? The citizens of the U.S.A. don’t have “Lobbyists” with open door access to their “Public Servant” leaders. Yet, another illegal and immoral war is to be conducted in Our Names?

    “U.S. intelligence has no direct link between Assad government and chemical attack. Of course not, that’s because it was a FALSE FLAG operation involving the U.S. and Saudi & Israeli intelligence. Just like 9/11”.

    Heavyweight information in here:

    Kerry keeps up the press for war. It might occur to EVERYONE, “What kind of human beings go to these lengths to KILL people on the other side of the world?” “What kind of human beings LIE to start wars?” What kind of human beings press, and press for bombing another sovereign nation, RISKING Thermonuclear War?” “What kind of human beings LIE, pretending their cause is ‘noble’, when almost everybody sees through their motivations that they are in fact criminal by all standards of international law and moral law?” They attempt to say their own insane rush to war is “more moral”, when it is clearly light years from the moral norms of societies everywhere.

    It is time to remove these individuals’ hands from the reins of power to prevent the Obvious Holocaust they intend to cause by their own insane projections. Who will arrest them, and SAVE the world?!

    Read Wayne Madsen’s headlines of 9-08-13 for additional information on “what’s going on!”

    • This was my latest post to the insanity concerning Syria, in response to CNN and Yahoo propaganda networks;

      “There are no “doubts.” Do you think us stupid? Do you delusional control-freaks think we haven’t seen the “rebels” (al-Qeada) bragging about how they were going to “punish the Infidels?”

      Listen, everyone of you sycophants to Satan, we know the truth. We know factions of various secret black-ops, such as the CIA, Mossad, and various others have supplied the so-called “rebels” (al-Qeada) with aid, and that they were the ones that set the gas off. They BRAGGED about it.

      So I don’t know what “doubts” you’re talking about?

      And I have no doubt about this. I believe that there are enough good people that are going to step-up and put an end to this insanity.

      Obama is following orders. Not from us. We know this now. Your Congressman, are NOT YOUR “representatives.” When Obama answers a question from a reporter concerning the overwhelming opposition to the intervention (war) what should Congressman do with 90+% telling their Congressman, not just “no,” but “Hell NO!!! – and this was his answer;

      “Sometimes a Congressman has to vote against their constituency to do what’s best for America.”

      Forget writing, calling or emailing, we need to march as a whole into their offices and let them know that we already have “Daddies,” what we want are “representatives of our will.” And if they’re not up to the task, well, we won’t wait for the next rigged election, we’ll drag these crooks out now by the necks and remind them that the last revolution was fought over “taxation without representation.”

      Starting tomorrow, go do what must be done. I’m counting on you to join me. Don’t let me down.”

      Now ask me if I believe what I posted will mean Americans will find a backbone?

      Not after Monday Night Football.

      It’s a beautiful charade, that’s about to end horribly.

      Naturally, I pray I’m wrong.

  16. “…after many years have gone
    And all the war freaks die off, leavin’ us alone
    We’ll raise our children, in the peaceful way we can
    It’s up to you and me brother to try and try again
    So, hear us now, we ain’t wastin’ time no more
    ‘Cause time rolls by like hurricanes
    Runnin’ after the subway train
    Don’t forget the pourin’ rain”

    Saw these guys at PeachMusicFest, twice, Fri & Sat, 8/16-17, lots of other great bands, camping, nice vibes. They can still bring it!

    life is WAY too short to bear grudges against those on the same side as yourself.

    • Hey CR…good to see you. I agree. I don’t hold grudges but I will defend myself when attacked.

    • Wish I was as strong as you, my Brother. I’m afraid I have a deep seeded flaw that makes me flare at those that would oppress and challenge them.

      Maybe it’s not so much a grudge as a want to tear their lungs out.

    • I saw them do eat a peach in 73 at Palm Beach Auditorium and we liked it so much we drove to Jacksonville to the show again. Dickie Betts rocked.

  17. Alright, I just found this on my thread, Prologue:

    I have been posting there rather than bother Debra in the open and attended to threads here. But now she has to chase me down to the post that I can say with deep confidence that no one from COTO has been to for close to a year.

    Here are her commands:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Ok, I have had enough of your bs. This is a warning HR. All derogatory & disrespectful remarks within your comments, whether directed against me, El Senor or anyone else that comments frequently on this blog will no longer be tolerated. Those posts will be immediately DELETED. I’ve already done so with one today where, once again, you verbally attacked me.

    So if you want to continue to use this space as your private diary or whatever the hell you are doing here, I’d advise you to learn how to respect the opinions of others. If that is asking too much of you and you insist it’s necessary to continue on with your defamatory comments and ad hominem attacks because that is who YOU are then you are no longer welcome to post here.

    It’s your choice. The rest of us have no problem abiding by the rules of common courtesy amongst fellow members.”~By: jerseyg on September 8, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    . . . . . . . . . .
    The following is my reply:

    Listen Debra,

    I brought my comments here specifically to stay out of your face.

    So stay out of my face!

    If you interfere with this thread again then fuck off…I am sick of your fucking nanny shit. No one pulls this thread up anymore except for you and Maxitwat.

    We are each moderators of our own threads here, that is the COTO system set-up — so don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you. If you want to ban one of the core members after sucking up to this son-of-a-bitch infiltrator Maxitwat, then you have just hit the bottom of the shaft.
    . . . . . . . . .

    Now this has given Max “Senor Once” the courage to again flood my thread with his garbage as well.

    So here is the bottom line; if the rest of you are with JG here on this power play, then fine; Ban me. I ask no quarter.

    This might have been a temporary squawk between JG and I, if she would simply mind her own business. And this pulling rank, of saying she is a manager at COTO is bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

    If she is going to act unilaterally on her own and 86 me, then there it is.

    But I refuse to kneel down to this holier than though shit.


    • This is what I have to say about that; these are all simply words. Words are indeed powerful and not without harm, but in the end no one bleeds, as long as they remain just words.

      Say whatever you wish. My take is that everyone has as much right as anyone else to be as big an asshole as they want to be.

      • Well Mr M,

        Who the asshole is, is a subjective call.

        But as far as my right to be one, JG has different plans.

        As you know, I never saw this game as a popularity contest. And I still don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me.

        But what I do object to is this pulling rank bullshit that JG is pulling.
        And if she is going for the throat this time. Let’s have it out here in the open.

        Yea? Does that sound like a fair proposal?


        • I will withhold judgment as your challenge has not been meet.

          As far as I’m concerned if anyone gets ostracized it will be of their own volition.

          I do see this issue as something that is personal to the extent that it takes away from far more important issues, and I do hope we don’t have to spend a lot of time on petty squabbles, perceived or otherwise, and we can get on with sticking it to the ones we need to be spending time on.

          I hate to see talent wasted.

          • Again Mr M,

            None of this would have come to your attention. I had made my comments to Boomer which were subtle enough. And that would have been it.

            But JG needed to confront me on my own thread, that like I have said, it’s never attended to but by myself, and the intruder now and again. She decided to get in between the intruder and myself and tell me I had to allow him to rummage through my place and leave his nasty scrawling on the walls.

            So if you don’t want anymore time spent on this, drop it yourself.


  18. This is a great one from Activist Post

    Sunday, September 8, 2013
    10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control
    Eric Blair
    Activist Post

    Karma is coming for the elite in a big way. As the Powers That Be head toward a devastating defeat in their war plans for Syria, signs are emerging that their rule over humanity is rapidly diminishing.

    Over the last decade the global elite have been on a mad dash to consolidate power over the world. It’s always been their plan like some evil villain in a comic book, but after 9/11 the plan went into overdrive and then turbo charged during the financial crisis of 2008.

    Yet it’s doomed to fail because humans are meant to be guided by their own free will, not controlled like livestock. The more the elite try to control humanity, the more entropy occurs. Entropy, for those who don’t know, is the lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder.

    Although the elite still enjoy a huge wealth advantage over the masses, they are now resigned to behaving like tyrants to maintain control. This, in turn, exposes their dark side which has been cleverly concealed for ages. Not anymore.

