Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 5, 2013

Obamacare Boomsday


Boomsday   =  Death Panels

(from Wikipedia)  Boomsday is a 2007 novel by Christopher Buckley, which is a political satire about the rivalry between squandering Baby Boomers and younger generations of Americans who do not want to pay high taxes for their elders’ retirement.

Cassandra Devine, “a morally superior twenty-nine-year-old PR chick” and moonlit angry blogger, incites generational warfare when she proposes that the financially nonviable Baby Boomers be given incentives (free Botox, no estate tax) to kill themselves at 70. The proposal, meant only as a catalyst for debate on the issue, catches the approval of millions of citizens, chief among them an ambitious presidential candidate, Senator Randolph Jepperson.

With the aide of public relations guru Terry Tucker, Devine and Jepperson attempt to ride “Voluntary Transitioning” all the way to the White House, over the objections of the Religious Right and the Baby Boomers, deeply offended by the demonstrations taking place on the golf courses of their retirement resorts.

Independent Payment Advisory Board

(from Wikipedia) The Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, is a fifteen-member United States Government agency created in 2010 by sections 3403 and 10320 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which has the explicit task of achieving specified savings in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality.


Unnecessary diagnostics, unnecessary treatments, cost benefit ratios, risk assessment, cost adjustments on the fly?  Imagine the TSA, FDA, EPA, IRS, DHS, and FEMA. You like government track record so far?

It’s a good thing they never made death panels a vote. Mark Dice made a mistake and now the science psychopaths and WH will investigate this option should states and Congress intervene.

Howard Dean’s War on IPAB Is Going Just Great So Far -Slate

[On Monday former Vermont Gov./DNC Chairman/liberal icon* published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, making the Slate-pitchy case against a component of the Affordable Care Act: the Independent Payment Advisory Board. “Rate setting—the essential mechanism of the IPAB—has a 40-year track record of failure,” wrote Dean. “What ends up happening in these schemes (which many states including my home state of Vermont have implemented with virtually no long-term effect on costs) is that patients and physicians get aggravated because bureaucrats in either the private or public sector are making medical decisions without knowing the patients.”

This blew up in the conservative media (“Sarah Palin was right about death panels”) but hit a wall on the left.] read more

I’m not splitting hairs here. They have essentially been operating death panels already here for sometime but now will set the rates for “end of life consultations”  and those rates will be premium while continued life treatments and consultations will see the lower spectrum or be vetoed by the 15 wisemen.  

Regarding Palin being correct, I’d just say a blind squirrel finds an acorn too once in a while. And from little acorns come mighty oaks.



  1. Possible Obamacare introductory offer- Pork Scumbags

    Finally, the Bacon Condom Has Arrived
    I’ll bet they’re great with a couple of hairy eggs.

    • You’re freaking hilarious Puddy! “hairy eggs”. LOL!!!

      • BACONLUBE? Is that 6 inches of separation? I guess it’s going to be a hit for Congress on those four week page boy vacations.

  2. White House Approves Deal: Congress And Staff Exempt From Obamacare Read more:

    • Yeah, seen that garbage. Its time to cut these traitorous grifters fucking “OFF THE DOLE”! I can’t imagine more worthless human being leeches than these slugs. I’ll put this down on my CHECKLIST TO PROTEST — not too passively either.

      When OblammoScare comes out in 2014, and they actually try to start fining the fine poor folks that make up most of America, then TSWHTFan. Non-compliance, riots, protests, and all hell will break loose, and a bit more than tea will be thrown into the harbor.

  3. Diamond in the back, sunroof top
    Diggin the scene
    With a gangsta lean, wooh-ooh-ooh

  4. Where do I sign. Bunch of brain dead fucks

  5. The subject matter here (Dolphins & their treatment at the hands of men) eerily parallels what TPTB are doing with the Matrix to “normal” humans.

    Check this out and see what I’m pointing out:


    On the Death Panel note; THEY don’t need em with all the other euthanasia modalities THEY work. The recent updates regarding Fukushima are dire indeed: (Wow! Interesting Advert for Goldman Sachs was rotating at the beginning of this video, “Goldman Sachs brings people together” (sickness). I clicked out, and came back, and it was a Verizon ad, then something different…interesting).

