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Another Cult member afraid of Michael A.

Posted by Raven on February 24, 1999 at 18:13:05:

Copyright 1994 The Chronicle Publishing Co.
The San Francisco Chronicle


HEADLINE: Restraining Order Against Cult Founder Granted

BYLINE: John Woolfolk, Chronicle Correspondent

A San Bruno woman and longtime member of San Francisco’s notorious
Temple of Set satanic church has obtained a temporary court order against
founder Michael Aquino, who she says has been harassing her since she
left the cult in April.

Lillian Rosoff, a member of the temple for 18 years, said in court papers
filed June 17 in San Mateo County Superior Court that Aquino has made
repeated early morning phone calls to her demanding that she return to
the cult.

According to a court affidavit, Aquino banged on the door of Rosoff’s
home at 3 a.m. June 3 and demanded that she let him in. When she did not
respond after 10 minutes, he said he ”was tired of playing games” with
her and that she ”better watch out for his next move,” the affidavit said.

”I have an intense fear of the defendant and, due to past experiences,
do not know how far the defendant will go to ensure that I return to
the cult,” Rosoff said in the affidavit.

Judge Rosemary Pfeiffer granted Rosoff a temporary restraining order
June 17 and set a July 18 hearing to determine whether the order should be
made permanent.

According to Rosoff’s affidavit, Aquino lives at the temple’s
2430 Leavenworth Street headquarters in the Russian Hill neighborhood.
Aquino was unavailable by telephone for comment. A recorded message that
answers the temple’s telephone says: ”We neither advocate nor practice
evil, degenerate or destructive behavior.”

The Temple of Set, founded by Aquino in 1975, is an offshoot of the
Church of Satan founded in 1966 by self-described sorcerer Anton LaVey.
Aquino was a close follower of LaVey before he left his flock.

The temple’s answering message says it is the only international Satanic
religious institution fully recognized by the U.S. government. The temple
claims no association with the Satan of Judeo-Christian scriptures, which
it describes as a ”propaganda caricature of the ancient Egyptian god Set.”

Instead, the temple advocates the ”responsible, ethical and effective
application” of the ”black magical arts and secret sciences”
of various religious cultures.

Aquino and his temple came under scrutiny in the mid-1980s during the
police investigation of widespread child molestation at a Presidio child
day care center. Aquino, a reserve lieutenant colonel in the Army who
served with distinction in Vietnam, was under investigation in the case.

Police searched the temple, but Aquino, who said he was a full- time
student at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., at the
time of the molestations, was never charged in connection with the case.




  1. So yea dawn,just sayin’… the devil is in the details and fear has got nothin to do with it.

  2. According to a court affidavit, Aquino banged on the door of Rosoff’s
    home at 3 a.m. June 3 and demanded that she let him in… oooooOOOoo the 3am dead time. Bet he knocked 3x’s. Glad she didn’t invite the vampire in 🙂

  3. This is spooky shit kiddo…you sure you want to go on with this?


  4. As I pointed out before; interviewing Satan’s Minions is unwise. The Dark does not like the light, any light. Be wise. Walk away. When the Reaper comes looking for You, it is best to be clothed in the light. “Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you”. Looking for an interview to write a review doesn’t seem to count as resisting…

    • True words

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  5. Well…where the fluck are you Nikki?

    I want to tell you, and this is a frickin’ order. Back off of this.
    And stay in touch here.


    • Im in frisco at home love and Im backing off. Reading this and other accounts Ive decided to back off. I read muh worse from another place. All mind control the Temple of Set. Dr Joseph Flowers is a member and known Mind controller. According to this one person they have their own little brand of MK there. I also learned that the Temple of Set is recognized by the government And they are not subject to laws. Whether this is true I dont know. I hear Senator Byrd helped him with this. No worries family Ive gotten over what Boomer so aptly described and Im not going to engage him. It was interesting enough getting a few responses from him and my question answered about his agency involvement. But its over and out Im afraid.

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

      • Excellent decision Dawn! I truly was worried about you speaking with that creature even through email.

      • Wonderful Nikki,

        I am so glad to hear that, and glad to hear from you and know you are okay.

