Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 26, 2013

Fellow Syrians…


and other assorted American Freedom terrorists,  please note the following…..

3-9-6 THE HOOK

Chemicals Would Be ‘Game Changer’ in Syria, Obama Says

[3/20/13 – JERUSALEM — Showing solidarity with Israel’s growing concern about chemical weapons in neighboring SyriaPresident Obama stated bluntly on Wednesday that if an investigation he had ordered found proof that the Syrian military had used such weapons it would be a “game changer” in American involvement in the civil war there.]

U.N. launches probe of possible Syrian chemical arms attack


6 months later

Syria conflict: ‘Chemical attacks kill hundreds’

Chemical Weapon Attack while UN team in Syria.  Why would any clear thinker assume Assad would be so blatant and stupid?  The US supplied chemical weapons to Iraq, Libya and other rogue regimes and has currently agreed to sell cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia.

The US has a minimum of eight chemical storehouses in the CONUS from  Alabama to Oregon. Cluster bombs were banned by UN treaty with the U.S.A abstaining from that agreement.

Today Bonesman John Kerry provided this support for the false flag, staged and hoax. Coming from Lindsay Graham, John Bolton, John McCain and AIPAC supporters and Israeli spies in Congress, we have this Alpha mind control news conference. (click image )

6-9-3  THE LINE


Skull & Bones


Meanwhile foreign spy and traitor Barry Soetoro was offering the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter for his selfless protection of Afghan Poppy for the Globalist Drug Smugglers and Mafioso.

Opium Cross

Opium Cross

Sortoro offered up the Ra-Ra flag-waving meme to get the U.S. sheeple all hyped up for Middle East conflicts to be coming to a military venue near you.  He also planted a secondary mind control reminder of Ty’s PTSD [Post Tramatic Stress Disorder] reminding other veterans to come out of the closet for help and thereby relinquishing their rights to bear arms. PTSD, like American Depression are normal conditions to both citizens and military personnel in the realization that they have been used by a fascist criminal mafia government and corporation structure who in this case are working with Israeli Government Mafia officials to eventually take over Iranian Oil and Real Estate while the British MI6 and Saudi Mafias run the fake terrorist Muslim Brotherhood family.


When truth is brought to light;

1. We will confirm chemical weapons to rebel alCIAda from Libya/Iraq via CIA in Benghazi-Gate

2. Michael Hastings – Whistleblower was going to expose Benghazi-gate weapons smuggling and Obama’s family in Muslim Brotherhood mafia.

4. False Flag will happen in USA involving chemical weapons, aircraft surface to air missile attacks or both.

5. Blamed on Iran and abetted by Homeland terror Iranian, Russian, Georgian and American terrorists.

7. Location of attacks are  Minneapolis, Miami FL, Houston,  Baltimore or DC.

8. ENMOD sites are Miami, FL and Los Angeles



Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and defense. She was born from the godhead of Jupiter with weapons.[1] From the 2nd century BC onwards, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.[2] She was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic.[3] She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva”,[4] which symbolizes that she is connected to wisdom.



  1. News For Chicken Hawks & Pussies:

    Stocks Tumble After Kerry’s Remarks on Syria

    • I despise that ugly faced Herman Munster clone.

  2. Staged Event: One bullet

  3. Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people is a ‘moral obscenity’ – John Kerry

    Agree. Chemtrails (Barium, Strontium), PhRMA, Aspartame, Fluoride, Lithium, Mercury, Thimersol aluminum salts, Corexit, and Formaldehyde are obscenities. Time to Bomb some of these manufacturers with cruise missiles, huh?

  4. Larry Summers and the Secret “End-Game” Memo:

    • Great piece by Palast. I’d send that around by email if I thought the ones that needed to read it would even bother. Wonder how Greg is still kickin’? Probably because he’s so far out into alternative news land?

  5. You read my mind…

    Enough cannot be said concerning this murderous dirge summoned from the assholes of the zionist warhawk tribe. I’ve talked to a few folks today, as I’m out and about, and the poll is — the U.S. government is absolutely corrupt. Along with the bankers, the MIC, the neutered CONgress, etc.

