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Now, Here’s a “Virtual President” Speaking Truth to Those In Power

An innovative concept here, to raise awareness:



Source & background on Mr. Bill Whittle found at —



  1. this might work:

    hilarious cuts to actual sen/reps….Holder etc. and I agree with his passionate defense of 2nd Amendment. But does he have to preface his remarks with references to Auroroa and Newtown? Then I made the mistake of watching the following clip and it is standard fare left-right divisionary tactics. This guy is a tool and a clown.

  2. nope……………that din get er neever

  3. dammit says vid doesn’t exist CR 😦

  4. Boom, I like this guys speech except for the fact that it seems he thinks aurora and newtown weren’t part of the gun grab plan. We need a virtual president that knows they were false flags and didn’t happen as advertised. Other than that, he’s right on.

  5. He’s got rules and boundaries in the big game. 911 is the litmus. ‘Handy Schnook’ and ‘The Dawn of the Dark Knight’ were fast & furious psyops stagings. They were sloppy.

    The fact that CiaNN and Faux gave credibility to the conspiracy theories as hoaxes was enough to tell me it was a hoax. It backfired on them. This guy’s argument will not move anyone but those who are in the left-right paradigm.

    Mr. Jones will hardly admit possible hoaxes. He’s caught in the vortex. It sits somewhere between Rand Paul and Reality. We don’t have a stake in our admissions of complete and total bullshit in these false flags. They do.

    Though the SOTU he made was thoughtful, well crafted and fact based, it’s still revolves in the vortex of a Narrative, Message, and Point dialectic that the right angle can use to drive the beliefs of those into a fallacious acceptance of the event’s official story.

    The Left angle could come in with the British left version, stats on murder and gun crime reduction and offer the same dilemma.

    I’d like to be at an obama media event and ask him if he’d stage a fake gun surrender program so I could partake in that farce and bring some fake guns and ammo cans and have the joy of saying it was the appropriate response to their fabricated trauma psyops. I want to play the game too.


    Obama Doubles Down On Joe-The-Plumber Comments: Now Sees Americans As “Competing For Scraps From A Shrinking Pot”

    by Steve Elliott, Grassfire

    Over the weekend, The New York Times released an interview conducted with President Obama that included some of the most radical, socialist comments we have seen yet from this White House.

    Essentially what Obama said was that income equalities in the U.S. are the prime culprit for racial and cultural tensions in the U.S.

    + + “Competing For Scraps”

    Here’s the key quote:

    “And racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot.” (See the link below for the full transcript.)

    “Scraps from a shrinking pot?” This is the President of the United States talking about our nation as if we are some third-world banana republic!



    Now, the financial crisis made things a lot worse. And so I had to spend the first four years in my presidency getting us back to ground level. We had to make sure the banking system wasn’t collapsing. We had to make sure the auto industry didn’t collapse. We had to make sure that we put people back to work short term and boosted demand until the markets got going and consumers got more confident and housing started to recover.

    And so here we are, having dealt with this massive crisis, but those trends — that erosion of what a Galesburg or a [Port]* Clinton, Ohio, where Bob Putnam lived — those trends have continued.

    And that’s what people sense. That’s why people are anxious. That’s why people are frustrated. That’s what they talk to me about and that’s what they write to me about: “I’m doing okay right now, but what I’ve seen over the last 20 years and what I learned profoundly during this crisis is that the ground under my feet just isn’t as secure, and that the work I’m doing may not be rewarded.” And everything that I am proposing and everything I will be proposing over the next three years goes right at that issue. And if that’s not what Washington’s talking about, then we will be missing the boat.

    And racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot. If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested. Everybody feels as if we’re rolling in the same direction. And so a lot of the other issues that we’re talking about — whether it’s climate change or immigration, or how we manage our trade relations — all those are eased if we’ve got our economic act together.

    But that’s not what we talk about. And it’s true that Congress moves at such a glacial pace these days that sometimes if you start a bill like immigration and you’re thinking this should be done by now, it seems to take a year of folks just sitting around spinning their wheels, that can be frustrating. But we should be able to attend to some of these other issues even as we’re staying focused on this central issue. That’s at least what I’m going to be doing.

