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9/11 Looms Again…!

With the sudden “announcement” of widespread global U.S. Embassy “closings” popping into the MSM front & center, WE should take notice and consider the table being set up before US.

22 U.S. Embassies Closed

22 U.S. Embassies Closed

James Kirwan points out below, that the abrupt “Sunday” closings are TODAY, Saturday in the U.S. due to the time change. You may not have caught that, because as non-elite Americans, you’re probably working your ass off to just stay afloat.

See if the video below provides any new information for you on the False Flag 9/11 caper? You’ll notice if you follow-the-money and follow those with the “power” to create extremely “targeted” events of this magnitude — there’s definitely a lot of dots that can be connected forming a picture and modus operandi far different from the Guv Fable Americans were told. You begin to understand the complexity of the Event, the multiple “Targets” tied directly to multiple “Benefits” for a certain Cabal who required such a sophisticated operation. Beginning to grok these Angles, will reveal to you how utterly asinine the 19 box-cutter middle-easterner meme is. The PLANNERS of 9/11 and their MSM arms manifest utter contempt for Americans critical thinking skills. The really sad thing is — they knew what they were doing on that front.

You decide. But first, you must put on your “Free-Thinking” cap, and trash the “Dunce” cap the MSM has handed out to the population. They gave US propeller beanies, blinders, a corn syrup sucker for the Suckers, and then went about the War-Making Perpetual-Profit-producing business owned and managed by the elites. What?! You don’t own any stock in KBR, Halliburton, Big Banks, Oil & Energy, Bullet, Bomb, and Bullshit-making businesses?

Information below is sourced from:


911 Has Been Solved! GUILTY! By Jim Kirwan 8-2-13

dead weight / dead wait

dead weight / dead wait

“Project Hammer” —–false-flags/911-false-flag-conspiracy-finally-solved-names-connections-motives.html

Watching the Money Trail

Watching the Money Trail

What We've Learned is Incriminating!

What We’ve Learned is Incriminating!


Did you really think 9/11 was about cave & desert dwelling Muslims who “Hated US for our Freedoms” “getting lucky” with 19 guys and box cutters bringing down 3 steel buildings with “fire” on 9/11? Did you really think it was just that simple? Grow up! GET TO READING and GROKKING the “REAL STORY” behind 9/11!



  1. I spoke on the phone in 2007 or 8 with Richard Andrew Grove several times. He told me the whole story of his getting caught in traffic on the way to a meeting scheduled in an office on a floor directly impacted by one of the jets. He actually saw the impact…and figured out why as he sat there…
    He explained the this whole thing on the phone…but I couldn’t keep up with writing notes. He had a web site for awhile…I’ll have to look into that again.

    Grove is mentioned pretty early on in this video.

    This is a real good overview of the WHY of 9/11, Thanks Boomer.


  2. “I did an interview with Grove the other day about the new documentary State of Mind, which he wrote. You’ll be reading about that interview in the days ahead on Truth and Shadows. But stay tuned later today for a new TS post, which I believe will lead to some discussion within the 9/11 Truth movement.”
    ~Craig McKee — August 3, 2013 – 5:21 PM

    I’ll keep COTO up on these articles coming up on Truth and Shadows…


  3. This is a very good summary of things we have posted here and on OPED. What he did not mention was ENRON investigation and it’s connection to the 7 bldg destruction of evidence. Bush Regime at stake. Remember the logo?

    White & Case yes but also – Greenberg, Traurig were cover legal for the DVD Bush gang. I knew them as clients from Florida and the information is public. James Hurlock, a Rhodes Scholar was inside the deep plans during BCCI and all foreign countries who benefited financially. they were large in London as a center for their affairs. The founders White wasntt a lawyer but had a relation to JP Morgan and Case. both Wallstreet insiders.

    Greenberg, Traurig has 29 offices in the United States and international offices in Amsterdam, London, Mexico City, Shanghai and Tel Aviv. Bush Lawyers and Jack Abramov, Tom Delay and assorted other feloniousness.

    I dated a gal from Greenberg a few times and when I’d go to their offices in Miami you could see faces like ghosts. I had a hundred law offices as clients and Greenbergs people were stressed out baby.

    There are other missing pieces to be connected here to the this 1000 points of light.

  4. BTW Boomer and Rogue, NICE WORK DUDES!!

  5. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”~Seneca


  6. I truly hope people will read Groves entire piece linked to above + watch the video in the thread. There is just no excuse to be ignorant (remain stupid) of the world around you in the information “age”. No excuse whatsoever.

    If an individual remains ignorant (deceived) then their daily lives, and often their families as well, are just being “played” in a never-ending-loop of serf slavery. Existing in such a state should be anathema to every Freedom-loving individual. As Groves stated, WE are living in a time of Capitalism Run Amok!