    People see THIS! At this point, it is so fucking OBVIOUS to anybody (and these people get their new from the archaic mind-fuck-machine TV!).

    So, here Americans sit. All fattened up, sedated and shit, wishing they had a job that would support their “luxurious” lifestyle {sarcasm}. No, folks are getting savvy to the modus operandi of the Satanic Cabal that believes they are “leaders”, “administrators”…Hell! They’re the veritable SHIT! And WE can agree on THAT!

    This is so pathetically sad and disturbing. Should not some “outside” Force {Please, Supernatural Ones — Now’s the time to throw a wrench into the works. NOW, is a time to prevent Innocents from being Blown-to-Smithereens in the name of Profits for the People who own stock in the Warfare Companies! Yes, NOW, is a really Good Time to Intervene in this sick inhumanity dressed up as “helping” the people.

    Should no Divine Interference materialize, WE should note the number of “collateral damage” directly inflicted by TPTB; versus the bandied about numbers of casualties of the False Flag chemical attacks. Just because.

    Because, WE have already seen this War Porn before, and WE grok the scale, the sheer inhuman terror-scape of the “help & assistance” these sitting duck countries endure.

    Should WE count-the-cost, and look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, etc., we can readily see the heap that is left behind to whatever people are left to deal with the D.U., and life in a desert once you’re truly, and utterly deserted by anyone who gives a shit about you.

    So there it is… WE can readily see the LIES of these monsters. They cavort in their suits and skirts before the microphones, with their millions and billions of blood money, telling US how important it is KILL hundreds, thousands more, maybe start a World War while they’re at it, and KILL MILLIONS!

    Will humanity react THIS time?!

    Or WILL WE ALL just drink some more flouride, whiff some more magical chemtrail dust, eat some more GMO mystery goo, seek some more fiat cash to pay bills to live another day, pump some more ripoff gas, send our kids to another day of dumb-down school, and sleep the sleep of sweet relief that…

    Its not our problem?



  7. Only an idiot does not see through this crime pinned on Assad… but then, there are still so many sheep who don’t even know what’s going on…

    • Good vid Deb. Iran the gold ring. And the sheeple find nothing living in a cracker jax box.

  8. Who stands to gain by releasing chem weapons on the people of Syria? It sure as hell isn’t Assad. It’s so easy, if you have a brain.

    • Agree, but like we know, the rebels are killing in staged events for media but targeting coto people. We know that the US will be made up of three. Those who no nothing and don’t care, those who buy the official story and lastly us.

      We who know now know this as well;

      6 – we coto and awakened are targets of the NSA. We have been under surveillance since mainframe computing IBM (1960)

      9 – the collective NWO [χξϛ] is organized and is going to go all the way regardless of the absurdity, disclosures and evidence. We know this from all the hoaxes and false flags since WWI. They are strategically making it more and more obvious until they achieve some calculation (percentage) of who is in and who is out.

      3 – During the multi\faceted EVENT and in the chaos, they will target the upper levels of resistance and during the nationwide martial law and chaos, extermination and disappearances will be done in a Stasi or long knife (blue) operation Hummingbird. Lesser resisters to concentration camps (forced labor) and death panel (experimentation) combining the best of Nazi science with the China/Rockefeller model.

      The questiion remaining is how the 3-9-6 works up front.

      Economic collapse /EMP /ENMOD /Pandemic /Terror attack etc.

      χξϛ -666
      ηʹ 8 πʹ 80 ωʹ 800 history repeats
      αʹβʹ (3) δʹεʹ (6) ζʹηʹ (9)
      ܓ -Gimel Syria (US)
      ܘ -Vav purge
      ܛ -Teth dictate

      If the history cycles I am using are accurate, it will happen next year.
      We will see war in Hormuz, Israel attacks Syria, Russia leaves UN, Germany threatens to leave EURO, North Korea attacks South Korea, India moves troops to Pakistan border Pak nuclear threat and not Iran.