    People are waking up in droves, at least as fast as the elite can build their full-spectrum prison matrix. Let them try. To paraphrase Victor Hugo, “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”

    Here are ten signs that the elite are losing control over the people:

    1. Official lies no longer effective: The lies they tell simply don’t work anymore. There was a time when official lies, especially about war and peace, were believed. Because, after all, how evil would it be to lie about such things? Generally people want to believe they are being told the truth when life and death is at stake. The boy who cried wolf has cried one too many times. Even if they told the truth at this point, very few would believe them.

    2. No confidence in politics: US politicians have a paltry approval rating. The trust in government is at all-time lows here and around the world. Mainstream polls show only 10% of the public has confidence in Congress. In other words, 90% don’t believe in them to be competent to govern.

    Watch this Town Hall exchange below where a man threatens US Senator John McCain with arrest for treason to his face. This would have never happened just a year or two ago:

    3. No confidence in media: The most recent polls show that 77% of the population no longer trusts corporate TV news. Is it any wonder why the establishment media failed to sell the lies about the alleged Syria chemical event? With all their monopoly might over the airwaves, they can no longer claim that black is white simply because officialdom says so.

    4. Bankers rejected: Hungary recently became the first country to follow Iceland’s lead by shedding international bankers (IMF) and is considering pursuing prosecution of past prime ministers who enslaved the people with debt.

    Look for this trend to continue even if nations decide to default to break free.

    5. Vatican abruptly cleaning up its act: Under the previous Pope, Pope Benedict, scandals erupted from the Vatican ranging from covering up pedophile priests to money laundering and fraud. Benedict, in an unprecedented move, abruptly retired to make way for a seemingly much more likable Pope Francis. Pope Francis by all measures is working furiously to reclaim the church’s peaceful and humble reputation. Whether this is genuine or a PR move, it’s telling that the church was forced into such a drastic turnaround to save itself from losing all credibility.

    6. Mutiny among soldiers: Finally. Soldiers, who are outlawed from making political statements, are steadily speaking out against US military adventurism. As Einstein famously said “The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service.”

    7. Militarized police state: One of the darkest signs that the elite are losing their grip on power is the construction of the militarized police state specifically trained to combat domestic civil unrest. Local cops with tanks and other combat gear are working with Feds at Fusion centers, active Army units are on American soil for the first time in history, the NSA spy grid is being used by the IRS and DEA, and the elimination of due process for Americans under the NDAA are just some of the tyrannical moves made to secure the elite criminals from public backlash. They’re clearly scared, and they should be given what they’ve done to the American people and the Constitution.

    8. Serious secession movements everywhere: A state seceding from a larger political entity used to be an ultra-fringe concept, until now. In America, secession movements are winning over the public in parts of Colorado and California. In Europe, serious secession movements are happening in Spain and Scotland, as well as several EU nations flirting with the idea of dropping out of the euro. Decentralization = Entropy!

    9. GMO food being rejected everywhere: Control the food and you control the people. True in theory, but much more difficult in practice. GMO leaders like Monsanto are being exposed. All of their economic and political strength cannot defeat the spread of knowledge about the dangers of pesticide-soaked Frankenfoods. GMO fields are being burned in protest in America and around the world, informed nations continue to reject their products, and labeling laws are gaining traction.

    10. Cannabis liberation: Many reading this will think marijuana legalization is a superficial development. However, it is a major signpost that the elite’s grip is fading. Enormous resources have been spent to keep cannabis illegal. Cannabis has been a powerful medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout the ages. This single plant represents a huge threat to the power structures and their industries, hence its seemingly senseless illegality. The approaching global reversal of the tyrannical policy of prohibition is the first of many concessions to come.

    • All excellent points.

      I especially noticed the way McCain retreated from the man that made the accusations, he moved away as if he was truly scared the crowd would physically attack him. Below is an arrest warrant I delivered to my reps Friday;

      A Warrant for the Arrest of Barack Hussein Obama; President of the United States, Joe Biden, Vice-President, and any and all members of our government that will support giving “aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war.”

      By the power invested is us by the Declaration of Independence, We the People of the United States of America, hereby exercise our right and duty, to throw off such a corrupt Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security.

      Whereas it has been widely established that factions of Free Syrian Army are indeed al-Qeada terrorists, and that by therefore agreeing to give any aid, military or otherwise, to the al-Qeada terrorists, the very same al-Qeada terrorists that we are at war with in neighboring countries, is a crime of high-treason demanding their immediate removal from positions of influence and placed under arrest and held for trial without bond, until they can be tried in a timely manner before a People’s Court, and if found guilty, dealt a swift and just punishment.

      We the People demand the immediate surrender of the administrative offices and officers of the offending parties, taking into consideration rank and participation in these treasonous acts. Those not suspected of colluding, or not in agreement with this act of treason will be allowed to remain at their posts.

      We the people do not take this action lightly. Any resistance to agree to the immediate surrender of the accused will be meet with non-violent, but nonetheless effective methods of removal. Any such resistance will weigh heavily in the sentencing.

      This action is to be effective immediately.

      Signed; We the People of the United States of America.

      My fear with all of this is that the PTB will unleash a scorched-Earth policy before they find themselves in chains. It may simply take a huge false-flag to whip the sheeple back into shape.

      I would like to think that perhaps the awakening is now to great for a false-flag to work, but terror and fear are still strong tools.

    • I see the the point and accuracy of the post Veritable. Yet I cannot escape the triad. The process of forward-change-transition. A metamorphosis to a slicker, silent, more subtle fascism. A secret Governance/Ruling invisible group. Much like the Gestapo/Stasi and the SS, the white buses turn to blue buses and red crosses.

      All the ten points may have twists. 9-10 GMO-cannabis or Balkanization 7-8 (Divide and Conquer)

      3. The transition from MSM to ASM may be a another shade of yellow press.

      The best false flag is a ruler who uses the trust as a slush fund for force majure, never tipping his subject. (Assad)

      SHould we be more vigilant when being told we are winning? I recommend General Tzu’s tactical point. The art of winning is never to believe you are winning. Make the enemy believe they are .

      ___________ XXX _________

  19. “Touche’ Mr El Once… well done ! Yes indeed, having a closed mind means you live in darkness and the light never shines within ;)”
    ~By: jerseyg on August 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sleeping with the enemy aye JG….well then fuck it.


  20. Another one that would have never seen the light of day in current COTOville but for this little power coup of Jersey:
    . . . . . . . .

    Let’s explore this a little further…

    JG asserts with assumed authority:

    “Now it’s fractured and broken because so many are hung up debating ad infinitum how the buildings came down.”

    Oh, really? That’s all there is to it aye?

    It is this simplistic trite nonsense that drops the big turd in the punch bowl. This jejune assumption dismisses known facts of infiltration into the ‘movement’ by those with the express purpose of dividing it by proposing absurd scenarios that have no basis in fact…no basis in TRUTH! So what is a “Truth Movement” that accepts nonsense and doesn’t insist on actual factual data?

    Truth is not a simple matter of opinion. It must be shown by critical argumentation to be true. I have worked hard to research and identify several strands of disinformation that has been injected into the 9/11 conversation. I have gone to great lengths to make thorough arguments against these disinfo campaigns – in fact this very thread is dedicated as the prologue to a multi-thread exposition on that very subject.

    It can be seen by any sane and lucid mind that JG has embraced the utter bullshit of phony ‘truthers’ such as Maxitwat, because of her deep ignorance when it comes to science and firm critical thinking. She falls for the complex rhetorical burlesque of people like Bridges because she cannot discern the simple facts that show these “theories” to be bullshit PR scams by sophisticated disinformationists.

    What the fuck is a “Truther” that falls for lies?


    • “Me thinks you protest too much”

      Perhaps it’s you we should be worried about.

      • Oh brother,

        That takes the cake M…you don’t even know who Maxitwat is, or anything about his campaign.

        Protest too much? I wasn’t going to protest at all here. You would have never read that if JG didn’t want to jump on me on my other thread — that I assert again, hasn’t had any traffic for close to a year. Where I attempted to put together my critique of the nuclear dew fantasy without the long 2000 word distractions from this cockspittle Max/Senor, whoever this entity is.

        You “thinks”? Don’t go poor man’s Shakespear on me M.


