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“9/11 Clues Everyone Missed”…or chose to bugger off

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“A compelling, short video that asks us to wonder how, and why the complete official narrative was able to be laid out on TV within an hour or so of the first “attack”.

These on-the-air clips reveal that there had to have been a script already written. It’s embarrassingly obvious, now”.

O.K., this is quite simplistic, but makes a few good points, in fact, that this “Terror” attack was scripted by TPTB is perhaps the most important to take note of. The first guy in the video should be well-remembered, and sirens should go off in your brain when you hear a “car saleman” like this putz delivering his lines with the lamest believability factor ever! The other guy later is also a lame duck board reader. The guy who you should pay attention to is Jerome Hauer. This bastard (wiki him) was a bosom buddy of Guiliani, and made sure his and Guiliani’s $23 million dollar control tower bunker in WTC 7 (I think it was on the 23rd floor) was blown up and destroyed following the destruction of the Twin Towers. This guy — Jerome Hauer — is knee deep in the shit, and if you want to dig, you’ll see what I mean.




  1. “…that this “Terror” attack was scripted by TPTB is perhaps the most important to take note of.”

    That is what tipped me off that morning driving from LA to San Diego alone on a HWY that is usually bumper to bumper…

    I was listening to NPR on the radio in my car…going about 80 all the way home. I noticed right off the bat that all the usual suspects brought on air were speaking according to the same script. It was unmistakable. “Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda” like a hypnotic mantra…

    By the time I pulled in my driveway I was thinking, “this is theater!”
    Shortly after I had pulled out the old B&W portable TV from the closet and turned it on to see what was going on. Just a few minutes later they broke in to show the first clips of the first tower to explode. I recognized that right away. It blew to smithereens!

    I jumped up and yelled, “that’s bullshit — the planes couldn’t have caused anything like that to happen!” I was alone in the house but I still had to let it out.

    That day is burned into my memory like the day Kennedy was shot.


    • “this is theater!” ~ Rogue1

      I can’t help but think that’s truer than we know…

  2. Here’s a WTF one on subject about the Pentagon strike that paints a very different portrait of what happened that morning. It’s a bit lengthly

  3. Here is a recent audio recording of a phone conference between a group of 9/11 researchers that keep in touch through some sort of organized agreement to pool knowledge on an ongoing basis.

    You will here Barbara Honneger on this…in fact quite a lot of her. She is very rude, stepping on other’s words and going into high bitchpitch whine as her fanbelt starts slipping and she heats up…


    [audio src="" /]


  4. Hightower – Fetzer = Disinformation

    These hyper inflated numbers for the amounts of explosives are based on false conceptualizations. The first is that the concrete in the towers was all blasted to the micron sized powder. This is not so. The second involves the destruction of the steel. Steel does not have to be destroyed to cause structural collapse. All that has to be done is a slice made at an angle in a steel column. It is the steel columns coming apart not the steel columns being obliterated that brings a building down.

    The second problem is the discussions about ‘Thermite’. It is not suggested that old fashion thermite was used to take the WTC down. What is being suggested is that new hi-tech high-explosive sol-gels have been formulated at national labs, such as Livermore. Designer sol-gels have been described by scientists working in these labs – materials that can be “dialed-in”, formulated for specific tasks from practically inert slow sizzling burns, to high brisance pressure explosives. These new materials are covered by military secrets, but also trade secrets for industrial use.

    As it cannot be said with absolute certainty what the totality of products were used to bring down the towers. It is therefor futile to ‘calculate’ the quantity of an explosive of an unknown quality.

    “Where is my mistake?” asked Niels Harrit about his calculations for huge, unbelievable amounts of explosives to take down the WTC towers. I have just answered his rhetorical question, that everyone else seemed to believe was in the calculations themselves. No the mistake Harrit refers to is a misconceived problem.


  5. Hahaha,,,this idiot Shapiro doesn’t get that he spilled the beans, because he is ignorant of what it takes to set up a building for controlled demolition:

    “Governor Ventura and many 9/11 “Truthers” allege that government explosives caused the afternoon collapse of Building 7. This is false. I know this because I remember watching all 47 stories of Building 7 suddenly and silently crumble before my eyes.

    Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.

    A controlled demolition would have minimized the damage caused by the building’s imminent collapse and potentially save lives. Many law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other journalists were aware of this possible option. There was no secret. There was no conspiracy.”~ Jeffrey Scott Shapiro.

    Shame On Jesse Ventura! By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro Published April 22, 2010…ero-sept-shame/

    No building collapse is silent, this guy is a dickhead…


    • I again bring up 2 peas in a WTC 7 “pod”. Jerome Hauer + Rudy Giuliani. Research em. There was a $23 million? “hardened” FBI HQ on a middle floor of WTC 7. The perfect place to run an Op, then disintegrate your “nest”. Plus collect insurance of course. I recall reading some scintillating info on Hauer, his background, the WTC 7 installation, etc.

      Funny, how this particular Eagles Nest, full of hi-tech and personnel, couldn’t protect the site from…fires, or “other” instruments of destruction. Its as ludicrous as the Air Defense “stand down”, and other redundant systems and protocols being “defeated” by the alleged “Box Cutter Gang”.

      Yes, LIES galore and treason among U.S. Of course, no heads roll, but promotions all around, and we can probably not imagine the kickbacks and other payoffs for a Job done on all Americans’ psyches and freedoms.

      Where’s Giuliani and Hauer now? Still shilling. All the other benefactors are still walking upright free as well. How about the Change brought to Americans per se? Well, you’ve seen the decimation.

  6. BEGIN NARRATION – pre/event post/event

    Note the HAARP assault off New York the cyclonic endothermic attack and Brokaws warning for 911. Nobody who was anybody left that day.

    We have news that another building has collapsed. No…wait we have news that another building will collapse.

    Oh brother where for art thou????

    • Yea, funny how ole Al ignored that tiny little hurricane forming right off of NY eh?

    • Right after the youtube you presented above, you can click on this one:

  7. 7:30 minutes: She heard the explosion but not a 737 jet flying at 700 feet?
    The idiot media. Damned I hate NBC. I never watched Lauer or Couric after that day.

  8. Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?


  9. \\][//

  10. Check this one out. The BS has been going on for a long time

    • Wow, thanks V.. I remember that sign off as a kid. Again, how did we escape all that programming for all those years? I always watched tv, yet always questioned everything.

    • WOW! No surprise but it’s nice to see it for yourself slowed down. Thanks V. I remember years ago watching a David Icke video and noticed a subliminal ‘flash’, I spent quite a while trying to pause the video at the exact spot and finally got it.. MI6 emblem … lol got the screen captures if any1 wants to see. : )

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