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Patrick can you make this all go aw-…I MEAN CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR TAKE ON THIS?





  1. I am not “Patrick” but I am someone who looks into this sort of thing from time to time….. So just a couple of thoughts below…..

    The dates are in May time frame this year. (Date: Monday, 20-May-2013 18:41:01 ) – so three months ago roughly. If something were going to happen, wouldn’t it have happened by now?

    Original link is at:

    Again, three months ago. This is probably nothing, and the planes were bringing supplies, troops or equipment home from somewhere else…. Just a thought

    • Im not sure if something would have happened by now. I dont plan country invasions or false flags 🙂 In Arizona. Fort friend says they have flown in russians at least twice this past month. Who is to say how their shit works and what time determines an event unfolding…know what I mean?

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      • True, who knows what might have occurred? They flew Russians into an Army Base near where I live. I know they were there. I saw them personally, and it was all over the local news.

        They were “training” with US military personnel. My issue is that they were Russians. Training. With the military. This is a bad thing because, well, frankly we shouldn’t be trusting the Russians, they are adversaries, not friends. And we’ve basically shown them all they need to know about our tactics.

        Stupid… isn’t it?

        • I find this COLD WAR meme a real insult to our intelligence. Putin cares for American only slightly more than Barry Soetoro. Putin is a shitty actor where Obama is pretty slick. But they both are terrible at portraying empathy. You can’t coach that.

          • There are those out here who believe the Russians are our friends, and our own government is the communists.

            While I tend to agree with the latter, the former is simply not true. The Russians are NOT our friends. They are economically, militarily and ideologically our adversaries.

            Why people can’t grasp this, I’m not sure.

            • The whole NWO thing pits us against the Russian, Chinese, Sunni or Israeli people. I will never believe we are in danger from any nation as a people. There are some that have brainwashed to higher degrees and even the North Koreans may have been given a fear and loathing campaign unlike no other but the military complex foments the rage against Islam like they did the Soviets.

              A world traveler knows this when encountering people of other cultures. What axis of evil created the rise of fascism and communism was propagated by FDR, Stalin and Churchill. Reagan and Gorbechev, Bush’s and Fahd, Clinton and Blair.
              Who have we been at war with more than Britain? Why don’t we consider the brits all a threat? Just well crafted psyops and propaganda.

              People just cannot think critically, nor devote time to understand how they have been brainwashed like those they think hate them. There are likely more haters of the ‘ugly american’ in the EU and here than anywhere else in the world. Sad if true.

    • The Rumor Mill is just as advertised. Foreign troops in Haiti and Mexico. A friend in Canada had heard some scuttle on NATO exercise.

      Dempsey is in Israel and that is not good. Theres something brewing there. The Big Game in Town is IbnGhazi and the means to take Syria and Egypt to FUBAR. Israel will bomb Al-CIAda into oblivion.

      • Agreed. I am well aware of many world events, troop movements and other global “stuff”. There’s a lot more going on that the normal, low information voter neither sees, nor cares about… and if they do know, they don’t think it will affect them in the here-and-now.

        The truth is Americans are so wrapped up in Facebook, Twitter and social media they don’t pay real attention to the real news. Worse, most are sorely under-educated in world history and American history and think that whatever is going on in Florida with a punk assed kid and a man defending his life is more important than the bigger picture.

        One day, the “Big Picture” is going to come loose from the wall and fall on their heads.

        • AP, the transition is not foreign troops arriving as much as the foreign troops being segmentally placed under the united nations peacekeepers forces. (we know UN and PEACEKEEPING is an oxymoron)

          We have already been invaded by foreign troops, with some operating in silk suits on the hill or wallstreet and the others in socialist laborer denim and cotton from the south. Add the HB1 visa card carriers in political science and you have a full blown invasion, with a single mind set, a common thread , one thread to be pulled and unravel the flag that our patrons fought to their deaths for.


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