Posted by: veritytwo | July 28, 2013

The Mafia Doctrine. Exposing The Madman In The Room

Slaying Goliath- Give David A Stone
This is a powerful documentary that is long (4 hrs. and 25 minutes) but is riveting.
It’s called “The Power Principle” by Scott Noble . It’s out of Canada and reads to me, that there is a high level presence out there that is trying to get us to see what’s going on and how it all came into being. This is a narrative of the last 80 years of TPTB and how this came into being. It’s a history lesson that exposes history as it’s been foisted on us as truth to be from watered down to outright fabrication. As the old saying goes “History is written by the victors”. This is a clear and concise Doc that’ll reinforce what those of us that have been looking to be true and be an utter shock to those of us that have been just starting to catch on that not all is well in the world.
This is presented in archival news footage and is quite graphic at times. There’s gems of history interspersed all through this that’ll be surprising to most.
Bon appetite’



  1. Shocking!!!

  2. Thx V, i’ll check it out soon.. 3:52am here atm so sleep time.. ; )

  3. As you know Veri, I can’t watch such a long web video.

    But bravo for bringing it here to C1 for the rest of the crew to learn from.


  4. So, im just randomly clicking through some sites….checking if there is any kind of robust comment section before I invest my time on the column/article…..what with all the great links you can be introduced too in this manner …like i’m sure we all get often……deep in near information overload.

    Before you know it am engrossed in a comment thread from 2010…on “stephen john hibbs” blog (don’t remember ever hearing of him; many of u clearly have)…when up pops the row-gish-1…an im thinkin …..”U Go Coto Bro”…all unexpected, outta nowhere like………..displayin best traits of clear, cotonious
    thinkin…poignant in its brevity. cool

    • He’s the coto ‘cover the waterfront guy.’ He pops up more places and creates more frustration in the blogosphere than any whack-a-mole I know. I hear in certain circles he is feared.

  5. If it’s Canadian created I’ll surely invest the time V. 5 am Monday with some java and chesterfields. Thanks for finding it.

  6. I sometimes “belong” to a group called DC9/11Truth. I live about a half hour north of the district and dont get to all their meetings, but they are great folks. Committted, knowledgeable …we are having an awesome conference in september. Anyways…just thought I’d share how we spent July 4th. Its a short video…..I’m at the end. Most of the members are pushing “elderly” and rode in the truck. Theres about 3-4 others you dont see who are leafleting the crowd. The town is called Takoma Park…majority very progressive…some pockets of clear zionistas were the only negative responses, otherwise FANTASTIC crowd….1.5-2 miles of packed streeets, both sides. good times




      Good job Camus.


  7. well, “packed” may be a little strong for some portions….but it was a decent throng

    • Nice job CR! Wish all of coto could be there handing out leaflets with you and dispensing truth in the district of criminals. That was a real celebration of Independence Day.!……love the elephant too…btw, you have the best smile:)

  8. The elephant works for peanuts and you guys for free. Giving truth for free is the best job in America Camus. I love that pachyderm. I hope you made some headway and shook some from slumber.

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    — Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, 1964
    By “strategic communication(s)” we refer to: (a) the synchronization of words and deeds and how they will be perceived by selected audiences, as well as (b) programs and activities deliberately aimed at communicating and engaging with intended audiences, including those implemented by public affairs, public diplomacy, and information operations professionals.
    ~16 Mar 2010 report to Congress from the President regarding his administration’s interagency efforts in strategic communication
    The United States Government has a wide range of programs and activities deliberately focused on understanding, engaging, informing, influencing, and communicating with people through public affairs, public diplomacy, information operations and other efforts.

    Definition from 2006 QDR Strategic Communication Execution Roadmap
    Focused United States Government processes and efforts to understand and engage key audiences to create, strengthen or preserve conditions favorable to advance national interests and objectives through the use of coordinated information, themes, plans, programs, and actions synchronized with other elements of national power.

