Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 10, 2013

Before the Next “Act”; Let’s Review Some Recent Vaudeville…

Timing is everything. Especially with this thread. I read the link below first, and considered all I’ve learned since the “Event”. I suggest you do the same, and then proceed to the “commercial farces” I found and listened to as “research”. Please watch and listen to them from beginning to end. You’ll get the full import then…

Cue the Fake Blood, The Cowboy Hat Guy, and "Jeff Bauman" the Guy Who Can Sit Upright in a Wheelchair for a Long PhotoOp Defying Physics Just LIke 9/11 & the "3 WTC Towers

Cue the Fake Blood, The Cowboy Hat Guy, and “Jeff Bauman” the Guy Who Can Sit Upright in a Wheelchair for a Long PhotoOp Defying Physics Just LIke 9/11 & the “3
WTC Towers

The “Boston Bomber” caper. Now, resembling a Keystone Kops Blackface Band-aid Barf-Missed-Ya.

You get the drift.

This recent USA “Vaudeville” show, shows EVERYBODY the lower levels TPTB will stoop to, to sell “Terror!”, and blame it on some “patsies” they’ve cultivated, served up, and cast off. We think back, and the Batman “patsie” provides another pitiful case of — SET-UP, TERRORISM & MURDER, and FALL GUY.

Its like a commercial interruption in our daily “programming”, seeking to reinforce humanity’s collective “fears” of attack by the lone wolf, or worse, “Attack from Anywhere at Anytime!!!”

Everyone’s WORST unimaginable fear of the UNKNOWN. {Hey, maybe that’s why TPTB are shooting for all this SECRECY while SURVEILLANCE of EVERYONE ELSE is “Necessary”? This may be one of the most “transparent” offerings of the guv slutz to date?}

Back to the subject, before the following Very Important Commercial InterruptionPlease click on the link provided above, and read through and grok the “story line”. COTO was on this Hot & Heavy at the time, and there is much, much information for you to make up your mind as to WASSUP? with this concocted Pysop, and all the rest.

Enjoy the following for the very low-brow humor drenched in Guv-Propaganda and unabashed Dumb-U-Down satire…



This is a PERFECT example of Big Corporate spending Big Bucks to Corrupt the Minds of the Already Dim-Sum. Grok the depth of this, pertaining to the subject matter of this post and what you “KNOW”, and you’ll be shaking your head like I am.

I won’t apologize for this COMMERCIAL TIMEOUT because it SO-LID-O-FIES the improper propaganda fed to the citizens of this REPUBLIC?

*NOTE = Uploaded on May 14, 2006 / Today, March 10, 2013 = 3,793,093 VIEWS / HERE IT IS — THE “Original”:

Yeah!!! Yeah!!! WASSUP DUDES?!!!

O.K. Here’s the revised Time-Warped 2008 Version. C’mon Now — there’s some “Deep” drivel going on in Here! Freaking John McCain is heard in the “Intro”, and “Vote” for “Obama” and Expect “Change” is the Rap at the finale. This is CLASSIC “PROGRAMMING”!, and now presented to YOU as historical “reality”:

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2008 / 9,457,938 Views Today 8-10-13

Say NO MORE! Vaudeville is the “Big Show” brought to you by THE SPONSORS!

HAHAHA, HAHAHA!!! WE GOT “CHANGE”!!! “VOTE” HaHaHa!!! What a LEMON We’ve Been Sold… I could go on and on with this shit — but YOU GET IT, I Hope, By Now…



  1. How did we get here?

    “During The Best Period Of Economic Growth In U.S. History There Was No Income Tax And No Federal Reserve. Between the Civil War and 1913, the U.S. economy experienced absolutely explosive growth. The free market system thrived and the rest of the world looked at us with envy. The federal government was very limited in size, there was no income tax for most of that time and there was no central bank. To many Americans, it would be absolutely unthinkable to have such a society today, but it actually worked very, very well. Without the inventions and innovations that came out of that period, the world would be a far different place today”…

    “When you add our private debt to GDP ratio of 273 percent to our federal debt to GDP ratio of 101 percent, you get a grand total of 384 percent.

