Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 15, 2013

How Can We “Sleep” While Our Beds are Burning?

{WARNING! VIDEOS ARE DELIBERATELY INSERTED TO MAKE A POINT} If you can’t stand the thought-provoking subject matter, please put on your favorite rap group, and click to another blog post.

Ever feel like this?

Yeah. Welcome to Amerika TODAY. wHELLCOME to the World the Administrators have been “allowed” to create. At ALL of OUR’s Expense!

Go read some recent HEADLINES. EVERYTHING is about to CRASH, BLOW UP, SPIN OUT-OF-CONTROL, you can name it, and that’s where we’ve arrived at folks. WORSE THAN NOWHERE!

Lets chew on the import of this following statement for a few bites, a swallow, and an upheaval, shall we?
( – Speaking to State Department personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil, on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that “this little thing called the Internet … makes it much harder to govern.”

John Kerry {Secretary of State of the former Republic of the United States of America} ~ “I’m a student of history, and I love to go back and read a particularly great book like [Henry] Kissinger’s book about diplomacy where you think about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the balance of power and how difficult it was for countries to advance their interests and years and years of wars,” Kerry said to a gathering of State Department employees and their families.

“And we sometimes say to ourselves, boy, aren’t we lucky,” Kerry continued.

“It makes it much harder to govern, makes it much harder to organize people, much harder to find the common interest,” said Kerry, “and that is complicated by a rise of sectarianism and religious extremism that is prepared to employ violent means to impose on other people a way of thinking and a way of living that is completely contrary to everything the United States of America has ever stood for. So we need to keep in mind what our goals are and how complicated this world is that we’re operating in.” Blah, Blah, Blah, Bugger, Bugger, Bugger.

Source for the quotes above

So… what’s going on? COTO KNOWS what’s going on. Listen to this expert’s painting of the White Wash the statists are trying to pass off as “More Security for You”, zippity dodah! Folks, its called a COUP. And its NOT FOR YOU! Really? Did you vote for THIS?!

We cannot possibly be so stupid as to take any government at Face Value (UGH!) and their lying propaganda. Particularly the latest version of the Authoritarians Invasive Police State Ramp Up. Check around — its World Wide. And guess where the Arms come from? No, no, don’t be silly! Those countries make your tennis shoes, your cheap shirts and goo gaws, Walmart stuff. We’re talking High-Tech here!

And Mr. Kerry weighs in again on what is transpiring in Egypt — “Kerry urged restraint”. CAIRO, Aug. 14 (UPI) — “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said events in Egypt were “deplorable” but Egyptian officials defended a crackdown on protests in which hundreds were killed.
As a nationwide state of emergency was declared, clashes between police and protesters demanding reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsi left at least 235 civilians and 43 police officers dead, the BBC reported. The Muslim Brotherhood, which backed Morsi, put the death toll at more than 2,000″.

“Today’s events are deplorable, and they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion, and genuine democracy,” Kerry said during a media availability in Washington.

Hey!  They look like they could be anybody peacefully protesting in America.  Recognize the Mil-Police garb?

Hey! They look like they could be anybody peacefully protesting in America. Recognize the Mil-Police garb?

“Egyptians inside and outside of the government need to take a step back. They need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life. We also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law, and we call on the government to respect basic human rights, including freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law. And we believe that the state of emergency should end as soon as possible.”

Are Billionaire Elites EVER sincere when they feign compassion? You know, like when your aunt says, “I’m sorry you cut your finger Billy.” Then he goes back to which ever mansion he chooses, has his servants cook his dinner, or goes to a VIP fete, and laughs about YOU. While he’s sitting on the bidet. Yeah. Picture it.

Do these words of Mr. Kerry throw you, confuse you, as to what is building with mighty urgency and American taxpayer funds in the U.S.? When IT goes off in America, what do you think Kerry and the other faux leaders will say – on TV – versus what they direct from their bunkers?

“CONGRESSMAN: WE COULD IMPEACH OBAMA”…Article by Bob Unruh – WND 8-13-13.

I vote that this is a shitty solution. Much like trying to flush a turd down the toilet, and it just won’t go down (I’ve only heard of this loo-doggle). More direct and in fact, creative measures are called for — The American People need to FIRE the entire political administration and all of their cronies throughout the entire country! O.K. All of humanity needs to do this, IMMEDIATELY!

If humanity does not — what do you thing the “Administrators” chances are of remedying their complete, totalitarian destruction of every civilization they lord over, and in fact, the utter an ongoing destruction of Mother Earth? What are the chances for “Change” that doesn’t ring hollow like a tin plug nickel that won’t buy ANYTHING?! I’ve seen the “change” and it is a Holocaust!

