Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 21, 2013

Have a Nice Day

Interesting non-comments from those who read this site. What is it that The People actually think about all of this “stuff” going on?

Near the end of the “comments” section on this recent post —, I ended up posting a video for a Bruce Cockburn song. You’ve probably never heard of him, if you’re younger than forty-something. No matter. He’s a songwriter, its a song, he sings it with passion, and he has marvelous guitar chops.

Bruce Cockburn took his angst with what he saw during another era, picked up his guitar and wrote a song where he’s sounding pretty “Pissed!”. He’s performed it since he was young, in another era, another century in fact, and now we’re in another era, and the landscape is even worse.

So you might deduce — Our World, this World Mr. Cockburn was protesting, writing and singing about when he was young, has gotten worse.

What do people think about that? I guess writing and singing songs isn’t enough.

Giving voice to anger about the way things are and wishing you had a “rocket launcher” is certainly excessive, and we can guess Mr. Cockburn wasn’t really serious about using violence, because he’s still just using his voice and guitar.

Do people go “Ghandi”? Does that work to stop the corrupt “Machine”?

With the police video above; would more people with more signs have helped? We recall the Wall Street protests, and protests of all kinds. The kinds before, and the kinds going on now.

Those “kinds: don’t seem to work.

The “same” corrupt politicians, bankers, and shyster seem to keep filling the slot machines of “power” everywhere. Are they like potato chips, even when They’re gone, the People still crave more?

I see the Egyptians peacefully filling the streets (for the most part). Then they get cleaned out of areas with excessive force.

So they throw rocks. Then they get shot or worse.

Protesting by inhabiting “public” spaces doesn’t seem to work. Neither does throwing rocks. Firing back at the hired “lawmen” seems ill-conceived. That’s like War. Fighting War with “War-like” responses is, well, doing the same thing you’re protesting about.

People are probably pondering Self-Defense at this point…

Now, its 3:11 in the morning. That’s a bad number. Still, short of 9:11.

Anyways, I wonder what The People think? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they do, but they don’t know “what to think”? I’m thinking they just don’t know what to do anymore. They’ve never known “what to do” to fix these age-old repeating patterns of corruption and fascism that plague man-kind. So, here we sit in the latest landscape of generational and repeating fear and trauma for The People. Insane profits for the Predator Class.

It doesn’t seem fair does it?

How does humanity fix it?

Now, its a freaking Full-Blown Affair rushing round and round the globe, touching people in virtually every country. I can’t think of even one country that is a bastion of Freedom. There are no safe havens anymore. Just lesser fucked up areas…for the moment.

We can note however, that Our World is now infected and despoiled by horrifically widespread disasters, most human-caused. Fukushima comes to mind. Interesting isn’t it, that nobody seems to be “fixing” it.

I see it as the same human reaction I’m addressing above, Nobody seems to know what to do, so pretty much everybody gets up and goes to their shitty job, if they have one, and another day begins ignoring the poison that is enveloping our lives, our very world.

Ignoring any of this “stuff” isn’t an answer is it? It’ll still kill you and your loved ones. Rather kills Our Future doesn’t it?

Throwing rocks, holding signs, singing songs, blogging, whistle-blowing, protesting by standing, sitting, or some other peaceful means doesn’t seem to be helping humanity extricate itself from the chokehold of corruption?

Maybe THIS – is just the way it IS?

That’s a depressing thought, eh?

Maybe mankind will always “allow” itself to be oppressed by faux “governing” bodies they allow to run amok? Has it always been this way? This American Experiment of “Freedom” didn’t last very long did it? I’d say its dead as a door nail – stick a fork in it – its done! We the People might as well quit pretending we have “Freedoms” and inalienable “Rights”, because damn it – We don’t have any to show for all of our wishful thinking. Heck, its only been one generation from our grandparents, who saw World War II, and witnessed Hitler and the other dictating despots pathologically kill millions. Now, We’re right back in the shit. When you consider what’s gone on in “other” countries of brown, black, and other colored folks, you might just notice that there never has been a cessation of the abuse of mankind at the hands of psycho-corporations, bankers, and tyrants. I notice it is like a poisoned “commodity” – it is either exported or imported. Apparently, there is always an abundant supply of “people” willing to sell their souls for power, prestige, money, or because they just plain enjoy the sadistic “rush” of it…

I think I’ll knock off for now. I actually have a job I have to get up for in a few hours. Daily grind you know? Don’t ever “get ahead”, just flail away trying to stay above the abyss and out of the radiation zone. Stupid concept, eh? What’s the point? What’s the point of it ALL? What is the point for our kids? What’ll they end up with, if anything at all? More of THIS?! I was going to type “I hope not” right here in this empty space, but it seemed so…stupid. I don’t prefer to be “stupid”. I do prefer to hang “hope” on something more than the failed trails of actions and non-actions of humanity that I wrote about above. I know this though – the Sun will be shining in the morning, somewhere, and we’ll all have another day to think about how to something more productive than “hope”.

Have a nice day. Boomerang out.

What will you catch today?

What will you catch today?



  1. The United Global Fraud Team, N/_\SA , UN, NATO is working overtime in presenting fiat disinfo.

    I find it somewhat ironic in a way that they are having such a problem selling it to the ‘Knows’ of coto but more to the apathetic clueless because they just don’t watch. Unfortunately the science of subliminal and image/sound thresholds of Simultaneity, Succession and Integration are constantly working.

