Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 27, 2013

Swim Free Or Die!


Shoaling and Schooling by Committee

The Hooks,  the Line and Sinkers of Social Engineering

Change you can BELIEVE in comes from the mind of the hooksters. In reality the change is happening rapidly and you can believe it. What one can never know is the truth. Rules of the game-changers is “THE TRUTH IS NEVER REVEALED”

The truth instead is changed. The change is your knowing that they control your reality. Since you need not know the truth, they will provide you a lure of choice to a comfort level of knowledge where you function at best for their benefit.  Even the administrators of this reality are shoaled and schooled by committee.  Again to them the whole truth is never revealed. NEED TO KNOW~ that’s all.

For COTO and those schooled in critical shoals of government shallowness, you may feel like you are on a ship going to nowhere or a runaway train heading for the station at breakneck speed. Relax, that is normal for the fishers of men. We have crawled our way out of the waters  and left the grunion to run to committee light. They may end up beached, on a hook or food and fodder for the nets of social media engineers, marketeers of fiat or filets of the military complex.

On the fifty year anniversary of JFK-Oswald MK-ultra, it occurs to me that there are triads like this one and events like 911 that never stop paying off.   What is the formula for the fish market on Wallstreet? That’s hard to figure out since there are so many hooks, lines and sinkers.   I prefer to focus on the smaller gamers and scammers.  I see the money trail of the JFK assassination largely as a redistribution of wealth. Even down to the vermin Bill O’Reilly who I know to be the biggest con artist to have ever screwed his way to the bottom of the Fake Joo pyramid.  Killing Kennedy was a killing to be had by so many moneychangers that the list of limited hangouts for this caper just keeps growing.  This best examples my theory of the vortex and science of economics, assets and human ecology and the master architects, manufacturers and builders.

When I am feeling good, clean, strong and a bit too peaceful, I will occasionally tune in to the FOX Phreaks  and catch a little of the right shoal speaks, grinding the truth into chum and listen to the master predators of men delivering bait and tackle to the lowest schools of thought.   Such was the O’Reilly frequency last night.  I had remembered the expose of O’Reilly as a CIA asset and angry and violent seller of Murdoch Tabloid diversion smut from his early days and see the same psychopathy of all the major media sharks who go to committee school under the training and wind up as NPR soft soothing voiced slimeballs.   Mr O’Reilly was so swimming in his ego delivering his rap across the sonar to the grunion and I had to pause to remember what the psychopath loves most.  Control.

I understand education and understand journalism and I understand this reality.  It has nothing to do with integrity, honesty or truth.  It is an execution of understanding by psychopaths reporting on sociopaths who are bidding for control.  A guy like Bill O’Reilly has managed to come from the trash heap of humanity as an insider edition of disinformation and made a killing in best sellers of killings, while preaching in the newspeak propaganda techniques that are taught by the Harvard and Ivy League schools of historical,  societal engineering and stinktanks. The aquariums of the proverbial “box”  mind control. I provided the link above and you can observe the textbook techniques, first hand.

Bill O’Reilly offers the same CIA syllabus for Lincoln, Kennedy, 911 and all the other fabrications of an official story.  The Event is the publication of this crap from the number two man in U.S propaganda. His audience, primed for racial slurs, limited hangouts, deflections and distortion are only countered by the CIA’s mockingbirds like Anderson Cooper and the rest of the network casters of disinformation.  He’s a formidable foe to COTOheads everywhere.  Beyond his CIA Harvard training, his sexual escapades and anger management issues, he has managed to carve out a nice chunk of the school and his CIA affiliations with the media are well known. You see you may work for the CIA and never know. Ask Bob Woodward, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.  Your information is only as good as your informer.  These are the characters I referred to as NOC-NOC’s [Non-Official Covers for Network Operation Centers.

The Truth will never be known. Believe nothing I say.  Swim alone and share when you encounter observations but beware the blue whales and the red Octobers. They are aware of you.
                                         SWIM FREE OR DIE!


  1. You call that Journalism, counselor?


    The New West Coast Waterfront.

      3-9-6 C-I-F

      • Have you noticed dutch sinse / sinse dutch got taken down/out?

        I saw him responding that Youtube had taken his videos down, but now his site has had nothing new on it since Aug. 8th?

        You have good research skills, if you figure out where he’s gone to?

        • Keep me posted Boomer. That’s disconcerting.

  3. Papa Bear Bush and alCIAda;

    [Declassified US military reports offer proof that the US knew that Iraq used mustard gas against Iran and the Kurds in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), and that the US even helped Saddam Hussein to plan them. Although the US authorities were well aware of the fact and even had convincing proof that Saddam Hussein had given an order to use chemical weapons against Iran and the Iraqi population, the US took no measures to stop him while the Iranian–Iraqi conflict was in progress. The Voice of Russia discussed this newly revealed information with Paolo Raffone – editor-in-chief of Strat-EU magazine on intelligence and geopolitics. He is also a founder of the CIPI foundation, a Brussels-based non-profit organization.
    Read more:

  4. “Behavioral Insights Team ~ Nudge the school

  5. Noc-Nocs..haha.. that’s priceless PD:)

    I haven’t felt peaceful enough in a very long time to tune into either O’Lielly or Anderson Pooper. Good on ya. We do have to keep track of what they are up to since they are the the front line for the Ministry of Truth.

    Wait, O’Reilly went to Harvard? News to me.. ha

    • Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He’s a ringer CIA-MEDIA (historical lies division)

      His Lincoln and JFK (Jesuit assassination cover) Themes have been going on for years. All the best authors are propped by the Dulles School of Propaganda. They get the coveted NYT bestseller label and the CIA actually buy the books in masses. Our tax dollars and their tax deductables. What a scam.

      Whether it’s Nobel, Pulitzer, Medal of Freedom or NYT bestseller it’s all CIA. That’s how you spot a spook.

      Who’s there?
      Oink oink.
      Oink oink who?
      Make up your mind, are you a pig or an owl?!

      (in this case, both)

  6. This is interesting if predictable programming for Americans:

    • What a great example of dumbing down. Can’t blame them for trying to sell what the sheeple want. I expect we won’t see Snowden as MAN OF THE YEAR. (or will we?)

  7. August 23, 2013 Barack Obama, A.K.A. Barry Soetoro and Joe Biden made a quick stop in Scranton PA, where the POTUS encountered Anthony Antonello who asked him NOT to drone him and if he can stop droning Americans. Obama pretended not to hear as he whispered in the ear of an SS agent but Antonello continued on. “Will you stop droning Americans?” he asked, obviously to no response.

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