Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 22, 2013

“Hearing an Admission of the “Mission” Won’t Save You From Your Condition!”

Lithium is just 1 chemtrail additive humanity needs to be concerned about. We can look forward to the next video in the series, perhaps called “What ELSE are They Spraying?!”
Main article: Lithium (medication)

“In the treatment of bipolar disorder, lithium compounds are used.[112] Lithium salts may also be helpful for related diagnoses, such as schizoaffective disorder and cyclic major depression. The active principle in these salts is the lithium ion Li+.[112] There have been suggestions of increased risk of developing Ebstein’s cardiac anomaly in infants born to women taking lithium during the first trimester of pregnancy.[113]


Lithium is corrosive and requires special handling to avoid skin contact. Breathing lithium dust or lithium compounds (which are often alkaline) initially irritate the nose and throat, while higher exposure can cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs, leading to pulmonary edema. The metal itself is a handling hazard because of the caustic hydroxide produced when it is in contact with moisture. Lithium is safely stored in non-reactive compounds such as naphtha.[114]

The lithium ion Li+ administered as any of several lithium salts has proved to be useful as a mood-stabilizing drug in the treatment of bipolar disorder, due to neurological effects of the ion in the human body.

Lithium reacts with water easily {Water Vapor in the Atmosphere?}, but with noticeably less energy than other alkali metals do. The reaction forms hydrogen gas and lithium hydroxide in aqueous solution.[3] Because of its reactivity with water, lithium is usually stored under cover of a hydrocarbon, often petroleum jelly.

Lithium will ignite and burn in oxygen when exposed to water or water vapors. {That Sounds Bad!} Lithium is flammable, and it is potentially explosive when exposed to air and especially to water, though less so than the other alkali metals. The lithium-water reaction at normal temperatures is brisk but nonviolent, as the hydrogen produced will not ignite on its own. As with all alkali metals, lithium fires are difficult to extinguish, requiring dry powder fire extinguishers, specifically the Class D type (see Types of extinguishing agents). Lithium is the only metal which reacts with nitrogen under normal conditions.[16][17]

Lithium isotopes fractionate substantially during a wide variety of natural processes,[28] including mineral formation (chemical precipitation), metabolism, and ion exchange.

Metallic lithium and its complex hydrides, such as Li[AlH4], are used as high energy additives to rocket propellants.[13] Lithium aluminum hydride can also be used by itself as a solid fuel.[103]”

More on Lithium, and the spreading of it over Region 3 in the East/Northeast of the U.S. {But then, how can we tell what’s in the chemtrails?)

Is it any wonder we run into so many stupid people? Have some compassion, because humanity is being DRUGGED & POISONED “DAILY”.

Pretending Chemtrails aren’t being spread around the globe indiscriminately is futile & willful ignorance. What can you do? The first step would be to “acknowledge” them, and realize “Somebody” is doing this to your planet and your loved ones. THEY DO NOT HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO DO THIS! Every time you witness chemtrails being sprayed in your locale, point it out to those around you — bring it up to their conscious Awareness. This is every human’s responsibility. To WARN their fellows of impending DANGER. If you do not — YOU are as personally responsible for their destruction as those who sent the DANGER.

Public Service Information — Vatic Note: Early on in doing this blog, I ran across some interesting findings by a TV station that had done tests on the air and soil from chemtrail dumping. In these tests it found that aluminum, Barium, and other such chemicals/metals were in the chemtrails and they all had side affects, however, they also found Black Mold, regular mold, fungus, cancer cells, etc. So there is a whole potpourri of garbage contained in the chemtrails which now includes the heavy metal lithium, a recent addition, since it affects the brain.

Folks, if you’re living in the South of the U.S. — or other locales where there’s been abnormally long extended periods of RAIN — then you are witness to the dry rot happening to your homes and other structures. In fact, it “smells” like everything is rotting when you go outside these days.