    Enlisting Madison Avenue: The Marketing Approach to Earning Popular Support in Theaters of Operation, by Helmus et al, RAND report, 2007
    . . . . .
    – “strategic communication” -Steven R. Corman


  10. 3 of 192

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    The great open sky of imagination: for those who understand

    Jon Rappoport via
    2:36 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me

    No More Fake
    The great open sky of imagination: for those who understand

    The great open sky of imagination: for those who understand

    by Jon Rappoport
    July 29, 2013

    By choice, I keep rolling the dice and shoving all my chips in. I know what the term “human potential,” used so foolishly and narrowly, actually means and implies, when you cut away the nonsense.

    And I know how mind/matrix cooperates to block off that knowledge.

    Maybe many people know this. Some days, I think they do. Some days, I don’t.

    The mind/matrix has the capacity to back up any story a person wants to tell himself about his own life. Especially, ESPECIALLY when that story is self-limiting and small and ordinary.

    A person wants to live a life of limited spaces? He needs a story to explain that choice. Mind/matrix will provide details, will back it up, will offer material for the tale. The fable. The myth.

    You try to pry open that door and expose the limited nature of the story and you’d better have a dozen crowbars and some C-4, because it’s going to be a long day. And at the end of it, nothing will have changed, because we’re talking about DEDICATION here.

    Dedication to story. Commitment to the content of the story.

    This is how a circumscribed life happens. Through the story a person tells himself.

    There is really only one universal solvent that will wash away that story: imagination.

    Without it, a person is just rearranging deck chairs on his own personal Titanic.

    Imagination doesn’t only have the capacity to change the story line; it can create many new stories. It can eradicate old content by opening up an unlimited sky of possibility.

    But most people are afraid of that. They want a fable where all actions to be taken are clear and obvious. They want to live a limited life and they want to be proud of it. They want to hold on to anything that will deny the existence and power of imagination.

    They want to tell themselves a story that will make ignorance into wisdom. They want what they claim is “realism.” They want everything to be “real.” What does that mean? It means they have a secret religion called WHAT ALREADY EXISTS.

    The ultimate basis of all mind control is: whatever it takes to deny the true power of imagination.

    The exact same thing can be said about the ultimate aim of political repression.

    To understand, to get an idea about what imagination is capable of, you need to go to ART. That’s the very best place to go. But again, people are fearful. They need to say art is just a distraction, a foolish kind of playing in the face of far more serious matters. They’ll cover their eyes and block off their minds to avoid such a confrontation. They’ll drown in their own stagnant juices if they have to, to maintain their denial. They’ll run around in circles or drug themselves or turn upside own. Anything to avoid looking at what imagination can do.

    They’ll sign up for an organized religion with all its symbols and priests, just so they can prostrate themselves before some fragment of frozen poetry that forms the basis of that religion. They’ll even deny themselves direct access to the God they believe in, and opt for a structure that demands loyalty to a hundred rules as the price to pay, to be connected to God.

    They’ll find some way to put a ceiling on life and live under it.

    Imagination has no ceiling. It is waiting to be called into action. It can wait a thousand years. It can wait forever.

    It can outlast all passivity.

    When imagination is put on hold, a civilization dies. It can look like many other causes are producing the decline and fall, but at bottom it’s the lack of imagination. That’s why societies go into the swamp. That’s why the individual decides his best choice is to be part of a group.

    A group has no imagination.

    A group can supply story-line to a seeking mind, but that’s all. It can never supply the faculty that makes stories.

    This society provides millions of outlets that offer “better stories.” But it doesn’t offer the underlying power to create new stories.

    A tree, a rock, a leaf, a vase, an ashtray. They each have a story. It may be beautiful, pedestrian, or ugly. But it is one story per object. A human has the capacity to invent an infinite number of stories, but because most humans can’t perceive the value of doing that, they, the only creatures on the planet who have this ability, toss it away like an old rag. They default. They shrug it off.

    To understand life at a more expansive level, you have to go there.

    • Nice, V.

      Brings to mind ART AND ARTIST by Otto Rank.

      When you are an artist you know that “art” is not a product. Art is a space of being and doing. It is not a ‘job’ it is a way of life.


      • An artist is never finished, never satisfied and generally so outside the matrix that they are incapable of the bourgeoisie. A vector on a course with no end.