        • Well you got me here. I don’t know what Maxitwat is, but I guess I should so I can better understand what the hell is going on.

          Who, or what the fuck is Maxitwat, and why should I care?

          • “Who, or what the fuck is Maxitwat, and why should I care?”
            ~Mr M

            Maxitwat is an anonymous entity that confronted me on the blog Truth & Shadows when I first began posting there. It is a site primarily dedicated to 9/11 issues.

            He began trying to frame me as an agent within two or three threads. After a few months he discovered COTO was my main home site, and chased me over here to harass me as well.

            I told both JG and Patrick that this guy was just out to assassinate my character and try to get me axed, from both T&S and COTO.
            Well, here we see the fruition of his scheme.

            JG can’t see through this con artist, and she has been pissed at me for quite awhile anyway, basically because I consider the idea that a Ouija board being manipulated by demons and spirits a bunch of superstitious bullshit. Sure, she can have her opinion on that, but I think it is so childish and just plain stupid that I can’t help but say so in the most frank language. It is fucking idiocy in my view.

            And I see the same jejune attitude when it comes to the physics of 9/11. And if she starts claiming here that she actually grasps the arguments on this topic by Maxitwat and myself, I will state flat out that it is total bullshit. She gets involved with things she can’t understands, and then accuses me of arrogance. No arrogance is pleading from a place of ignorance and then using that as an excuse to play nanny-cop here.


      • [JerseyG] decided to get in between the intruder and myself …

        I’m not “an intruder.” I am a respected COTO contributor who makes serious postings and comments on my one-trick pony neu nookiedoo topic that I defend respectfully.

        Mr. Rogue? Not so much. Once you get into the comments of his article here (or the article-level postings & comments of his blog, I’ll be damned if Mr. Rogue doesn’t demonstrate what it means to be out-of-compliance with COTO’s rules of engagement and worthy to get his hands slapped.

        “Maxitwat?” Such is the level of Mr. Rogue’s debate.

        … and [JerseyG] tell me I had to allow him to rummage through my place and leave his nasty scrawling on the walls.

        Nope, didn’t happen, Mr. Rogue. Neither she nor I could give a hoot whether anything I write remains on Mr. Rogue’s wall. So that is a L-I-E.

        The issue is really Mr. Rogue’s “nasty scrawling on the walls” that are malframed and examples of cheating and lying. Can’t handle rational debate, it seems. In addition, Mr. Rogue’s arguments get totally shredding without nary an acknowledgment or “Oh fuck, he’s right, I’m wrong” but more digging in the heels (like with Dr. Jenkins’ magic 9/11 dust.)

        Mr. Rogue is coming unhinged, and it isn’t pretty.


        • El Senor, you are not an “intruder.” Your posts are as welcome as HR’s.

        • Just to be perfectly clear, JG does not speak for anyone here but herself.

          I disagree with her on this point of Señor not being an intruder, and I in no way welcome the posts of this badger.

          If this comment at the end of his last comment is considered “respectful” by the ‘lady’, then she has a skewed sense of the word respect.


        • “The issue is really Mr. Rogue’s “nasty scrawling on the walls” that are malframed and examples of cheating and lying. Can’t handle rational debate, it seems. In addition, Mr. Rogue’s arguments get totally shredding without nary an acknowledgment or “Oh fuck, he’s right, I’m wrong” but more digging in the heels (like with Dr. Jenkins’ magic 9/11 dust.)

          Mr. Rogue is coming unhinged, and it isn’t pretty.”~Maxitwat

          Well, if this is considered “respectful” by JG, I have a few “respectful words” for both her and her creepy friend.

          However I will spare Boomers thread any more turmoil, and post those words elsewhere.


          • Let ME make this clear Will. This is the last I will speak of any of this. As for Senor’s comment, he is entitled to a rebuttal to the crap you have been posting about him. You can dish it out but can’t take it.. So live with it. YOU invited him here from T&S. I know this, I saw it with my own eyes. You wanted to bring your argument here and you did. Now you can’t stand it because no one else cared to jump on your attack Senor bandwagon. That is all… end transmission.

            • “YOU invited him here from T&S. I know this, I saw it with my own eyes.”~JG

              Absolute horseshit. If you consider my commentary about Maxitwat an “invitation”, then I can understand you feeling “invited” to screw with my thread. In neither instant were either of you “invited” — you INTRUDED.

              And as far as your “ending” and “beginning” your transmissions, pick one or the other rather than playing with a yo yo here.

              You want to move beyond this squabble? Then do it. If you don’t then screw it. If you consider the posts by this badger to be the type of “respectful” that you wish to promote here, then I don’t see what your bitching about my “disrespect” is based on.

              To say that it is an “insult” to say you are hypocritical is really far out. It is as clear as the smirk on Maxitwat’s face right now.

              This whole thing is unfuckingbelievable!

              “That is all”? It damned well better be.


  21. Come on Jersey,

    Play your game here out in the open, don’t scuttle it over to the Prologue thread now, where you can pull your stinking little power coup in secret.

    I would have likely come back here eventually once your nanny shit subsided, but now you want to play this for keeps.

    Well do it here and now in front of all of COTO.


  22. Hey Mrs Rob “JG” Kall…

    You still up and about baby?

    Talk to me hot lips, you gonna stab me in the back here?

    Let’s have it.


    • This is a private matter between you and jg, why do you bring it here like this Rogue? It’s unsitely. It’s quite obvious you want it anounced & seen, there’s a reason the crowd is not turning up. No offence intended to either of you but coto comments should not be filled with this shit. Thats what facebook is for. 😉

      • I brought it here Jay7, for the reasons I have already stated.
        She confronted me on a long dormant thread, that only I attend to anymore, but for the trespassing of an anonymous entity that I have a long history with elsewhere. A vicious bastard who is trying to get me axed not only here but at another blog as well.

        I didn’t want to blow up this thread with this crap – but she threatened me with banning on the other thread. If she is going to do that, I want it done in full view of all of you.

        I didn’t turn this into a facebook or people magazine rag job, that was the “lady’s” doing.


        • Rogue1, pardon my ignorance, but if it is your thread On Truth & Shadows, how can anyone else ban you or trash any comments? I just went and read some of the comments on the end of it, so I’m more up to date.

          • You are misconstruing what I said. I don’t have a thread on Truth and Shadows. Only the administrator, Craig McKee has the keys to the threads there

            I was talking about JG trashing my comments on COTO, on my personal thread here; Prologue.

            As JG herself pointed out, she trashed one of my comments on Prologue.
            She has the keys as an ‘administrator’ to delete anything from any of our blogs on COTO.

            So now you confuse me. Where did you just go to get more up to date? To one of the T&S threads, or to Prologue here on COTO?


            • I DELETED ONE COMMENT from yesterday, where my name was again mentioned in a derogatory fashion. That’s it. Everything else you have posted there is intact. If we can all keep it civil, as I’m sure we can, there should be no further problems.

            • You’re right, I’m wrong. I clicked to the Prologue thread. Sorry for the confusion.

  23. Dude, you can carry on a conversation without the swordplay. If JG doesn’t appreciate your ad hominem, aspersions and calling her the names you’ve called her then she has a right to fight off the attacker as does anyone.

    How do your relationships usually end? With friends and women friends? Its something to think about. I’ve had to think about it. And I’m not proud of how I’ve conducted myself at times in the past. I try to do better. I’m wondering if it is just JG “this time”? It seems to me to be a repeat of how you disposed of Rady. You don’t have to answer me at all. I get to look at myself in the mirror, and contemplate how I might handle things, shall we say, “more positively”.

    You had opportunity to join this thread, and maybe turn a new leaf. I guess its autumn, and you’re content to let em all fall to the ground, used up and dead. That’s very sad.

    What are the good and best parts of HybridRogue1 that you have to offer? Offer those. JG ain’t out to get You! You get yourself. So you and she don’t agree, or you both think each other are detestable assholes? So what?! Try NOT to be an asshole. That’s a shitty way to go through life.

    I prefer to look at the excellent qualities of Mr. HybridRogue1, JG, and anybody else. But you know me, and I won’t take BS either, because I don’t have too. Nobody “has” to. But why not let it go? And seek to build something positive?

