Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 30, 2013

Close your eyes and count to nine… … … and dream.

When I snap my fingers, you will awaken and remember.



  1. Those who discovered and conquered other lands were entitled to them, their riches, and their spoils. The conquered people could be treated as slaves, banished to other lands, or assimilated into the society and institutions of the conquering people — Vine Deloria, Jr. (1983)

    recommended: for the coto scientific anarchist

    Chris Kortright
    Colonization and Identity

    • Chris Kortright – ‘Colonization and Identity’

      A great read Puddy, thanks.


      • in one reality it is a good examination and has the basis for the transformation. What the Powers would do to ensure their destiny was create the dream-state, destroy identity and offer this democracy-technocracy into a singularity identity of a conception of freedom.

        This is nondescript and allows the subject to assume pursuit of happiness while in fact a bondage far worse that their previous state. The very concept of the world wide web and social network was to destroy cultural and other G^6 identity ie. inheritance, property, family and religion and replace it with a one size fits all.

        There you will achieve the real world war to end all wars.

        Ultimately big brother, father and the motherland will all be faceless in the technocracy. Beyond Orwell-

  2. This is an exquisite composite of NLP, cognitive dissonance, placebo effect and charisma working it’s magic in the electromagnetic visual audio network [E.V.A.N] Sandy Hook – A Cognitive science project in school training.

  3. Im awake Im awake…I remember!!! …and what I DON’T remember…I FEEL. AND NOW, GET YOURSELF READY FOR A HUG MR DUNNE.


    *Questioner:* How did you journey from Venus to this planet? * Ra*:

    We used thought.

    * D a w n a t i l l a ‘ s G r a f X * 4 1 5 5 5 0 0 6 3 8

    **Dawnatilla *The *Hun* is on: *DeviantArt*, *FaceBook*, *YouTube*, *Tumblr*, at the infamous *WordPress* blog: *COTO*:* Coalition of the Obvious.*

    On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 6:18 AM, COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS wrote:

    > ** > Puddy Dunne posted: “When I snap my fingers, you will awaken and > remember. “

    • Make it a hard squeeze please. These degenerates have left me empty of love.

      • Don’t say that PD.. it’s not true. It is the beauty of love that will kill the beast 😉

      • I COULD TOTALLY FIX THAT. In lieu of a physical hug..please accept my metaphysical hug now, with a contract fulfillment of huge bear hug after class is over on this planet. deal?

  4. I just watched this on Saturday and got angry at these actors all over again. So many shiny happy people smiling after their children/family members were supposedly slaughtered so horribly.. & the crying without tears !! Amazing feats of ………….what???

    • Biblically speaking and from illuminati tongues, the darkness is where they work the best. Where they can create the biggest flash. The coto obvious, in lightened can see their darkness much easier

      Their flash is blinding to those in the dream state but for these freaks of nature, it’s like darkness is the light and the blind are leading the blind. They are acquiring them very quickly now. We need to out pace them Deb.

    • and oh yeah, shiny is the best description you could have used Deb. SHINY.


  5. “Everything is possible at any time…You could awake from a coma and be someone else, and what you thought was your life was just a dream you had while asleep. You might not remember this person that just came out of a coma…you might have to be reintroduced to the people you knew. It could be a very strange thing to experience, something hard to accept. It could take a long time to readjust…you might never do so completely. Or something could trigger you and your real memory could come back totally.

    And then you could go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning and realize that you had dreamed of being in a coma and waking up as someone else…and that dream could linger for awhile and you wouldn’t be sure which one was true for the day. All of these dreams within dreams, may be what is happening all the time, subtly. You may be the universal mind dreaming yourself right at this moment.

    Far out, aye boys and girls?” ~Eric Viper, 1967


    • LOUIS
      (working on JACOB’s
      spine like a master
      You ever read Meister Eckart?
      (JACOB shakes his head
      How did you ever get your Doctorate
      without reading Eckart?
      (LOUIS takes hold of
      JACOB’s legs and yanks
      them swiftly)
      Good. Okay, let’s turn over gently.
      Right side.

      JACOB turns to his left. LOUIS shakes his head in dismay.

      The other “right,” okay?
      (he helps JACOB turn
      You’re a regular basket case, you
      know that?
      (he moves JACOB’s arm
      over his head)
      Eckart saw Hell, too.

      LOUIS positions JACOB’s other arm, bends his legs, and then
      pushes down on his thigh. His spine moves with a cracking
      sound. JACOB groans.

      You know what he said? The only thing
      that burns in Hell is the part of you
      that won’t let go of your life; your
      memories, your attachments. They burn
      ’em all away. But they’re not punish-
      ing you, he said. They’re freeing
      your soul. Okay, other side.

      He helps JACOB and repositions him. Again he pushes and the
      spine cracks.

      Wonderful. So the way he sees it, if
      you’re frightened of dying and hold-
      ing on, you’ll see devils tearing
      your life away. But if you’ve made
      your peace then the devils are really
      angels freeing you from the earth.
      It’s just a matter of how you look at
      it, that’s all. So don’t worry, okay?
      Relax. Wiggle your toes.

  6. Not only is the video top notch in detailing the hoax but the creator/author was so detailed in in the selection of graphic audio and visual cues (cognitive sensory stimuli) provided by the mind controllers. The narrative and symbology so perceptible in this montage.

    I had about thirty different cues hit me through this 69.3 minute seminar. Kudos to Paulstal Service for a double triple winner. The best I’ve seen yet.
    Quite powerful in the quiet war they are waging.

    • I agree Patrick. Best sandy hook compilation I’ve seen. There I was forgetting about SH after being totally obsessed for months and BAM! This vid hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. I’m pissed off all over again 😦

      • Much the wiser usually coincides with that anger. I feel it too. The rain has aided this anger, but the knowing somehow make it’s better. This is a comforting thing in these times.

        I’ll take the knowing and the anger over the mindless bliss of ignorance. How about you?

        • I’ll take the knowing and the anger over the mindless bliss of ignorance. How about you?

          Absolutely, although, I must admit, there are rare days of frustration which I wish I could just graze peacefully and mindlessly with the sheeple.

  7. Two for Tuesday – Life is Life, that’s all.

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