      • Art is also in fine craft be it rudimentary or highly technical in the fact that the crafts person has their heart and soul invested as with any artist. Compensation is not the primary motive. The artist/crafts person strives to craft something into this time/ space continuum that makes a statement of their vision be it a Rembrandt or a hand crafted toilet seat. The art and craft stands for itself and is a testament to the artist.

        • I have seen your handicraft Veri, it is indeed to the level of art.
          That is what I mean about art…the life lived in awareness is a work of art in itself.


  11. Thanks for posting V. I watched about an hour last night before being unable to keep my eyes open any longer. So far, excellent info and presentation. Will watch another hour or so tonight 🙂

    • That’s the way I watched it more or less. I watched a couple of others that he did also. First one being “Counter- Intelligence” which was about the CIA and the hidden national security state with histories of all the players and much more . That one was over 7 hrs. long in 5 parts and is a very worthwhile watch. The next one is “Lifting The Veil” and is as it suggests. I put this one up because it was on Youtube and easy to post but also, because it covered a lot of what was in the other ones I viewed. The Emperor has no clothes.

  12. Came across this vid, I haven’t been paying much attention to the royals because I can’t stand looking at them but this is hilarious. wtf?

    • OOPS!!! The “Hidden” is being revealed at an increasing pace:

      Dog Poet posts on his Smoking Mirrors blog of today,

      the following Not-So-Shocking Discovery Finally “Discovered” — ” Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified police discover Jimmy Savile’s secret lair at record shop. Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film”.

      This ties in right snug with this recent blog spot by Vatic Master (She’s posted many other revelations on this subject matter):

      It looks like a Royal mashup where the hideous clothes of the royals, the famous, the rich, and the sick, are hitting the floor and revealing the creatures who have been hiding underneath.

      More disgusting dirt can be expected no doubt.

      • Jimmy Savile’s secret lair…

        Boomer, I suspect this is horseshit. I know one thing for sure, the photo of Savile with Thatcher is a very lousy photoshop job.
        The shot with Prince Charles is better done, but still a photoshop paste-up.

        Beware of stories based totally on anonymous sources.

        I don’t doubt the premise that Savile was a pedo, nor that the elites are into such as well. It is the specific story here that I have a hard time with.


        • I appreciate your expertise and intuition.

          So said — a ? “mark” should accompany the info posted above.

          COTO must ALWAYS question the authenticity of ALL information in this disinformation age.

          Shall I change my belief that the Royals and other ilk mentioned are not Sick Fucks?! Of course Not. And you too have alluded to such mi Roguish1.

          “Where, Oh Where, shall WE look to see, Where the Absolutely Corrupt shall Be? WE shall look to the World’s ‘stages’, where the ‘Powers That Be’, manifest their ribald asses for All to see”.

          • Nah Boomer, no question marks needed. This Savile story is one that intuitively rings true…The Royal pigs as pervertomotos is well established. It is just that there are hints of boobary in this story which is riding on another one about something an ex-girlfriend said about him, but nothing to do with this ‘wall’ story.

            I’m just formulating what I think. First thing I do with a story is chop the veracity in half when it is primarily from an anonymous source. Then the surrounding filler is looked at to see if anything new is revealed that isn’t already been talked about. When that is the case, plus the faceless source, I ride on big QUESTION MARK – and wait for further info.

            This is too cautious for a lot of people I know. A strong case already seems to stand against Savile himself…but the things about the suspects still living is in the iffy stages because many of those who are likely involved are “Untouchables” and can buy silence or others to do the silencing.

            This sort of case is to big to reveal…it is a system destroyer. No matter how bad it might look, in the last instance it will be stonewalled, the prosecution passed up to the Parliament and encased in white cement and tossed in the bay. They did this with the David Kelly murder, the murder of Diana…etc etc…

            I know that is a cynical position to take, but it seems sound based on the history of these sorts of things.

            We shall see….