        Like others have pointed out, he would have just used you as another conduit to spread lies…at the least. And who knows what at the worst.

        With relief, Willy

  6. As a pagan (Shinto) priestess, I can say that although the recorded message explaining that the group is merely trying to revive a historic cult slandered by its monotheistic rivals sounds legitimate, the purpose of this particular revival is not clear, but I reckon Aquino was attracted by its close association with the idea of Satan, and has been benefiting from that. The inability of members to leave once inducted is the first thing that tells me to steer clear of a religion. There are a number of religions I could name here, but all of them are malignant and resentful toward any criticism from within or without, so I won’t, but I think all of us could name a bunch because they are a dime a dozen, all led by patriarch wannabes. Dawn, if you are lucky, you will merely be lied to.

    JG, so glad to see you. The insane heat is having its pernicious effects on a bunch of us.

  7. Hey Pat.. glad to see u too. The physical heat here has finally broken after a horrendous storm yesterday morning. The bldg where I work was struck by lightning , in the room right next to my office. The metal door was scorched black, all power went out. You could smell wires burning. No flames or smoke.. just the smell. Weird. We all evacuated and were sent home. I received a call that the lights were back and the a/c is now working but no internet and the alarm system was fried. There were flash floods all over the area. By later in the afternoon, the sun had come out and the water was dried up around here. Looked like nothing had ever happened. I have to say, the thunder I heard yesterday was nothing like I’d ever heard before. Sounded like it was in an echo chamber that kept reverberating back on itself. It sounded fake… I’ve no doubt the storm was HAARP produced.

    . It feels like fall this morning as I’m writing this. Refreshingly nice. Pat, how are things there?

    • We are having identical weather, but the heat is expected to continue another two weeks. A commuter train in Tokyo took a direct bolt of lightning today, with similar results to your workplace. We had a grand thunderstorm here a couple of days back, that dwarfed Mt. Fuji. The huge anvil with mammatus and the gloomy curtains of rain caught the fire of the setting sun like we’ve never seen. I was reminded more of the tropics. The synopsis is a high pressure region which has been overridden by a second high pressure system from Tibet, with sinking air from both bearing down on us. We are breaking records for heat, and intense rain is occurring where they normally do not get much.

      As I understand it, HAARP is off, but that is because they’ve started up a space-based array. If this heat and the freakish storms are intentional, they’re doing a mighty fine job of it.

      • Hi Pat. That.s correct. Earthraker is operational. We had fall weather here today and it’s so intense the dogs don’t even want to enjoy the coolness.

        Here’s the pdf for Nicole and anyone else interested in the CPS-USA child pedophile organization:

        • Same with Kyley Patrick! She loves this cooler weather..hates the heat like mommy 🙂 But she did that thing where she stops at the doorsill, looks up at the sky and sniffs the air and won’t just run out. Then when she’s out there she looks up at the sky again, does her business then wants to come right back in. It’s so obvious she senses the bad energy on such a gorgeous fallish day 😦

          • Dogs are mans, [womans] best friend. If it smells funky be warned.

            For Deb

            Three Dog Nose

            For Dawnatilla

            Three Dog Night

            • Dog Knows. goD Knows.

              Ha! that pic is freaky Puddy!

              • lol… yea that is a freaky dog pic but SO true..what a sense of smell and 6th sense dogs and cats and all animals have. We do too but so many don’t want to acknowledge it. Love the 3 dog night song… one of my favorites which always makes me smile when I hear it.

              • Right on Jay. The eyes and ears of the real true architect.

          • When we had that gloomy red sunset, my husband freaked out. It was simply the weirdest thing we’d seen in a long time. The first thing he said was, “HAARP!” It looked like doomsday, and I’m normally one to enjoy unusual meteorology.

            I have never seen a ouija board, and have no idea what they look like, but I get called in to perform exorcisms from time to time. Cultivating a relationship with good spirits (angels, messengers, guardians) will ennoble you, and they can help you drive away the bad ones. But that’s just my opinion, others’ experiences and beliefs may vary.

