Posted by: dawnatilla | August 12, 2013


I acted on an impulse and it paid in spades. I contacted Lt. Col. Michael Aquino yesterday via email  and asked him 1. about there being any validity to NSA involvement. 2. If could interview him.

answer to 1. NO. answer 2. YES!


Did I delete any and all posts where I trash him in error?


F*** YES.

Ill keep you guys posted about the event which is naturally coming here to COTO only.



  1. Don’t let him hypnotize you and suck out your “soul”!

    • Dont worry…I wont let my guard down! Heehee.. He is extremely well spoken.. polite and communicative.Totally Surreal.

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      • Looking forward >> to hearing what you come up with…get it on a recording.

        Good luck!

        And like Boomer says…don’t fall for fake charm, be careful.


        • Thanks! Yes definetly will record this. H.R. what is your opinion on this? For a sec I wondered “wtf am I doing?” This guy is one of the Grand Poobah of psi ops. Etc. the end..I feel (a cursory feel ..not necessarily an INTUITIVE feel. ) I think he is open to discussing what is still hos favorite subject. His book Mindwar. Hold on Ill be back.

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          • I would keep it strictly to phone and email exchanges. I agree with others here that you shouldn’t take any chances with a face to face with this guy.


            • hmmmmm. This is what Im going to do you guys…Im going to organize some questions..(Patrick- if you wouldnt mind wording the ones you mentioned earlier fro me?…) and then Ill email him..see if he doesn’t mind answering them there in mail. I expect mostly a good response, as it is obvious he does not mind communicating. No less than six hours passed after I first emailed him that he responded. So after finishing ‘mindwar’ I will offer up the questions..he seem to infer that I read the book before we discuss the interviewing aspect of the correspondence.

              Hey Patrick do you suppose its possible he has some type of software on his pc that would give him Romper Room vision into my real time activities online? (not worried about cam vision..I have no webcams hooked up.and my cell phone is down ).

              LOVE THIS FAMILY


              *Questioner:* How did you journey from Venus to this planet? * Ra*:

              We used thought.

              * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

              **Dawnatilla *The *Hun* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

              • Someone has the Romper Room view. He’s honest enough(?) to say he’s not involved in COMINT. We know he has the tenure in HUMINT and SIGINT space telemetry, so I would assume he can get that datadata.

                I would suggest you consider that he is as are all operatives, already under surveillance himself. PR is a game anyway so I am not surprised he wants to give an attractive person some time.

                My angle in approaching questions would be about time and events without asking him personal queries.

                You have me email if you want to send me an outline of what you want to know. I’d be happy to contribute some topical and historical frequencies that may promote his interest in a running dialogue.

  2. Hey DT — CHILL! You’re going into Satan’s Lair if you haven’t figured it out. So, don’t get all STAR STRUCK and SHIT ’bout your “opportunity”. Be professional, unemotional, and strip this lizard down to his nubis nubs to get your “story”. Don’t fuck around with THE DEVIL, girl. He’s more than a match for you. If you escape with a tatter of tattle-taling we’re here to hear it. Good Luck! And Pray to Creator God for Protection before you venture onto this Black Servant’s ground.

    • yes B I take your words seriously.. because Ill be damned if what u said didnt just totally happen. (So, don’t get all STAR STRUCK and SHIT ’bout your “opportunity”. ) BOOYAH! 🙂 ❤

  3. Good stuff Dawn, big move. That’s good advise from boomer & rogue, I also would advise extreme caution. Hope it all goes well for ya.

    Off topic, was just watching this.. 🙂
    The last one will make you laugh. hehe

    • right on SolidStateSun. (can always count on you as an audience for my posts at the cobwebby Occultmedia) 🙂

    • LUV THAT GUY! Those Guys! That’s how its done in a Free(king) Republic!

      Just say, “No!”. Then pile it on, and question the uniforms.

  4. Outstanding soldier 🙂

    Ask him about Offutt Air Force Base and Warren Buffett & Harold Andersens farm. But you better wait to the end of the interview.

    • hahahah ok…really?

    • here is first correspondence Dear Ms. McGall,

      While I have at times been involved with other offices and agencies of the Intelligence Community, NSA is not among them. It’s a COMINT ([electronic] communications intelligence) operation, and as a Psychological Operations and Intelligence officer, I was involved in the HUMINT (human intelligence) side of things. Indeed I spent my last 4 years of active service as a Space Intelligence officer out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

      Here’s what I’m actually and currently involved in (just published):

      Once you take a look at this, and if you’d like to discuss it, let me know. 🙂

      Michael Aquino

    • cont.
      Me: “…………I’m not a fan of bad information and I have since learned that you can never be too careful when referencing others’ lives and to do so with respect and accuracy.”