    Humanity must take over this Kill Project, and investigate the idiots of Tepco!

    • If accurate id does not look good for Japan. We need Pat to weigh in on what she thinks. I can’t keep up with what is or isn’t there.

      What’s Corbett said on it?

  6. Hey Puddster, I gotta ask a favor of ya. When I log on all the videos on any post auto-start and it locks up My PC. Can You turn the auto-play feature off please ?

    • There is no autoplay switch on WP, Korn. It’s something from your end. What’s up with that?

      Anybody else had this happen?

  7. The Daryl Hall tune is cool, but his subject matter is a paen to a crowd I don’t think needs elevation. What’s up with V’s comment? Are you referring to the vid or something else, dude?

  8. This could be complete bullshit, but here’s the propaganda —

  9. Gotta add this too — check out the pics — “meaty” ain’t they?!

    Not on my plate!

    • Hey Buddy. Where are you at about this time?

  10. What a news day today. I was really happy to see Hastings wife got touched by the committee and did a 180 on her husbands death. Piers Morgan on the ball.

    MK-Hassan, Manning, Snowden, embassies, and A. Cooper the mockingbird is covering the waterfront.

    I may be looking for that Island soon.


    I swear I’d place place a bet that he did not get a stent and instead got some other kind of tune-up.

  12. They will get the guns…eventually

  13. This racial tension is a seething black cauldron of white bean soup. woooo…

    Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing its Idiot

    Thanks OZ!

    [MAGNETIC FIELD REVERSAL ON THE SUN: It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s about to. Data from NASA-supported observatories show that the sun’s global magnetic field will flip before the end of 2013. The reversal, which signals the arrival of Solar Maximum, will have ripple effects felt throughout the solar system. Get the full story and a video from Science@NASA. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.]

    Wonder why the vatican is so interested this year?

  15. Corbett Report:

    • Not Corbett but very good Boomer

      • Puddy, in your reply to my Aug 6 comment you said, “What’s corbett say?”. This is not regarding Japan, but its a recent corbett sorbet. Sorry. You can easily find what you’re looking for anyways, and post it.

  16. Media: We Now Live In Post Constitutional America
    by Anthony Gucciardi

    Has the very notion that we still have the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a legal basis now laughable? Media reports have begun addressing our society as ‘post-constitutional America’, and perhaps they’re tragically correct.

    In the entire history of the nation, and in what should include today, the Constitution has stood as the indisputable law of the land. And in the eyes of those who understand how true liberty and true tyranny work, it certainly still should be. But in the eyes of those who wish to dismantle it in order to further the takeover and control of the United States public, the Constitution is now nothing more than a piece of paper standing in the way of their incessant absorption of power.
    . . . . .

    The anti-federalists specifically argued that if a “Constitution” was ratified, establishing a central federal government, mere words on paper would not restrain it, there would be a civil war, foreign influence would infiltrate, and tyranny would reign.

    A conundrum aye? Yes. The concept of ‘government’ itself is flawed. So many layers deep is the truth of our situation.

    Werph Aucht


  17. America’s Emerging Police State: A Brief History – August 7, 2013 Source: Justin Raimondo, Antiwar




    • What folks like Ms. Lane, John Birch, the Lindberghs, Louis T. McFadden, Smedley Butler and other had exposed and predicted has happened exactly as they described. Years later the sheep are ignoring the prophets again. No mass awakening will happen when the sheeple live blindly in their little boxes with their eyes and ears fixated on the Liars.

      Hope a Dope – Change = transition to domestication where dogs have a better grasp on the reality. No end of daze in foreseeable future.
      It’s as clear as the rain falling here again today.

  18. Gotta throw this goodie onto the Police State heap —

    “In Los Angeles, and much of the rest of the country, the Fourth Amendment is irrelevant. In the video below, a Los Angeles cop threatens to search a rental car because she has an issue with its “tatted up” occupants. She has not witnessed a crime, does not have probable cause, but wants to search the car because she has an emotional issue with the driver and his passenger”.

    Now who deserves a shot of mace-in-the-face here and an ass-whipping (spankin!)?

