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We’re Going Nowhere Fast

The Equation left to what is left of Mankind is this:

YOU & ALL of YOURS have had just 2 Choices all along — (1) FIGHT! or (2) FLEE!

“Circumstances” on a multitude of fronts have Now eliminated choice number (2) FLEE! for most of humanity. Soon, Fleeing will be eradicated entirely as an option for ANY Human Being Left on This Planet.

What is the price for inaction in the face of creeping fascism, morbid poverty, continuous (now long term) poisoning of the Human Species via chemtrails, Monsanto and Monsanto-like for-profit agriculture criminality, all oil-related crimes (The GOF crime, plastics, derivatives, cars, trucks, and WTF?!), and most serious and certain to mess up humanity permanently — Nuclear Radiation.

Nuked Earth

Nuked Earth

Perhaps, there is a deeper esoteric meaning to the the man-made catastrophe of Fuk-U-Shima?

It is the chosen ignorance and cultured apathy of humans everywhere to fail to look into their futures, while allowing — I said “Allowing” MONSTERS AND MONSTROSITIES to continue their deadly work among US!

Have WE reached the point where WE are an entire planet of humans who are THE WALKING DEAD, and WE just don’t know it yet? The portent of this reality is all around us. Can you imagine that it won’t take Much More of Our apathy & stupidity to bring US ALL to that great pivot point of “ITS TOO LATE NOW!”

When its “Too Late”, is that the time to ride?
When its “Too Late”, is that the time for individual and collective revolution?
When its “Too Late”, is that the time to rise up against those “leaders”, those “keepers” who have built prisons for US ALL where we cannot escape?
When its “Too Late”, is that when WE realize WE’VE been riding the long black suicide train speeding off the cliff into oblivion, smiles on the faces of the Conductors, as Death is their royal flush.

We don’t have much longer to wait to see what WE have allowed to be done to US. Will WE go quietly, or will WE throw the brakes on this Death Train, and throw the smiling, suited skeletons, the ticket sellers, and their entire corpse-arations OFF THIS TRAIN?!

Unless WE DO — it will only get worse, and worse, and worse, as you can readily observe…

Please read the piece linked below, and think and consider where WE have ALL ended up at the hands of Madmen & Madwomen. With this in mind, what’s your bet on Where will They take US. If you have a “problem” with the direction and destination of Their choosing, NOW, RIGHT FUCKING NOW is the RIGHT TIME to FIGHT!!!

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  1. From of today: “Two security officers at nuclear weapons facility in Oak Ridge “accidentally” wounded in discharge of weapon. This government fairy tale should set off everyone’s red alert klaxon”. . That’s in Tennessee. . Notice any similarities to Fukushima/Tepco, 9/11/U.S. Govt “authorities”, Wall Street “Bailouts”/Fed “authorities”, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Gulf of Mexico bombing & blowout, etc., etc., etc…

    Secrecy & Spying and gross Lying is the M.O. of Cockroaches.

    Please take a look at this as well (+ short video):

  2. see here is where the importance of including universal truths with world truths or PLANS (because thats all they are….plans…these things are not set in stone..why do we pretend we have to go along with someone else’s idea of what our reality will be like?WE are CREATORS HERE) BECAUSE IF ONE DOES NOT INCLUDE personal, SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION, REVOLUTION AND CHANGE..change from within….one is simply left out of the equation, floundering in an agenda they think they have no power over. This couldnt be farther from the truth. Going nowhere fast?? HARDLY! One only has to look around to see the immense changes occurring. Maybe stop focusing on the bad and look at whats good…because I can tell you….THE GAME IS ALMOST OVER…HOME TEAM WINS. There are many factors at play that much of humanity has no clue about. like the saying goes ; BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SE IN THE WORLD. and that usually boils down to emitting LOVE.


    *Questioner:* How did you journey from Venus to this planet? * Ra*:

    We used thought.

    * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

    **Dawnatilla *The *Hun* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

    • Dawnatilla, I think you missed the point of this posting. Its a “roundabout” targeting the Agenda of those who know not what “LOVE”…is…

      This is not supposed to be Fatalistic, only Realistic. WE the serfs don’t own the MSM, the government policy makers, the MIC, the Int’l Corporations, the Machinery that grinds. YES! WE DO Own our intellects, and our Independent wills and free selves “if” WE have grokked the assault upon US ALL, and Decide to fight against the evil low-vibration humanoids.

      The question reverberates throughout Creation however — “How much can Mother Earth and WE take before the Destroyers have utterly ruined our nest — this planet? Shall We comply with their insane demands and plans, and continue letting them have their way with US? There’s the choice — Fight or Flee. And fleeing “anywhere” on a Prison Planet is getting to be a moot point.

      Thus, a Wake Up Call and Action is the only choice left.

      “How” WE make commence that action is individually chosen. Can you rationalize “LOVE” into protecting your children, your home, that which is most important to you? What then does that true “LOVE” manifest as…?