    I brought up the “how’s your relationships end” question for a reason. I was thinking about it through the day. In a few days I’m celebrating 15 years with my lovely wife. Geez! How’d I do THAT?! Compromise. And I’ve had to do a lot of it. So has she, ’cause she’s had to put up with my idiosyncrasies and faults. And I’m loaded.

    I would never preach to you or anybody else. I just bring stuff up that occurs to me. Shoot it down, pick it up and use it, or whatever.

    • I have been married three times Boomer,

      The last one lasted for 17 years. But they all ended up in divorces, of course because I was never a polygamist (grin).

      I discovered I have had enough compromise in my life. It isn’t worth it as far as I’m concerned. But different strokes for different folks.

      The thing with Rady was not my fault. She claimed that I called her a cunt, and that is why she purged all of my writing on C2 – that is a pure unmitigated lie. I called her a cunt AFTER I had discovered what she had done. And as far as I am concerned what she did was a cunt’s job.

      JG and I have been butting heads for quite awhile now. That is the reason I haven’t been participating in the goings on here. I thought with some time, she would eventually lighten up. As I wasn’t saying anything to criticize her in the current well viewed threads.

      I had things to say to her on my Prologue thread, only after she confronted me about Maxitwat. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have to play with the son-of-a-bitch. And her defending this badger, and egging him on to keep at me there…well, hey fuck that. I’m not going to take this shit. The spin here that I am “attacking her” is backward.

      She butted in there on my Prologue thread, in an argument she is totally ignorant of the issues of. If she would mind her own business, everything would be fine. If she didn’t want a confrontation with me, she would have stayed out of the hassle between Maxitwat and I.

      If anyone here can’t see this, then they are simply being biased. This is clear cut and dried.



    Actually it went back to Inslaw/PROMIS in 1982 and was part of the beginning for GHW Bush and the DVD. It’s the time the birth of l-qaeda would be derived from the Mujaheddin. Enter Tim Osman (OSS) when Exhelon went to NTOC. It’s a domestic eye/ear for the CIA and FBI. Now they are watched by NSA who supercedes all of DHS, Domestic law enforcement and intelligence. Since the Church committee hearings the abuse has continued and everyone knew it except the sheeple who still seem stunned at the Snowden Scam revelations.

    I still have FBI letter and DOJ letters from 2003 when under the FOIA, I requested if I was under investigation and surveillance which they, of course denied. I ought to have them framed for the future hall of shame.

  25. I told Deb we got nailed here on Friday. Looks like Michigan is waking up to the massive assaults.

    • That’s real ugly, PD. Chemtrailing started up again where I’m at yesterday, and today, as moisture is arriving. Sick bastards!

      As some have pointed out, and most should make the connection — Chemtrails are … “Chemical Weapons” of mass destruction. What’s the government roaches got to say to it? Its in our imagination or some other B.S. Arrest them ALL!

    • Patrick, that looks like our skies here most days. Most days we don’t see any bright blue like that and it’s a white out. I’m guessing your skies are similar?

      • Our skys were absolutely FILLED with chemtrails today, the most I’ve ever seen. Feeling crappy tonight……

        • You live in Jersey too don’t you MsD?

          • I’m in New Hampshire, central NH. But, I travelled the state today from Mass & Maine & the chemtrails were everywhere and everyone is complaining about not feeling well. Poisionous cocktail showering down on us.

            • Yea Ms.. seems the east coast is sprayed daily and yes, a lot of people have sinus, resp and stomach virus’. I saw the strangest thing on the local news just minutes ago. Apparently, even dogs are getting sick. Did you know there was a flu shot for dogs? I didn’t ! Sounded to me from what they were saying, it was the vaccinated dogs that were getting sick. Duh. Between that and what they are spraying above us every day, I’m surprised I’m not seeing animals dropping dead right before my eyes on a daily basis. I know Kyley (my aussie shepherd) senses something not right in the air. She looks up and sniffs it from all angles before she will step outside the door.

              • Vaccinated dogs are dying every day from overdoses and a few are waking up to it…..

                ALL vaccinations are GMO and deadly regardless of pet/human grade. I don’t care WHAT they are for, you aren’t going to jab me or my dogs (rotties) with that poison!

                The chemtrails were so thick yesterday, you could taste them! Suprise, we have a 50% chance of rain today. The skys are still gray. I can usually see the particles falling, but this time it must have been nanoparticles or so thick that my vision didn’t pick up the fall out. Could be it affects vision too, besides lungs, brains etc? Bad shit in the air. It’s making sane people all around me grouchy, tired, fight, break up, sick etc etc.

                I also had the WORST garden ever which means less local organic food. It means I have to buy more of THEIR food. go figure…

                Scary times we are living in!

                • Darlene.. yep..vaccines are killers and I avoid them like the plague(pun intended). I also refuse to chip my dog as so many are inclined to do “in case they get lost”. Really? I have a dog tag on Kyley’s collar. I’ll take my chances w/her getting lost (not gonna happen- the dog is a genius) So many dogs develop cancer at the injection spot.

                  I saw the chemtrail particles falling for myself for the first time last week. Looked like someone shaking a very huge, wide mop from above. I finally witnessed for myself what Kyley has been seeing for quite a while now.

  26. I see your point Rogue but I also see Jg’s, I seems now to be more an emotional issue, she said he said blah, so you expect any1 at coto to “do something”, what do you want? Want Jg banned? Well being an emotional flame why doesn’t coto ban you aswell? hell El Once too but where does that lead us?

    • Jay7,

      I have never suggested that JG should be banned. It is absurd to ban any one of the foundational members here.

      As far as El Once, hell yea! As I tried to warn with this anonymous prick showed up here, all he wants is trouble…and as big a brouhaha as this has turned into I think that should be evident to all concerned.

      It is understandable that you don’t grasp this situation as you weren’t aboard when this started. What baffles me is that as clearly as I warned JG at the time, she still fell into this trap.

      Now, let’s just drop this here. I never wished to have any conversation at all on this particular thread. My hand was forced. I think everyone should drop it. And I expect to be left to my own thoughts on my Prologue thread; unless there are those who want to read the whole argument and comment on the substance of some aspect of it.


      • For all of you that have or have not witnessed Hyrbridrogue going after me personally with derogatory comments for simply disagreeing with his point of view, just click on his name and follow his comments and also click on mine. I am not proud that I stooped to his level when defending myself against comments such as I speak nonsense, am hypocritical or contradict myself. He doesn’t like his opinion being questioned in any way by any one. He resorts to nasty name calling, smear tactics if you dear challenge the Wizard of Whitten.

        Let’s not pretend here. We’ve all seen it. Older members remember his horrific treatment of Rady on here. Or his ad hominems directed at El Senor who always managed to state his facts without name calling. Sure, we appreciate his take on things. But do we really want to stand for someone that attacks their own blog members? Members that are not just treated as people posting comments, but friends? I for one have had enough.

        He is especially angry now because I, as as co-editor of this blog, warned him, starting now, to knock off the nasty, derogatory comments on his own post, Prologue. I stated that hose particular comments would be deleted. And I have already deleted one in which he was again bashing my character. Every one here is entitled to their opinion and to comment on others opinions if they disagree. HOWEVER, there is no reason to be disrespectful to another because you don’t like what they have to say. HR is NOT the final word on what truth is or isn’t around here. He needs to remember that or he needs to go and hang out at one of the other blogs he visits regularly.

        Is being respectful to all too much to ask? I’m asking you coto.

        • As I personally handle some situations as mentioned is to ignore any posts that waste time on petty arguments that may distract from the larger picture.

          The use of slanderous and solicitous statements only hurt those making them. I grant any persons right to make an ass out of themselves if they so wish. Those doing so basically exile themselves. HR seems to be doing a pretty good job of doing this to himself.

          I don’t agree 100% with anyone here, even those I most respect, but I certainly try my best to respect the norms of intelligent debate. If those norms are violated, once again, it is the person crossing them that is inflicting damage onto themselves.

          Does this mean I’m perfect in this regard? Not by a long shot. Controlling oneself in heated debates, especially in person, when you don’t have the benefit of the buffer that written word provides is a constant challenge. Which makes any transgressions in writing even more egregious.