    • Yea jay, I can’t stand looking at them either. lol I hate the proles fawning over them. Yea, looks like another faked pregnancy. I saw a vid of beyonce’s pregnant stomach fold in half as she sat down for an Pregnant women don’t participate in dance and sport wearing high heels unless they want to take the chance of falling and having a miscarriage ! In this vid, looks like, instead of being embarrased she has the same size stomach she had before birth like most women would be, she keeps accentuating it with her hands so people will believe she still has baby weight to lose.. LOL. My stomach was flat after birth.. go figure 🙂

  13. Every anniversary the viewing audience is treated to some new bullshit story about the JFK assassination and coup d’etat. More junk to bewilder the herd.

    “Decades later, and controversy continues around the death of JFK. The latest theory posits that a Secret Service agent accidentally shot the president.
    Via HuffPo:

    At the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles on Sunday, producers and investigators behind Reelz Channel’s new documentary “JFK: The Smoking Gun” made the claim that George Hickey, a Secret Service agent riding in the car behind Kennedy, accidentally shot the president on Nov. 22, 1963. The film follows veteran police detective Colin McLaren in his four-year investigation of the assassination and points at Hickey, who died two years ago.

    McLaren’s research built on the work of Howard Donahue, who spent 20 years studying the assassination and had his findings documented in Bonar Menninger’s book Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK. McLaren and Menninger were on hand Sunday to take questions about their film, which the network billed in press notes as a “docudrama.”


  14. This too, may be hearsay, but I believe it not to be:

    “Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts”

    What was revealed in the audit was startling:

    “$16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs”.

    16 Trillion is probably MUCH TOO LOW A FIGURE here. Especially, when outed by a “fact finding” committee coming out of the gov’t sewer.

    • It could be any number at all really – when they are just playing with Monopoly Money…it’s all fake, every bit of it. Real assets are what counts, not ledger numbers. That real assets have been acquired in this scam are what need to be seized from the perps running this joint.
      All the funny money is just a story told in books, and many conflicting sets of them.

      Taking the “monetary system” seriously at all now is an error. It is a bad joke played on everybody. The systems own demise is written in its base code. It is just a matter of time until it implodes and just brutal tyranny holds the entire property of the planet by brute force. No excuses needed at that point.

      That is the real point of the Shit Hitting The Fan. That is when the Push comes to Shove. That is when “the People” either stand up or kneel down. The classic end of civilization crumble-down-cycle.

      It’s no fun to think of several hundred years [or more] before some form of enlightenment begins in the margins…but this may be humanity’s fate once again.

      And that’s something none of us living will see…

      That is, discounting “divine intervention”…which needn’t be discounted wholesale either.



  15. Here’s one that goes back to a thread that developed on a posting from not too long ago
    1 of 209

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    The fear of symbols

    Jon Rappoport via
    12:26 PM (11 minutes ago)

    to me

    No More Fake
    The fear of symbols

    The fear of symbols

    by Jon Rappoport
    July 30, 2013

    Groups use symbols.

    But symbols have no inherent power.


    They have power only when people believe in them. In which case it’s the belief that is the power.

    Just as important, symbols have no inherent meaning. They only have the meaning given to them.

    So, for example, the famous eye and pyramid mean zero. Zilch. They only have meaning because Masons and other groups have assigned it.

    There is no closed secret world of symbols that has magic in it.

    There are no universally good symbols or bad symbols. A symbol is a word, term, sign, shape. It’s injected with meaning by a group. The group adopts a consensus about the symbol.

    To a surprising degree, people think in terms of symbols. They operate as if they understand what they’re doing, but they don’t. They fear the power of certain symbols and attach themselves to the power of other “good” symbols. They’re hooked.

    You could make a picture of a sun emanating three rays and call it Oobladee, and invent a whole mythology around it. You could claim it comes from Atlantis, or a secret society embedded in the old KGB, or an ancient Babylonian priesthood.

    And then some people would react when they saw it. They would feel fear or anger excitement.

    It’s a con.

    If you took this even further and created a whole set of symbols, dozens of them, and made up meanings for them, and worked with this game, you would eventually experience an interesting kind of liberation. You would see, to a greater extent, how arbitrary symbols are, how people trap themselves in “internal symbolic spaces.”

    The whole point of symbols is to enclose consciousness.

    The mechanism by which this happens is simple. Let’s say you devised a picture of an eyeball hovering in a forest. A tear is dropping from the eye. The literal mind is looking for specific meaning. The literal mind wants an answer. It can’t find one.

