Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 9, 2013

Entrapment and Murder are Legal

One joint killed this child

One joint killed this child

I had to interrupt a tirade recently involving a discussion on the Cannabis issue. While listening to this soapbox filibuster I kept hearing the words legal and was forced after a dozen or so expoundings I lost my composure and made my observations known.

It began with the question of booze. I asked if it were legal? He replied yes. “To buy and consume?” It was followed by another affirmation on his part. Then why are there thousands of people with misdemeanors and felonies on their record for taking a drink? He gave the appropriate response.

I asked if cannabis in small amounts under new laws or medical use where legal actually legal? He again affirmed. I asked if he knew how many people were incarcerated in the US for
less than an ounce in their possession, how many were run through the injustice system for offenses and how much it costs one on average to go through the process. Then I proceeded to ask him if he was aware how many cases led to the removal of children in those families where the kids were popped and carted off to the prisons of the pedophile ring known as CPS (Child Protective Services) or DHS (Department of Human Services) to be sentenced to the same kind of rape and torture you get in the penitentiary systems.

I was sure to bring the case of two year old Alexandria Hill who was murdered by a foster mother after being taken away from parents who had smoke pot watching TV while the child slept for the night. It appears the sober foster mother decided to bash her brains in.

I told him, being a father that it was imperative he wake up. For those who think they are winning with their little pot campaigns and little victories that they are being scammed like they have been all their lives. This little game of ‘winning’ is ignorance at it’s pinnacle. While the PTB are feeding out the bait and tackle the grunion are taking it hook. line and sinker.

The USA Inc. Penitentiary is the largest imprisoned population in recorded history. Judges are elected by their corporate for profit benefactors in the same way the revolving door in congress is elected by the ex-cons now in fortune 500 lobbies.  These judges are there for one purpose, and one purpose only being to grease the wheels of profits, fill the facilities that are being built daily to their capacities and continue the psyop of fear and loathing.  Some get too greedy.

This psyop has been drummed into the head of every plasma watching douche-bag in America who ever tuned into a Jerry Springer or Judge Judy episode. CNN and the other CIA outlets as well as Hollywood have assisted in this operation of turning the dumbed down masses into a couch based court of opinion where they get to feel better about themselves by watching the lowest forms of human depravity which is slowly seeping into the consciousness of the desensitized TV audience. One very good production being the Casey Anthony made for TV movie.

Legal? Certainly. It’s legal, if you don’t get caught. I reminded him that it’s not about public intoxication and the arrest for using while at a remote campground or DUI to get you while driving, but now they can and will go after you at home for booze and pot by simply stating child endangerment. Legal? Certainly. If you win it will cost you a substantial attorney fee and that’s part of the goal in this operation as well the tax America boom to the tune of a billion dollars a year to incarcerate pot criminals. But, the gold ring is to get little blue eyed, blonde babies into the hands of Corporate Child Trafficking Services where they can get an indecent proposal fee to go up the pyramid as well. There are too many of these cases to even discuss.

I was especially struck but not surprised to see Sanjay Gupta, the globalist quack for CNN
make the one eighty on Marijuana. He got the memo from Head Office of Misery to change his tune after years of touting no value medically to come out and support the “WEED.”  Nice job Sanjay. Now you are officially part of the brotherhood of Dr. Oz, Phil and that pinhead Pinsky.

At the end of my speech to this soapbox whirling dervish, he did seem to grasp my point. I told him it was his right to use the earths abundance without federal regulations but legal, never. Beyond the warnings of government controlled GMO cannabis with paraquat and other mind altering toxins he might consume, it was his choice but for the sake of his family he should never assume anything is legal except the rules that govern the inmates of the US Penitentiary of OZ. I reminded him that the Methadone Clinics in the state are legal too, yet if you are under the influence in public, while driving or at home with your kids you are prey to the system. Legal? Yes, legal entrapment.

I finished with this simple observation. Crime is way down due to many factors such as more armed citizens, Obama’s welfare state,  the fact that people are stoned, fat and lazy more than ever and or else they are already in prison.  Now they have to find new ways making you a criminal.  Get it?


~800,000 criminal cases for marijuana each year
~1 billion dollars annually to house the pot criminals
~Ex-Senator Nancy Shaeffer and her husband were murdered to stop their book and documentary on CPS child services
~six times as many children died in foster care than in the general public
~judges are  stockholders in private prisons and juvenile facilities with no conflict of interest




  1. We are all being gamed.

    Psychopaths now run the game. Maybe they always have.

    It’s insane.

    Now that we know this why then do we continue to play the game?

    I had a conversation with a NY Professor today that would not give-up on Obama even though his only defense was that “they all do it.” When pointing out the hollowness of his stance, and having him admit its vapidness, he nonetheless still couldn’t see the how he could change things.

    I would say that’s why we’re doomed.

