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What’s Going On in Los Angeles?! How about your city?

? Palestinian type concentration camp wall being built in Los Angeles as a test/wargame to see how we take it… ?

Source for this info is

Check out the link/thread above as well.




  1. Will read the article after work Boom but I just saw this on AJ’s show and I’m mad as hell. THIS is what’s going on in Wisconsin !

  2. (#3) CIA Transmission
    (^6) Al-CIAda – False Flag
    (@9) State Department – deflection = Benghazi-gate confirmation

    Additional details have emerged in relation to the 1 August 2013 announcement by the U.S. Department of State that a number of U.S. embassies and consulates will be closed around the world on Sunday, 4 August, due to security concerns.

    Department of State officials did not specify the nature of the threat but other U.S. officials reported that the closures may stem from an al-Qaeda plot targeting U.S. embassies in Islamic countries.

    The decision affects U.S. embassies in the following cities: Algiers, Algeria; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Tripoli, Libya; Kabul, Afghanistan; Sanaa, Yemen; Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Nouakchott, Mauritania; Khartoum, Sudan; Manama, Bahrain; Muscat, Oman; Doha, Qatar; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Baghdad, Iraq; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Consulate General in Dubai, UAE, as well as those in Jeddah and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, will also be closed.

    The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, also issued the State Department’s notification of closure. The embassy is normally closed to the public on Sundays, but there is a possibility that the closures will extend beyond 4 August depending on further assessment of the situation.

    The event is still in process

  3. 3-9-6

    I saw both of these earlier. Hold on to your emotions for when they get others to react the event happens.

    Haydata: Like any psyop, the narrative (linguistics), symbols (images) and celebrity (identity) are all symbols. The ice cream cone, whether in the hand of Leno or Buffett, has clear purpose.

    There is a Bernay’s Saucery here in this recipe with powerful forces in these three tools. From things like the JC Penney ‘Hitler teapot’ to the ‘Brown Bag’ event the sources from where these programmers transmit these social messages and engineered psyops in behavioral become more than PR and marketing. It’s an electromagnetic, visual, audio network with a purpose. More information like Jon’s information needs to be distributed to expose the power that the Mad Men of Media and Hollywood have been using to manipulate, divide and conquer us.

    I say maybe the DAWN of DARK KNIGHT and HANDY SCHNOOK are working deeply inside the ALTERNATE currents. We may need to begin exposing our own perceptions.

    Reality would have us insane if we believe the insane of what is a lie. I have to step back now and begin to see bit by bit what we are becoming by observing what our world is becoming. It’s stressful.

    Maybe JG was correct when she said times are when she wished for the willful ignorance of sheeple. But again, no I cannot. I need a way to get around the anger and confusion.

  4. Thanks for the comments. None regarding the “fencing-in” happening in LA?

    • I think it’s a race card ploy. I think our spring is about Mansons Helter Skelter. I expect the white man must die and the the trail of tears will be the idiots who are being sucked into this spring.

    • I like so much of what Grayson says but the fact that he’s such an intelligent man of what appears to be with high morals but yet remains in such a corrupt institution makes me wonder what he’s really about.

  5. So far, no concertina wire atop the gates, but I guess that will be next. These things happen in stages.

  6. I still believe LA will bew the site of an earthquake. Whether it’s a FEMA exercise and martial law (LA riots) i do not know. I really think it’s selling race against entitlement,. It’s the BROWN BAG meme.

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  8. Several sources have told me that some big is going to happen this coming week. One said that the Mississippi River is going to be blocked-off stopping all shipping.

    I did speak to a full-bird Col. yesterday, and I asked him to give me something positive, and he assured me that when the shit hits the fan, that we will have nothing to worry about. That most all of the men under his command and others are going to take care of business.

    I can almost here things snapping.

    • M, who is supposed to be blocking the Mississippi ? As for your Col friend, yes, I do believe that.

      • Deb,

        Being on the street like I am, I’m never sure who is playing me. Taking everything I hear with a HUGE grain of salt.

        This was chatter I got from an ex-sniper Marine on the lamb. The reason I give him creds is because he works hard for his money and is not paid what he’s worth. But he has a lot of friends and family in the military and he passes what he hears from them to me.

        Anyway, he’d said a few vague things about a U.S. Sub off the mouth of the Mississippi and something about sinking a ship(s) and blocking all traffic coming down the River. Oh, yeah, and flooding. So maybe blowing a levee. (?)

        Now as to why they’d want to do this, is how I spent part of my day yesterday trying to answer. It would sure gum things up for what I had planned instead.

        I don’t see him making plans to leave town, so my worry-meter on this is pretty low.

        The other ominous warning I got was from an ex-Federal Agent. I can’t remember what position at the moment, but he was pretty high-up the food chain, and he had bureaucrat written all over him, but one of the good ones. If there is such a thing.

        Anyway, he goes on about how he’s never seen things this bad, and warning that something very soon was going to happen, but he was referring more to the fiscal situation, But, he didn’t rule a false-flag out.

        My take, too many people are waking-up too fast, they need to be wiped-back into obedience. What form will it take? We all have our ideas.

        I kind of like the Col.’s words; “Don’t worry, we got you covered.”

        Now that could mean as in “buried.”

        I guess we’ll soon find out. Hopefully I’ll still be around to enjoy you fine people.

  9. Boom, I tried to watch this video 3xs since Friday and it kept stalling after 30 seconds. It finally played for me just now. The gated areas remind me of what a friend once told me about Mexico years ago. How the country is only very poor or very wealthy and the wealthy areas were all gated.

    Funny thing is, southern Cal has pretty much been taken over by Mexicans.

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