    This is how we have funded the false prosperity of the past couple of decades. Essentially, we have been putting our good times on a credit card.

    And as anyone that has ever tried to live on credit knows, the good times eventually run out.

    But this is what the Federal Reserve was designed to do. It was designed to get the U.S. government trapped in a debt spiral from which there would never be any escape.

    It is not an accident that our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger than it was when the Fed was originally created. This is what the bankers wanted the system to do.

    They wanted a system that would extract wealth from all of us through taxes, transfer it to the government, and then transfer it to them through interest payments.

    We never needed a central bank, we never needed the IRS and we never needed an income tax. America would be doing just fine without any of them.

    But instead, America chose to go down the path of collectivization and central planning, and now we are heading toward the biggest economic disaster in the history of mankind”.

  2. 1913__yup now a century of stupid.

    How do ya get over a century of stupid?

    You know the ‘Socialists’ are still championing collectivization and central planing…yup they are, and as the Hegelian seesaw seems to cycle in such fashion, that could be the next phase for the dazed.

    I was reading Dandeloony Salad earlier today, read up on a bit of that Socialist conspiring among the sugar plum fairies there. They are looking around at the same trash heap we are thinking to themselves, I got a big idea, let’s bulldoze all this crap to one side, make a boundary there put up a big fence and make Disneyland on this side with the spare parts. You know they’ll need the spare parts because there will be no motivation for standing above the collective in any way…it’s all “to each according to need – from each according to ability”. And there’s the crux of the matter, those with ability will climb that ladders of power quickly and enforce their own brand of despotic rule…and soon Disneyland will be as big a trash heap as beyond the fence. Too bad the whole joint will be surrounded by concertina wire by then.

    Shame though they could’ve started a new dream at any juncture.

    gawblesmurkah and all the little widgets.


    • Your “Vision” jives with the info available, history, and experience. Evidently, these dots mean nothing to the “New Junkies”.

    • It’s a vacation from this reality and it’s extended itinerary that has made the lemmings unable to work or at least attempt it. My GOD what a nightmare for a socialism wine courtesy of the red fruitloops.
      Sends shivers up my timbers.

  3. In Stage Magic, each trick has three parts;
    [1] The Pledge, where the audience is presented with an ordinary object;
    [2] The Turn, where the object is turned into something extraordinary;
    [3] The Prestige, where the object is brought back.

    If the third element of a magic act is missing, doesn’t occur, it results in dissatisfaction and disappointment, as well as uncertainty.

    The event at the Pentagon is analogous to a Magic Act that only gave the audience the first two elements of a satisfactory magic act. It is missing the Prestige: “Where did the plane go if it didn’t hit the Pentagon?”

    For this answer of course, one would have to ask the Magicians. Unfortunately they aren’t talking. It is disingenuous to demand members of the audience who have detected that the plane did not actually hit the Pentagon for the Prestige. It is enough that such members of the audience have proved that it was illusion, they have no part in the Pledge, but have only explained the Turn. The plane was not the Turn, the pyrotechnics were…the distraction was the Turn. The plane remained and ordinary object, just a prop, and a missing Prestige.


  4. Very savvy observation, Rogue1. We shall take note of the text, subtext, and unhappy ending.

    The ending was for you, ala a twixted twick.

    • I tell ya Boomer,

      Those who do not grasp my little ditty there, lack both imagination and any experience watching pro magic acts. They surely don’t actually believe they have seen “real magic” at such shows {other than the terminally gullible”}

      Of course in today’s madhouse world that ARE more terminally gullible. And that even makes the party that more dizzying. It’s Sci Fi Theater.


  5. R1~ “Today’s Madhouse”.

    Need a laugh at the expense of “another” politician’s abject stupidity? Check this out, if you haven’t already:

    “Until this week, the little-known, two-term MP was just another plodder in the vast ranks of Campbell Newman’s backbench. Then, with just one “selfie”, he gained international notoriety as “the plonker”, and pushed that other snap-happy politician, Kevin Rudd, off the front page”.

    The sordid revelations about Dowling, an avowed Catholic and family man, of a long-running affair — flush with copies of explicit text messages he sent his mistress, including a close-up picture of his penis in a glass of red wine — add to the list of political sex scandals.