  19. According to the pResident, Americans can go back to sleep because he says to — there is no Police State. Don’t worry or concern yourself with domestic spying — it doesn’t exist. This being stated when all alt-webnews have for a lonnnnggg time been stating the Obvious. See headlines today for instance. Isn’t it amazing how some individuals think they can change “reality” by lying about it to your face? PsychoXXX!!!

    • Hahahahaha…amazing ain’t it Boomer?

      That this muthafukkah has any currency left at all is just mind bending. The turd flavored lollipop still tastes like mocha to the brain dead TVZombies.

      gawblesmurkah…with a loud ‘heehaw’!


  20. It’s was not easy watching the video where a Jones reporter asked people how they felt about the googleplex and watching everyone say “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about”

    That is so wrong on so many levels I cant even list them. I could understand the fearful “being safe”-coward excuse but it’s simpletons like those interviewed that just don’t get it. They don’t understand human nature or physics.

    They need a lesson regarding ‘something in motion’ and one in history. Lazy and stupid doesn’t give them the right to use buzzwords and talking points they got from twitter to justify their ignorance.

    • Yeah P.D…HARD LESSONS are going to be learned, and an entire herd will be corralled and killed. They just don’t know it yet. They’ll only “know it” for a little while and at their traumatic “end” when their sand runs out. Not much anyone can do more than COTO tries to do, and other websites and folks on the street, blogosphere, wherever. You really can’t smarten up a “moo” when that all it wants to do. Pity the moo. Amerika has become a giant feedlot for the elites, and the people stand on what’s left of their manure pile munching GMO TV dinners and swillin the swill served up.

      Whoopee! They dimly think that’s what the Framers of Freedoms thought up on the bar stool or loo stool on a fortnight. Fools!


    Really? Is this the most pressing issue regarding an apology for deliberately misleading the public? The Sheeple are outraged.

  22. We’ll just blow you up. And your lawyer. He’s gone after more WB’s than all other Puppets before him.


      Does he really “talk” to CONgress? HaHaHa!!! CONgress is bought & sold, tied up, pilloried, and FUBARed beyond ANYTHING that Americans can possibly fathom!

      This talking head is so full of shit, he resides in the nation’s wastewater treatment plant — D.C.!

      That he is on Leno’s “Tonight Show” shooting his brand of bullshit shows he is a derelict puppet head shlomo. (yeah — don’t snicker to hard NSA spooks, you might poop your pants!)

  23. Duh!

    • Good watch, thanks V. & typn lyk dis is s2pid 2. 🙂

  24. Puddy — Turn OFF your FAX machine. Capeche!

  25. Roll over, roll over…to the fax machine. Must be a good movie!

  26. Nahko and Medicine for the People

    • Problem I see with going down many rabbit holes is when one emerges, we find ourselves in a realm removed from consensus and in a different reality from most. To deal in the general population, we have to re-learn the ability of small talk while our minds are reeling in an understanding far removed.
      Good one from Rappoport
      1 of 343

      Why this ad?
      Software for Non-Profits Track, Report & Manage Everything. – – Show Results. Get Funding!
      Print all In new window
      Freedom as a symbol, freedom as a reality

      Jon Rappoport via
      10:08 AM (31 minutes ago)

      to me

      Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from

      No More Fake
      Freedom as a symbol, freedom as a reality

      Freedom as a symbol and freedom as a reality

      by Jon Rappoport
      August 8, 2013

      “Either you think—or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.”
      F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night (1934)

      Remember the old saying, the map is not the territory? The map is especially not the territory when its directions and locations are symbols that refer to false paths.

      In that case, using the map takes you to the wrong place. It keeps you moving toward an imitation of the destination. And when you arrive, you may think you’ve found the treasure, but you’ve actually discovered a trap.

      And you’re in it. You can believe, even while in the trap, that you’ve found the gold. Because you did the right thing. You followed the symbols. You agreed to their meanings. But you ended up with an illusion of wealth.

      Worse, you buy the illusion and now believe that what you originally sought was just a fantasy

      In this democracy, freedom is a symbol that refers to a specific set of permissions the government grants to individuals.

      And even then, the actual list of permissions is shrinking—which means the government is arbitrarily redefining what was originally granted.

      Freedom is situated in the hands of those who rule from Washington.