  3. What good is it when all you ever get is pain?
    You were waiting for the gentle rain
    But the bus full of prophets is burning by the roadside

    What good is it when all you ever get is shit?
    And all you wanted was a little bit
    Now the gleam in the eye of the one eyed Buddha cracked


    • wasn’t no joke when you got poked
      Hurts to sit down still
      It’s a bitter pill…

      What good is it?


  4. Thanks for highlighting the Fukd Up Shima mess Boom. Was wondering what u all thought about the possibility of it being done intentionally as Jim Stone thinks. He makes some good points.

    • Do you mean the Quake, Tsunami and the reactors? Does he think it was a nuke caused nuke event? I say HAARP and sabotage.

      iF HE’S PROMOTING iSRAEL as the perps, then no. Khazar fake joos in the mix is fine, but this is a globalist US run operation from ENMOD.

      If japan had designs on leaving the IMF lending arm it was surely squashed by the event. If japan was going to provide Iran with enriched uranium, it would have been the ultimate of stupidity.

      I just won’t target Israel as an entity that operates independent without the committee which is the conglomerate of City of London, DC and Vatican. The core of committee are names most people have never heard. There are reasons to suspect old wounds and vendettas there but that holds true in the illuminati for centuries.

      P.S. I never saw the dancing israeli’s after fukushima.

      If anyone is open minded they will listen to everything. If you think it’s smoke and mirrors then you have done the work. Jim Stone has apparently done it.

      If you wonder why Kerry was put in. (skull&bones) and why Obama is wasting his time on the Peace Initiative (utterly bogus) and if you are wondering why the long war in Syria is upon us AND why it’s so important for America, then watch this without the bias and maybe you might see the code, the numbers and metaphors. Joe Kennedy says fifty men run the world. Maybe nine do by committee of 300.

      Why the older serves the younger? Who is the stranger?

      less than an hour (4 parts)

      • When you understand empire today and past and the why random genocides have occurred around the globe, the mystery of irradiating and eradicating the chosen ones might become a pattern. You may be one and they want your lineage, DNA and blood very badly. Don’t make it easy for them.

    • from an email I just sent
      It’s a whole world problem and it’s going to take a whole world solution. Problem is, it costs money even in a corrupt money system and would cut into their hoard. It’s such a huge problem that the cost for Japan with them teetering on the edge of a financial meltdown, it might be a back breaker. The play from my perspective is they totally pollute the planet with the nastiest stuff and offer a world solution in a new world order kind of way and sell us into a new paradigm that leaves them at the helm. Humanity’s in a race to see if we can pull this out before it hits the wall. Good stuff from Boomer though.

  5. Watch this video: Bradley Manning Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy

  6. Scanned that Manning info, Puddy. If the government (or governments) could/would police themselves, they would all frog march themselves to the nearest FEMA camp, incarcerate themselves, and throw away the key.

    The planet would then exude a giant “sigh” of relief.

    The only warring tribes I see roaming the planet are the ones COTO lights up regularly. If their shit didn’t stink, then there would be no need for “secrecy” for Them, and Spying for Everybody Else!

    Should the spying networks be turned around upon those who vote for and fund the gigantic Apparatus, it is an Obvious Observation that nary a one of their ilk would survive the very scrutiny that they legislate for “everybody but them”. Capeche People?!

    This is where you tell them to go fuck themselves, because they cannot bare the light shining upon Them.

    • We have to consider they’d have nothing to do if they didn’t roam and shit where they left. I mean they are so full of it.

      We must consider that social networking has deteriorated civility too. Because they know that we will say things to each other that wed never say face to face because most sheep are pussies in disguise. And that facebook and my space have let the world know who they are and they are honored to have Obama looking through their dirty linen.

      And certainly we agree that spying for them is as much defensive as offensive. PROMIS/Inslaw was most important to see if honest law enforcement was catching on to their caporegimes and underbosses dirty deeds.

  7. A little something I found in my ramblings across the net. This kind of explains it pretty well. During WW2, In Greece and Italy during Nazi occupation, the people fended them off where they may have held the major cities and ports and highway systems but they didn’t control the countryside. The people formed themselves into regional neighborhoods and organized themselves where in everybody had a say in how things were done that interacted with the other neighborhoods around them on a very similar fashion to how the Iroquois nations did before the intervention of the Europeans. That seems to be natural for us. The allied forces upon driving the Third Reich out and winning the war turned inward to deal with these co-ops instilling the same types fascists into power that were there before. In Greece they installed the very fascist King and his ministers that ruled before the German invasion, in turn turning inward to the countryside to crush the form of local government that had arisen and was working. Before they were finished, they killed 150 thousand of them. Thus installing the very kinds of people they had fought against only months before. It’s all about control and the only way it works for them is top down. They installed controlled governments in both countries as within the co-op’s they would have had no control. During the time of the co-op’s, everybody had a say in how things were managed and despite the Nazi’s being there, the people were personally empowered to have an input into their own lives.