Repossess everything they’ve got (including international bank accounts) following full investigations of every single one of THEM. Strip the Crony Media Moguls of all of their broadcasting “Rights” and illegitimate capital assets, and start 24/7, broadcasting citizen investigations, trials, etc. of ALL OF THEM {Especially, including everything remotely attached to Wall Street or London, or anywhere else for that matter}

Lets put up The People “REALITY CHANNEL” and begin broadcasting for as long as it takes to get to the bottom of this Cesspool euphemistically called Government, or Banking & Finance, or Education, or Big Ag, or Big Pharma, or the Military Industrial Complex, and on and on!

I can’t think of “ANYTHING”, THE PEOPLE of THIS COUNTRY, or ANY OTHER COUNTRY would get behind more than such a cleansing, revitalizing “Change” for the better?! Can you think of anything better?

Realize, please, that I’m writing this after many long days of taxing, back-breaking work, just to “Survive” under the present onerous fucked up system. I could creatively write much, much more, if I had the time to think and process My World into a Much Better World for ALL of Us; where compassion, caring, and creative use of each human’s blessed potential was used in a personally and interactively positive manner. I’d cut out all the False shit, and get real about helping people instead of “owning” them. What a World Humanity might create if they actually MADE THEMSELVES FREE?! This of course, means locking up those who take YOUR Life, Liberty, and endeavors to pursue Happiness — and kill it dead.

Screw money, work, trade, and all that other bullshit. The Controllers have run everything into the ground, because they’re suicidal greed maniacs. “Managers”? I vomit at their record. “Governing”? They don’t know a thing about humanity, the environment, or caring for anything other than themselves. If they want to PROVE IT, then they can go work in homeless shelters, visit the poor, take a menial job, TRY and make a go of it in THIS VERY WORLD “THEY” HAVE CREATED! You see – They created HELL for US, and SHANGRI-LA for Themselves. Like psychopathic parasites do. Its time to burn the spider’s webs, and tell Them to GET A REAL JOB! But, they don’t get to keep Anything that they’ve amassed.

No. Criminals don’t get to keep the stuff they stole. Their families don’t get to keep it either.

Following their long required incarceration (This might be the first thing they’ve ever earned in their life), They start out like a college grad with a huge debt on their back. They start out At the Bottom, wearing a Dunce Cap (maybe their very own RFID chip) branding them as a Criminal Con Man. Let Them wear their rightful TITLE on their head at all times!

Do some research, do a lot of research if you must! You can start with something recent like this —

Some things trickle Up, and some things trickle Down. It depends on if You can print money out of “thin air”, or tax an entire population, and keep them Down, so you can remain Up-right…

The link below is to a recent posting by an individual who shall we say, we take his writings with a “grain-of-salt”. Never-the-less, some things stated ring True and are Obvious to humanity.

No surprise there, aye?

Around the World, things are BURNING UP. Smell it? Feel the heat? Hear the crackling flames?

Aye, We’re ALL MATES folks. Those that choose to be…

Burn some Midnight Oil, and THINK ABOUT IT…

Don't ask anyone "in power" to do anything about this, because if they cared, they already would have acted.

Don’t ask anyone “in power” to do anything about this, because if they cared, they already would have acted.

Say Fuk-u-shima, Fuk-u-shima, Fuk-u-shima before laying down upon your bed tonight. Try and imagine why all of the “administrators” of the World’s populations have not gotten together to address this fatal problem in any meaningful way. If any of these “people” (I use the term very loosely), these administrators, “leaders”, losers, actually “worked” FOR YOU, wouldn’t you fire them, or turn them into a Citizen’s Court immediately?

Ask yourself???

Do They Deserve to Run the World? You Gotta Ask Yourself This.



  1. Yet to read the post but had to jump in early.. Peter Garret the lead singer of Midnight Oil.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Environmentalist turned to government lap dog. Fucking traitor! Grrrr

  2. & I bet Peters bed IS burning as he’s not seeking re-election.

  3. Thanks for that background. Unknown to me. I just liked the song. Perhaps you’ll tell us a bit more. Perhaps the video should be swapped out? Perhaps he’s a great example then of “Sell Outs”, traitors to The People. Someone please fill in the blanks.

    GOOD STUFF in HERE as usual, including the Links: From Les Visible…

    • Midnight Oil is a classic iconic Aussie band, the bands songs were heavily inspired by political, environmental & social issues, very much an activist group. The band broke up around early 2000.
      Since then the lead singer -Peter Garrett, became an gov minister for the labour party, environment and education minister being some position held. Also appointed member of the ‘Order of Australia’.
      ; )

  4. This from , “FARC condemns U.S. and European interference in Colombia. Kerry’s words about peace ring hollow”.

    Would Wayne Madsen, a former CIA man know anything about this subject? Todays headlines at illustrate what is going on all around the world. “Forces” for evil are busy, busy bees everywhere doing what they do. They’re up to no good. Has it ever been any other way?
    If the US — the largest donor to Colombia in recent years – is willing to contribute to a political solution, Washington must change its foreign policies in order for that to be constructive for the South American country, said the rebel.

