Posted by: dawnatilla | September 2, 2013

LiveLeak from Fort Huachuca Arizona

Friend of mine living just outside Fort Huachuca mentions “Project Jerusalem” and the fact of it raining two inches on the base and nowhere else last night. 



  1. What’s Project Jerusalem have to do with rain on the base? Is he referring to THIS? (or that video game?)

  2. Speaking of Jerusalem…remember this:

    • I remembered that. Project Jerusalem conjures many possibilities does it not? From Bluebeam to BiBi.

      Gee Dawn, you are a little skinny on content. Can’t you do a little bit more 😉

    • Hokum.

      • What’s hokum? Project Bluebeam?

        • As far as it’s theater setting us up for the big show. I can believe that there are extraterrestrials, and that they’ve perhaps are already here, although until I see one in person I won’t be 100% convinced. I’m just going by the numbers.

          What I am sure of is that indeed if there are ET’s that our governments will try to control their presents as much as they try to control us. That being PBB

          • M, we are in total agreement yet once again. And yea, I think the military has stolen all their high tech weaponry. I think Phil Schneider was telling the truth about the battle in the underground base at Los Alamos between humans and aliens. I also believe they murdered him for revealing this to the public.

            I think Bluebeam is to throw us off from the truth about the legitimate aliens that have been here since humans. At least that’s my take on it.

      • Today on Alex Jones, he will interview Roddy Piper from the “THEM” movie THEY LIVE. It should follow the theme of ET, Alien presence.


    He’s still alive!!

  4. China -A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck several mountainous areas of southwestern China on 31 August 2013. Among the affected locations were Shangri-La and Deqen counties, located in Yunnan province, and Derong County, located in Sichuan province. According to Chinese state media, the quake destroyed nearly 600 residences and forced thousands of people to relocate. Three people were killed, and more than 40 others were injured in the earthquake. As of 2 September, local residents were continuing to experience disruptions to electrical power and telecommunications services.

    .gov isn’t even reporting it. Why? We know. It’s the main ingredient of our event cycle.

    ET, Aliens. I have to say they are part of the scam but I do not accept their story. What UFO and Bigfoot have in common are areas 51-53 and that the committee has not been tinkering in HMO {human Modified organisms] is naivety. The Montauk monster, sharks and bigfoot some examples? Likely.

    What bluebeam is in Aeronautical and astronomical terms is Hollywood comes to the world and the scenario and plot line will be what they decide but may include ET, Earthraker, EMP, Pandemic, Economic collapse and the Holographic Fantasia never imagined by the satellite systems, Mirrors and ionospheric layer and magnetosphere which is the best Plasma TV they could have ever hoped for.

    It’s not like the illusions are not simple enough in 3d, but the masters of the fourth estate have the power to present the best hoax ever with the current technology from fifty years of Teslas information and the madmen of Operation Paperclip.

    We are on our own when it happens. That is one fact I can rely on.

    • Awww; you’re revealing “Their Method” Puddy?! Whatta spoilsport. {hehheh — Shwing!}.

      Stand back folks and grok the “Festival of Abortions” before set before you. We’ve watched an entire catering company of them now up to this point. Right Now, Syria is on the Plate (to be served Hot or Chilled} as the snack before the “real meal”. NO?! Why — look at the advance Propaganda! This is juicy stuff, with a multimedia sauce of some serious sousness poured on for good measure, stirred, flambed, and roasted before our “wondering” eyes! We can’t wait for the entree, and trip to the restroom following for a liturgical turd event of another kind. NOOOooo!

      It is freaking amazing the irradiated biological rationales with tri-eyes, four fins, fourteen assholes, and a spreckenzideutch this zionistas serve up with zero accountability, zero facts, just bold “panache!” and a digital rectal pffftttzzzz of a palliative to help you hold down your conscience.

      WE read em like WE read the Small Street Urinal. We wipe our Ass with Em, and Flush Em down the sewer where they can congeal into their collective ButtWad of Ill-Repukedness.

      But, I tire of such terse descriptions of the wormy reptilians.


      These sub-humans have raised themselves up upon their butt hairs to the level of their sheer shit-for-brains psychopathy. Read around, and you’ll see them incriminating themselves as murdering maniacs at every press conference. They have now attained the status of “Every word uttered or written shall be used against me in the Only Court That Matters!”. No — its not the Court-of-Public-Opinion.

      It is the Court of Common Sense. It is a “Court-of-Law” where there is no escaping the facts and the Legal Rationales that Humanity has defined as “The Court of Humane Laws”. Inhumanity dashes itself upon these sharp rocks and bleeds whatever color it might possess, but NO ONE shall fool “The Court of Humane Laws”.

      We’re Humans. We’ve developed some rules (laws) that work for us.

      Trying to “fool” folks, or invert the “rules” of decorum and common sense are the shores upon which the foolish cast themselves upon.

      Hey Guys & Gals! We’re up here in the bleachers! We’re standing on the High Ground — The Bluffs — Watching you convict yourselves as devils, deceiving no one but yourselves.

      How’d WE get up here?

      WE just made a decision to not “play” your game, and BANG! We’re outside your hypnotic media-optic maelstrom.

      Can’t help ya!

      Swim Hard towards those razor-sharp rocks over There…

  5. Transhumanist Spirituality – A New Religion for the Modern Age?

    [Speaking to The Eternities podcast, he said, “Richard Dawkins … the atheist mastermind … writes in The God Delusion [that he] finds it very plausible in the universe that there may be very powerful beings like gods. He thinks these beings are a product of natural evolution like ourselves. That’s exactly what I think myself. I don’t place any artificial limits on the achievements that will be possible to intelligent life in the future. And I do think that some of our descendants, perhaps in a few thousand years, will be so advanced … that we could only call them gods.”]

    Ginning for the bluebeam event. It’s creeping all over the googleplex. Precipice of WWIII and the saviors arrive in a little green saucer

  6. Well PD, on this issue we shall agree to disagree. Regardless of what the military does or doesn’t have planned for their big show, it doesn’t change my mind about ETs or Interdimensionals . I bleieve they are real and have most likely lived amongst us for centuries. Two of my cousins had an experience with a UFO back in the early 70’s and no, they were not stoned or drunk 😉 I also don’t believe it was a govt experiment.

  7. I used to have a “Klown” that was inflated with air (a punching bag for children with sand in the souls of its feet so it’d “pop” right back up to vertical for more blows and abuse) that looks like these green creatures.

    Not to denigrate the “God-Like” Aliens or their supposed “powers”, but, if there is a Creator God, then these green balloon boy toys are full-of-hot-air and I’m not to worry…

    • Believing in beings other than ourselves doesn’t negate the existence of God. In fact, I think it makes more sense to believe that with all the planets in the massive universe that God would not just focus on our tiny little planet. Otherwise, talk about wasted space !!

    • Oh and no, I do not believe they are “god-like” just some are more intellectually and technically advanced.

  8. Dear JG, I certainly believe in “other” beings. What would a Creator God do but continuously “Create”?

    I will advance some “other” theories for you to consider as appropriate. No, WE are definitely Not Alone. It is in how the “relationships” are “allowed” to manifest in this plane/plain that we may want to explore further…

    • Excellent Boom. Am looking forward to hearing the “other” theories.

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