  8. Prescient Veritable1. Some folks refuse to grok this reality. I recommend to them to watch a Billy Jack movie from the past, where “Love they Neighbor” goes beyond the stretch, until its time to break free. I also recommend this latest Dog Poet post on the goings on and observation of such — .

    Being idealistic is fine and dandy to a point. When you are co-opted to do the dirty work of the Controller Class of Psychopaths, it is time to change course. It seems apparent that there is a Crossroads of sorts when Ideals must be shelved for the more drastically required “instinct-for-survival”, of which this post is concerned.

    So much is enmeshed within the construct of “civilized” civilization, and how it is “mis-used” by deviant handlers to eradicate opposition, and those who just want to “live their lives, and get along”. A review of the history of this nation and the treatment of Native Indians, demonizing Them as Savages (read insurgents, terrorists, etc.) to justify genocide seems appropos at this time. The Billy Jack series is much deeper on a “morality” level than most are willing to grok.

  9. So…what the fuck are we really talking about here on this post waaayyy out on the frontier of the Obvious & Observation? Let’s delve further into the psychopathic emanations of the “Loveless” class — Paul Craig Roberts elucidates on the depth of the insanity of the “Democracy Spreaders” (sic):

    “Polls from all over the world consistently show that Israel and the US are regarded as the two greatest threats to peace and to life on earth. Yet, these two utterly lawless governments prance around pretending to be the “world’s greatest democracies.” Neither government accepts any accountability whatsoever to international law, to human rights, to the Geneva Conventions, or to their own statutory law. The US and Israel are rogue governments, throwbacks to the Hitler and Stalin era”.

    Nahhh — Can’t believe that!

    Read his observations of “The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth”. He oughta know a wee bit about this insanity since he was right in the middle of it with a horrific Weasel:

    Go ahead folks — “FEEL” the LOVE!!!

    Let’s put a CHERRY on top of this sundae shall WE?! Served up by Judge Andrew Napolitano at “Liberty and Safety” by Andrew P. Napolitano

    QUESTION FOR THE “FENCE-STRADDLERS” — When is it Okey Dokey to NUKE (Irradiate, Kill & Maim for Long-Damn-Time) other folks?

    Bzzzttt! Times Up!

    Deal with the fact that the USA “Nuked” the country of Iraq and ALL of their Peoples (and surrounding countries because of “the wind”) with Depleted Uranium (DU) shells to “FREE” the Iraqi People. Think about That! Nuked the shit out the country and people based on LIES, the most egregious being 9/11!

    • London likes their’s toasted on one side. The pilgrims here learned how to toast both sides while buttering them up. That’s the recipe when democracy is holding the knife. .

  10. Yes I am flipping out.

  11. “Look, Greenwald’s a total phony. He is anti-American, he loves tyrannical regimes, and he did this because he hates America. This had nothing to do with publicizing information. He never would’ve written this article if they had published material about one of his favorite countries.”~Alan Dershowitz – “Piers Morgan Live”, CNN, June 24, 2013

    I just wonder how those who shank Snowden and Greenwald feel about standing next to Dershowitz the Jerkoshitz???

    Does it feel like love? Does it feel like pain. Does it smell like mud? Does it look like rain?

    Clear your heads and focus on the fucking bad guys, fuck this getting lost in the maze of mirrors where you don’t know which are enemies and which are friends.



  12. I would rather not have to be all persistent….but am really very interested in what you ALL think about Fukushima being artificially induced. Yes Puddy, Jim Stone does finger the zionistas. Japs were talkin bout helping Iran w/their nuke program (“enriching” fuel or some shit) and were going to back Palestinian spot at the UN/Statehood….now…not so much.

    He makes a convincing case that the “earthquake” was bogus and could not have been any where close to a 9. Israel had the contract for security at Daiichi, and installed a huge “camera” just the size of a mini-nuke. Add to that what we now know about Stutnext and it does appear there may have been some dancing going on.

    If you feel you dont have enough information to make an educated supposition, just say so. Or…yay/nay. I dont often ask for specific responses here but I am now. Cant add links from this lap-top but if you want to check out …he got a piece down the right hand side of his homepage.

    We r all tryin to learn. helpin each other. Some feedback on this matter would be very helpful. You guys are the smartest, best informed people I know. Is it just crazy talk? Opine, please.

    Thanks PD for at least addressing my query. What is a cyber family for if not getting ideas bounced around?

    • Hey Camus,

      I read up on the Fukushima back when it happened, and I agree with you about the strong grounds for suspicion as to it being sabotage.
      All of the things you mentioned just now, I recall.

      The Israeli security company, and the Suxtnet worm being involved is a particular red flag. Again we have gawd’s favorite people stirring themselves into the mix. Abraham’s genes playing havoc.

      At this point I wouldn’t assume anything “natural” about the event.


    • CR.. here’s my short but definitive answer to your question.. ABSOLUTELY the quake was NOT natural and of course Israel had EVERYTHING to do with it along with her biatch the U.S. The Zionist fingerprints are all over every false flag and “unnatural disaster”. Of course this is just my humble opinion for what it’s worth.

