Posted by: jerseyg | August 17, 2013

Crisis Acting Middle East Style

Very reminiscent of the Boston Marathon “staging”.



    • What the Nazis could have done with the digital technology and bluebeam. Egads!

  1. Powerful videos jay.. thanks for posting here. I feel so sick over what is now being done to the Syrians as has been done to all of the middle east. The map showing the U.S. bases in the middle east, surrounding Iran, show who the terrorist threat is and it ain’t Iran.

    As for that crisis actor… she sure gets around doesn’t she?

  2. All the world is a stage …

  3. As goes Syria so goes AmerCIA.

    What is too obvious about Sinnerman McMartin? These stagings connected foreign/domestic agendas?

    One has to look at the reason for the swing from Al-CIAda to the Russian Tsaernev characters and narrative. The Chechen Putin Cooler.
    Russia supposedly warning the US about this false flag, the cooperation between the superlegions on that Horseshit. Then in the Snowjob affair, the purpose of the Ruskie sanctuary.

    Like Suddam narrative, Assad)Mossad) is the character dujour and Benghazi the yellowcake. Why do the PTB think they can pull this over on anybody with 911 IQ? Because 80% of the sheeple will accept it with no interest, with no knowledge or no problem with liars in the highest positions in government.

    What I believe is that the deaths in Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, and all other crisis forgeries is that those who die are strategic on those who know and all MSM and Alternative media is a psyop. You don’t have to be Christian, Shiite or a Jew to know you are a target for the Jesuits, Fake Joos and Khazars and Military complex.

    How obvious was the CIA’s military strategy with Mursi, to instigate the same repitition that can be seen going back to Bosnia-Herzegovina? It’s best weapon against the truth is MEMORY!!!!! Sidetracked with ambivalence, self absorbtion and dumb-down diversions. The PROTOCOLS of the Jesuit Joo documents it to a tee.

    Time for the Lemmings to act and not accept the lies that they are mindless stupid rats willing to jump to their deaths by this mind control junkies and their crisis flunkies.

  4. Yes PD & M, “spews” presented with authority by the teevee newspeakers for the Ministry of Truth. What will it take for the rest of the sleepers to awaken? I don’t know. Many have come around but I think the rest are simply willfully ignorant.

  5. Must watch if you have not seen it.

    • **** stars Jay. Incredible! This has so much in it. Loved it and it’s a keeper.

  6. The Vatican killed JFK, RFK, John-John and Diana as two of many. If you don’t know the Vatican Assassins and the Jew/Muslim agenda, then you don’t know the schematic. Even QEII knows where the power comes from. She is no more in power than Obama or Putin.


    Deflection, Interference and distortion in one frequency.

  7. Gaslighting in the New World Order

    [Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity.[1] Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.]

    “Twenty rules for writing detective stories” (1928)

    (Originally published in the American Magazine (1928-sep),
    and included in the Philo Vance investigates omnibus (1936).
    by S.S. Van Dine (pseud. for Willard Huntington Wright)

    11. A servant must not be chosen by the author as the culprit. This is begging a noble question. It is a too easy solution. The culprit must be a decidedly worth-while person — one that wouldn’t ordinarily come under suspicion.

    12. There must be but one culprit, no matter how many murders are committed. The culprit may, of course, have a minor helper or co-plotter; but the entire onus must rest on one pair of shoulders: the entire indignation of the reader must be permitted to concentrate on a single black nature.

    13. Secret societies, camorras, mafias, et al., have no place in a detective story. A fascinating and truly beautiful murder is irremediably spoiled by any such wholesale culpability. To be sure, the murderer in a detective novel should be given a sporting chance; but it is going too far to grant him a secret society to fall back on. No high-class, self-respecting murderer would want such odds.

    Tell the masses….

    Turn off the TV, Twitter and iTunes and detox from Bluebird and BluRay and watch the Doppelgänger disappear without the gaslighting and EMR.

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