      • χξϛ looks like sex backwards. :/

        Like the ad with the BMW & its number plate, X35 LARO.
        Oral Sex backwards.

        • Damn, jay, you’re right. I never noticed that.

          • That’s a good observation Jay. Another programming byte for the masses. Maybe BMW ought to run over Christian children on the Autobahn and sell it as sexy.

            What the bible codifies is the comet of NWO and Satanism. What the tree of knowledge codifies is the debri that trails in the comet. When we see our world on the brink we know we have a front row seat to it all now. The Mark is just a placeholder where we choose to sit in the theater of Le Cercle du Soleil.

  9. The new improved TRUTHFUL pledge of allegiance…satire that’s so dead on that it’s more sad than funny..Very fitting vid for this post too..

    • love those little wise owls. sounded sincere to me. lord help them in this mind meld matrix.

      • Yep, PD,I always loved the line from S&G’s song. “our little town” where he sings… “as we pledged allegiance to the wall” . That’s exactly what we did as little kids. We didnt’ have a clue what we were swearing to back then.

        • my mom doing laundry; hanging our shirts in the chemtrail breeze.

          Love that album “Breakaway” A.G. and Jimmy Webb

          • Beautiful song Patrick. Art’s voice is angelic. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. We need a congress full of George Galloways

  11. Obama Picks Cass Sunstein, America’s Joseph Goebbels, to Serve on the NSA Oversight Panel… (because we live in Orwell’s world)

    • Next year he will possibly pick Joe Lieberman to replace JaNET nePOLITano. Or somone worse like that reptile James Witt. Like the CIA John Brennan pick and Boneman Muppethead Kerry you can see the Top NWO gang are filling the positions. Time is short lady Deb.

      • Yes Patrick, we can certainly see their plan coming together and the caliber (murderous) of people they are putting in positions of power. We see their psychopathic slaughter of innocents and how their conditioning of the people has worked so well for them. It’s easy to imagine everything you have stated happening by next year.

        But, they haven’t snowed everyone. They really don’t have control of everything. They rely on others to do their bidding because when it comes right down to it, they are nothing more than sick, weak little tyrants that can be put down like, in the end, all tyrants are.

        You know there are others out there with intelligence and their own power that don’t want their final plan implemented. It’s a battle that can go either way. I’m counting on the side of good. If we don’t believe we can win against an adversity, then we can’t. We’ve given up, waved the white flag. We have more power than we realize and they are counting on us being totally unaware of that power and devoid of all hope to defeat them. We can beat these blood sucking vampires. We just have to know that we can. They are going to fall as all the evil do by their own arrogance.

        • After many more bloody tears, I fear. The world, a mere video game to a large piece of the population of Super Mario’s Sonic’s or Donkey’s in a race to a meaningless death.

          Have you seen death b video gaming yet? I understand that when you are in the final convulsions and rattle, you can hear the atrophied brain bouncing around the skull. Like a seed inside a rotted Avacado.

          • Lovely video games. I don’t play them. My neighbor plays some kind of war game because I hear the booming of the bombs going off through my living room wall. Sounds like thunder. Life in a townhouse… sigh. Those are some creepy marios. Keep your power up and your spirit. It’s what will defeat the warlords. But you have to know this in your very soul 😉

    • lol… what a likeness.. actually, the puppet is a little better looking…

  12. There is nothing else to say, or point out.

    The OBVIOUS is Here for ALL to See.

  13. ok, i’ll be the first to say what were all thinkin….where has the row-gish one sauntered off to? a little deep woods recon/off grid vacation? let us know ur ok soon brother. Lurking just aint the same without your pearls before swine.

    • Camus,
      I am perfectly fine. Having my own thoughts now. I don’t figure they are much needed here any longer…


    • CR, He’s sauntered off to the truth and shadows wordpress blog amongst several others, I believe. I only know about T&S because he has copy & pasted his “pearls of wisdom” he left on that site to here several times.

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