Read this Vatic Post on Black Mold, because I for one, am seeing symptoms in people around me similar to what Ms. Vatic notes:



  1. Good lord. I didnt know thats what they included. What a fucking circus sideshow nightmare!. Lol on the What Else are they Spraying. But..not too much know. 😦

  2. We’ve covered Carnicoms info thoroughly and the information from Sofia Smallstorm. The lithium and fluoride and halides are to sedate us.

    It’s beyond me how the mind – numbing has effected the population. Who thinks that earlier times, people would have put up with shit? It’s a society of acceptance and they know it’s working.

    Boomer you know the Electromyography and Nerve Conduction I have done for eight years. I used to get 45% abnormals. Now my neurologists give me eighty percent abnormal and another 10% unknown with somatosensory data. The fact is we all have neurological manifestation if only in delayed responses. Even if you dont have pain or paresthesia, you have these delayed responses.

    I have discussed black mold with many doctors and they give me the same tired responses. We don’t test for it because they don’t pay for it in most cases. OBAMACARE is death panels. Like Morgellons, CRPS and other manifestations from chemtrails and EMR radiation, the white coat psychopaths just hand off the SSRI’s and tell them it’s in their heads.

    NO SHIT. In their heads, brains, blood, tissues and bones. I have started a regiment of my own to include massive C, extra D, Selenium for pain and food grade H2O2. In Orange or grapefruit juice I add this mixture and I do take the tangerine. It works.

    We are going to get weaker and weaker if we don’t make adjustments and eat more organic garden food and eat more of it raw. Soft-kill.

    Thanks for the vids. That gal in the first tube must be a neighbor. She’s close to me here.

    • Yeah…I can imagine trending patterns have emerged with the neurodiagnostics results on patients. M is stating below they treat humanity like bugs. That has been the trend has it not? Typical psychopathic behavior. They treat others in the ways “They” are most deserving of…How much longer will the Giant of humanity tolerate these viral vampire mosquitoes? I vote the swatting begins.

      Send em all to clean up Fukushima with no gear on. That would be fitting.

      By-the-by — don’t forget your diatomaceous earth in your smoothies. Rids the metals and other peskies.

  3. They treat us like bugs.

    And people can not get it into their heads that there are other people doing this to them, because their heads have already been compromised.

    Even with all the precautions everyone of us are in some way is being compromised. Our normal evolutionary state being stirred around by the elites swizzle-stick.

    Do these cretins not breathe the same air? Are they even human?

    Recently watched a Charlie Sheen movie called; The Arrival, in which aliens, that looked much as Reptilians are portrayed today, had already landed, and had taken the skin of humans, and had infiltrated NASA and other government agencies at their highest levels. And they were teraforming the planet to a temperature more to their liking, and if humans had to die, so be it.

    Maybe it’s them? Listening to these people casually talk about the “payloads being deployed” with all the emotion of insects, maybe they are reptiles?

    If they aren’t Reptilians, and only human, then I want whatever they’re taking that is making them immune. But better yet I’d like to just get them to stop.

    And if squashing them like bugs is what it will take, it would only be fair for them spraying us like bugs.

    • Yea, M. I’ve come to the conclusion that these cretins are not simply a group of psychotic humans that managed to come together to devise a plan to make us all sick and turn us into zombie slaves. They appear to be some other life form and it’s hybrids terraforming the planet to suit themselves. Maybe I am talking nonsense as I’ve been accused of but the alien thing sounds more logical to me.

      Is Project Bluebeam real and being implemented? I for one certainly think it is.. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other beings with that agenda pushing the buttons for bluebeam. The staged alien invasion could be to throw us off from the reality that they’ve been living amongst us for centuries and have been responsible for all the extremely high tech innovations over just the past few decades.

      Even if the ptb have some kind of antidote to radiation and stored non gmo food and seeds, the planet is still being destroyed by these monsters. I just don’t see any human wanting to live underground for decades no matter how luxurious those sub cities are.

      I just don’t see psychos working so well together for centuries.. I think it’s much bigger than that. Honestly, I really want to be wrong about this.