    We know now that the phenomenon of testing hi-def digital-audio from the EVAN systems are working in the brains at fractional Msec and being recorded in our brains.

    This is the Tavistock/Stanford Research from the Nazi Paperclip. If you have experienced some disorientation in visual cortex interpretation in 3d and stumble, misjudge or find some aberrations in non digital interpretations you are detoxing from the entrainments of your electronics delivery system.


    How many hours a day are you watching video, computer generated stimuli, on the iPAD (viewing /texting etc). or on the TV, Radio streams?

    Do you want to read a hundred pages of Stanfords research in mind control by simple color ribbons and audio frequencies? Congnitive and temporal implantation? No, I don’t think so.

    LIE to yourself. I’m awakened. I know what’s going on. There’s no conspiriacy behind;

    Nazi Regime – [Paperclip- A U.S. funded regime] to be moved to the Americas

    Soviet-USA cold war – Nuclear Research (the excuse for blue projects research/keeping us safe)

    MK-Ultra (bluebird) CIA-Gladio [finding the talent] Merging Hollywood with Holyrood.

    Space Program – fake moon hoax for bluebeam and web satellite surveillance transmitting delivery grid

    UFO-Hoax (area 51, 54) Alien abduction, milk carton kids, MIA’s vietnam (test subjects) Transformers

    Artichoke – PhRMA, Lisergic Acid, Psycotropics [IG Farben to Big Phrma-chemical combine.

    Bluebeam – electromagnetic audio visual networking [EVAN psychotronics]

    World Wide Web – INTRANET incoming surveillance

    Analog electronics to Digital conversion (imperative) outgoing mind control

    Consolidation-Merger Monopoly from 1000 points of light. NAZI-CIA-INQTEL to [legitimate] corporations and CEO’s

    This is simple “SHIT HAPPENS” right? Coincidence or just black swans on the waters of time-space continuum, right? Happenstance.


    Building the NEW WORLD ORDER was planned before the first bird ever took a shit. EGYPT-LIBYA-SYRIA are AURORA-SANDY HOOK-BOSTON

    War on Fascism
    War on Communism
    War on Drugs
    War on Trade
    War on Terror

    War on Information – disinfo (media takeover)
    War on independencene – weather (scalar haarp-nasa-DoD-DoE)
    War on family – education (feminism, gay, child protection, male identity training, authoritarian introduction )
    War on sovereignty – global governance (bill of rights, constitution, immigration)
    War on religion – (the springs, stagings, hoaxes)
    War on the Mind – (divide and conquer, art of war)

    Obama, THE LACKEY, has eo’d the Egypt funding to stop, he will ultimately UN-fund the entire world while he bitcoins, the benghazi’s and banksters BCCI.


    The recent video from Egypt is as bogus as Jersey girls and JayZsuns Syrian video illusions. Watch Egyptian actors trying to figure out the AR rifle and how to arm them with the tracers and blanks. Hilarious! (if it weren’t so sad)

    Meanwhile key target assassinations are happening in the key centers of takeover. As we wind down to the eventual global warming hoax reemergence, we can assume that they will continue to drought the fires and flood the rivers and streams, they are truly burning the will of resistance and flooding the minds with the raw sewage of disinfo from the commodes of Langley and NSA or CNN and NBC, whichever you prefer.

    I realized that the WMD is the boxcutter if the sheeple will use it to cut their way out of the electromagnetic box they live in.

    • I agree Patrick. We need to cut ourselves off from their grid by shutting off the power. But my god, that is a herculean task for most of us.

  2. Good Stuff, Puddy! I appreciate your comment on this post. The boxcutter WMD pic above is a keeper.

  3. Hey Boomer, I feel your frustration and share it. I’ve spent many 3am mornings pondering that same question. What to do? I don’t have a clue. We protest in the streets and they shoot us with bullets, sound canons and microwaves that make us ill. They have too many high tech toys to use against us. We need a sneak attack, by dark of night, picking them off one at a time, scaring the hell out of the rest of them, until all the fat cats have a heart attack or are strung up for all the cheering world to see.

    Ok, that’s my fantasy. If it were just me, myself and I to worry about, I wouldn’t worry so much. But having kids and 5 grandkids and friends with kids and grandkids, I don’t want them to leave them to live in a dystopic novel. Of course I worry too about what will happen to my beloved dog and two cats 😦

    What to do… that is the trillion dollar question.

  4. I think all coto feels the same frustration, rage, bewilderment etc that’s why we come here, hungry for knowledge, seeking answers, somewhat of a rare breed these days as most, know it all already right? I try to inform people but they simply don’t care. I text my ex the info about McNuggets she replies “holy shit! Don’t worry I get em cooked fresh.” I mean wtf?
    Every1 seems to be empowered by relinquishing their power!!!
    I find even the people who listen and or even have a very good understanding of whats going on around them don’t want to hear the reality of it, the attitude of “we cant do anything about it so just enjoy your life, just be happy!” Well fuck that I say cause im pissed! 🙂
    Don’t worry, be happy, as the sheep say, come on sing along! ha

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