    The eyeball and the forest and the tear don’t add up. They provoke all sorts of associations, but no particular meaning, and the literal mind is frustrated.

    So THEN you come along and assign a meaning. You say, “Well, this symbol was painted on masks in 834BC by the ancient Egyptian founders of a cult of pyramid builders. The eye and the tear stand for the tragedy caused by lack of faith in eternal life…”

    And so forth and so on.

    Now you’ve assigned specific meaning to the symbol. Now the literal mind breathes a sigh of relief. It has an answer. It can suck up that meaning and take it in and accept it. And now you can embellish the story and sell it to the literal mind. You can make that symbol into an object of fear and repulsion, if that’s the reaction you want to provoke in your audience, or you can make the symbol into an object of victory that stands for redemption.

    You can twist and turn the symbol any way you want to.

    The literal mind wants an answer to the mystery, a solution, and you provided it.

    We’re talking about a very primitive form of art. When people operate at this level, buying symbols and their assigned meanings, it’s an indication they can’t appreciate or fathom more complex art.

    They can’t read and fathom a novel or watch a stage play. That’s too much. There isn’t a clear one-to-one connecting pipeline between symbol and meaning, and so they’re confused. They’re frustrated.

    I remember sitting in a movie theater watching a crime drama. The cops arrested the wrong man and framed him for a killing. A guy sitting next to me blew his top. He started telling his girl friend about how the cops were railroading this suspect and how bad the cops were, how the suspect was a victim of police brutality.

    Well, yes. That was, in fact, the whole point of the movie. The movie was showing the audience how the police operated to create a false scenario and frame an innocent man. That’s what the movie was saying.

    But this guy couldn’t get to that level. He thought the movie was actually on the cops’ side. He thought the movie was praising the arrest of the wrong man.

    The literal mind at work.

    In the same way, people accept the meanings that are assigned to symbols, and they react to those meanings in a reflex fashion.

    In truth, symbols are open. They have no intrinsic meaning. People can inject any meaning they want to.

    But when they’re trapped in a layer of symbolic thinking, they can’t see that. They’re determined to accept the already-assigned meaning and react to it.

    Which is an invitation to propagandists.

    Worse yet, it’s a fixation that artificially defines the limits of mind.

    Symbols form a matrix-shell inside which minds live. Until they don’t.

    • Very good Veri,

      Rappoport nails it again. Said it so well, I have nothing to add.


  16. Journal of 9/11 Studies Volume 38, July 2013

    9/11 and the Advent of Total Diplomacy:
    Strategic Communication as a Primary Weapon of War
    By Jérôme Gygax and Nancy Snow

    “The 9/11 attacks were used to justify an institutional revolution meant to complete a process of integration and coordination of all the assets of US national power through a strategic communication (SC) campaign deployed on a global scale.1 The “Global War on terror” (GWOT) nurtured a narrative of crisis associated with this unprecedented public education effort. In order to sell its approaches, the United States government relied on a network of “experts”: military veterans, high‐ranking officers such as Admirals as well as professional journalists and academics who contributed to forging a consensus, or, as Michel Foucault would call it, a “regime of truth” that claims a certain interpretation to be right and true, while ignoring or discrediting critics and dissenting narratives.”

    The systematic integration and coordination of all instruments of US national power were achievements that US military planners had long aspired to, and were meant to ensure survival against all types of enemy. We postulate that attempts to alter the warfare model preceded by several decades the realization of this grand scheme consequent to the 9/11 events, which functioned as the catalytic “rational” spark that precipitated this “full spectrum dominance,” i.e., a US global hegemony for the 21st century. Incorporating the latest communication technologies into the US national security framework represented a “conceptual coup” that granted the US what it needed to shape its environment according to its own power structure and technologies, abandoning the outdated state-centric warfare system for a new, communication oriented, netcentric environment.7


    • Good Goobers, reading this PDF on Strategic Communication sure gives one a sense of how deep and entwined the roots of the military industrial complex is buried in the structure of our being.

      Maybe that solar ‘killshot’ really is humanity’s only hope…


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