          I am not a fan of banning anyone for any reason. As mentioned, anti-social behavior will ultimately only end in the aggressor being ignored or plummeted and eventually they will fade away.

          This may be HR’s fate if he keeps pursuing this line. And if he wants to pick-up his ball and go home, so be it. As much as I have appreciated many of his insights in the past, even the ones I didn’t agree with, I will not shed any tears if he wishes to go to some other blogs other then COTO.

          • Thanks for your input M. I don’t believe in banning either. People can judge for themselves who started the fire and continues
            to stoke it.

        • “Older members remember his horrific treatment of Rady on here. Or his ad hominems directed at El Senor who always managed to state his facts without name calling.”

          JG You are absolutely delusional!!

          1] My “horrific treatment of Rady”??

          2] “El Senor who always managed to state his facts without name calling.”

          These charges are so absurd that to even have to go back to the record and point the real history of these issues is lunacy.

          1} You know very well that Rady lied through her teeth about that comment she used as an excuse to purge all of all of my writings from C2. YOU KNOW IT!! And this revisionist history you are making up now is just as dishonest as Rady was for her original actions.
          And yes, for her tearing my voice box out at C2 I did have a lot of angry things to say, justly so…And I was angry because she literally turned all of the 9/11 threads on C2 over to Albury Smith and his comrades in deceit.

          2} You forget so soon and fall for this disingenuous saccharine gentile posing of “Dearest Señor El Once” when you JG, were the one who expunged “The-Gay-Porn-of-Hybirdrogue” from the COTO record.

          Yes YOU Debra are the one who tossed his vile trash down the memory hole. Where is that essential ‘historical memory’ so necessary to recognizing the Orwellian “Obvious” now?
          . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
          So these examples drawn from the actual record of Señor El Once, are now submitted, although this is merely a small fraction of what I have been subjected to:

          “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM

          “This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM

          FEBRUARY 25, 2013 – 3:36 PM:
          “And I am defaming you, Mr. fookin’ no-nookin’ a$$hole Rogue.”

          FEBRUARY 27, 2013 – 1:25 PM:
          “Let me put this in a form that your simple mind will understand: Fuck you, Mr. Rogue, and your bullshit chowder about defamation of Dr. Jones.”
          ” I call him “simple-minded” with respect to nukes and write “fuck you, Mr. Rogue” (because I know him so well.)”

          FEBRUARY 28, 2013 – 7:50 PM:
          “ write on COTO & here about “the true nature of things”, then WTF? You’re not just being a clueless idiot; you’re being a purposeful a$$hole whose motives we’ll need to question for why you are here… in overbearing quantities.”

          MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM:
          “Agent Rogue does not disappoint us with a further example of his lying and cheating ways.”
          “But because he is an agent with an agenda to PREVENT knowledge of nuclear means-&-methods..”
          “And of course, this is the song-and-dance that Dr. Jones enlightens us with to “prove” that fission or fusion nukes weren’t used. This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”
          ” here is a “fucking lie” from Agent Rogue;
          [So rather than there being LESS radioactivity from a Neutron type device we have enhanced radiation.]”
          “Gloating Agent Rogue, as is true to his lying and cheating ways..”
          “It ain’t as cheatin’, lyin’ Agent Rogue frames it..”
          “Agent Rogue is just paid not to see it, and to pull any trick he can to prevent others from seeing the truth, too.”
          “When an agent is paid to promote an agenda, he can never admit fault or error; he can never give an inch; he can never allow his target (e.g., me) the last word on the agenda topic; he has to dominate the forum; he will pull out every nasty trick in the book in order to hold the line given by the agenda…”


          • Oh, I stand by my assessment that Mr. Rogue lies, cheats, and is a weasel. Here’s his lastest example. They are substantiated character traits.

            As for Mr. Rogue’s FOURTH reposting of cherry-picked comments from me, my original response (2012-11-30) to his SECOND resposting was deleted. When he brought it up a third time, I re-surrected it (2013-08-20).

            When a farmer, rancher, plumber, carpenter, etc. are observed doing things of their profession, it is no insult to call them a name from their profession. Mr. Rogue is upset because (as all of Mr. Rogue’s debate opponents get) in a frustrating moment I was tired of Mr. Rogue’s games and — owing to the reasons given in the re-surrected 2012-11-30 posting — I had reasons to call him an “agent.”

            I have to admit that even cherry-picked, my litany of (substantiated) insults directed at Mr. Rogue stands the test of time. I stand behind them. They ain’t nothing compared to Mr. Rogue’s latest terms of endearment, Maxitwat. Obviously, one of his more convincing arguments.

            Carry on with your unhingement, Mr. Rogue.


            • Let us then suppose that the ever “respectful” and “genteel” Señora Maxitwat recalls, and stands by this. It was only March 7th of this very year that this “elegant” and “trustworthy gentleman” posted this delightfully titled little piece on COTO.

              Of course as smiling fate would have it on this hero in his/her own masked mind, this link is no longer working. And why is that? because JG who ‘has never once used the delete button’ on any comment until mine on Prologe; deleted the whole post.

              And it is in how all of this is now conveniently forgotten, down the Memory Hole as it were, that leaves me to stand in wonder.

              Well, I don’t know if there is some digital record that can be pulled up on this justly deleted slur of a post offered by the “ever respectful and respected” Señor/Señora …whichever, but I remember it, and I would wager that a few of the more honest witnesses in this crowd or community might remember it to:


              One more thing. Let us ask if the “O so honest and respectable” Señor will acknowledge or deny the posting of this article?.. which holds the distinction of being the ONLY COTO article to have ever been removed by management.


            • I do not debate with Maxitwat because it would be like being locked in a cell with Renfield.


        • You can always tell when Mr. Rogue’s argumentative position is up against the ropes, because both his frequency in postings and his disrespectful tone increase in volume, and he is more inclined to insert a lie or cheat to bolster his losing case.

          2013-09-09 at 9:23 pm
          2013-09-09 at 9:36 pm
          2013-09-09 at 11:23 pm
          2013-09-09 at 11:54 pm
          2013-09-10 at 12:21 am
          2013-09-10 at 2:46 am
          2013-09-10 at 5:15 am
          2013-09-10 at 9:20 am

          Mr. Rogue (2013-09-10 at 12:21 am) is under the mistaken impression that when he posts in other public venues boastful links to his “works”, he can pick-and-choose to whom the “invitation” is intended and who can and cannot read it.

          Another mistaken impression that Mr. Rogue harbors is when he insults someone (repeatedly and as his main argument in the debate), he believes that this person is not allowed to defend themselves or correct the record. And should they be so bold, they must do it at his gutter level.


          “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

          Here’s the backstory to Mr. Rogue’s taunts from 2013-09-10 at 9:20 am.

          Mr. Rogue was among several who were writing book reports about Dr. Wood’s book without having read it, because he certainly wasn’t going to fork over money for that which he deemed disinformation based on internet hearsay. His bluff was called. The first part of the gentleman’s agreement in exchange for the book was for him to objectively review it for the good, the bad, and the ugly. [Disclaimer: I don’t champion it 100%. I wanted it discredited legitimately and the nuggets of truth preserved.] Mr. Rogue ran out the clock for more than a year, at which point he finally admitted that he hadn’t read it and was allegedly so frustrated with the content [which should have been the basis for the bad and ugly in his report] that he violently ripped out the 500 pages from this hard-bound book for his bird’s cage, making it difficult for his poor-ass to fulfill the second half of that gentleman’s agreement: to pass-it-along or pay-it-forward.

          Because my aims were to have Dr. Wood’s textbook debunked legitimately point-by-point while preserving that which so merited, you can’t imagine my disappointment when Mr. Rogue welched on the gentleman’s agreement. By all standards, he is deserving of the “weasel” label (the extra Dubya in the “Triple-Dubya” that I have taken to calling him.)

          Meanwhile, though, the discussions on DEW-ey topics continued. Whenever Mr. Rogue was feeling frustrated at having his arguments shredded on T&S, he’d slink back here to COTO and compose all sorts of crafty insults and malframed counter-arguments to my points. In his misguided pride at his “accomplishments” on COTO [ad hominem that wasn’t tolerated on T&S], he posted links to it. So I came.