    • M, I’ve heard that too from people. It is an admission by single individuals that “they” have no personal power in and of themselves. I

      ts a cop-out, comes to quickly and easily to the lips and minds of the brain-washed and heart-dead.

      A vivid picture pops into my mind of the lone man standing before the tanks in Tianamen Square. That’s a brave physical stance that almost nobody has the courage to make. But emotional, mental, and spiritual stances can also impact millions. Hey, start with just “moving” one more person than yourself. That’s 2. Then see if you can get some geometric progression happening.

      Joiin hands with others (figuratively) who also see and understand that evil and corruption cannot be allowed to kill us all by the unimpeded growth of the monsters and their machine.

      To me, the “What can I do?” statement is just a convenient, fast-food response by those who are comfortable enough to turn a blind eye to what’s happening to “the other folks”. Its weird and strange, because this is heard from your own family members, and from learned individuals who should know better, as well of course from the stupid and the foolish. There is a Cui Bono “payment” these people are deriving themselves by allowing evil and corruption to hurt others, and even their environment.

      It just hasn’t come to their home, yet. Smugly, they’ll even ignore their neighbors or entire block to be terrorized and erased before turning off the TV, getting off the couch, going to the door, and yelling, “Hey! Will you keep it down out there!”

    • I guess it’s weakness, denial for those who know Michael, then there those who truly do not critically think about such things. They cannot correlate the similarities to big govt/business to their personal lives and how it effects them. What you do is hopefully, start the process for them to think. Plant the seeds of change in the way they perceive it all. You do good work.

      That Professor is the worst kind of enabler in my opion. He has the information but prefers not to rock the comfort of his little lifeboat. Pathetically human isn’t it?

  2. Its another case of “it makes no sense”; except if you ask Cui Bono and look who profits. Where’s all that money go? No need to guess. Who’s big on illicit profits, shakedowns, and makes the rules outside of public view and desires? ______________.

  3. “The Government” is the Protection Racket.

    This is a psychopathic society. All things must pass.


  4. Shrunken punken dildo darts and fearsome woolly mammoth farts sleeping dreaming fits and starts breaking meager brittle hearts to wonder as the red sea parts that led us to the somber lizard tale wall marts


  5. The narratives are all to be paved with good intentions, while the roads all lead to the same potholes. Now these potholes are sinkholes and taking entire cities into the abyss. Motor City comes to mind. Here in my vicinity there is nothing to do but be in the hands of the authorities.

    It’s like watching growing cancer tumor tentacles strangle a body.

  6. Bankrupt Detroit finds $1m cheque in city hall drawer
    August 10, 2013

    Apparently it was slated for the second account which resides offshore in the CAFR secret account.

  7. Front Page Wash Post Story Hides Fact That Alleged Murderer Was Illegal Alien

    Is this the response to an illegal thinking he’s being driven to the authorities? Can’t have this interfering with the GOP/DEM plan for massive amnesty, can we Barry? No sir.

    We can’t handle the Fast & Furious truth. Our brains just don’t work in that mode. The illegals make good use of tax revenue. I wonder what Virginia’s deficit is currently?

  8. Ex-Tulsa Police Officer Convicted Of Robbing Hispanics In Traffic Stops

    It’s just about survival and the blue lines and gray lines just blend together.

  9. [BOOMSDAY: “Don’t even think about jumping back into US stocks after the recent modest sell-off. If margin debt is any guide, and historically it has been an excellent guide then what we have just seen is just a warning of a much biggerWall Street crash around the corner. The last time margin debt was at present levels was at a previous peak in July 2007 at $381 billion, just before the global financial crisis struck. Yes it is hard to believe that confidence was that high in stocks just at the wrong moment. Record margin debt: It is the same story now. In March 2013 NYSE margin debt totaled $380 billion. You do not need to be much of a financial analyst to spot almost an exact parallel].

    It’s all so right for a timebomb. Even Bernanke wanted to escape. Why Yellen or Summers will tell you Boom or no Boom?

    Lay your bet on Summers so if he gets the nod you will have a payday before the world goes into the shitter.

    note: Black Swan-Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s odds are 1000/1. Too good to pass this longshot.

  10. Here’s a real strategy attack. It warms my heart.

    ‘Eminent Domain for the People’ Leaves Wall Street Furious

  11. Hey, atta boy for those Richmond, CA folks! This is how you fight the evil financial & political vampires — strangle them with their own entrails.

  12. I´m outta here dudes. I´m off to the “body” to do some Mike Nelson shenanigans. Its been over 20 years but I got My certification renewed and I´m aired up and its davy jones locker for Me. Yall can hold down the fort till I get back.

    • Get some sponges while your there. I assume you are diving the reef? Cozumel. I had a sick feeling I missed your message at first. A hyperbaric thing, ya know?

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