    “It has me stumped; Peter is a good bloke, a family man, a Catholic and smart,” one senior LNP insider tells The Australian. “But taking a picture of your penis in a glass of red isn’t the smartest thing you could do — and I won’t be accepting any invitation from him in the future to go for a drink.”

    (HaHaHa!!! A good “bloke”. Fine judge of character this other putz is).

    Indeed, Dowling was more than just a politician who campaigned on family values.

    (Surely…so much More).

    The English-born former deputy mayor of the Redland City Council — on Brisbane’s bayside — was, until the revelations in The Courier-Mail newspaper on Tuesday, the chairman of the parliament’s powerful ethics committee and a member of the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee, which polices the anti-corruption watchdog.

    While overseeing investigations into ministers and MPs, for a variety of alleged bad behaviour, Dowling was cheating on his wife of 27 years, Helen, with a divorced woman, a travel agent with whom the couple had often socialized. He now faces allegations of seeking out overseas parliamentary trips to meet his lover, as well as claims he contacted Australian Virgin boss John Borghetti to secure upgrades for him, his mother and his lover on a trip to Ireland.

    (HaHaHa!!! Folks — this is actually ‘tame’ for a politician or corporate type, or banker wanker). They’re all cankers on society’s arse.

    • Howzabout a glass of hot dog flavored vino mine friend???

      Hohohohehehehahaha….the rigamortis religitortis is the holy moly fartist contortist.

      Give this “charmer” an ‘F’ for lack of originality.

      Thanks Boomer, good for a chortle.


  6. I had forgotten to mention the NewTown, CT False Flag in the thread. Now that I think about it, it seems there’s a definite “use-by” date that TPTB count on for “Events” fading from the recent memory banks of the sheeple.

    Run a bunch of em sequentially, one right after another, like we saw in 2012, and “the mind” drops off the radar the earlier stuff, to process the latest egregious assault. Like the accounting terms LAFO (last in first out) or the opposite FILO (first in last out), humans are subject to “quantitative processing”. We can only handle so much. I’m seeing the evil behind the timelines now, and the “timing” of events.

    Take Note. Do Not Forget. It is only the living who can remember and require Justice.

    • Yes the timing involves not just false flags but a cycle of threats thereof…a drawn out strategy of tension. But just like a proper symphony a crescendo must be reached at the just the right time, and a new false flag happens to tip the audience into utter hysteria.

      Mondo Carne!


  7. Check this one out. This is nasty stuff. Meanwhile the band keeps playing as the tiller points towards the sky.

  8. Yeah V, imagine that?! GMO killing warm-blooded creatures. Mad Scientists for sure. That Monopoly of Monsanto needs to be disassembled, and the criminal elements charged, judged, and put away. Its especially egregious because they fuck with “food sources”, tie it monopolized, crazed “power” & “profits” and literally attempt to shove it down humans and animals throats. And they operate a disinformation campaign, while covering up their crimes. All the while killing off competition that provides healthy food.

    Can’t hardly get any worse than that.

    • Hope a friend of ours doesn’t mind me putting this up on this thread. This is in reply to the 9/11 Pentagon event. My reason for putting it onto this posting is to draw attention to my last sentences in response to the initial question.

      “I don’t see it that way. I haven’t researched the incidents nearly to the depth that you’ve gone. The way I see it is, we don’t buy into the official story and have looked to see what we feel has actually transpired. Do we know the actuality beyond all reasonable doubt? No, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, we’re pretty damn close. Our buddy A.Wright comes at the storyline from a different perspective in as, he buys into the official story and is deep into researching the evidence that they put out so he presents a strong argument to the contrary of what we believe. It doesn’t matter what any of us buy into, the fact is, the question is very muddied. That fact in itself tells a big story and begs a bigger query. For what reason did it get to this point. he believes the official storyline and has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. We think it stinks to high heaven and they’re hiding a big truth. Should it ever come out that we’re onto it and it spreads through the general population like a virus, this paradigm will perish but I believe that it must as any malignancy must.”

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