    “A great contribution to peace in Colombia would be the immediate withdrawal of the bases and military personnel from the DEA, FBI and the CIA, who are acting with total impunity in Colombia,” said Nijmeijer, adding that the US should “cease military aid and advisory to the Colombian armed forces.”
    “Non- interference, respect for our sovereignty, self-determination and territorial integrity; the return of Simon Trinidad and prisoners of the FARC, who are facing infamous and unjust sentences in the United States,” demanded Tellez.

    In a recent visit to Colombia, US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated the Obama administration’s support for the peace talks. However, according to Nijmeijer, “those words should be changed into real gestures of peace.”

    What is exported out of Columbia that’s so important, so profitable as to warrant the U.S. being their largest donor of taxpayer (or black funds) cash? Since everybody knows the “humanitarian” meme is a crock spouted by crooks, what is the Most Obvious answer? Drugs.

    If the U.S. is the largest “donor”, and the DEA, FBI, CIA, and other support military and contractor personnel are acting with “total impunity in Colombia”, then what must We the People deduce?

    1) (They’re Complete Failures at the task assigned) The U.S. embeds are horrible at stopping the flow of drugs, because it continues year, after year from here and other countries.
    2) (They’re Wildly Successful at the the task assigned) The U.S. embeds are actually “managing” the flow of drugs, because it continues year, after year from here and other countries.

    It must be one or the other, folks! Totaling up the other information, factual or otherwise you’ve heard over the years — rumors, innuendo, leaks, whistleblowers, editorials, and such about what goes on in places like Columbia (Most of South America), Afghanistan, and elsewhere – what is the answer that seems most probable?

    Did you vote for that? Do you condone that? Do you care? Do you pay taxes to support everything that comes about because of these activities?

    Good questions, all.


    Read the piece at the link above, and you will discern an important “tool” of Control by The Controllers. Read the names involved, and how politics combined with “aid” are used by political manipulators to generate the solution they want (in Egypt, as with most of the smaller countries around the world). Humanitarian sentiments have ZERO to do with any of the manipulations. All of these machinations are solely concerned with Power, Profits, Control, and Greed. Let’s all “grow up”! To imagine any form of “empathy” from politicians, bankers, elites, and the military-minded creatures is to turn a blind eye to reality and history. Empathy and humanitarianism are anathema to these creatures. So when you hear this rhetoric spouted from their lying lips, you should automatically discern what’s going down.

  5. “In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Frickin Genius!


    Google Patent

    [A gaze tracking technique is implemented with a head mounted gaze tracking device that communicates with a server. The server receives scene images from the head mounted gaze tracking device which captures external scenes viewed by a user wearing the head mounted device. The server also receives gaze direction information from the head mounted gaze tracking device. The gaze direction information indicates where in the external scenes the user was gazing when viewing the external scenes. An image recognition algorithm is executed on the scene images to identify items within the external scenes viewed by the user. A gazing log tracking the identified items viewed by the user is generated.

    The patent goes on to note how long you were viewing something, and that headwear like Glass could, via the outward facing camera, decipher what it was you were looking at. It could gauge your pupil reaction to the item, and of course where you were when viewing it via tethering to your smartphone’s GPS.

    This has a lot of possibilities, and probably a lot of detractors. Tracking eye movement has benefits (keeping drivers from being distracted), but also a lot of concerns (privacy). It will be interesting to see how this is implemented, if it ever gets to that point. The “gazing log” has me interested, though. Puts a whole new spin on the term “browser history”.]

    Gaze and Graze sheeple.

  7. This Veterans Today post appears to be chock full of disinformation leading in all sorts of directions.

    This little donut is particularly offensive in its meme mimicking manner:

    “I concluded with him that it is awfully ironic that an inhuman weapon such as nuclear weapons and chemical weapons could be used to promote human rights and freedom in the world. But the Syrian people, or at least who will remain of them after these attacks, deserve to enjoy the same freedoms enjoyed today by Iraqis”.

    What are your thoughts?

    Rogue1 has previously asserted these were not nuke weapons. I can only surmise.

  8. I have not rejected dirty bombs. Or the appearance of them would command a stronger movement by the committee. 400 surface air missiles will also offer some fuel. I think the waiting game is to churn the pot a little more before the event and Egypt is prime now. What Iraq and Pakistan serves as in a jumping point is not minimized as well. This is one hot curry powder keg.

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