    What this means is, sophisticated and grotesque forms of Fraud (YES — A Freaking Gigantic Conspiracy as he lays out for folks) are the order of the day — Every Day — at the highest levels. People cannot even conceive (but they’ve got to try) of the ginormous and galactic streams of money being stolen from the poor wage-slave People and diverted to Dark purposes and greed and lust-filled sociopaths. It is “Rule by Extortion”. The least a thinking person can do is be aware of “how They roll”, and not vote for or feed the Beasts in any way shape or form.

    C’mon People! Where are YOU?! You should be ALL OVER THIS THREAD, commenting on the subject and sins of the corporate & political Raiders? Lift a finger — tap a couple of keys — freaking read about the reasons you’re working a shit job, or out-of-work, or Something that is directly affected by 9/11 and all that goes with it!

    The reason you’re here on the earth right now is not just to breathe or please yourself. Give a voice to your existence, and state your purpose — that you are an intelligent being, and won’t just be another silent grub in the hive, milked for your puny outputs, until you’re a dried up carcase.

    What can YOU DO? You can say “NO! I’m not going to take it anymore!”, and know the reasons why you’re taking a stand on your small patch of this once-fertile earth. That’s all it takes. It will spread like Wildfire if The People begin STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES and THE TRUTH and WHAT IS RIGHT AND DECENT, instead of continuing to bend over collectively for another ’round of exploitation at the hands of the psycho-class.

    Try it — say something today, right here! Stop being afraid. That’s no way to live, and neither as a debt-ridden serf.

  7. This looks like a good fit here.

    • That was very powerful by Mr. Hedges, particularly at the end — and I’m down on that. Its time to protest this psycho faux “world” these scum have created and are responsible for — WE DID NOT DO IT! BUT WE SHOULD FINISH IT, AND START OVER WITH COMPASSION FOR EACH OTHER AND OUR WORLD.

      Read this Zen Gardner piece:

      which includes this video by Bill Whittle:

      • As I stated previously, people left to their own devices under duress, reform community as that’s what it takes to survive and thrive. I believe that’s our base nature. In an unreal scenario like in a big city, you could be dying and people will walk around you. Or someone’s being accosted by a couple of thugs, but the crowd moves away when they could have easily been confronted, nobody wants to get involved. But I’m sure just about all of us here have seen the opposite of people, where they will intervene and do.
        It’s been my experience that it’s easy to get people to open up and enjoin in repartee. After all we’re social by decree, it’s in our nature, a person can die of loneliness.
        Don’t need to say it especially here as that is generally the base of our conversation. We live in a desperately unbalanced time that’s been created by an unbalanced top down structure that carries too much weight at the top.
        It’s about, we the people. We’re the foundation. TPTB are in a plight that’s come about by blowback created by their own making, it’s just beginning and won’t stop until it’s spent.
        “Sow The Wind
        Reap The Whirlwind”

  8. And this Japanese former “astronaut”, now agriculture teacher, who lived in Fukushima offers his own personal perspective on the 3/11 “event”, realizing that governments and their media arms LIE “for reasons”…to perpetuate the state’s interests. They are sociopathic & psychopathic “organisms” solely interested in maintaining themselves and their parasitically-derived “powers” from THE PEOPLE.

    You must see this now, no? It is a Critical Concept for mankind to understand and share with each other, so that any form of “government” “allowed” to operate, does actually serve the interests of humanity and our environment. What WE SEE now are Rogue Governments coupled with Rogue Capitalsm which equals a mafioso fascism on a global scale.

    It exists to perpetuate itself at the diminishment of mankind everywhere. It you have not noticed, this Beast is suicidal and cannot help itself do continually what parasitic predators do.

    The last 1/3 of the linked piece provides the meat-of-the-matter. This man does not grok yet that the “event’ was man-made.

  9. By Adam Syed (Special to Truth and Shadows)

    Kevin Ryan says the best way to challenge the official story of 9/11 is to “accept as much of the official account as possible.”

    In his new book Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects (the title alludes to the official nineteen alleged al Qaeda hijackers), Ryan says he favors this strategy for the sake of “simplicity” and to avoid “adding unnecessary complications.” The problem is that he often achieves just the opposite – adding complications and muddying the waters.


  10. The al Qaeda threat that closed U.S. embassies in the Middle East on Sunday is the most serious in years and the “chatter” among suspected terrorists is reminiscent of what preceded the September 11 attacks, Senator Saxby Chambliss who is briefed on intelligence said. (Reuters)

    It was one of the NSA surveillance programs revealed by former spy agency contractor Edward Snowden to media outlets.
    Those programs “allow us to have the ability to gather this chatter,” Chambliss said. “If we did not have these programs then we simply wouldn’t be able to listen in on the bad guys.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    And just so, we have “chatter” from al Qaeda, which we all know is simply a subsidiary of Western Intel, that has to be “picked up” by Western Intel, via NSA…Lol…{following this?} in order for the Congress to have an excuse for knowing the Intel, so they can spread word of al Qaeda chattering…

    Yes, sometimes round’about bullshit is the best bullshit for those on bullshit duty.

