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Trillium Theater – Operation Nightshade

NCG Trillium, Grand Blanc Township, Michigan

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, MI — The man who was armed with a pistol and arrested for having a fake CIA badge at NCG Trillium theater on Tuesday is free on bond, according to court records.

Cassidy J. Delavergne was attending “Red 2” at the theater on Tuesday night when he was taken out of the theater. He was armed with a 9mm handgun and bullet proof vest. Police confiscated an ID card with the CIA emblem and a golden rectangle which appeared similar to a security chip found on real federal badges, according to court records.


Police also found more than 100 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle.


Mark Henning, chief operating officer at NCG, said Delavergne didn’t appear to be a threat and was eating popcorn and watching the movie with his mom.


“Our employees and on site authorities acted so a resolution could be achieved in a quick and calm fashion,” Henning said in a statement, declining to comment further.

While Delavergne had a concealed pistol’s license, he was charged with having the fake CIA badge.


He was released on an unsecured $5,000 bond. According to his conditions of release, he must surrender his CPL permit and not possess any firearms, ammunition or dangerous weapons.

Bond restrictions also prevent him from entering Trillium, court records say.


large-white-trillium-1-20091three leaved nightshade [trillium erectum] White Trillium


[1;~~ – Click On Detroit…/-/Cassidy-Delavergne-pdf.pdf
3 days ago – Eastern District of Michigan. United States of America, v. Case: 4: 13-mj-30470. Cassidy J. Delavergne. Assigned To : Hluchaniuk, Michael J.


Three days ago? Trillium? Shades of the Dark Knight


Now Showing: RED 2

RED_2_poster“Marvin explains that he and Frank were being hunted down because they were listed as participants in a secret operation codenamed Nightshade. The operation was conducted during the Cold War era in order to smuggle a nuclear weapon into Russia piece by piece……

…He, Frank, and Sarah later find documents in The Frog’s security box which point to Dr. Edward Bailey, a brilliant physicist, as the creator of the bomb involved with Operation Nightshade.”


I just love Holyrood. Nothing like a grown man going to the movies with his mom wearing kevlar, with CIA ID and packing a hundred twenty rounds of 9mm.  Manchurian munching popcorn with mom. Delicious!

This is a brain twister in the possible scenarios that are available for the cotomind.   I think Red 3 is the key to this XSCORE.

I can’t wait.




    The Chinese Green Dam is coming to US

  2. Report: CIA using polygraph tests to ensure Benghazi operations stay secret

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

    CNN says State Department said they were only destroying weapons and not shipping them through Turkey to Al-CIAda.
    Sec Clinton, Obama and the rest know the CIA is al-qaeda and they will never divulge Beghazi-gate. Mafia threats inside Langley to the agents who know this info and scam.

    It makes Iran-Contra look like a bake sale.

    CNN Breaks the Benghazi Story Wide Open

    Don’t let the CIA lull you to sleep. This is Obama’s fall and Hillary’s jump to the top. Okay with the GOP and Israel.

    • Like he said, “What a bunch of callous Dumbfucks!”

      Unbelievable, but there it is!

  3. Report: Monsanto Teaming up with US Military to target GMO Activists

  4. CGI’s Morgan: WAS HOMS, SYRIA JUST NUKED? Sourced from Rumormillnews at

    • I saw a bunch were killed? This is Libya and Benghazi. I think the showdown for G20 will only be 19 Boom.

      They’ll up the ante in Royale and the bluff will be had by a folding of America. Now they can operate holding all the cards. We can get another false flag in this and we likely will.

      I’m waiting for Snowden to call or raise. Aren’t you?
      The KEYXSCORE wasn’t much of a raise. It’s deflection off Syria, Benghazi and Obama’s fate isn’t working with these SNOWJOBS.

      My pyramid eye is always on Syria because its the revelation site for America. I see the Smoke and Mirrors and it all comes home.

      The US is evacuating all Embassies in Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and pending Yemen as we speak. Time to remember our fundamental preparations my friend.

    • Allahu Akbar = God is greater or Jihad Allah is the greatest. Were those the syrian rebels CIAlqaeda who set it off. Do they dance like Israeli Mossad?

    • The next evacuation may be the Embassy for the Federal Reserve located near DuPont Circle and Pennsylvania AV.

  5. The Header tonight is for Watergate. CNN running the Nixon documentary

    Mike Wallace: Why didn’t you burn the tapes?

    flash forward. Barry Bengazigate

    Scott Pelley: Why didn’t you destroy the video?

  6. World: Additional details have emerged in relation to the 1 August 2013 announcement by the U.S. Department of State that a number of U.S. embassies and consulates will be closed around the world on Sunday, 4 August, due to security concerns. Department of State officials did not specify the nature of the threat but other U.S. officials reported that the closures may stem from an al-Qaeda plot targeting U.S. embassies in Islamic countries. The decision affects U.S. embassies in the following cities: Algiers, Algeria; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Tripoli, Libya; Kabul, Afghanistan; Sanaa, Yemen; Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Nouakchott, Mauritania; Khartoum, Sudan; Manama, Bahrain; Muscat, Oman; Doha, Qatar; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Baghdad, Iraq; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Consulate General in Dubai, UAE, as well as those in Jeddah and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, will also be closed. The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, also issued the State Department’s notification of closure. The embassy is normally closed to the public on Sundays, but there is a possibility that the closures will extend beyond 4 August depending on further assessment of the situation.

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