    • Derecho, Deb. Glad you weren’t a marshmallow.

      • Thanks PD. I didn’t get fried but my work computer network card did ..dammit. THough having said that better the computer than me…

  8. 1. Expect more sinkholes – earthquakes
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.7 PANAMA
    Date-Time 13 Aug 2013 15:43:13 UTC
    13 Aug 2013 10:43:14 near epicenter
    13 Aug 2013 09:43:13 standard time in your timezone
    Location 5.828N 78.244W
    Depth 4 km (6.+ 4km-confirmed HAARPing)


    3. Obama impeachment meme. Dempsey in Israel. Crafting plan to keep ME from imploding. The Al-CIAda are armed.

    Perfect time for a big homeland deflection. Watch the skyfall.

  9. all this talk about say-tin etc. got me remembering some stuff i read and experienced personally dealing with a Ouija board. as a kid it really freaked us out a little and some book from many years ago left a strong impression….a young adult female gets kinda of enamored with it….then it calls her a bitch and a bunch of other stuff… she takes it to the back patio and uses a hammer to smash it to bits. Any one else fuck with that “game”

    Good call dawn. Although maybe one day you should meet corazon aquino in person…….then me, will, PD, boom, veri, korn, jay7….drop down on it from on a can of righteous whoop ass….wouldn’t mind punching it 7 or 8 times square in its fugly mug

    • CR, yes my sister & friends and I used to play with a ouija I asked for and got for Christmas one year. (really?). Actually, they were the it “toy” back then. My friend Patty & I would get all freaked out because when we used it, the damn thing flew all over that board. She’d accuse me of pushing it, I’d accuse her. Anyway, we pretty much asked it stupid kid questions but we also asked it who was controlling it. (since it sure as hell wasn’t us) It would spell out strange names. Could have all been our own energy or imagination BUT my sister saw a figure of a man down in the basement one day and came up the steps terrifed. We heard strange noises after that through the house. Then many years later, after I left the house and got married, my mother used to see a dark figure come up the staircase that she could see from her bedroom. It scared her. She never told us about it until my sister saw it too and mentioned it to my mother who then asked her “you see it too?” Nothing horrible happened to anyone but those occasional incidents were creepy. My friend Dottie and her sister had the planchette literally fly across the room at their house when using it. If you read the book “the exorcist” you know it was really about a boy in Maryland that conjured up the “legion” by using a ouija board.

      So yea, I think we conjured something up, not meaning to 😦 Threw the ouija out and never touched one again, never will. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, has never experienced it. It’s real. Spirts live amongst us…some benevolent, some malevolent. It’s best not to mess with either in my opinion. I love ghost stories(my sister and I just saw “the conjuring”) and watch anything about the paranormal because it’s fascniating but I won’t go on ghost hunts or stay in a haunted house or do anything as foolish as mess with black OR white magic….

      • It would come to the mainstream sheeple as all psyops do eventually, the dark energy and black ops. If you really “WANT TO KNOW” be in the knowing, the best education was watching the Bernays Science being delivered to the subconscious sponges of Americans in games and entertainment.

        The movies, TV and games. Ouija, Monopoly, Chess, the Cards, toys, etc. all had a purpose in the engineering process. They developed the authoritarian model, the social order, the financial goals, the fear structures and twisted patriotism in war celebration. In the techno-nano realm the reality of brain washing is only enhanced. Even for COTO thinkers, the tools of the trade, we partake and imbibe.

        You can then go to third worlds (for me, Haiti) and see what a child is like as one who does not equate things like money, fear of the dark and strangers. What we do to children around the world is less murderous and torturous than what we do to our own.

        The governments and media are nothing but ‘talking boards’ from the ancient demonic psychopaths in the industrial military complexion. We are the consumers, like PACMAN and Super Marios. I Fear what the brain damaged will manifest as when the SHTF climax arrives for the game-boys and girls who are left with only the iPad and Twitter to survive.

      • When in high school, I attended a school that also was a boarding school. A historical story regarding an event at the girl’s dorm was told, where some girls were playing with one, and it flew across the room and embedded itself in the wall.

