Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 28, 2013

911 – Alert [false flag – 8/28/13]

I received a cryptic message this AM.  Trying to figure it out.

I will at least warn of Syria attack today or a possible 911-2 event for the homeland.

All I have is code.  Watch the propaganda outlets today.   I am watching for wallstreet carefully and keeping my eye on DC today.





  1. yikes… doesn’t sound good PD. Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks for the Info Puddy, I’ll keep a look out. 1:10AM here.

    • For god sake jay.. it’s bedtime… close your eyes and go to sleep ! lol

      • Your awesome. 🙂


        • haha…sweet dreams you lil rebel 😀

  3. I think it’s from the Hennighan folks. Maybe a hoax. Can’t get the src IP or routing id’d. Will advise but keep an eye out today.

  4. Looks like Barry ears to me. MiLK MAN

  5. Yea, me too.. barry all the way.

  6. New York Times website offline after ‘malicious external attack’

  7. Twitter and New York Times still patchy as registrar admits SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY hack.


    The IT alCIAda Rebels = Anonomous

  8. Let the propaganda mills keep on spinning round and round ! Syria now blamed for hacking NY Times and Twitter. Like the mindfuck chemical weapons was not enough false flag BS now this garbage about hacking . It’s everybody else hacking the US computers not the CIA and Isreal, nooo not at all .

  9. What a bunch of bullshit! It’s hard for me to believe even the dumbest sheeple don’t see through this .

  10. A quality Dog Poet “rant” here —

    Yeah COTO — Stay Alert.

  11. We can see the that Twitter and NYT, like Wallstreet Run the Front for NSA googleplex. So why not hack DoD, DoE, Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, STUXNET USA?

    Elementary – Liberal Behavorial Modification.

    This is why Boston was selected for staging. It’s why I think San Fran or Los Angeles would be next. Obama is sliding off to the right so far and the power shift to GOP is gaining steam. It’s time to get the liberal lemmings back in the fold.

    The 2005 Bankruptcy Bill: Knowing a Financial Crisis Was Imminent, Banks Lobbied Government to Pass Laws to Preserve Their Wealth-by Salviad on August 27, 2013 in News

    This is the Human bubble coming. Once everyone is homeless the SC homeless crime bill will be Obamacare. The Real Estate Ponzi come to fruition at the time carbongate and all resources are under FED control via Soetoro’s Executive Order in the NDAA flurry.

    Tick tock tick tock…

  12. Russel Brand makes sense again… I’m starting to think he could turn into a Carlin or Hicks if he would just change up his comedy bit to be political.

    • I’m suspect that it’s not a heartfelt but a personal move to gain the celebrity but we shall watch him Deb. He doesn’t look so good. Those holyrood illuminati parties must be all nighters.

      • I guess that could be it. But speaking out on world issues doesn’t usually make one more popular with the masses. Those comedians usually only garner a cult following of the enlightened. Most people have never even heard of Bill Hicks and we know Lenny Bruce turned more of them off than on. Msm frontmen like Jay Leno are more their cup of tea.

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  14. Johnsonas, why don’t you ever post a comment here, or anywhere? You just reblog to your blog? What’s up with that?

    • Maybe he’s shy. At least he makes his presence known. We know there are a lot of lurkers out there.. probably also too shy to comment. IF that’s the case, we love company.. please join us 🙂

      • That’s me JG……not shy really, just don’t have much to add. I’m kinda a lurker 🙂 But always reading on…….

        • Hey ms d. You do comment here from time to time. You have lost your “lurker” status and are a full fledged honest to goodness commenter 😉

  15. Well down here we have the NAFTA and Eagleford shale trucks running us over. Mexican train engines pulling trains on our tracks. People working 80 hour weeks to save the corporation a benefit package. Small bussinesses are biting the bullet. Its all over but the cryin and dyin the way I see it. Whether WW3 or $crash or natural disaster its just any day now its gonna hit the fan. It was nice knowin ya,not in the biblical sense.

    • Hi King. I am glad to see you here. I was going to call you to try to get your computer issues straightened out. The Youtube s.ytimg virus is going around and it eats up your RAM and screws up your registry. This will slow down your processors.

      RegCurePro and Malwarebytes may help.

      It’s all about the race-class here and the concept of teamwork better start sinking in soon. The billionaires are selling off. The NASDAQ anomaly was a test for a major CLAP.

      This is why the big five investors are dissolving their positions and risk to the tune of 60 million shares. Soros, Buffett Paulson and the rest are going to sneak out a time where the market rigging has had the DJIA, NASDAQ S&P going up. A few dips will not stop the move up to DJ16K. If it goes higher I will not be surprised. Once the CLAP trap is set the 29 crash scenario will provide them to come in for pennies on the dollar on a major selloff by the fearful sheeple investors.
      Even the Banks will fall and come back strong after the fire sale.

      The real clue is the investing by corporations in tech and other currencies, divesting, but no company is spending on expansion or jobs. They know. CEO’s and CFO’s are paid by the global financial cabal to tank the stock. Apple, Cisco, included. The investment will be surveillance, Carbon, Defense and foreign investment. Sayonara America.

      The Geckos of Wallstreet want a war. America will too if it will help them make their truck payments. It’s either economic death or death economics. Markets are based on human suffering and foreign plunder.

      The simplest solution is a race for Iranian oil fields. 1953 (+60) says it’s a coup, not a world war, but it will destroy cultures and tribes around the world. China, Russia and EUUSA in a three man race and the monopoly wealth like Russia and China are betting on real estate and precious metals. I think we should too. At least you should convert some to rubles. The dollar and the yuan are so manipulated that they are now terminal.

    • Appears to be part of a death race. They may get Obamapoints for elderly kills.


    • Hey korny It’s always good to see you:) Your news is not that good though. Maybe it’s time to get the hell outta dodge..umm.. I mean texas. But then the question remains.. and go where exactly?

  16. Arhh.. i can see s.ytimg loading on my system in the bottom left corner mozilla 😦 Downloading Malwarebytes. Thx PD iill see if it helps.
    Ultimately I think windows is a virus in itself that can host sub-virus. lol

    • So true. Governments are viruses. Corps like Microsoft are the vaccines, part virus acting as adjuvants for the committee intelligence run through the blood banks of humanities.

      Windows and Gates, access to the scenes of crime. Youtube and windows media are second and third story entries. Phish, Vish and Smish, wifi and apple will not protect you.

      In-Q-Tel, bets on the sure thing. INFORMATICS and the cloud cover of googleplex and other search and destroy technologies.

      • Newman is a genius ! lol I really liked that show. So many clips of so many episodes can be applied to so many situations. I’m sure it wasn’t just a show about “nothing” and programming was involved. But damn, at least it made me laugh..

    • What is this youtube virus you’re talking about? I know nothing about it. Obviously I’ve missed an important new article 😦

    • Every time microsoft “updates”. I’m reminded of the outer limits opening because they take control of your computer. ANd yea, they will soon control all you are “allowed” to see and hear.

  17. I have come to the conclusion that this is the dry-run.

    Oh, Obama will lob a few “peace bombs” to save face, but the real purpose is to stir the shit-pot to set us up for the big false-flag to come. most likely Gred-Ex II, with all the talk of an attack on our power-grid.

    The only question is with so many people awakening to the ploy, will it work?

    And where the hell is the military? I have a report on them getting ready to arrest the Federal Reserve Banksters, but see nothing of it.

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