    • I saw that years ago Michael. There were two movies done on the script. Very odd. But the story was excellent. The backward leg joints, global warming campaign for reptilian migration, the tesla ball, etc.

      Reminded me of the Invaders from the sixties with Roy Thinnes and the “pinkie” finger. The ulnar nerve.

      I did a lot of testing in North Florida and LA after katrina and throughout the Deep Horizon and gulf dumping. Estrogen mimickers, formaldehyde trailers, , black mold, corexit, Morgellons and Macondo syndrome. Certainly Gulf Residents were treated as waterbugs.


      Today, Bush IV (the Bastard) will make his YELLOWCAKE move to slaughter Syrians in ‘Love America Style’ Bush III Iraqi typical fashion and we ‘the peeps’ will die further from the dark energy of these degenerate blood lusters. I’d relish an opportunity to slip my hands around the neck of McCain and show him some of that love.

      • Never saw the Arrivals. Heard a lot about it. Will check it out on my labor day vacay.

        I hear ya Patrick and I’m with ya !! As for McCain and the rest of his ilk… I’d like to have them strapped down on a metal table as we dose them with all the vaccines (at one time) a child gets by 1st grade. Then refresh them with a good and proper water boarding… then I’d have them breathe in, close up, the chemicals dropped from those planes..if they survive that, I’d want to force feed them some seafood from the gulf and some tuna from the pacific washed down by a 2 liter bottle of diet coke followed by a lovely dessert with extra doses of aspartame…all this will follow a good ole TSA irradiating and “patdown” before they enter the “lab”.

        I wish the best for these monsters…. if I could I’d send them a lovely case of morgellon’s for Christmas & Chanukah:)

  4. A fitting spot for this video posted at


    The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

  6. Oh, the Wrecking Crew that has been revolving in & out of the Dept.’s of State since the Vietnam War & Before have truly left of trail of unimaginable destruction, financial waste, and wasted human potential in their wake.

    A directorial Cabal has been behind the psycho-Agenda, and new names of “Family” like Clintons, Bush, jr any Bush for that matter, Obama, have co-habited with the PNAC Zionist Crew, and cronies, flunkies, and fuckers galore — Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Gates, Chertoff, and on and on.

    From Finance to War, from Security apparatchiks to agency worms, from sea-to-oily-polluted-sea WE SEE their handiwork.

    What Arrogance! What Ignorance! What Gargantuan Fuck-Ups these Psychopaths are!

    Check out James Kirwan’s recent post, “Death of the Green Zone”, and his last few posts before it —

    They’re tied together, especially his account of the destruction of “forward base Falcon” in 2006. I didn’t know where he was going with it, until his piece on the Death of the Green Zone.

    Americans cannot imagine the MONSTROUS WASTE of men & women, materiel, energy potentials for good, taxpayer money, ALL OF IT BURNED UP IN THE SANDS OF SOMEONE ELSE’S COUNTRY — FOR LIES TO EVERYONE SUCKED INTO THE MADNESS!!!

    Kirwan’s bringing up the latest offensive thuggery going on down in Los Angeles over the Veteran’s Owned Land being stolen like the Vets were Indians from some other era. As in, “Fuck em! We Want It, So We’re Going to Take It” psycho-insanity of the monied class. They don’t do shit, but steal from everybody else. I hope this time, they’ve gone too far, and Veterans everywhere turn their sights upon this War being fought against their Brothers!

    It is time to put these mad dog elites DOWN! The Vets and their Brothers-in-Arms need to see their Enemies for who they are, and have always been. It becomes more clear all the time doesn’t it?!

    Go Get What’s Yours Veterans! And then Tell The Stories American’s have never been told about the realities of how you’ve been used. Now IS the time!

    • Kirwan was on “short end of the stick” radio show speaking about the veteran land being taken amongst other issues Here’s a link to the show from yesterday (8/23):

  7. Thanks JG.

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