Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 23, 2013

Diary of an illūmināre

UEF-2-14 (1)

The secret memoirs of Bertha Krupp 

…from the papers and diaries of Chief gouvernante Baroness d’Alteville 
by Henry W. Fischer…Published 1916

I enjoyed this little narrative from Bertha Krupp, member of the Jesuit Bavarian Illuminati.  I hope you enjoy it if you choose to read it.

“He had a passion for drill and for slaughter” CH XIII, Dazzling The Warlord 



  1. The links provide a view to how the killers mind their business. Too big a conspiracy for most to fathom, which is why this generational plan continues in front humanity’s face and behind the scenes of war, plunder, corporatism and politics. A pox upon humanity.

  2. A cryptic yet unabstruse understanding of the formula of chymical joining of bloodlines and bloodletting. The case of the sophist alchemist creation from the ancient to the industrial realm as so cleverly depicted in the 2012 XXX Ceremonial Magnus Opus we were witness to.

    This is a fine piece of the larger Khazar and Rosicrucian marriage under the order of illumni of the war that still carries on today. The cycles of this ancient conflict from Alexander and the Jewess to the transformation of
    the nigredo and ultimately the New World Order/Old order incarnate.

    We are in the NASA – vortex time between 4 and 5, completing the apocalypse of the master plan. The marks indicated by

    1. The rise of Islam ( Swan)
    2. Egypt’s rise, The Syriac prophesies (Phoenix)
    3. The Disclosure (Raven)
    /4. Chaos to World Order (Peacock)

    Birds of the feather in an orchestration of Alchemical Economies, dispensaries and philosophies to create the the mataphoric four horsemen.

    nigredo, a blackening or melanosis
    albedo, a whitening or leucosis
    citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis
    rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

    Red, Black, White, Pale Yellow all seen now by the masses in the Committee’s Magnus Opus of destruction. Step way back and understand biblical information will foretell it whether you are spiritually vested or not. Ignorance and ego are so bourgeois and offer those who refuse to learn of their fates and inheritance a hard road in the transition.

    This little book has the iron to enlighten the simplest of minds.

  3. Yes, Puddy…the little book foretells the End. If people would “see” that the only individuals who were “turned off” by Jesus Christ were the criminals at heart and deed, the money changers, the faux righteous religious class of the time, the hardened and stubborn of heart (unrepentant ‘sinners’) — then perhaps people might see the God/Man Savior in His True Light?

    Here WE are, near the end of prophetical “time”, where the sand runs out, and the great mass of people (sheeple) as foretold, have rejected The Word, and accepted their Delusions.

    Nothing is as it seems, but it is as it has been before.

    Those who are able to “look back” with an eye for gleaning wisdom, might therefore be able to “look forward” to grok the present troubles in a new light, and foresee that an END must come soon.

    This is all for demonstration as Dog Poet states often.

    It is a prophesied comedic parody that we see demagogues of the likes of George Bush the Junior mouthing “You are either for Us, or Against Us”. As he stands on a “Mountain of Lies” and deceptions almost too great to contemplate. The Junior, a son of Satan (GHW Bush) challenging The People to stand in line behind Him?!

    Oh the Georgish Blasphemies of our time!

    Compare, with Jesus Christ’s invitation, “Come all ye who are heavy laden”. Fill in the other scriptures of invitation to “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve”, etc., and quotes of forgiveness and grace.

    It is the Time of the Shaking. A polarization is taking place. It is a time for contemplation of the alchemy and upside down turning and churning of man’s beliefs. Beliefs in “authorities”, beliefs in God, beliefs in his very own soul. Yes — WE are being tested.

    Which side will we take a stand upon is the question?

  4. The polar change is rapidly mimicking the people as well as the universe for we are a tiny mirror of the dimensions in a triune. As for the inhabitants of the machine controlling our truth, I can only describe the properties of such loathsome high talkers like the DVD gang. From where they are directed is the trillion dollar question.
    Certainly we will get some indication soon from this source in the form of Barry Soetoro, but assuredly with a better knack for lying I expect. His tripe, from some Holon is in need of a lift. I presume he will be followed by a master impersonator after we have run the gamut of disclosure and bluebeam fantasies. It is quite a farce we see currently, yet we risk everything and the common American slumbers on and on, under your posted lithium clouds.

  5. To think I had a Krupps coffee maker in the 90’s…

    I started reading the memoirs of Bertha Krupp from the beginning. I got up to chapter III and had to go out. Am looking forward to reading the entire book. So far it reads like a very good historical novel.

    Thanks for posting.

    • It’s great if you have some historical sense of the times and the coto knows on the WWI false flags and agenda for Israel, antisemitism and the collusion for genocides. Along with the female perspective on Wilhelm and J Krupps suicide it reads like the garden of good and evil.

      For Syria, not so good.

      Isaiah says, “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” (v.1). Damascus will cease from being a city. God will make it a pile of rubble.
      The K& D Commentary says, “Damascus is removed מֵעִיר (= עִיר מִהְיוֹת, cf., 1Ki_15:13), i.e., out of the sphere of existence as a city. It becomes מְעִי, a heap of ruins.”

      Interestingly the Pulpit Commentary says, “According to Vitringa, Damascus has been destroyed oftener than any other town; but it has a wonderful power of rising again from its ashes.” Yet Here it stands even today. One of the oldest city in the world will cease from being a city any longer. This has not happened yet but will happen soon. Civil strife in Syria will cause this to happen. Syria will rot from the inside out.

      Interpretations say NATO collapses under the weight of it’s crimes as the EU collapses. Then MI6 British mafia and CIA US mafia go it alone in the final battle. Then we see the horns of China and Russia and the revelation of Israel.

      False Flags possible for Athens Greece, Caracas Venezuela, Cairo Egypt or Shiraz, Iran. In the US it would be DC, Minneapolis, Miami FL, Houston or San Fransisco.

  6. 3-9-6

    Neighbors kids mandated to get checked for cancer-MERS attempt to vaccinate. Neighbors refused per my info.

    • How appropo, the masonic trucker with the coffin liners.

  7. When Dawn asked about foreign troops I guessed it was UN peacekeepers.

    false threat to Rg III may be so Congress and POTUS ca leave the country for the west coast earthquake (LA to San Fransico / Juan De Fuca) and a possible biological assault for Minneapolis or Houston.

    About : According to a notice sent by Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, Ret. of South Dakota State and published, with a video, which will be shown below, titled “Emergency Fema Region 3 Alert!!!,” the government obviously believes something big is coming.

    Supposedly Donald Trump was party to this. HOAX for Ft Detrick MD? Maybe elsewhere. I say Texas and California.

    Fukushima – the phoenix

  8. Not war heads. Bunkers for something else. For Military.

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