      • \Hey Deb, thanks for the reply and cool tune. missed you. glad ur ok. “Everybody look what’s
        goin down”

        • Thanks CR 🙂

  13. I am familiar with Jim Stone’s information and the case he makes for man-made sabotage. There also was a submarine noted out in pretty much the exact location of the subterranean “fault” prior to. There was extensive information on this note at one time. Ben Fulford (located in Japan at the time, as now) also wrote about the subject, but must be taken with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t consider him an “authority” on the matter.

    So — WE SEE a good wad of incriminating info regarding the scenario and scene of the “crime”. Natural or man-made is the question.

    Backing up from the scene — WE HAVE SEEN more eye-opening activities and omissions that tell US more about the crime.

    Like what?

    Like everything having to do with this Tepco Corporation, their actions and response to the disaster, their long string of lies, fumbling, and complete lack of providing solutions to stop or even slow down the radioactive fallout.

    WE can note the reactions, lies, and incompetent actions of Japan’s puppet leaders and Agency people to deal with the situation in any adequate manner.

    WE can note the U.S. “authorities” lies, omissions, and very well documented directives to their pet “agencies” to NOT provide Americans with readings, updates, and information on what kind of radioactive fallout is hitting our country, and what levels of danger it presents.

    Notice the complete media Blackout on this subject here with the MSM, and other affected countries media outlets as well. Quite coordinated by TPTB wouldn’t you say?

    We can note the lack of MSM coverage or recognition of the D.U. crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theatres of Wars-for-Profits-and-Control in the middle east. On the ground, the results are horrible, yet this illegal and monstrous crime has been swept under the rug (again) by TPTB. So…we see a “pattern” with these things, and others by TPTB. Psychopathic in nature, inhumane at the core.

    Dutch Sinse spent a bit of time on Fukushima, and you can find an archive of his blogs here:

    So, what have we got? Like 9/11 (and other False Flags) WE SEE a very widespread COVER-UP of “the cause” as well as “the effects” upon the environment and populations in general. The governmental “bodies” want to ignore the entire very real disaster, and shelve it like it didn’t happen, even though the “invisible” radioactive fallout is life-threatening to a great portion of Our World? In fact, they have taken great steps to remove geiger counters and other radioactive fallout devices, and any reporting from such, from The People — effectively blinding ALL OF US to the dangers.

    With the correct monitoring instruments, WE would not be “blind”. This particular egregious action by TPTB is very telling. I smell False Flag!

  14. I think nuclear in both Ground Zero and the Blessed Island event is a boondoggle and diversion. My research is based upon the the real DOE and the Sandia Corporation. Lockheed and Raytheon in the mix and the real research with the NASA-NAVY arm of bluebeam.

    The 9.0 quake may be a fraud, but the energy (EMP) used was not. The research again goes back to the patents and white papers I had to acquire online. I know that the endless and drudge of this reading would payoff in the scientific articles and what Serge Monast and Nick Begich would confirm is what Col. Bearden would confirm.

    They will continue to upscale the weather assaults and pulse weapons by use of this technology.

    Camus I really appreciate your query. I think it’s really important. But like Veritable I’d like to know your personal theory and admission on the subjects. Some may think me a bit of a paranoid, but I get a little bad vibe when things get posted and there is no personal comments or analysis.

    I also would like to comment on Boomers opening comment on this thread FLEE or FIGHT. I think the reality is ALL IN or FOLD and each of us has to decide whether we are in the game. I’d like to take a poll and ask those who come here weather they think it’s a conspiracy or just a series of random felonies. If the truth is a tangible energy, we need to be in the renewable business. There is no theory that does not provide energy that can create the force to help takedown the PTB’s Grid.

    What NASA has been doing since the fake moon hoax of APOLLO is taking the 30 billion and the rest of the MASSIVE financial DoD (trillions) money thefts and other drug monies and funding the largest, most incredible plan that was diverted by the IRON MOUNTAIN report, DISCLOSURE Conspiracy and assorted other BIGFOOT’s.

    So is it just a bunch of thieves stealing money and looking to retire in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Or is it a central banking BCCI and clearing house for funds that are strategically used to fund the most secret NAZI style and Scientific takeover of the planet?

    In my opinion it’s one or the other. There’s no middle. The bet is ALL IN or we should just fold and go read comic books and watch Disney flicks for entertainment. We get hundreds of hits a day and yet a percent only ever drop a comment of any kind. I’m desperate for trolls and valid criticism of our postings.

    Things I have researched as best I can and see the following;
    1. The Cold War was won (fixed) by nuclear build up that bankrupted the Soviet through zionist fraud. The reported amounts of weapons that were made is complete and utter bullshit.

    2. The NASA-NAVY DoD has also pilfered trillions of dollars as well. Money is a tool in fiat, energy, a currency and power, an asset in the transformation and once it happens money will disappear never to be seen again. Debit-credit will become totally carbon-based in all terms financial. Intangible wealth controlled by class, selection and a relational endogamy.

