Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 12, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Freaking Laugh! No Kidding!

This from a Link in Dog Poet’s piece at

Here’s an “authority figure” getting the brush-off and karma deserved for being a complete ASSHOLE…

This GEM is titled — “CORRUPT COP goes nuts on bikers taking pictures, gets taken down”. I believe she’s just a power-monger security guard with her head up her ass, but she sure seems to act like a lot of other “authorities” who love to swing their “power” ’round thinking its a magic talisman or something.

Really — does a “uniform”, some insignias, a badge, and an Attitude make an individual “THE LAW”?!

The Law is supposed to be “LAWFUL”. When it is not, it is a TYRANT and UNLAWFUL to its very core.

Folks are waking up to the drooping “magic” of the less-power-less. Enjoy!

O.K., so that was rather entertaining, like a Jerry Springer Show.

Now, try some Other-Reality which I just came across at

Here, we have “authorities” with a defenseless and obviously non-threatening woman (with her child in the room). For “shop-lifting”. Consider that, and what you’re about to witness. The “cops” are still on the street. Police State? What else would you call it?

Moving on…because I’m just surfing, finding a few Headline articles here and there (no real point to be made, as it will make itself known), and I find this interesting fare:

The thread states the following:

” Phoenix police responded, en masse, to a 1st and 4th Amendment test and after being thoroughly ‘schooled’ on our Rights as American citizens, left with their tails rightly hanging between their legs. Over 15 police officers and a police helicopter responded to Jordan McManus filming a federal building in Phoenix while armed legally with an open carry weapon as seen in the now going viral video below. This shows how Americans can put the police, and the ‘police state’, back into their proper place, as servants to the American people.
A police helicopter shined a floodlight on him from the sky and he was summarily swarmed by a gang of armed officers threatening him, demanding he ID himself, and forcibly searching him for weapons, despite the fact he was legally open carrying in accordance with Phoenix law.

Despite their thuggish intimidation tactics, he boldly asserted his rights and refused to ID. The cops, at least one of whom could clearly tell he was just testing their response, whined at him for trying to “provoke an incident.”

He astutely pointed out he was merely photographing a public government building, and it was they, the costumed criminals with the multi-million dollar taxpayer-financed helicopter flying overhead, that were creating an incident, not him.

Eventually the cops give up on harassing him and let him go, probably because he actually knew the law, and they clearly didn’t, which was making them look stupid”.

This is NO laughing matter:

"Its for Your Protection"!

“Its for Your Protection”!



  1. This is fucking gold!! Must watch.. haha!!!

    • Good one jay… another thumbs up ! People fightin back.. i love it

  2. That’s a great example J7sun of Authority not liking surveillance on themselves. State power versus people power. You see what happens right there. Extremely poor “customer service” skills there for Public Servants.

    Found this, read it — “Vice President Biden Acknowledges ‘Immense’ Jewish
    Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life”.

  3. Wayne Madsen ~ “Feinstein and Schumer propose bill that limits U.S. government recognition of journalists to only those who work for corporate media, i.e., Feinstein’s and Schumer’s fellow travelers and ideologues who employ journalists at News Corporation, Time Warner, CBS, Disney, Comcast, New York Times, etc. We the working press determine that Feinstein and Schumer are no longer recognized as Senators because of their imbecile level IQs and porcine-like behavior”.

  4. DEFLECTION BENGHAZI – Report: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan –

    Such crap from StratforWars. Unless Brennan was targeting Petraeus and Stevens for drone assassinations it’s 100% Hillary Clinton Bullshit. Another Crocker Report.

    • StratforWars .. Straught4Wars.. lol
      Btw. on the subject, look at Mark Dice and his cushy business, not long ago he was giving shit to INF(O)ux-Wars and now he’s slappy happy.. spare me..

  5. Snowden, the soft-serve, soft-kill, soft-shoe surveillance sell. Other than that the mark is hit. Black or White is never colored in the gray of things under committee OZ.

  6. Feinstein: You’re Not a Real Journalist Unless You Draw a $alary.

    Even the sheeplest of lambs can get that bribespeak. Truth never pays, only agenda 21 blackjack pays (in casino chips-fiat tokens)

  7. Boomer, that first vid with that lady security guard is a riot! I think she took lessons at the Deputy Barney Fife Police Academy .. oh and her shirt was too big 🙂 I almost felt sorry for almost

    Way to go to the last guy in Phoenix… Big thumbs up

  8. This happened at Wildwood NJ near me…

  9. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as.

  10. Here’s another gem I found, different angle, TOTAL refusal.. : )

  11. That’s a GEM, J7sun! Obviously, They cannot detain without ’cause, and They’re just pressing for individuals to incriminate themselves. I imagine even if the “suspect” replied, he had drank some water, that would be enough “evidence” of “drinking” for the authorities to embark upon their “procedures”.

    What did we learn there?

    Watch it again.

  12. “We have to keep [terrorists] on edge,” said Frank Cilluffo, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute —

    This means They have to also keep the Population “on edge” as well.

    To justify their unconstitutional infringements, they claim the checkpoints are “administrative searches” that are exempt from probable cause therefore conveniently impervious to constitutional scrutiny.

    “TSA now has grown to a whopping 56,000 agents, violating rights en masse at 450 American airports. Its complete disregard for individual liberties and the constitution illustrates the uncomfortable fact that the United States is becoming a police state”.

    “VIPR now has a $100 million annual budget and is growing rapidly, increasing to several hundred people and 37 teams last year, up from 10 teams in 2008”.

    There’s your JOB stats increases, folks!

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