          Check out Mr. Rogue’s over-reaction and outright fear of that prospect.

          [2012-11-13] I don want Se隳r around me Puddy. I hope that is clear to you. He is bad business. I don want to see this stranger in our house.
          [2012-11-18] I say leave the little spot of piss dribbled by the uncouth El Once. Let the world note what a small person he really is… but let him say no more here.
          [2013-11-20] [at 12:34 pm] There is such a thing as a ‘Restraining Order’ Puddy, when it comes to your own blog. It is at your own fingertips. What more is it going to take? How much more shit are you going to allow this shitheaded clown Se隳r stir-up? Are you seriously incapable of banning? This has gone too far. Do something. … [at 8:43 pm] I want to wake both you and Deb up to the fact, the undeniable in your face fact that Se隳r is nothing but a stalking asshole. … I warned both of you from the very beginning about this skunk. … As it stands I have no culpability for the fact of this gameplaying son-of-a-bitch still being here, regardless of Deb buying into his lie that I nvited him here??that is simply balderdash. I going to say it one more time, ban this fucker. He has no rightful place here. … [at 9:08 pm] So what does it take to get your attention Puddy? … This is absurd. How long are you going to let this go on?

          This? From Mr. Rogue, who so confidently can argue down (with insults) the best of the trolls? What gives?

          Needless to say, my postings on COTO did not merit such antics, nor the out-and-out smear that permeates thoroughly the comment section to his beloved PROLOGUE [even despite the recent pruning.] It became clear very quickly that comments from me, regardless of actual content, would not survive on Mr. Rogue’s threads.

          About this same point in time, Veritable1 and Boomerangcomesback were taunting me by saying:

          Perhaps you would like to elucidate and expound on your “theories” with your own thread on COTO? Go ahead.

          So I did: 9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW (part 1) [2012-11-22] and 9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW (part 2) [2012-12-21].

          +++ End of Backstory

          Respectful debate participant that Mr. Rogue is (not), not only would he malframe my points on his thread, but he would purge my efforts at correction. Mr. Rogue started posting disrespectful nonesense to my thread. I deleted them. All seventeen (17) of them… from a single 12-hour period. And then I fed them back to Mr. Rogue as a top-level COTO posting under the title: The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 [2013-03-06].

          Mr. Rogue wrote yesterday on this theme:

          Let us then suppose that the ever “respectful” and “genteel” Se隳ra Maxitwat recalls, and stands by this. It was only March 7th of this very year that this “elegant” and “trustworthy gentleman” posted this delightfully titled little piece on COTO. Of course as smiling fate would have it on this hero in his/her own masked mind, this link is no longer working. And why is that? because JG who ‘has never once used the delete button’ on any comment until mine on Prologe; deleted the whole post.

          [1] There is no such persona “Se隳ra Maxitwat” or “Maxitwat” or other jejune & immature versions on “Max.” Please, call me by my proper name “Se隳r El Once” or “SEO”.

          [2] Yes, I stand behind it. Does Mr. Rogue? Let’s see…

          [3] No, it was March 6th of this year. The March 7th version was a misguided and malframed concoction by Veritable1 to cover Mr. Rogue’s six, badly. All participants agreed that that version should be buried.

          [4] Mr. Rogue was smiling when he wrote “this link is no longer working”, but that smile is fading as he realizes that not only does my CYA link work [WARNING: Deep rabbit hole], but the meat of that article below the title and introductory paragraph was pure, unadulterated, trollish Mr. Rogue in all his glory.

          [5] Why was the COTO version deleted? Mr. Rogue’s 17 comments in row over a 12 hour period — that he knew when making them would end up in the trash — did not reflect very well on him when *presto*, suddenly, there they all were, resurrected, standing side-by-side, and proving him in violation of COTO’s rules of engagement. Truly, The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 as given by the title.

          Well before Mr. Rogue’s smile faded from seeing this “preparation meeting opportunity”, he uttered:

          And it is in how all of this is now conveniently forgotten, down the Memory Hole as it were, that leaves me to stand in wonder. Well, I don’t know if there is some digital record that can be pulled up on this justly deleted slur of a post offered by the “ever respectful and respected” Se隳r/Se隳ra … whichever, but I remember it, and I would wager that a few of the more honest witnesses in this crowd or community might remember it to. One more thing. Let us ask if the “O so honest and respectable” Se隳r will acknowledge or deny the posting of this article?.. which holds the distinction of being the ONLY COTO article to have ever been removed by management.

          First, let us point out the L-I-E that Mr. Rogue is so talented at dribbling out.

          My posting of The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 does ~not~ hold the distinction of being the ONLY COTO article to have ever been removed by management. Nope. Mr. Veritable1’s lame attempt on 2013-03-07 [link doesn’t work] using the same title also has that distinction, and by golly if Mr. Rogue’s PROLOGUE isn’t on the fast track for suffering the same fate, I don’t know what is.

          Good thing Mr. Rogue ramped up his own personal blog with Carnival d’Maxifuckanus [2013-03-06], so that it can avoid COTO censure. And what a date-stamping coincidence that piece of work (2013-03-06] and its comments [last one this morning] are?

          Probably the only thing worth redeeming from Mr. Rogue’s blog [2013-09-08]

          “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

          // I’m so lucky to have Mr. Rogue as my debate partner.

          • I am not going to make an argument back to the unspooling of utter bullshit twine from the Maxitwat. I will only say that every item that is mentioned in this insane and massive missive is given a true account of on Prologue @:


            But I will note that Maxitwat does NOT have Mr Rogue as his/her debating partner. The entity fails to grasp this most important aspect of reality, and thus continues to shriek anal hurlant into a void lacking context.

            If anyone really gives a flying flip about this whole affair I suggest they study the entity’s encyclopedic blabbergrind, and go through my explanations of what really happened at Prologue.

            I still stand by my position that this anonymous entity is a lunatic stalker.


            • Yeah, I don’t even want to waste my time to read Senor’s jibberjabbing above. Folks — there’s so much more important stuff falling down around us!

              Be respectful in Allowing COTO commenters and readers to form their own opinions, especially on 9/11 info. Everyone is Always at a different point in their own personal “learning curve”.

              Make your points, serve em up, defend em, whatever, but WE ALL get to do the COTO CRUCIBLE DANCE on everybody’s points! Out the back end will shoot the shit, the foam will float to the surface, and maybe some gold will be found resting on the bottom of the pan. But WE get to do the pan frying! It takes all of the fun out of it with posters like yourselves whacking each other over the head with your pans.

              Why don’t WE all “Agree” to Shut the Fuck Up, and move along to the next topics of interest?! If you guys must, then set up a single “Fight Cage” thread like I suggested somewhere, and spend as much energy and time bashing about on it as you want.

              Really, it would be great to see ALL of the 9/11 haggling (including the thread Rady tossed — Rogue1, they still sit there in the Trash, and can be resurrected as far as I know), and post it. It might be interesting to have a Smash Up thread on a topic as controversial and important as 9/11.

              What do you think?

              • “What do you think?”

                Well you asked Boomer.

                I think equating Maxitwat’s status at COTO with mine is total horseshit.

                Lol…well you DID ask now didn’t you?

                If you think my writings on Rady’s blog are ever going to see the light of day again….

                Look dude, you put up a post like this one and then don’t like what happens…what can I say? Unexpected consequences… that’s life pal.


                • Keep it up Will. Keep alienting EVERY member of this blog. Now it’s Boomer’s turn to feel your righteous wrath? Boomer for god sake? Get this in your head mister YOU are not better than anyone else that posts on this blog. GOt it? Go to T&S and post shit like this. See how far you get. You are very close to being banned. Don’t push me and I’m dead serious. Better yet, why don’t you just pack your bags and leave of your own accord because I don’t think you know how to act like a civil human being.

                  I’ll show you unexpected consequences… call me whatever name you choose.. Your words fall on deaf ears around here. You’ve shown your true colors.

                  • Nurse Rached,

                    I didn’t “attack” Boomer for Kryste sake!

                    He asked what I thought. That’s what I thought.

                    I did not and do not mean insult to Boomer…it is YOU JG who is hot to interpret everything I say that way.