      Well, the Internet is a pretty wild source of “creative imagination”. I’ve learned that I’m also a half-lizard alien from the planet Venus, as well as heading up more international conspiracies than I can recall. Some years ago the National Enquirer, I think it was, printed a photo showing me ritually hypnotizing Lee Harvey Oswald to teleport 10 years back through time to assassinate JFK. 🙂

      Me: ” May I ask to use a portion of our email here regarding agency involvement,on a blog I contribute to?”

      Aquino: “Sure. The Intelligence Community is a big one:

      of which NSA is just one element. Outside of the Defense Department I worked occasionally with CIA, DOS, and NRO. The first two are involved with PSYOP, of course, and NRO with space. Within DOD the 500-lb canary is DIA, but the Special Operations community has its own functions and resources as well.

      Enjoy the adventure,

      • He’s laying his groundwork already. Limited hangout is true in the DIA (MISO) psychological operations. a 500 lb. mockingbird would be better a descriptor. That’s Pandora’s Jar for the manchurian spy, sex slave and assassin delta program. Theta being the cherry on top of the ice-cream cone.

        I’m sure the Colonel has stared at a few goats on Andersens Farm.

  5. Dawn, big mistake. If I were you, I’d cease and desist I’m dead serious.

    • Do you think Aquino really is a lizard JG?

      …the “from Venus” part might have been just to throw us off and make the prospect sound silly, huh?

      I’ll bet you Aquino no more believes in Satan than I do.


      • The devil believes in Aquino.

        DT, I was serious about the questions above. Ask him his involvement with Monarch, MK-Ultra, Remote viewing.

        He’s referenced in Sen John DeCamps book on the Franklin Boystown scandal he worked as States Attorney in Nebraska.
        DeCamp himself was involved with Bill Colby CIA during the years MK-Ultra was at its peak of research and development. Post Vietnam.

        Warren Buffet is identified by court testimony along with others in Nebraska to even include the Universities football team and coaches.

        Offutt AFB is similarly id’d as MK covert ops like Ft. Hood in Texas.

        I concur with Deb. Be totally removed from any face to face time and get the phone call interview. Are you prepared or have you outlined your questions and topics? I’d love to hear a word by word transcript of his answers. Keep us posted.

        • “The devil believes in Aquino”… very apt description Patrick.

  6. Aquino: “Sure. The Intelligence Community is a big one:

    Estimated to be about 5 million strong in the US alone. Once you include the government, private sector and NOC community it is easily accepted. The plan involves converting the economy to recruit see-something say something program for welfare- recipients to stay off austerity.

    This will likely bring the number up to 55 million. NSA spying is nothing compared to the type of psycho-wackos who will be your neighbors and the surveillance at your local venues.

    Essentially, you are either with them or against them. That’s the mind and economic control the Soviets and Nazis were very interested in. Once the NAU is created after the thirty year immigration and NAFTA program is completed, the hatred and trust issues will foment a police state unlike the historical paradigm could ever have imagined.

    The FEMA camps and coffins are not an illusion. The largest private prison construction era is upon us. This convergence is not seen by sheeple because the have already been incarcerated in a psy-op the Colonel himself would have to be impressed with.


    • Theres no way I will engage in an interview with him unless Im fully prepared. I may be asking for your help on this Patrick… Im going to be working today, and this evening I will be laying the groundwork and will show you what I have. This interview is going to be exclusively for COTO blog.Wont be posting it anywhere else. He seems interested in talking about the book so I imagine I will be re reading the crap out of it today and tonight every chance I get. JG I totally understand where you are coming from..I considered desisting myself…but I figure if it will be online only (even though he lives here in frisco) It would be highly dangerous to consider meeting up with him.(although its not like he can make trouble for himself he has plenty of trouble on his own following him like a dog tail. Patrick have you heard also of Johnny Gosch(sp)? I think that was around the same time as the boys Town thing..Im not sure.The mom wrote a book called “why Johnny cant come home”. They sent her pictures of him tied up and branded. He was used his entire life. Prob dead now. Idk. Warren Buffet said that? So is he against or for? Yes I heard that about the coaches too.. I hear they have a slew of Monarch girls after every game at their disposal. **** Hybrid ..the “devil” is DARK ENERGY culled by man is and VERY FUCKING REAL. Just as the word LOVE is real……the sun generating heat and life….these things are an agreement between life and all parts of nature. so is the darkness. It cant exist without someone WANTING IT TO EXIST. exists! If a man writes a book on black Aquino did…you can guarantee he is aware of and uses the energy around him to make things happen. Of course the icon representing the dark is not a real one…but what he stands for? REALER THAN REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD!!!! The man founded the Temple of Set…he too finds the icon to be a drag and cartoonish..which is why he chose SET (temple of set) as opposed to Satan. He calls his people SETIANS. Its just another name for the same.