    3. The CAFR (comp annual financials have generated second books of billions of dollars as a haven for what will be FEMA based budgets for the coming STAGED EVENT and not some black swan natural CATASTROPHE or SHIFT.

    4. ANY and ALL CRIMES to that date will no longer be under the rule of law after this event. The SEPARATION of powers will disintegrate into a UN based one world legal order and the event will support knowledge and necessity of this criminal ENTERPRISE.

    5. There is no one STATE, ORGANIZATION, or RACE but an entitativity of one form of psychopath from a form of entity that we can only speculate on origin.

    6. Conspiracy does not play in the realism of what is a confederation and consensus of a scientific philosophy based upon some outside or hidden intelligence. It’s foundation is knowledge and objective is secrecy.

    7. Hope is a waste of energy and the DOE (Dept. of Energy) is more involved with sciences and technologies using your energy than they are nuclear, solar, EM, Fossil or renewables. They spend 90% of their efforts on Physical sciences involved with human biology, genome and physics. Therefore I promote the Assets of financial and human are the balance sheet and power the intangible.

    8 Like the game of MONOPOLY, after you own the bank and the assets the game ends. Can you then take the money and go spend it? No. Just the intangible power from the winning. The RISK game, the poker game CHECKMATE and monopoly game are over and now it’s a game of LIFE. I’ve heard many who have said in contact with elites that they don’t pay, tip or give money away. They don’t because they know money is an efficient vector for the transmission of disease and they would not even carry it, let alone touch it. It’s a scorecard and a competition. The money, a tool for an endgame that is a power class designation or Heraldry designation in the final coronation of elite bloodline.

    9. The Committee (developers) administrators (progammers) and enablers (hackers) and WE, the people are the (gamers) or the super Mario’s (sheeple) trying to achieve a higher level of an illusion world reality which is a tron/matrix reality that has no purpose in the universal truth but assigns us to repeat these useless functions, expend our energy and transfer the force and power back up the echelon hierarchy.

    Life and Death in the physical is a struggle, battle, but the war is one of the mind and conquest is for souls. All in or fold.

    • This comment of yours Puddy, should be placed in a plaque on the COTO Wall. It is thought-provoking and that insightful and eloquent as to warrant the “award”.

      • Every time I read what you all say I glean a bit more inspiration and understanding. There’s tons of gold in these pages from everyone. Thank you.

  15. thanks for responses. Patrick, in my opinion Fukushima will make other fancy words and interminable verbiage moot, as our water air food soil become ever increasingly poison and it was not a natural disaster.

    At the risk of not entirely calming any bad vibes you may be continuing to experience, thats all i got time for now. More later. I love this place, LOVE is, in part, about sharing. I too have some relatives that give me bad vibes at times………usually not permanent 🙂

    • It’s from where I began Camus. Monsanto Disney 1972. It is the Elephant in my room. I wish I had one like yours that said GMO MONSANTO.

  16. I think nuclear at ‘ground zero’ – if you are speaking to WTC, is bullshit.
    I think ‘pulse weapons’ at WTC is further bullshit.
    I also think the Moon “hoax” is bullshit.

    As far a EMP, these only affect electrical circuitry, the nervous system is based on electrochemical action. Not electrical. While the brain is often compared to a computer, the actions are very different. Thus, an EMP pulse that will do great harm to a computer will not affect the human brain.
    . . . . . . .
    “Mr Science?” ~Clem

    “Ah yes ‘ah-clem’…” ~Mr Science

    “Do you remember the future?” ~Clem

    “Yes…” ~Mr Science

    “Well, forget it.” ~Clem

    “Nooo…yes…noo no…yessss….noo ah oh mmmmzzzpt” ~Mr Science



    • If nukes weren’t used during 9/11 where did the strontium, plutonium, depleted uranium in the dust come from? If nukes weren’t used, why did hundreds of first responders become extremely ill and die of cancer? Why won’t Richard Gage share his information with investigators outside of his own circle? I just had this discussion with an extreme 9/11 truth investigator who has met Richard Gage along with his father several times. They both were believers in his theory before those conversations. Now they think he is not the stalwart engineer they believed him to be. Wish I could get him here to discuss his findings with you.

      • “If nukes weren’t used during 9/11 where did the strontium, plutonium, depleted uranium in the dust come from?”

        I have been through all this in detail Jersey. It is in my article “Prologue” on C1 here. If you aren’t interested in reading through that article as well as all the commentary I added to it in the thread, so be it.


      • This is the article and thread commentary.
        Therein can be found the real skinny on the trace radiation we are talking about a WTC.

        This whole nuke business is built on pumped up rhetoric and bullshit.


        • I’ve seen your arguments Will but just whose evidence is guiding you? How do you know it’s legitimate compared to what others have produced? I don’t want to argue this at all, just feel it’s a point to be made. Do you not question what you are being told? The way those buildings crumbled into dust particles tells me something more powerful was used. Seriously, with all the false idols out there who is to be believed when they come forth with their “evidence” ? All is open to discussion and nothing can be proven as fact in this matrix we inhabit. We aren’t privy to the real facts …or are we? How do we know?