                • HaHaHa My Refrito Bandito Friend! {I could have put ‘Friendito there at the end, but it would be kind of overkill on the ‘frenetics” as you grok. “My Refrito Bandito Friendito?! Too much alliteration for the situation }.

                  Right NOW! I say Flower Power, and I ain’t had flowers for so long, I wish I was hanging out wit you! So…I’m going to go back up to the TOP of the post and play some Van Morrison tuneage and see if it reframes my frame of reference and general outlook upon the landscape. You Grok? Parrottease to you and your friends.

                  Yes. Friends. That’s what we need to seek. Enemies. Fuck em. They’re a dime a dozen. Friends. I’m gonna explore that avenue. I need more friends. Or, at least, people (or critters) I can have a conversation with and walk away ‘satisfied’. Like a good smoke. You know what I mean? Grok the picture~~~attribute it to…..

                  • Well…

                    I just re-listened to the 2 Van Morrison tunes up TOP, and I FEEL so much better. Like Butter. Thank God for Music.

                    Why don’t WE ALL just reverberate and remonstrate the REAL shit that’s Important to us ALL! Y’all know what it is. Let’s get to it!

                    • Boomer, there is only one person here who doesn’t want to move on. Only one person here who wants to post vile, derogatory comments against other coto members, only one person here who sees HIS views and truth as the ONLY truth, only one person here who sees himself as superior to all… and we know who that is. People who read our blog regularly are not willing to post comments because they do not want to be torn to shreds for having a differing opinion. I know this to be fact and have proof. Now who IS this person I’m speaking of? WHo is this cancer that is out to destroy coto by chasing away every decent newcomer who might like to join us but won’t? I’ll give u a hint. It’s not Senor.

                      Enough catering to this immature person, who when they don’t get their way, have a bloody tantrum like a toddler that has his favorite toy taken away! ENough.

                  • Did you really take offense at what I said?

                    I have always considered you my friend, and have never found you so thin skinned as to take things like that as personal insults.

                    I think the sequence of events is pretty clear here. I posted one post that was meant as my last. and then a follow up to you afterwards.

                    It was my discovery later in the day that there was a rumble in the shadows at Prologue. For my own protection I brought that here because I wanted all of COTO to be aware of that – as JG threatened me in the first “I’ve had enough of this bs” comment she made.

                    At any rate, I am still disappointed that so few here can make out that the proximate cause here is the badger.
                    The trip with JG could have cooled with time, but adding that sick hyena to the mix here is like throwing gasoline on fire.

                    At any rate, I mean no insult to you brother.

                    I mean insult to Maxitwat with extreme prejudice.

                    And I want JG to stay off of my ass.


                    • The above is addressed to Boomer,


                  • “My Refrito Bandito Friendito?!”

                    Too much Boom? No!! I like the way it rolls off the tongue.!

                    I don’t think you are as uptight about this as JG is making out.

                    She is the one that is uptight…she’s lit up like a road flare!!

                    Eyeee carumba!!


              • Boomer, you were right the first time. We should all agree to shut the fuck up and move along to the next topics of interest. T&S talks of NOTHING but 9/11. Anyone that wants to rehash the same talking points over and over ad nauseum has that forum to do so. I have no interest in seeing that endless go round from Rady’s blog up here on coto 1. In fact, it will never happen. Talk about jibberjabbing…sheesh…

  27. You know JG,

    I never imagined this would escalate to this point with you.

    I was staying off the current threads waiting for this crap between us to blow over. But YOU had to come in here [Prologue]. Where you know damned well that no one attends except for myself and the badger Bridges.

    You had to jump between us and defend him…when I have made it so crystal clear why I don’t want his crap here. And then you act like I “attacked YOU”??? WTF?

    I was clearly avoiding the new threads to avoid you. You sought me out here. If you don’t think that is bloody obvious then I don’t know what you are doing in a coalition of the obvious. Because this whole trip you are pulling is as plain as day.

    And you know very well why I brought this forward on Boomers thread after your threats. Don’t try to play games with me, and don’t try to sucker the rest of COTO with this underhanded bullshit.


  28. Is being truthful to all too much to ask?

    I’m asking you COTO.


    • What if jg did go to your blog and post just for a litle dig aye?

      • btw.. I don’t mean to sound smartass or anything, I just mean It could be an inflammation over, well, smartass comments. 😉

        • Horseshit Jay7,

          Don’t trifle with me smartass.


          • Did I not make it clear I was not trying to be a smartass smartass!? Dont trifle with me smartass.

      • “What if jg did go to your blog and post just for a litle dig aye?” ~Jay7

        Then obviously she is being personally vindictive and using her “status” as an official here in an improper way.

        • Ah. I say no more.. You lead to voids.

          • Jay… I’ve never known you to be anything but respectful.. Smartass? not hardly.

        • I did NOT go to your blog. I went to a post on coto.

          • “I did NOT go to your blog. I went to a post on coto.”~JG


            JG went to MY post on COTO.


            You say you want to move on beyond this?

            Then don’t trifle with me.

            You are NOT the spokesperson for COTO. Your bias as to what is and is not “respectful” is obvious – as in coalition of.

            We each and every one of us here have our own dashboard and controls for our own pages on COTO. I demand that JG desist in over-steping her assumed authority and fucking with the internal affairs of our own pages.


            • Sorry Will…. I am still a co editor of this blog whether u like it or not. Means I have the option to pull the kill switch on ANYONE’s post. I’ve been here since day 1 and have NEVER before wielded the delete button until today and I will use it again if necessary. Don’t trifle with ME.

  29. CORP-STATE GLOBALISM: Approximately 50,000 people protested in downtown Mexico City on 8 September 2013 against proposed oil-sector reforms. President Pena Nieto is seeking to partially privatize Mexico’s petroleum industry. Pemex, the state oil company, currently holds a legal monopoly on all aspects of petroleum exploration and production. Thousands of teachers who have been camped out in Mexico City for the past several weeks joined the march. Traffic was disrupted for several hours. Further protests have been called for 22 September.

    Several thousand army soldiers, paramilitary personnel and police officers were deployed to the Muzaffarnagar district in the state of Uttar Pradesh on 8 September 2013 in an effort to stop communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Riots began on 7 September following a meeting by Hindu villagers in which participants demanded justice for three Hindus who were killed on 27 August, after protesting when a young woman was being harassed. Street fighting and armed clashes have occurred in the affected areas. Despite the troop deployment, the imposition of a curfew and the declaration of a state of alert in Uttar Pradesh, unrest continued overnight on 8-9 September, and violence spread to the districts of Shamli and Meerut; at least 31 people have been killed so far. The central government warned that communal unrest has increased in northern India in 2013, with 451 incidents having been reported so far this year, compared to 410 during all of 2012. A local media source reported on “speculations” that political parties are fomenting the communal tensions in Uttar Pradesh in an attempt to improve their respective positions ahead of the general elections that are scheduled to take place in 2014. In the past, communal violence in one part of India has occasionally triggered tensions and violence elsewhere in the country; thus far, however, there is no indication that these latest incidents have had an effect outside Uttar Pradesh.

    At least 100 rebels belonging to the Moro National Liberation Front attacked the southern port city of Zamboanga on 9 September 2013, effectively shutting down the city. Zamboanga is located on the island of Mindanao. The mayor ordered all schools and businesses to close and imposed a 2000-0500 curfew, as the Philippine army clashed with the rebels, who are reportedly holding 20 civilians hostage. At least one soldier was killed in the attack and 10 others were wounded. The unrest appears to have been confined to the Rio Hondo area of the city, but clashes with police and military personnel were still ongoing based on the most recent reporting. Rebels entered the city by boat on 8 September and were spotted by the Philippine Navy, at which point fighting broke out.

    The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued a Security Message on 6 September 2013, which reads in part as follows: “The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince advises American citizens to be aware that there has been a series of roadblocks on Rte. Nationale 2 between Petit Goave and Miragoane. They are on a detour that snakes up and down a nearby hill that makes conditions hazardous. The persons blocking the road seem to be primarily in search of weapons and ammunition, and we are aware of at least one

  30. I think all “conflict” comments should be removed (in context and with day/time stamps) to their very own thread. Call it “The Ultimate Fighting Cage”.

