Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 27, 2013

“Cruise Missiles for Peace!”

Finally! “Peace” will come to the Middle East. Cruise Missiles fired into Syria should do the trick. We can suppose their collateral damage is akin to drone bombings. With this in mind, its easy to see how “Peace” can be spread effectively amongst the brown peoples. They need assistance, to “protect” them from their despotic governments, surely. There is no need to poll them, ask them silly questions if they “want” “Cruise Missiles for Peace!”. They can consider it a Gift. The U.S. doing their part to “spread democracy” and help those who cannot help themselves. We’ll send them the bill later…

Make sure and pay your taxes, because you’re supporting this peaceful effort. Feel good that you can do your part to help others!

In case Americans have forgotten what “Cruise Missiles for Peace!” looks like, they can refer to the historic video information below. As we sit in our easy chairs watching the peace “process” unfold, we can contemplate the wonderful living standards, and peaceful environments that have been left for the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, and other now-peaceful and productive enclaves like Kosovo.

Everyone can feel safe & secure, because a Nobel “Peace Prize” recipient is spreading the love and peace around.

We can imagine the Syrian People will greet the peaceful cruise missiles with a sigh of relief, and throw parties and such. Flowers for everyone all around. It must feel great to have “friends” on the other side of the world who look out for you, and express their love and care by offering “Cruise Missiles for Peace!”. The gratitude is going to be overwhelming we’re sure.

Scroll down to “United States Navy” heading

Cruise Missiles are touted as “extremely” accurate, and they should be considering their multi-million dollar price tag, plus the expense of all of the highly trained crews required to get the missile loaded, launched, and “On Target”. You don’t just lob these things like a SCUD missile. No Way!

So, they’re supposed to be deadly accurate. Some “Truther” cretins have suggested that it was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. What idiots! You can plainly see that a 757 airplane hit the pentagon in this photo below:

Obvious Impact of a Boeing 757 jet airplane, skillfully flown into the Pentagon on 9/11 by the Bad Guys "Boxcutter Gang"

Obvious Impact of a Boeing 757 jet airplane, skillfully flown into the Pentagon on 9/11 by the Bad Guys “Boxcutter Gang”



  1. I believe this is it. The maniacs are going to push the button. I’m speechless and numb. Insane.

  2. How many times over the past how many years have we thought.. this is it, M? Too many to count. Numb is a good word. I’m numb to the fear anymore.

    • Deb,

      All those other times we weren’t going in direct confrontation with Russia and China. We attack, which seems inevitable, Russian troops are bound to die. And Russia will have to retaliate. From there it’s just a matter of minutes before all the missals are launched.

      I’m thinking that with all the scandals and with some of the moves behind the scenes that most aren’t aware of, that the cretins are pushing the envelope knowing that if they don’t simply push this into a crisis never before seen, that they might well lose it all. This, in my opinion, is their “scorched Earth” program. If it isn’t then it’s the boldest diversion they have ever perpetrated.

      But knowing that sanity very rarely wins out when things are pushed this far, I don’t see any good coming out of this. In the best case scenario if this stays regional, it will still be a quagmire that will make all the other conflicts pale in comparison. Gas will sky-rocket, economic collapse, China calling in the loans, Martial Law, just the entire basket of bullshit that they have ready to roll-out. And then how long after that would WWIII be?

      One way or the other this is fast-tracking us straight to hell. And barring a complete pullback, with seems highly unlikely, it’s going to be WWIII now, or WWIII a little later.

      My only regret is never have shared that bottle of wine with you. Maybe if I hopped in my truck right now …

  3. Hop in your truck.. I’ll chill the wine.. red or white?

    • Red … Pino or Chianti

      • I’ll get a bottle of each 😉

  4. This short piece makes a very Obvious point —

    This was a link in the Dog Poet “Smoking Mirrors” blog post of Today. I suggest you read it as well —

    More insightful links to observations may be made here as I come across them. It is appreciated if you do the same.

    Video below from recent post, “Syria: Media/movie industry manufacturing chaos, protests, and death like “CNN” and Sandy Hook?” at

    James Kirwan points out the Obvious, and suggests a remedy be found FAST!

  5. Relax everyone. It’s time to Twerk for the Jerks. It’s best we end this charade. Armageddon welcome here.

    • Yes, on Dog Poet’s Smoking Mirrors post,I linked to this horned demoness with her tongue forking display. Seems rather MK-Ultra to me. Perhaps Billy Ray’s a proud papa over this out-of-Hannah Montana-character porn fest?

      I watched it, but I don’t need to see it, if you grok. Just unadulterated “Raunch”. An evidence of the State-of-Things.

      • She’s definitely a disney Monarch slave and Billy is her handler. Ever see those two together? It’s creepy as hell.

        I watched the vmas just to look for such satanic behavior. She made gaga’s weird but not lewd performance seem very tame.

        Those disney girls are scary lil demons.

        • I wish you’d post the extravaganza. I’m getting the imptession they are really pushing the envelope. It would seem BRC and Montana are butt buddies, if you get a whiff of the drift.

  6. James Corbett

    Syrian Activist: Satellite imagery proves Syrian chemical weapons attack staged by rebels

    • Is that a man dressed like a lady in that interview?

  7. Has anyone here seen anything about what Putin thinks of all this? I haven’t heard or seen a word from him. Wtf?

    • As with almost all such dramas, because the leadership slots are pre-loaded, in all probability we are watching another staged drama for “effect & change”. In other words, its Most Likely that all these puppet heads are working together. Most probably, they are directed by the Unseen Hand to bring about the pre-planned Agenda.

      This short piece brings it to mind:


  8. I had picked him as one of three shots heard around the world. The Globalist and Potus puppet would rather deal with Medvedev eh? [OPEN MIC]

    Remember this from last year?

    Dmitry Medvedev muses on aliens and Vladimir Putin’s lateness


    When Holyrood MK get on the job, Matt Demon or George Looney open their traps. 6-9-3 The Line before the Hook. All American? Hardly. This Boston Beantown fraud is right out of the Che-Che Guevara prop school.

    • To what degree should we sacrifice our liberties for security? Damon.. you traitorous ahole! The answer is we do NOT sacrifice our liberty, you jackass.

  10. No worries about Dutch.. he’s alive and well and posting on facebook. He posted this vid w/comment on 8/26 and posted some info of earthquakes in Arkansas yesterday as well.

    34 people like this.

    Write a comment…

    At 23min 50sec Julio asks a question ! At 24min 31sec the speaker brings up “chemtrails” !!

  11. Thanks JG!

    Timely Stephen Lendman piece here:

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