        I never had the need to explore one. In fact, I’ve never seen one, nor need to…

    • Nothing “magic” about a Ouija board at all. It is just subconscious movement caused by both persons fingers tiring while placed on the pointer… once it starts to drift, the subconscious mind directs it..and the more fatigued the players are the smoother the thing operates.

      This is some silly shit here COTO.


      • Only silly if you think there are no other forms of existence other than what you see in your own little world.

        • You are superstitious, the writing’s on the COTO wall.


          • a superstition is a fancy word for a belief that is unaccepted by those speaking of it…

            • Superstition is belief in things that you don’t understand.

              One could say it is Kindergarten thinking; jejune.


        • word to the izzard!

      • I beg to differ on the ouija board..I think it has nothing to do with tiredness..and the “subconscious” movement more likely the higher self..and in some cases…some mischievous astral entities. Einstein himself was a fan of the Pendulum…he said it made perfect sense. things are only silly according to ones belief system.

  10. No need to interview the Addam’s Family there, uncle Fester and black widow Morticia.


    Yes, you choose, by what you “believe in” what is reality for yourself.
    And you choose to believe in demons and devils, dark spirits who have evil powers over your reality?

    This is YOUR choice. Why?

    You cannot, as you seem to think, avoid responsibility for this choice.


    • Rogue, there are people who are happier just casting off belief in anything that cannot be empirically proven. I guess it depends on your experiences. For one thing, the monotheistic religions tend to be coercive and demanding in what you will and will not believe. I think people brought up with that are probably better off realizing that they are better off not believing in anything where no solid proof has been given. I know how traumatic that can be from my own experiences. Where they are describing a nasty hell and then telling you that anybody who fails to believe in the proper fairies or cross themselves with the proper number of fingers will go there, and they maybe even expedite your passage–this is a ponerized religion. A great tactic used by the psychopaths to gain control. They can literally turn a community into an army, and have throughout history.

      Even as a priestess in a religion with eight million gods, I have to be honest and say I am agnostic. But everyone has these unexplainable experiences that suggest insistently that the physical world is only one part of the universe. You have the choice of ignoring what cannot be explained, or synthesizing an explanation that gives your life more meaning, or adopting someone else’s explanation if you like it. I think we are like the seven blind men before the elephant, never able to see the whole picture, so I look at religions as a whole and compare what they are saying, and where there are are similarities, I consider those to be an intrinsic part of the human psyche.

      Where people in your community are hurting–and there’s going to be a lot more of that in times to come–the role of an uncorrupted religion is to be available to give comfort and hope. The stories we tell ourselves can empower us, or they can empower our parasites. Never underestimate the power of a corrupt religion over people’s minds. The best you can do is help them within the limits that they perceive.

      • Patricia, I agree with your assessment overall. Will has a very big ego and he thinks he is the only one that has all the answers. His mind is as closed as a steel trap. Pity. Not the best way to gain knowledge. One just has to review his comments to many of our coto members who he disagrees with. He’s always right. It’s good to be king.. or a legend in your own mind.

        • I never noticed that until recently. I know he took people apart at Op-Ed News, but they deserved such. In fact, my concerns over the hot weather being a bitch were mostly directed (indirectly) at him. The prickly heat has turned my husband into a prickly pear. Still there is no one I love as much as him, so it’s a lot of little wounds I have to bear with.

          • Pat, when you say “love” you are speaking of your husband, correct? The other is mean spirited and I’ve had quite enough of his insults. I doubt your husband is anything like him or I don’t think you’d still be married to him.

        • FIRE IN THE HOLE! 😉

          Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

      • Pat, despite how the arrogant one wants to paint me, I too am an agnostic. Which means simply, I don’t have the answer. Again I will say, no one does until they die. So in reality, we should all be agnostic, eh? Always questioning, always seeking truth and the answers. Demons? Fallen angels? Who knows? I just know what experiences I have had personally with the supernatural as have family and friends of mine. There is another reality beyond our own. Exactly what it is, I don’t know, I just know it exists and entities cross over from that dimension into our own. There is so much more to be learned and I am open to all of it.