    There certainly are more important things going on in the world that can benefit by ALL COTO members and readers alike, wrapping their minds around, and commenting upon with the expected expertise and intelligence displayed in the COTO crucible.

    My 2 cents worth. tinkle, ting, rim shot!

  31. I’m putting this up just as it was in conversation with Willy. We’re in a historic time as the debate and decision by congress comes up on whether they back Obama in going to war with Syria. One way or the other this will be a game changer. Time to move away from this thread and deal with what’s coming.
    “That’s a hard one to put a reply to. No doubt Maxitwat followed you over and in reality treated us all at COTO like we were flakes to be cajoled with and enlightened by his superior grasp of the facts of 9/11 like that was our sole fixation. Upon trying to fit in, he/it tried playing us. If only the rest of C1 knew of how he’s become unglued over at T&S, it might make some difference in having an idea of the character of this player. In the all and all of it Willy, I like the people of COTO, I feel a sense of community. Bridges is probably sitting back watching all this and laughing his/its ass off in the turmoil created by this person. My wish is that we all reach an understanding and get on with the task at hand, that being us being involved with exposing truth and in each others awakening. I’m not hanging you out to dry my friend but I would like for us to get by this and move on”

    • Thanks Veri,

      There is nothing I would like better than to get beyond this and move on.

      I won’t have anything further to say here.

      I won’t have anything further to say about it on my Prologue thread either, unless it is about some new outrage from the Maxi-badger.


      • Ah well Willy. You know how it goes. In every crowd or community, seems to be a way of life there always lurks a creep

        • Yea Veri,

          And it seems that in every crowd or community there seems to be and chump or a collection of, that embrace said Creep because it has a gladhand and wears a phony smiley face mask.


    • I’m all for moving on.

  32. From Zen Garner’s site. You seen this Rogue1?

    • Yea Boomer,

      I just watched this.

      I had seen the series of videos by Jon Cole a few years ago of him doing the thermite experiments. Of course Cole was using standard thermite in his tests. You can extrapolate down the amounts needed as you consider the increases in power of the nano-scale thermates and other exotic sol-gel blends.

      The exposition of the Strategy of Tension is also highly important for tying all together in an historical perspective. The discussions between James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds are very educational, as she explains the Gladio A and Gladio B continuity.

      Thanks for the video…this time, this one played for me.


  33. Yah mon! Thanks for your comment.

    • Relish it Boomer,

      It will be my last for a long long time.


  34. Now we have spoken to anarchism, the primacy of individual sovereignty, the fraudulence of ‘government’, and the nature of despotism on COTO for as long as we have been COTO.

    Given the recent flap here on these pages, can anyone even IMAGINE what the sentence above might lead to as far as a rational argument for utter and total freedom of speech being one of the firmest foundations of what COTO should be about?

    I stand ready to make that argument in toto here. But I am of the opinion that to each and every member here, this should already be self-evident.


  35. Hey! haven’t been by here in awhile and was delighted to see this sweet post!

    Sounds like hot buttons still surface here- any place where people can speak freely is bound to have them- just be proud of it and always ready to skip the virulence. Freedom is messy but how could we live without it?

    FYI my life is busy these days, my folks moved in with us a year ago and I’m the main cook and etc. plus I recently got a part-time job to balance the budget. I hear from Rady sometimes and it’s good to know so many are still here cutting it up too. Best to you all!


    • Well, laudy it’s ms claudi !! Hey girl… so good to hear from you after all this time (years)! Good on you for helping your parents out. Happy to hear Rady is still alive and kickin’. Try to come in once in a while and make your presence known in between the business of your life:) I know it’s hard. I’ve got a full time job and hectic life as well trying to get everything done on weekends and babysitting the grandkids. I wouldn’t change anything except the full time freakin’ job! But one has to eat and keep a roof over their head, eh? 🙂

    • Hi Claudia,

      Your a sight for sore eyes even if it’s that dorky avatar. Wow you have your plate full but we appreciate you stopping by. We have been a little nostalgic lately. It amy be the time of the season. We hope and are glad you are still fighting the good fight.

  36. To a hammer everything looks like a nail.

    To a Maxitwat everything looks like a nuke.


    • Definition; “CREEP”
      A boring, disturbingly eccentric, painfully introverted or painfully obnoxious person.
      To paraphrase a saying; “Creepy is as creepy does”
      Describe anyone we’ve had the misfortune to become somewhat acquainted with?

      • Yes Veri,

        With blatant obviousness. It is stunning how this conman Bridges has pulled this off here…especially here, with his glad-hand and smiley face mask, and saccharine rhetoric.

        “Misfortune” indeed.


  37. Before anyone goes any further here in finger pointing as to who should be banished from COTO for spreading vitriol as opposed to who is being slandered. I suggest you might want to have a look at this.
    Maxwell C. Bridges
    As part of the 9/11 Truth Movement, I’ve been libeled and slandered as “an industrial-strength 9/11 conspiracy theorist.” In reality, I’m just another Blues Brother on a mission from God. My directives concerning 9/11 were very clear. “Feed my sheep.”
    Hey MAXICREEP, who else you playing for a dupe?
    HR has been right all along about our friend. YA’all might want to consider doing some research. This clown doesn’t even hide his game. Do your own research, he’s not hard to find. He/it is probably running several of these under different headings. Willy was right about this piece of dirt. This entity gloats all over this site about playing HR.
    We’ve been had.

    • V, you don’t get it. This is NOT about Senor. Who he is or who he isn’t. It’s not about their constant yammering over 9/11 and how the buildings fell. Who fuckin cares? Not me. It’s about HR’s behavior towards fellow coto members. It’s about his
      attitude, dude, get it? I don’t care if Senor is Cass Sunstein himself ! Senor isn’t the one chasing away new members with his nasty comments. the Wizard of Whitten has shown himself to the people of this blog. He’s been exposed as a mean spirited , narcissistic person that can dish it out but can’t take it. His delusions of grandeur that he has consistently displayed here have worn thin on many.

      Oh btw, If Senor is an “agent” than it appears the only one here that has been played is Mr Rogue himself by continually “engaging him in battle.” How ridiculous does he look if that is the case when it’s HR that looks like a hysterical child posting and reposting the same conversations they have for all to see? BORING. He hasn’t even noticed that no one cares !

      ALso, can you please post the link where you found that comment from Mr Bridges? I’d like to do my own investigation. What you posted sounds more like a sarcastic remark made to someone that may have pissed him off. He does have that nature. As for me being duped? Nope… I just let the man post his replies to the grand Wizard of Whitten since an argument is what that man seems to live for. WW is obsessed with Senor.

      • You the COTO cops JG?

        Why don’t you let Boomer say if he was all that insulted?

        You wanna drop this or not. My words to Boomer were not made to hurt. You’re the one with the bleeding wound over the Ouija board thing, while you claim you don’t hold grudges.

        Why don’t you lead by example and shut the fuck up yourself?


      • “What you posted sounds more like a sarcastic remark made to someone that may have pissed him off.”~JG

        Oh I see, an ‘innocent’ “sarcastic remark” from the Maxitwat, that would be interpreted as a ‘death threat’ if it came from me here.

        You are the one on the warpath sister, this whole trip is twisted bullshit.


    • Aww brother,

      Just fuckin’ amazing! I didn’t mean any insult to Boomer! He asked what I thought about what he said. I answered honestly.

      I don’t think he took insult at it, JG just wants to interpret anything I say now in the worst possible light.

      Her bias is shining as obvious as a 20 karat diamond right now.
      All this self righteous stomping around here…and claiming at the same time we should drop it. WTF???

      After you Madam!


  38. Fine Nurse Rached,

    I will bow out and no longer be posting on current threads here.

    You got COTO all to your own satisfaction sister.

    I will tend to my own little garden at Prologue.

    Y’all have fun now, Y’hear!!


    • That’s a very good idea, Wiz but keep in mind, I will still be monitoring your comments. I’ll be looking for anything of a derogatory nature about myself or any other member of coto. Lemme see.. yes, the DELETE button is right here 😉

  39. This has turned into a never ending circle jerk. No need for any kind of reply, I’m out of here.

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