      *Questioner:* How did you journey from Venus to this planet? * Ra*:

      We used thought.

      * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

      **Dawnatilla *The *Hun* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

      • Let’s consider something here. There are those who deny there is a Living God, and a Living Devil (Love vs Evil). Eventually, you’ll find out if you’re correct, but for the time being you are considering them “figments” or some such allegory.

        Now, if you are wrong, and these beings do exist (as supernatural “spirits”, One a Creator, the Other a Destroyer), then how does that spin your bottle? If Evil is “personified”, and there is an untold army of ancient Evil “spirits” working out their warfare “for demonstration” purposes as Dog Poet likes to say — What kind of vantage ground are you giving these forces by acting as if they do not exist? If they do — YOU are putting yourself at tremendous risk on many, many levels.

        Jesus Christ said, “Seek and You Will Find”, among many other sayings. Have you not found Evil yet in your experience in this world? Have you not ran into Grace & Goodness?

        Seek either one, and you Will find it. There will be no waffling when you come face-to-face with either. When you find one, you will automatically discern that the “other” exists as well.

        There’s nothing I’m preaching about here. Its rather matter-of-fact. I don’t get the entire Denial thing about the Supernatural.

        • I dont get it either. Im pretty much a believer in all things not physical. Whereas most people are the opposite.

          Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

      • I know this inside out Dawn. Two books and weeks of research. I cut my teeth on Disney – MK Ultra. It was Monsanto, GMO, Protein, PhRMA, Fluoride and EMR that came from this initial primary stage of paperclip.

        I will post a brief of what I think the underlying work involved. It will be in outline form and reference specific keywords and projects.
        We can communicate privately on details and questions.

        He wants to talk, because they all do.

        Rule#6 – they want you to know!

  8. Dawn, damn right evil is real and so are “demons” like Aquino. Which is exactly why I don’t think you should go forward at all with contacting this man. You know his history. You know what his “specialty” is outside of pedophilia and other degenerate acts. It’s mind control.

    Why bring his bad energy your way or for that matter coto’s way? What do you expect to gain from him ? Truth? Information? Nothing good will come from contacting this person. Nothing at all. You already seemed a bit under his spell by your first comment under this post. First rule for demonologists, “do not engage in conversation with the demon”…..

    • “First rule for demonologists, “do not engage in conversation with the demon”…..”~JG

      I think more important is to stay away from FEAR. It is fear and loathing that “demons” feed on.

      Look, it is not that I don’t believe in EVIL. Of course it is very real. But again it has no physical manifestation other than through human beings. I agree that Aquino is evil. And I agree that it is dangerous to consort with him in person. But I don’t think that email or telephone conversations are anything near actual physical contact.

      I think we should leave it up to Nikki. She seems to have a grasp on all of this.

      But your warnings are made in sincerity, and I won’t diss them other than what I have said.



      • AYE..Hottie…:) ‘so uh, how YOU doin’?'(Joey on Friends)

        (heehee only funny if you have seen/heard Joey say this 🙂


        *Questioner:* How did you journey from Venus to this planet? * Ra*:

        We used thought.

        * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

        **Dawnatilla *The *Hun* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

        • You know Nikki,

          The more I think about this trip, the more I am with the others here…especially after your other post on Aquino.

          I think you should drop it. Better paranoid than caught up in something nefarious…


          • Dropped!

            Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

    • Nic,

      Listen to JG and Rogue. The EVAN network and Aquino have years of knowledge on controlling you. Don’t allow ego in this at all. If you are given access do not leave your position one iota. He operates in iota and remember he works in an occultation method, on NASA time and in deep ops they deem higher accension.

      You claim to be involved or knowledgeable of ninth power arts, then you know why Aquino was in NASA and HUMINT and why access is playing with dynamite. I can tell you my experience was extremely disturbing. I again caution you, not dissuade you.

  9. I will be sewing garlic and showering in holy water while You take this on. I expect to see You on the news impaled on a cemetary wrought iron fence,I´m just pessimistic that way about giving the devil a wedgie. Ballz You got. Dont get them broke.
    Good to see You back JG !

    • Extra good to see you korny 😉 I’m with ya on the devil. Why engage with someone that is totally untrustworthy? It would be like interviewing Satan himself… lies nothing but lies……..

      • Yup.:)

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    • Backing out…seeing the light.

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  10. Things didn’t appear to go so lovely for those hanging ’round Charles Manson, or others. Guyana.

  11. Before you interview him. Read this interview with Aquino

    Amazing READ

    • Interesting…. Thanks!


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