      Arguing about how much freedom the government should allow is like arguing about the degree to which you are a property owned by government. 43%? 78%?

      It’s also like calling you a time-share. Should government decide it can spend two weeks a year in your mind and body? A month? Eleven months?

      The symbol of freedom, for those who love big government, is malleable, depending on the latest official (vague) description of “greatest good for the greatest number,” which automatically trumps all individual rights.

      “Hi. I’m a time-share named Joe. Today, I found out that the federal government can move in to my body & mind 24 days a month. That’s a new decision. I fully support it, because government is calculating greatest good for the greatest number.”

      Accepting the symbol of freedom is tantamount to excluding all other formulations of freedom. That’s how a symbol co-opted by psyop agents works. It supplants older definitions. It replaces reality.

      What is the reality? Freedom is a natural state of being. Every individual has it. Governments and pacts and laws don’t alter that one iota.

      And when we look at it in this way, without blinders, several questions arise.

      The major question is: what is freedom for?

      Is it just a vine we watch wither away and dry up and blow into dust?

      Is it only and forever something we fight to preserve?

      Is that the full and complete story?

      What do we DO with freedom when we HAVE it?

      In any civilization, freedom has to be a platform, from which a certain number of individuals imagine and create at the height of their power.

      Without interfering with anyone’s freedom.

      They imagine and create new realities that never existed before.

      They are the ones who unlock the gates to an open future.

      The actual content of their creations is never known before it appears. They don’t repeat what’s already been done. They embark on new roads. They never give up. They never fold. They never stop.

      They don’t settle for half. They don’t reduce their dreams and visions to fit the group. They don’t try to blend in. They don’t care about their critics. They invent new worlds that supersede this one.

      They breathe freedom and taste it and do something with it. They make freedom into a prelude for action, for creation on the largest possible canvas.

      Normal and Average and Fitting In and Compromise and Collective are words for decay and death.

      We are in unusual times, because every word and phrase that suggest greater creative power have been twisted and co-opted by marketers, PR men, advertisers, educators, media anchors, psychologists, propagandists, psyops specialists, and political leaders. This is, of course, no accident.

      It’s a sustained program for reducing meaning to pedestrian terms, for reducing culture to cartoon caricatures.

      This is what mass mind control is all about.

      But the free, independent, and creative individual doesn’t submit to that programming.

      Archetypes of heroes, artists, and true revolutionaries are still alive in consciousness. They are touchstones, not for mimicry, but as reminders of achievements that are possible.

      These archetypes survive the death of cultures and nations. They endure.

      The open sky of possibility is born out of consciousness and reflects back to it.

      We fight to gain freedom, to preserve it, and to ascend from it.

      The spirit of our government has become a foul, stench-ridden mass of corruption, even as it cynically promotes ideals of freedom, for a little more leverage. Fools believe in it.

      The government is now in the business of making robots and androids. That is its mission. That is democracy.

      Those who compromise and give in every day of their lives seek cover and protection in The Group. They think hiding is their best option.

      But dreams appear. Dreams that momentarily take slaves out of their chains.

      These are the real nightmares for those who, at every level, seek to maintain their passive acceptance of What Is.

      There are two basic worlds: what already exists; and possibility.

      The second world is infinite.

      The over-trained mind believes possibility is just another system.

      But imagination, when unleashed, has no boundaries.

      Trying to understand imagination by referring to society is futile. There is nothing in how society is managed that clarifies imagination or explains it.

      Our current society is a living example of what happens when individual imagination is downplayed.

      Modern society, intentionally and falsely, portrays the free and independent individual as a moral criminal.

      So here we are. Freedom exists in a pure state. It’s real. It’s a choice that exists inside every person. Whether or not the State grants it has nothing to do with that fact. Freedom Is. Knowing that, the slate is clean. We can choose. We can start a new life at the drop of a hat.

      The more we see of freedom, the bigger the space of it, the more likely it is that we’ll choose to create rather than fit in. The more we see the space of freedom as possibility without limit, the more likely we’ll dig deeper for inner resources—as fuel for our fire

      • Great rap from Rappoport Veri,

        Thanks for publishing it here.


  27. More Bacon Fat


    20 years for “the friends” of a patsie who’s innocent most likely. That’s taking railroading to another level of chicanery.

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