          • “Do you not question what you are being told?”~JG

            What the FUCK are you talking about? That’s the kind of bimbo bullshit question my mother would ask for christ sake.

            I wasn’t going to say anything more about this…but you are contradicting yourself one post after another…you say you don’t want to argue about it, you say you don’t care what brought the towers down, but then you DO fucking argue about it, and you buy into bullshit that I know you don’t have the capacity to understand.

            Now you can keep floating this back and forth waffling shit – but I am through dealing with you about it, because you are starting to piss me off and I am about to really go off on you.


            • Dear Rogue, Yes, I question everything including what is put forth by the so called 9/11 experts. If you are getting angry because I think nukes may very well have been used to bring the bldgs down that’s your problem not mine. You hate ANYONE questioning your own personal theory. Sorry mister, but you ain’t the final word on 9/11. So untwist your panties and go have a smoke.

              PS: I only stepped into the “fray” because I’m sick and tired of you debasing anyone else’s opinion on how the towers came down, including our own esteemed coto members here and I’m not speaking of myself. You’re absolutely rude in your manner and you need to be called on it. Who the hell do u think u are ? An all knowing expert on all things? You’re no structural engineer or nuclear scientist, so go fuck yourself.

              • Jg,

                You might as well bleach your hair blond and wear it in a bubble to match her commentary.


                • hahaha.. good one Mr Pompous A Misogynist ! Keep on showin’ your true colors 😉

      • Deb,

        Let’s say you’re right, and I have no reason to argue this one way or the other, at this point if hard evidence surfaced that the Moon is really a Death Star it wouldn’t surprise me, it would exasperate me.

        And frankly I haven’t looked into that aspect for this reason; it’s hard enough to get people’s minds around the hard evidence that’s fairly simple for them to grasp. Things such as basic physics, or as Orwell so apply put it; “It is now the duty for intelligent minds to simply restate the obvious.”

        Look, the other day a tribe of Obama supporters walked by my cart when one of the tribe stops with his mouth open and starts rapping his knuckles on the poster of Barack Hussein Obama, Celebrating Our first Black, Muslim, Marxist, Illegal, Gay President, and he’s screaming, “Is this for real?! Is this for real!?! All the while pointing at Barry’s middle name, and I ask, “Is what for real?” Most people ask if it’s true he’s Muslim, illegal or gay. This guy didn’t know Hussein is the middle-name Barry is using now.

        Even people that KNOW 9/11 was inside job aren’t doing much with that knowledge. Oh, some are, but still, in this Alice-in-Wonderland World, to borrow a phrase from one of the cretins; ” … at this point, what difference does it make?!”

        There’s only one thing to prepare for, so it’s best we all get the Spiritual side of our lives in order.

        Fukushima and BP alone are enough to take us out. Over the next 5 to 10-years cancer rates will make the funeral fires light-up the skies. Add in Monsanto, chemtrials, the nuclear war they plan on starting, and God knows what else, and I don’t want to say it’s hopeless, but unless these alleged space-aliens, that are supposed to be among us, (another hard thing to convince people of) can reverse the effects of radiation, I’d say we’re all pissing in the wind.

        And it really hurts me to say that.

        On another note; has anyone heard about a march on Washington, Sept. 9-12th? Supposed to march calling for impeachment on the 9th, unarmed, if not initiated by the 11th, we march armed on the 12th.

        • Frankly M, I don’t give a damn HOW they came down. I only care that they did and that the real perpetrators be dragged out of their mansions and castles and beheaded. My point has always been that the various 9/11 groups arguing amongst themselves about the how they came down are playing right into the hands of the divide and conquer gang. I think all the nuke, no nukes, planes no planes bs should cease and desist and just as in the Snowden affair, we should join together and rail against the perps not each other.

          I’ve heard about a march in September M, but not those specifics you mention here. You goin?

          • I’m going if I can find out some more specifics. I haven’t seen anything on the Net about it. I don’t want to end up like Kokesh and be the only one there.

            Thought if I’m going that far I might swing by and say “hi.”

            • I hope that’s a promise Michael 🙂

      • The medical info is as clear as a bell. None of those cancers is attributed to radiation – all of it is attributed to inhalation of nano-sized dust containing chemical contaminants, as dangerous as Drano, according to the medical examiners.

        The medical angle to this is no plus for the nuke bullshit.


        • Frankly, I don’t know why Americans from Hawaii to the West Coast (& Alaska) going east aren’t geiger counting and reporting on their locales, forming a picture of what’s really happening. Radiation poisoning is a dire threat should it exist.

          • What counts are you getting around your place there Boomer?


            • No Geiger counter here. Sorry. Wish I had one. What counts are you getting?

          • Boom, how is knowing how much radiation we are being exposed to even going to save us? I don’t see what we can do with our limited abilities to save the earth or ourselves.. Any suggestions?