        • You’re not arrogant. You’re part of the glue that has held this community together for so long. I’m beginning to like Dawnatilla as well. She contributes nicely. And I like Will, acid venom and all, but worry about his circumstances.

          The experiences I’ve had in exorcism have been very real–freaky. I could describe a few to you, but you’ve had your own and you know what I’m talking about. The priests try to make a science out of that which cannot be grasped–nonetheless, they are helping people.

          • No doubt in my mind there are people both oppressed and possessed by dark entities.

            • “No doubt in my mind”~JG

              …but you’re agnostic…Lol

              You can’t even keep your story straight in a single page of commentary.
              . . . . . . . . .

              It is obvious that JG rejects the Catholic church in name only – but has internalized the entire superstitious paradigm of spirits, spooks, angels, demons, and devils.

              Her fall back position that she is “agnostic” is bullshit.

              She believes this magical mystical bullshit deep down in the center of herself. Otherwise she wouldn’t turn queen bitch when confronted over it. It is an excuse to claim I am “arrogant” and “egotistical” because I see through such vapid posing.


              • blah blah blah ….

        • Oh good grief! I misread your first line!

          • lol.. that’s ok. I do it too 😉 And thank you 🙂 It’s so good to have your input here for sure.

      • Patricia,

        Did you grasp what I actually said here?

        I am speaking from the universal perspective. I am saying that one chooses their own beliefs. I am asking why one would choose a belief in such evil entities that will have dark powers over them.

        This is what I mean by ‘superstition’… not comprehending that you create your own ‘reality’ by your beliefs.

        So, what is at the core of holding such self defeating beliefs?

        I am leaving the forum now. Y’all figure it out for yourselves.


        • Well when one uses planetary terms such as Superstition..the definition of which can be a so called false belief…why should or could someone infer that you were speakinng Universally? Nothing to figure out.. in my opinion \regarding this thread at least.

          Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

        • Problem is roguie… people are tired of you telling them to grasp what you say when you disparage so much of what others say… as if you are the final word on EVERYTHING…… as IF..

          • Don’t worry about that JG. I have nothing left to say here.


        • Will, I am going to miss you. I don’t want to speculate on your situation, but I am frankly worried about you. You didn’t used to act like this. I honestly did not grasp what you said here.

          • Patricia,

            I don’t have a “situation” other than Nurse Ratched, who has decided to take it upon herself to ‘cure’ me for ‘acting out’ – who has decided to get in my face with her battle ax hard case nanny shit and not let up.

            Because you cannot grasp what I said there, isn’t because it has no meaning, but that the meaning is so simple you never thought of it that way before.

            I don’t care if anyone else notices or not, JG speaks nonsense, contradicts herself from one post to the next and then thinks it “rude” that anyone have the nerve to point it out.

            Now, I am through explaining myself. It’s time for y’all to check for the motes in your own eyes.


      • I dont believe there is such a thing as a non corrrupt religion. Just like started out stinky. People think that since its the only thing connected to spirituality or essence of self or universe that they have been given..that this must be the way..but it isnt and never was. Like being handed a cardboard box instead of a friend in the Sun. Thats religion versus being connected to source. Or understanding metaphysics. So agnostic means you dont believe in man made gods..natural and smart. .but do you also not believe in a creator or several creators? Do agnostics think they are responsible for their own creation?

        Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

        • Farewell Nikki.


        • Nikki, I owe you a longer, proper reply. Just very busy here with freelance translations. There is not a single human institution that cannot be corrupted. There is an ideal of religion with a purpose to help humans achieve happiness, but religions all fall short, and they all get coopted by the psychopaths from time to time and to varying degrees. But to run away from all corruption would be to run away from all joint human endeavors. I try to maximize the good and minimize the evil, and if my current religious group goes over some kind of cliff, I’ll abandon it.

          I call myself agnostic, and to some that means “basically atheist,” but all I mean by it is I won’t push my view of the cosmos onto someone else. My spirituality is very personal. I have vivid experiences, but I don’t want to talk about them. The mystery of creation–why are we here? Why is there not just nothing, like logically there should not be anything at all? These questions are lost on the atheists, but not on the agnostics.