    NYT: Thank you, Mr. President.

    MR. OBAMA: Thanks, guys. Appreciate you.


    note: not the AP or Rolling Stone eh? Breitbart City eh’ Barry?

    • I’m sure Mr President appreciates the newspeak coming out of the NYT, Yes indeed he does. I know he’s just a manchurian candidate and quite possibly a robot but I can’t help but hate the guy in spite of that.

      • I know that we are softening a bit to the MK’s in Chief Deb and I think that it’s a healthy thing and the logical progression to what we will will eventually come to know.

        It’s like hitting your dog for chewing your new shoes. Poor Dubya, he looks like a whipped dog all drugged up for the rest of his life. Should we have him put down?

  7. Good on COTO for your critical thinking skills. I wasn’t so critical when I stumbled across this late last night. I just thought it was innovative to a degree, and the concept could be used a lot of ways to communicate ideas outside of the MSM purview, and garner an audience. I like satire.

    If this guy gets to close to pinning the tale (sic) on the donkeys he might be targeted for horizontalization like others recently departed. Damn! Ya can’t even be funny about the funny business, except to dictated parameters. Free Dumb.


    • I like the speech too. It’s moving. Baby steps for the sheeple. I enjoyed it and this on too Boomer. I don’t like him to say to go to Iraq to kill people but I get the main point as well.

      • Really good video PD. … talk about moving.. thanks for posting.

        • You bet Deb. We need a little inspiration. These are two that are almost perfect. 🙂

  8. Media Government Corporate Bank Military Slurping – Inspired by Mark Sashine. Slurp works too ways for this writer, it is the sound the media makes for government, military, corporations and most of all the media slurps loudest for its own self.

    Slurp is also what the populace is expected to do for any and all Oligarchical endeavors. Slurp is the sound of 95% of America on the proverbial casting couch. The metaphor, to me, has noting to do with a honeymoon or wedding night. The former examples here are filth; whereas one’s honeymoon is not.

    Read some of the writer emails lately, journalist a and b fighting as if one is all oligarchs and the other an honest journalistic force. Have you no greater enemies to bicker with than one another? No greater grudge to bear than one against a fellow (or fellowess?) writer?

    Slurp is a metaphor, perhaps best explained in the ‘forfeiture’ articles where ‘private property’ becomes lunch money in a boy or girls pocket stolen by a bully named ‘law’. But is is fine, when law sodomized, it is ‘lega;’…

  9. Hey Boom, Patrick, either of you see that new SyFy show “joe rogan questions everything?” His last show was about chemtrails and HAARP and I wanted to throw something at the teevee but mostly at Rogan.. He dismissed chemtrails as conspiracy bs and had some ridiculous debunker on to “prove” they were contrails by showing one picture of odd looking clouds.. ONE PICTURE WHat a JOKE. At the same time making Michael Murphy look like a loon by way of his questioning and editing of the piece. Then Rogan moved on to HAARP and treated that subject a teeny bit more seriously only because you can’t deny those structures exist. JR was always an idiot and nothings changed..

    If you haven’t seen it and get the opportunity, watch it and let me know what you think. It’s not hard to see the motive behind it.

    • I fell asleep to it last night on the HAARP topic. His guest said yes to weather modification. I wish I liked Joe Rogan but he rubs me roughly. More than Jones.

      Didn’t he do a sitcom in the nineties?

      • Yes, the infamous “fear factor” which I knew of but never watched. One of those shows where they get people to do horrendous things for fun and $$$ 🙂 He’s very abrasive. Didn’t like him much before, like him less now.

  10. No TV presently where I’m hanging, and don’t miss it for the reasons you highlight above. An idiot box with propaganda programming 24/7.

    Check this from zengardner — Hmmm…the natives are getting restless. Pitchforks and guillotines could be the fate of the Dark Overlords. Well, Karma comes.

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