    At any rate, if this isn’t just strategy of tension ‘bla bla bla’ then the next best guess is a false flag could be in the works.

    But I think this is a commercial advertisement for NSA, and “how lucky we are that the ‘government’ is watching out for out security interests”.


  11. Yeah, I’m non-plussed on this timely (for the current administration & their “watchdog” agencies who shit all around the world in everybody’s living rooms 24/7) Terror Alert!!!

    So, should something come off, why would WE believe the shadow controllers are not pulling the strings? Is it Al Qeada, whom it seems the West has been freaking supporting and arming in Syria, etc?

    I say — when its blabbed on the MSM “channels” it is fabricated, scripted, authored by the same damn cabal we’ve come to know and loathe.

    Fuck Them! WE’RE NOT SCARED!

    Here — listen to this parrothead, Peter Doocy (rhymes with Juicy and Pussy) spreading the FEAR! Click on the video:

    And frankly, since its all Middle Eastern embassies turning off the lights (a drill? Standing down? WTF!), shouldn’t the FEARFUL FOLKS be “those brown folks over there” that have taken the brunt of the West’s democracy-spreading escapades? There ain’t no fear here — in der shlomoland.

    Its really a sickness with Them. Never enough fear for the masses, never enough war for Them, never enough power, control, and untold ripped off riches. Total disdain for the Psychopaths is warranted.

    They ain’t protecting shit! They make the shit, happen…and bill all of humanity an unpayable debt.

    We can careen over to here — and in a few paragraphs read allegations that benghazi was an “OP”, not by mad brown people again, but by “hired” killers. And this donut rolls right up through Hillary to Obama, and the heat is on! You could read some of the other prisonplanet fare on the same subject or find info elsewhere substantiating the “reality” not jiving with the lame “story”.

    So, here we go again. More charades.

    • That was a pretty cost effective yet powerful diversion. Could be shenanigans also behind it but appears to be just as advertized, another deflection off the reality that could eventually tie 911 to real ALCIda and put all the players in Israeli and Saudi cover ops under the spotlight of seventy year program. Not since Pearl Harbor has a con of this magnitude ever been attempted. If that was ever revealed the sky would truly fall to earth.

  12. Breathe…

  13. Interesting confluence…I almost used “Yo-Yo Mama” in a comment on the next thread over…but well, I held my typing fingers….{grin}


  14. {grin} back at ya!

    That was a 1991 recording; never heard of it till now. Cool Confluence.

  15. “For simplicity, this alternative conspiracy should accept as much of the official account as possible, including that the alleged hijackers were on the planes.” (p. 14)~Kevin Ryan – Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects (Paperback)


  16. This is just under 2 hrs. long but a good watch by anyone that hasn’t seen it. This is a clear treatise on the mental state of the general population and how things got this way.

    • State of Mind…

      This is one I really really wish I could afford to watch.

      But alas…alas…



    Conclusion – It is impossible for any fixed-wing aircraft to cause the directional physical damage to the light poles, generator trailer, and the Pentagon leading to the C-ring hole approaching from directly over the Navy Annex and north of the former Citgo gas station. The flight paths illustrated by the witnesses would require G forces beyond the physical limitations of any aircraft for it to transition to an approach that lines up with the physical damage. Additionally, a hypothetical least challenging scenario at low speed would require bank angles that are irreconcilable with the physical damage, as well as the witness statements, and require an instantaneously performed roll that is impossible for any fixed-wing aircraft.~Rob Balsamo


    • Point I see is that the aircraft was on the trajectory it was on to stay out of the way of the incoming missile. A cruise missile flies at the same speeds as an airliner would at low altitudes so it wouldn’t take much for a good pilot to stay within close proximity to the missile as it was flying in. One of the stand outs to the aftermath of the explosion was the smell of cordite which suggests the place was rigged to go up and the fireball at the moment of the event suggests that if it wasn’t an aircraft, then it was rigged to create the illusion to cover the fact that the aircraft overflew and the explosion was the deception to fulfill the function of the illusion of distracting the observers away from witnessing what actually happened. Best discourse on subject is the “National Security Alert” video for those that haven’t seen it.

      • Well…It is my hypothesis that the airplane was flown by remote control. As per the missile postulate, there are quite a few that think that could be the case.

        Others have posited that a missile was shot from the construction trailer that was knocked askew at some point in the event.

        I don’t know, but could be…


        • Went and seen a movie tonight with my 2 sons called “Now You See Me” that dealt with illusion. It was actually a fantasy with some clever twists. The main plot was creating illusion. I found it quite entertaining. I made connections from it to our discussion here. As that is what we’re trying to determine. Just how did they do it.

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