            • Hey JG! My point is WE the People should be able to “count” for ourselves. The Guv shut down the info nodes, so I assume they’re “covering up” something they don’t want the citizens to grok.

              Your question deserves serious consideration and thoughtful answers.

              My point/question is rather synonymous with “What’s up with Chemtrails?”. WE’ve gotten Nada from anyone in a position to comment. An almost complete zero from Whistleblower chemtrail plane pilots or crew who service them, nothing of substance from commercial pilots, zero from weathermen or women, etc., etc., and of course fucking denials from the military, agency, or political arms.

              So, WE ARE BLIND!

              What do we do? If we’re being sprayed liked bugs, irradiated like roaches, GMO’d like experimental sheep, and Lied to by EVERY FUCKING “Authority”…then there’s a reason for that!

              What do we do? We do what COTO does initially. I will offer no revolutionary suggestions here. First, WE “assess”. Then, WE “consider”. Then, Options will present themselves.

      • Just to pick one substance out of the slew for comment here, although I address every one in commentary on the ‘Prologue’ thread:

        >“Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum should have caught the attention of any nuclear physicist, particularly when found in quantities of 50ppm to well over 100ppm.”~Prager

        My Rebuttle:

        “Yttrium can be found in edible plants in concentrations between 20 ppm and 100 ppm … Yttrium is found in soil in concentrations between 10 and 150 ppm…Yttrium is used in the production of a large variety of synthetic garnets,[51] and yttria is used to make yttrium iron garnets (Y3Fe5O12 or YIG), which are very effective microwave filters.[4] Yttrium, iron, aluminium, and gadolinium garnets (e.g. Y3(Fe,Al)5O12 and Y3(Fe,Ga)5O12) have important magnetic properties.[4] YIG is also very efficient as an acoustic energy transmitter and transducer.[52] Yttrium aluminium garnet (Y3Al5O12 or YAG) has a hardness of 8.5 and is also used as a gemstone in jewelry (simulated diamond).[4] Cerium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG:Ce) crystals are used as phosphors to make white LEDs.

        Yttrium can be found in edible plants in concentrations between 20 ppm and 100 ppm (fresh weight), with cabbage having the largest amount.[40] With up to 700 ppm, the seeds of woody plants have the highest known concentrations.[40]

        The most important use of yttrium is in making phosphors, such as the red ones used in television set cathode ray tube (CRT) displays and in LEDs.[5] Other uses include the production of electrodes, electrolytes, electronic filters, lasers and superconductors; various medical applications; and as traces in various materials to enhance their properties.”


    • Theres no difference in wave theory for biological ,chemical and magnetic wave. Only human peptides from Protein assist in warding off the effects of contamination. microwaves from hand-held mobile phones or from your microwave all cook. To say that microwave, HF, Infrared, Gamma waves don’t effect human health is just flat out wrong. I don’t think willy that you want to sit in a microwave or on Fufushima and believe the emissions are not a human cellular issue.

      A HEMP (high altitude em plasma) or Nuke would do the same damage to the grid. To human health it would be just as you know. A long term sickness and death. Gamma or Microwave, one just quicker than the other.

  17. Here, we just went through a long spell of cool weather with clear blue skies. Today is a different story. The sky is crisscrossed with aircraft efflux trails right out of a “GEO Engineering Watch” video. Do I believe in chemtrails? With all the info that’s come forward from “What In The World Are They Spraying” to the follow up video. With all the evidence from independent researchers and people gathering samples of water and soil exposing the very elements as evinced in the patents outing the fact that indeed, it’s a very high probability that that’s exactly what’s happening short of their open admission of it. My opinion is, that’s something that I leave open to re-interpretation as I learn more.
    “So is it just a bunch of thieves stealing money and looking to retire in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Or is it a central banking BCCI and clearing house for funds that are strategically used to fund the most secret NAZI style and Scientific takeover of the planet?”
    I think it’s both, there’s really no differentiating between the two other than the fact the first is a sellout to the second. The second being an “Order” that’s been in place for a very long time, this is a very old game that’s been played out many times throughout history. I also think that they make their rules and strategies as they go and are prone to the same fallibilities as with any organisation.
    Their control mechanism is debt, the liquidity is money, war is their greatest progenitor of wealth with their “World Bank” and “IMF” money schemes, their theft mechanism of Third World assets. As stated in “The Power Principle” video, World War Three has been in effect for a long time now and is a war on the Third World. Now their move is, to impoverish us to a third world level thus taking aim at us also.
    As we’ve explored this subject here and as it’s been explored elsewhere all over the net. They appear to be either sloppy or are so arrogant that they don’t or are incapable of covering their tracks very well. What I see is an ebb and flow in info and realizations, I see many very clear presentations on what’s coming down and how it came to be this way with lots that are cloudy and on the line of being complete hoodoo should you buy into such.
    My read on subject is, one would have to be a complete idiot or a complete lunatic or both to do what these people are doing to us and the planet. My sadness is, that those of us that have come about to be aware and concerned, seem to be almost incapable of doing anything about it. We’ve been branded as being “conspiracy theorists” by the very same conspiratorial maggots that are killing this planet and us along with it.
    Idealism? All it takes is a search to see what has worked, it’s stamped into our prehistory and interspersed all through our current paradigm. Way I see it is, one can get lost in gloom and doom or look outward.
    From what I see, there’s lots much better than what we currently call the order we exist in now.
    I believe cultures on this planet have existed before many times over. Were they taken down by natural calamities or man made ones. There’s so much back ground info that is totally contrary to what we’ve been given to believe
    as true of our past. I don’t need to list any here on COTO, I’m sure just about all here have their own theories. Max Egan’s ( “Earths Forbidden Secrets” is a good place to start should you be inclined.
    PD, you asked an opinion of me, here’s a bit of one be what it may.