          • Agnostic to me has always meant uncertainty and questioning that which we cannot prove. I like your definition as well Pat. Not pushing one’s views of the cosmos on others because we all have different thoughts and beliefs due to our own personal life experiences. As in, we just don’t have all the answers on this mortal coil.

  12. I like Patricia’s use of flotsam and jetsam. Religion , ligan. legion and lecture. Divide and Conquer, when ego and discourse interfere with tolerance and discovery.


  13. Discovery..unfortunately.Will has no clue what that is… his mind may as well have a sign on it… CLOSED for all eternity. I don’t see anyone else here not willing to listen to others ideas. Even though they may disagree they are not disagreeable.

    • Alright that is it, JG I have had enough of your pap smear.

      I have not participated here as a member of some fucking “mindmeld” nor to join in some collective herd mind, but to express my opinions frankly and openly.

      Going along to get along is not my style. And if we aren’t getting along it’s because I refuse to go along with what I consider woowoo wacky nonsense.

      I am particularly sick of your nannybatimg bitchlather. You foam at the mouth while calling me “disagreeable”? Blow me!

      I’m out of here.


      • The rules here are that Woowoo gets let out of her cage to roam around. Yes, she has a tendency to go for the garbage. Just grab her by a horn and haul her out again. Wacky’s fun, but yes, I can see why you get tired of him.

  14. Mindmeld? Who wants that? Not I. I’m advocating the exact opposite.. Having an opposite opinion and expressing it is welcome and makes for great conversation and debate. However, when one puts forth their opinion as the one true opinion and makes fun of everyone elses’ by name calling and sneering comments, that’s a whole other story. I didn’t want this fight but got tired of seeing your nasty replies.

    If you want to leave, then I wish you well and thank you for sharing your thoughts here. However, know this if you go, you are leaving not because of any of my “pap smear” (there he goes again) but because you didn’t like being exposed as one that wants to “meld minds” to fit your own by your bullying tactics which you employ on blogs all over the internet, not just coto. It’s a shame you can’t bring your social skills up to a par with your research skills.

    • JG, you have my backing. I think you are doing a very good job of handling this crisis. The way Will tore into you last week, I was afraid I wouldn’t see you here again for a while.

      Will, you’ve got to get the vitriol under control. I love your analyses, but your tactics drive people away.

      • Thank you Pat. And yes, he has driven others away from this blog with his “tactics.”..mostly women.

  15. Craig McKee posted this article on August 19, 2013

    Barbara Honegger commented once on August 20, 2013 – 7:17 AM

    It is now August 21, and there have been 57 comments put to this thread, many of which have asked for clarifications from Ms Honegger.

    As of yet none have been forthcoming. I should think as the premier expert on the 9/11 Pentagon event, answers to such simple inquiries should be at the ready on the tips of her fingertips.

    If She were at a live debate such as the one proposed, but not taking place, for this conference, would she stall for a whole day before answering such questions of her critics or debate opponents?

    I think it fine that she has a couple of champions here to sing her praises and give commentary from their points of view as if they represented Honegger in some way. But they obviously cannot answer for her. She needs to answer herself.

    While she may believe it is within her rights to save such answers for the event itself, it is my opinion that she then should have made no appearance on this thread whatsoever.

    We await your presence with baited breath madam.


    • Pardon me COTO,

      I had constructed this comment in the window here so I could copy and paste items from the page on T&S. I had meant to transfer it there for posting.

      In error I hit the button here.


  16. “I don’t care if anyone else notices or not, JG speaks nonsense, contradicts herself from one post to the next and then thinks it “rude” that anyone have the nerve to point it out.”

    I contradict myself in your mind’s eye only. And I speak nonsense do I? Because it’s not your cup of tea to discuss, it’s nonsense. Blowing off things others say with snide remarks (it’s not just me I’m speaking about here) because the great Will of Oz thinks it’s nonsense, shows just what a small minded, disrespectful of others, person you are.

    That is all I will ever post to you. Have a nice life in your solitude.

    • PMS jokes aren’t funny; period.


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