    • Thanks V. Why you don’t share these treasures is a mystery. To speak in Iroquois, “there is much truth in your words” and if COTO is to reach the outer limits of the universal truth, then we must all contribute our energy in what we research independently. We don’t have to be an organization but we need to be invested in the fund.
      I am just a student and you all, my teachers. Finding the needle requires a lot of unbaling.

  18. Yes V., i agree. Many civilizations have thrived on this palnet, at “higher” levels than we have yet to reach As you say …if one is curious, minimal research will inundate you with examples. As a teacher, my burning question hovers around exactly why is there such a fear, such a strict taboo about “going there”.

    my opinion is they dont want us learning some important lessons, like:

    1) nuclear is fuckin insanity
    2) war, hatred and jealousy are dead ends
    3) socialism rocks, capitalism is a planetary death sentence

    • As a teacher, my burning question hovers around exactly why is there such a fear, such a strict taboo about “going there”.

      CR, why don’t you “go there” and start the dialogue 😉

      • “Your children will live under communism.”-Khrushchev

        “On the contrary”, Secretary Benson replied, “My grandchildren will live in freedom as I hope that all people will”.

        Khrushchev retorted: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up & find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

  19. “They don’t want us learning some important lessons” ~ C.R.

    No — They don’t want us learning anything about the Truth-of-the-Matter about Anything They have a hand in (which is an awful lot).

    Cue the Sheeple grazing in the field.

    This is exactly what the Surveillance State is about, and the Secrecy of the “leaders” and elites behind them.

    Its an Arrogance gene within them that they cannot control or stamp down. It is also a “tell” in the “game” which they cannot conceal. WE watch them play their hands, notice their cheating depravity and inhuman(e) coldness as they seek to win at all costs (none of them to their side of the table).

    This is where humanity must CALL THEM, and make them show their cards. WE don’t have to play the “game” by Their rules. Strip em down to playing by the Rule-of-Law, and remove their pedestals. Its all fake, falsified “Royal” balderdash they affect. They are much “less” human than the masses they seek to control to support their pathetic, parasitical existences.

    “Because They Say So” is a yarn and a blasphemous flatulence. They cannot hide Their own Stink. So WE SAY “Fuck Em!”. We don’t need no stinking government of the smudge they attempt to sell. Their demonizations of “the little people” are but the words of psychopathic spoiled and abused children. They deserve no pity for their sick state — because they have acted so predatorily upon the Human Race. It is best that They fail miserably with Their “plans” and suffer the consequences of acting utterly corrupt, poor in spirit, anti-human, and criminal to the core.

    The totally insane cannot fathom their sorry state.

    Their Judgement Awaits…

  20. In case you’re thinking of traveling or moving…

    An aside:

    Halliburton plead “not guilty” initially. No shit! You should read this “action” and grok the gist. Do you think Halliburton maybe made much more than they’re paying? Rhetorical question.

    ***I’ve been watching over some weeks, a spider outside my screened in porch doing what spiders do…building web “snares”, sucking the guts out of unwitting victims, casting off their carcases, and diligently rebuilding the web nightly. It hides somewhere during the light of the day. But it works tirelessly in the “dark” constructing it’s WEB. Pretty interesting to take note of…

    This creature does what it does because its a “spider”. Its in its DNA. I suspect the same is what is up with the predatory creatures that prey upon humanity. They “do what they do” because they’re spiders of a sort. They’re nets are extremely large and complex however, as they work together with other like-minded spiders. They’re human spiders for all intents and purposes. WE the People should take note from watching nature and observing the visible actions of the human spider creatures.

    There are remedies for such plagues, and such predators. Asking them to stop being spiders is obviously a ridiculous idea. Expecting them to curtail their daily dark activities is wishful thinking and stupid in the extreme. What should humanity do to not get “caught up” in the ever-widening webs and poison bites of such creatures?

    At some point WE will have to decide, for the spiders consider all that can be caught as “their rightful victims”.

  21. Update:

    “EDITORIAL: Incompetent TEPCO should never be allowed to handle nuclear energy”

  22. Nuclear is like Gonzo Capitalism and EMP Microwave is like socialism. Neither waves will ever create music in the spectrum. Somewhere there is freedom’s ring that operated on lower y. Somewhere around zero.

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